Rulesheet Master List

Rulesheet Master List

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PAPA Rulesheets

Stern Pinball:

Game Released Designer Rules/Code
Jaws February 2024 Keith Elwin Keith Elwin/Rick Naegele
Venom September 2023 Brian Eddy Dwight Sullivan
Foo Fighters March 2023 Jack Danger Tanio Klyce/Raymond Davidson
James Bond October 2022 George Gomez Lonnie Ropp/Mike Vinkour
Rush January 2022 John Borg Tim Sexton/Raymond Davidson
Godzilla September 2021 Keith Elwin Keith Elwin/Rick Naegele
The Mandalorian June 2021 Brian Eddy Dwight Sullivan
Led Zeppelin December 2020 Steve Ritchie Tim Sexton/Raymond Davidson
Avengers: Infinity Quest September 2020 Keith Elwin Keith Elwin/Rick Naegele
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles June 2020 John Borg Dwight Sullivan
Netflix Stranger Things December 2019 Brian Eddy Ropp/Vinkour
Elvira’s House of Horrors October 2019 Dennis Nordman Lyman Sheats
Jurassic Park (Stern) August 2019 Keith Elwin Keith Elwin/Rick Naegele
Black Knight: Sword of Rage April 2019 Steve Ritchie Tim Sexton
The Munsters December 2018 John Borg Dwight Sullivan
The Beatles November 2018 Mike Kubin/George Gomez Dean Grover
Deadpool September 2018 George Gomez Tanio Klyce
Iron Maiden April 2018 Keith Elwin Keith Elwin/Rick Naegele
Guardians of the Galaxy November 2017 John Borg Lonnie Ropp
Star Wars (Stern) June 2017 Steve Ritchie Dwight Sullivan
Aerosmith February 2017 John Borg Lonnie Ropp
Batman 66 December 2016 George Gomez Lyman Sheats
Ghostbusters April 2016 Dwight Sullivan
Game of Thrones October 2015 Steve Ritchie Dwight Sullivan
KISS (Stern) May 2015 John Borg Lonnie Ropp
WWE Wrestlemania January 2015 Waison
Walking Dead September 2014 John Borg Lyman Sheats
Mustang April 2014
Metallica April 2013 John Borg Lyman Sheats
Star Trek January 2013 Steve Ritchie
Wheel of Fortune October 2007 Dennis Nordman
Spider-Man June 2007 Steve Ritchie Lyman Sheats
World Poker Tour February 2006 Steve Ritchie Keith Johnson
Sharkey’s Shootout September 2000 John Borg

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Jersey Jack Pinball:

Game Released Designer Rules/Code
Toy Story 4 June 2022 Pat Lawlor Joe Katz
Guns N’ Roses (JJP) October 2020 Eric Meunier Keith Johnson
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory April 2019 Pat Lawlor Joe Katz
Pirates of the Caribbean (JJP) September 2018 Eric Meunier Keith Johnson
Dialed In! June 2017 Pat Lawlor Joe Katz
The Hobbit March 2016 Joe Balcer Keith Johnson
Wizard of Oz May 2013 Joe Balcer Keith Johnson

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American Pinball:

Game Released Designer Rules/Code
Legends of Valhalla October 2021 Scott Gullicks Frank Gigliotti
Hot Wheels March 2020 Joe Balcer Joe Schober, Josh Kugler
Oktoberfest: Pinball on Tap October 2018 Joe Balcer Joe Schober, Josh Kugler
Houdini October 2017 Joe Balcer Josh Kugler

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Spooky Pinball:

Game Released Designer Rules/Code
Scooby Doo, Where Are You February 2023
Halloween July 2021
Ultraman: Kaiju Rumble July 2021
Rick and Morty January 2020
Alice Cooper’s Nightmare Castle December 2017
Total Nuclear Annihilation July 2017
The Jetsons February 2017
Domino’s Spectacular Pinball Adventure July 2016
Rob Zombie’s Spookshow International February 2016
America’s Most Haunted April 2014

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Game Released Designer Rules/Code
Weird Al’s Museum of Natural Hilarity March 2022 Stephen Silver Micheal Ocean, Greg Goldey, Gerry Stellenberg, Bowen Kerins, Colin MacAlpine
Sorcerer’s Apprentice August 2021 Greg Goldey
Heist March 2020 Stephen Silver BJ Wilson, Greg Goldey, Thomas Law
Cosmic Cart Racing October 2018 Gerry Stellenberg & TJ Weaver Gerry Stellenberg
Lexy Lightspeed - Escape from Earth July 2017 Dennis Nordman & TJ Weaver BJ Wilson, Gerry Stellenberg, Michael Ocean

Heighway Pinball/Pinball Brothers:

Game Released Designer Rules/Code
Alien February 2017 Dave Sanders Brian Dominy, Joe Schober


Game Released Designer Rules/Code
Barracora September 1981 Roger Sharpe, Steve Epstein, Barry Oursler Ed Suchocki

Data East/Sega:

Game Released Designer Rules/Code
RoboCop November 1989 Joe Kaminkow, Ed Cebula Rob Quinn


Game Released Designer Rules/Code
Airborne March 1996 Claude Fernandez Dan Markham, Jeff Marshall

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How come we have rulesheets here for every modern machine except any and all Spooky titles? I mean I guess the answer is simply “because no one did them yet”, but it’s weird.

There’s an Alice Cooper sheet that I’ve been trying to keep up to date: Alice Cooper Nightmare Castle Rulesheet. Not sure why it’s not listed. Maybe there’s others around too?

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Thanks, you’re totally right, there’s a bunch of them, I’ll see if I can get them into the master list.

Edit: I added in the Spooky rulesheets I found but didn’t add any additional info, I’ll leave that to someone else.

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Yep. That’s it. When I made the initial post, I didn’t see many Spooky rulesheets and figured they could just be added later.

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Should this post be stickied / pinned? @gdd @zvrabes ?

Don’t worry, the P3 rule sheets are also not included :wink:

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I neglected to include HomePin as well.

I added in Multimorphic section. I only know of Lexy and Heist rulesheets (which were already in Tilt’s rulesheet category section), and not aware of one for Cosmic Cart.

I decided not to include Cannon Lagoon, as it’s more of a Redemption style game, or pinball training game. And if someone needs a rulesheet for Cannon Lagoon… well… :wink:

I also added a link to Replay/PAPA’s list of non-wiki Rulesheets

Thanks. I will link Sorcerer’s Apprentice later. It is here, I must have not put it in the correct category.

There is not a CCR one, I might try writing one later. And maybe barnyard.

Pinned in Wiki Rulesheets


Linked Legends of Valhalla

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There are some older tables (Robocop, Playboy) that I’ve struggled to find good, concise rulesheets for. Is tilt forums a good place to create those for older games? Even if the tables aren’t as complex, I wish I had resources for those when learning them.



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