Robocop Rulesheet

Here’s my version of Robocop rulesheet…

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Game Information & Overview:

  • Designed by: Joe Kaminkow, Ed Cebula
  • Code/Rules: Rob Quinn
  • Artwork: Kevin O’Connor
  • Dots/Animation: Hudson Graphics
  • Music and Sound: Scott Stevenson, Mark Cross
  • Release Date: November 1989

Rules Overview:



Skill Shot:

Skill shot: Plunge for lane surrounded by two lit lane guides for 100K x ball in play, and lane-change so that ball goes through UNLIT insert lane. You cannot lane-change the lit lane guides. Plunge often feeds the right lane, so if it’s the Ctr or Left lane lit, you need to power plunge to hope for rattling/nudging.


  • Relight kickback with the far right captive ball.
  • Special (on R ramp) is worth 1M (if set to points). Can be lit during phase 2 of MB, or from “Everything is Lit” (see below).
  • Two consecutive R ramps starts Double Playfield (based on switches, not on a timer – so if ski jump and post-transfer back to the L is working, you can go this route instead of on-the-fly).
  • Enough cumulative successful jump ramps throughout your game to tie the Jumpmaster record will lite Everything is Lit (default is 14, but can be as low as 5)
  • After completing a standup bank, a lit crosshair insert will cycle between the targets. Do NOT shoot for them, because standups will kill you… but if you happen to bounce into enough of them (4 on Default), it will start ED209 mode. If ED209 starts (short timer), quickly shoot the R ramp for 1M.


  • NEVER shoot the standups (unless you’re in MB after your Jackpot collect).
  • Instead, rip the spinner for points and nudge ball into UNLIT top lane whose color corresponds with targets that are NOT completed yet, because corresponding color lane will spot you one of that color’s standups. Lane-change is in effect, but completing the top lanes increases BonusX, and doesn’t spot you standups. Completing a bank of standups lites a lock, and also increases your spinner value (default; adjustable so that spinner isn’t lit until you’ve locked a ball for that Suspect’s color). Spinner is earlier than you think, but DO NOT shoot early to the spinner and hit the post of death, or you’ll die SDTM.
  • When suspect inserts are lit at R ramp, shoot it once for each lit suspect to lock 3 balls and start mb. During MB, do NOT immediately shoot the ramp for JP – instead, shoot spinner at least once and get a few lucky bounces off standups to increase JP to max 1M (it starts around 500K, but quickly goes up to 1M). Then shoot jackpot at ramp. Only 1 JP per MB. After JP, if Special set to points, then shoot 5 targets in safety of multiball to light Special at ramp. Special = 1M.

Thanks for the details!

I don’t think I can create wiki posts myself yet (just made my account today). Would you mind creating one if you have the ability? I imagine something is better than nothing - but I’m not sure if that’s the culture/norm to create a partial rulesheet, or if it’s better practice to have it ~90% of the way before creating it as a standalone topic.

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Did you mean to say lane change to a LIT lane to spot targets ?

Lighting suspect Jones will also relight kickback (much safer option)

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No. I’m pretty sure that you only get a spotted target from going through an UNLIT top lane, which spots that color’s target and also lights that top lane (until you lane-change it)

Unless you’ve already lit or captured Jones – in which case getting another Red spotted up top doesn’t relight the kickback, correct?

This is correct.

Also correct. So maybe a decent strat is, if your kickback is lit, avoid lighting Jones, and then when you use kickback, then you can light Jones which will give it back to you. Of course though by not lighting Jones right away, you’re losing out on an extra 1k per spinner rip.