Barry O's BBQ Challenge Rulesheet

Quick Links

  • Skill Shots
  • Meals
    • FIRE Lanes
    • Meat Coma Multiball
  • Hot Rod Challenges
  • Pitmaster Multiball
  • Side Order Multiball
  • Other Features
    • Playfield Multiplier
    • BBQ PIT Targets
    • Fireworks
    • Combos

Note: information comes primarily from Bowden’s appearance on Dead Flip.

Skill Shots

You can select which skill shot you’re shooting for with the flippers before plunging. Hitting a shot or some number of switch hits will deactivate it. Hitting unique skill shots across a game will increase the multiplier - hitting multiple skill shots throughout the game will increase the base value.


You face off against pitmasters to cook up different recipes. These start with 3 shots (orange) to complete and increase as you play. The recipe value grows from switch hits and various game features but resets when you drain.

Meals can have up to 5 stars. These are:

  • Completing the meal
  • Getting sauce (hitting spinners)
  • Correct spice (hitting mild/spicy targets)
  • Side dish 1 (drop targets)
  • Side dish 2 (also drop targets)

Each star is a +1 multiplier for your cash out. Cash out by hitting any of the available saucers. Completing 3 meals will start Meat Coma Multiball

Fire Lanes

The FIRE lanes can be used to activate a short ball saver. Additionally, when you start fire, a short timed feature begins. The score will roll up quickly (200k - 1M), resetting after hitting its maximum and cycling until the mode is completed. Hitting a blue shot will finish the mode and add to the base recipe value. Failing to complete the feature before the time runs out will half your recipe value.

Meat Coma Multiball

A mini-wizard multiball mode awarded at the end of the 3rd meal. All six red “areas” (major shots and stand up banks) are lit for jackpots. Hitting them unlights them (hitting any target in a bank unlights the whole bank). After hitting and unlighting all six, the saucers are lit to add a ball and relight all jackpots. This mode will continue for ~15 seconds in single ball play and will allow adding a ball to continue the mode.

Hot Rod Challenges

Hitting purple circular inserts will qualify a challenge. Once qualified, the challenge you will play is lit in the inserts at the bottom of the screen. Hitting the next purple circular insert will start a challenge. The timed challenge will be the lit purple shots across the playfield. On completion, they award specific perks. These challenges are:
  • Ignition
    • BBQ PIT targets
    • Awards easier BBQ PIT targets
  • Rally Ramps
    • Shoot the ramps
  • Cruise Night
  • Bike Night
    • Shoot the orbits
    • Awards Super Orbits (~3M per shot)
  • Custom Upgrades
    • Shoot the mild and spicy targets
  • Hot Sauce Station
    • Shoot Saucers
  • Drag Race
    • CHEF/BOSS lanes
    • Awards easier CHEF/BOSS lanes
  • Lift Off
  • Speedy Delivery
    • 5 shots in sequence

Pitmaster Multiball

Pitmaster Multiball is started by locking at least one ball in either of the side saucers, and then hitting the saucer further back on the right side of the playfield. The progressive jackpot is briefly displayed (carried across all players AND games until collected), then the screen scrolls down to your base jackpot - which can be built outside of multiball play. The multiball jackpot increases by the recipe score any time a cook-off shot is hit. It resets after you play the multiball, but NOT after you drain.

Jackpots start at 1x, then 1.5x, then 2x, and so on until the progressive jackpot is reached (how many jackpots? At least 15). Hitting a jackpot unlights it - hitting the saucer that started the multiball will relight some jackpots.

Putting a ball in a saucer will briefly light the other saucers. Hitting another saucer before the first ball is released will award a super jackpot - roughly 2x the current jackpot score.

Side Order Multiball

Collecting all the flashing inserts at the side order drop targets will start side order multiball. Shoot lit red shots to score.

Other Features

Playfield Multiplier

The right ramp has inserts in front of it that display the playfield multiplier. Hitting it will increment the playfield multiplier by 1, such that it becomes 1.5x, 2x, etc. until a maximum of 4x. There are BBQ pit awards, skill shots, and top inlanes that enhance this feature by making it easier to build or making it last longer.

BBQ PIT Targets

Completing the BBQ stand up targets on the left and the PIT targets in the middle will grant various awards throughout the game. The stand up target on the right will change what will be awarded. This displays on the right hand side of the main screen.

Firework Frenzy Multiball

Hitting a ball that is already captured in a saucer will grant fireworks. At 10 fireworks, Firework Frenzy Multiball begins.

Jackpots start at 5M and can be increased at the left ramp or by collecting jackpots at saucers. Once a saucer is hit, a countdown begins. Locking balls in other saucers continues to award jackpots - locking all remaining balls in saucers before the timer runs out adds a ball and gives a super jackpot. Fireworks (hitting a ball in a saucer) will reset the timers and score as well.


Hitting shots in succession will grant combos. Combomania starts at 15 combos over the course of the game(?)

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