Pirates of the Caribbean JJP Rulesheet (WIP)


Basing this rulesheet off of gameplay from the livestreams, along with personal experience playing the machine at Pintastic and the official JJP flowchart.

Pirates of the Caribbean is JJP’s 4th game. Designed by newcomer Eric Meunier, POTC carries on the Jersey Jack tradition of making immersive machines for everyone. The game is a different adventure every time you play it, with different modes and different characters to choose from. The machine also features 5 Multiball modes and 5 mini wizard modes (one for each of the five movies), and tons of side objectives.


  • The Depths - Hole to the very left of the machine that kicks the ball out into the “P” lane, which feeds the ball to the left flipper. This is fed by the Maelstrom, Abyss, and the Captain’s Quarters. It can also be shot by a lucky bounce from the slingshots.

  • Devil’s Triangle - An interesting pseudo-orbit shot with a spinner in front. A strong shot to the Devil’s Triangle will end in a u-turn that returns the ball back to the flippers, which can be very troublesome to control. Used in modes and the spinner is used to advance towards Multiball 5 (Dead Men Tell No Tales). Also qualifies the purple skull for the Star Map.

  • Maelstrom - Tight left ramp shot that goes in a circle and feeds the left inlane. In the center of the circle, there is a whirlpool (think White Water) which can be made with the help of a diverter. Balls that go into the whirlpool are kicked out of The Depths. The whirlpool is used to start Multiball 3 (At World’s End) and it also collects Jackpots during that mode. The left ramp itself is used in modes and also qualifies the red skull for the Star Map.

  • Abyss - Hidden scoop behind the upper left flipper. In order to make this shot, you have to hold the upper left flipper up, and then shoot the ball into it. Balls that fall into the Abyss are kicked out of the Depths. The shot is used to collect the Super Jackpot during Multiball 3 (At World’s End) and is also used to collect characters in modes.

  • Port Royal - Left orbit shot, which can either feed the pop bumpers or feed the ship popper. This is also where Multiball 1 (Curse of the Black Pearl) is started. An up post is featured at the very start of the shot, which can hold balls at certain times during play. This shot is used in modes and also qualifies the yellow skull for the Star Map.

  • PIRATE target - Spot target in between Port Royal and the left Chest Target that collects a lit PIRATE award when qualified through the inlanes.

  • Chest Targets - Two targets on both sides of the Chest shot, with green arrows pointing towards them. Completing both targets qualifies the lock at the Chest.

  • The Chest - Orbit that feeds the ball to the upper left flipper for shots at the Captain’s Quarters, Fountain of Youth, or the GOLD targets, with a replica of the Dead Man’s Chest on top of it. It also locks balls for Multiball 2 (Dead Man’s Chest) thanks to a u-turn that feeds the inside of the chest. Lastly, it’s also used in modes, and qualifies the green skull for the Star Map. In prototype versions of the game, the chest replica would open up, but this was changed in the production releases.

  • Star Map - An interesting shot with some rubber lining both sides, 5 targets, a magnet, and an up-post. When multiple modes are qualified, the up post will raise and the magnet will allow the ball to hit the targets and collect the Skull value for each target it hits. The last target the ball hits begins a mode corresponding to whatever color the target was. If the Star Map is unlit, it will just hit the targets and rattle around the rubbers before heading back to the flippers. Typically, the ball will hit the GOLD targets on the way out. The shot is also used during modes.

  • MAP targets - Three targets in between the Star Map and the Captain’s Quarters, which qualify Captain’s Quarters to collect a Map Award. These are typically hit from the lower left flipper but they are possible to make from the upper left flipper as well.

  • Captain’s Quarters - Hole above the Fountain of Youth that collects the Map Award whenever it’s lit and feeds the ball to the Depths. Also used during modes and as a Skill Shot.

  • Fountain of Youth - Upper loop shot which continuously feeds the upper flipper, allowing you to rack up big combos. After enough shots to the Fountain of Youth you will be able to begin Multiball 4 (On Stranger Tides). Repeated shots to the Fountain of Youth score higher and higher values and set you up to collect tons of gold. It’s also used in modes and to qualify the blue skull for the Star Map.

  • Pop bumper entrance - Small gap near the loop that has a rollover. The ball tends to fall into this area at random.

  • GOLD targets - 4 standup targets, each one labeled with a letter of GOLD. Whenever these are hit, a small amount of gold will spawn, which you can collect using the action button. Making combo shots before hitting the GOLD targets causes more gold to spawn.

  • Black Pearl Ramp - Steep right ramp that always feeds the Black Pearl upper playfield. Used during modes. Prone to draining the ball SDTM if you aren’t careful.

  • Black Pearl Ship - A unique upper playfield with several shots that can be made. The ship constantly rocks back and forth, and the more you get done on the ship, the more difficult it becomes to control the ball. The upper playfield has two orbits with a spinner each, both of which are used during modes with the spinners qualifying the “Load Cannon” targets. There are also two blue targets to the left of the playfield that qualify the Bonus X targets, two yellow targets at the center that spot a GOLD target, and two green targets (one near the cannon and one near the right exit) that qualify the Cannon when lit. The ball can exit the playfield through a habitrail towards the right of the playfield or drop into the bumpers.

  • Cannon - Difficult shot at the upper left of the Black Pearl Ship, with a door in front of it that raises when the Cannon is qualified. When a ball is loaded into the Cannon, the action button must be pressed at the right time to fire at the opposing ship. The Cannon is used to qualify and collect Super Jackpots during Multiball 1 (Curse of the Black Pearl).

  • Ship popper - VUK near the that kicks the ball into the top of the Black Pearl Ship. The ball typically doesn’t land here on purpose.

  • Right orbit (what’s the game’s name for it?) - Orbit that goes through the bumpers and towards the upper flipper. Used during modes and has a light labeled “Liar’s Dice” which currently doesn’t do anything.

  • Bumpers - A set of three bumpers surrounding the entrance to the right orbit. The bottom right bumper has a figure of Jack Sparrow that spins when the bumper is hit, increasing in speed when you hit it a ton. These are generally used to advance the Mystery Level.

  • Tortuga Scoop - Small hole near the right orbit that is used to collect Mystery Awards or start Tortuga Multiball when lit. It’s also used in modes.

  • Right lane - A curvy lane that goes through the bumpers. Collects Extra Ball when lit.

  • Bonus X targets - A few standup targets scattered around the playfield. Hitting a Bonus X target when lit increases the bonus multiplier by the number shown on the target.

  • PIRATE lanes - 6 lanes spell out PIRATE, which qualifies the PIRATE target for the award you chose with the action button. The left set of lanes has an interesting orientation - there are two inlanes and one outlane in between them. The right outlane has an opening that feeds the plunger as a ball save.

  • “Spot Character” target - Target near one of the left inlanes that spots a mode shot during Chapters. Not sure how to activate this.

  • Spinning disc - At certain times during gameplay (ie. when the Chest Lock is qualified), the spinner in the center of the playfield will active, making the game more difficult than usual. The production releases only use one disc, but prototypes featured three discs in order to reveal the Map Award.

  • Action Button & Screen - This button is your friend. During gameplay, you can use it to collect gold whenever it spawns on screen. You can also press it at any time during play to change the PIRATE award that will be qualified through the inlanes. There is a screen above the action button that has multiple functions during gameplay, including acting as a “compass” that points towards the most valuable shot available.

Character Select: Every game of POTC starts with an opportunity to choose which character you want to play as. Each character gives benefits to the player (ie. easier Multiballs, easier Chapters, etc.), and also allows you to skip the character’s shot during Chapters.

(need to get a list of the characters and benefits here)

Skill Shot: POTC has three Skill Shots.

  • A short plunge into the bumpers awards the player 1k points and advances the Mystery Level by 1.
  • A medium plunge into the ship popper scores 5k points and qualifies the Load Cannon targets on the Black Pearl Ship.
  • A strong plunge that sends the ball to the upper flipper allows the player to shoot for the Captain’s Quarters to score 2.5k and a spin of the Map. This skill shot value can be increased by 2.5k per loop by shooting the Fountain of Youth and then making the Captain’s Quarters as a combo.

Mystery: Hitting each pop bumper once will either light Mystery or advance the Mystery level. The maximum Mystery level is 10, and the higher the Mystery level is, the better your award will be. Examples of low-level Mystery awards include holding over a Skull value, spawning some Gold, advancing a Multiball mode, or awarding small points, while high-level Mystery awards include playfield multipliers, ball save, an instant Multiball mode, or even lighting the Extra Ball. Each Mystery level has a different colored insert, I believe Mystery level 1 is white and Mystery level 10 is red.

PIRATE Inlane Awards: At any time during play (as long as Gold hasn’t spawned), you can press the action button to change the award that will be qualified by completing the PIRATE inlanes. Each award has its own color, which is shown on the screen, inlanes, and the lit PIRATE target. These awards include:

  • Light Bonus X
  • Light Shot X
  • Light Super X (?)
  • Big Points
  • Start Hurry-Up (not yet implemented?)
  • ARRRRR Frenzy (all switches score big points and ARRRRR for 30 seconds while silly music plays)
  • Gold
  • Light Extra Ball (if you’ve had a particularly bad game)

Bonus X: Completing the two “Advance X” targets on the Black Pearl Ship qualifies the standups to increase the bonus multiplier. Once the multiplier is collected, you will have to complete them again to qualify the multipliers again. I’m not sure if there’s a cap on this or not.

Shot X: TBA

Super X: TBA (I think this is the playfield multiplier? I got “6x Playfield” from a level 10 Mystery once and I think I recall seeing a “Super X” screen on the display)

Map Awards: TBA (completing MAP targets qualifies award?)

Liars’ Dice: TBA (right orbit shot? listed as a PIRATE award?)

Gold: In POTC, the player will collect tons of gold throughout the course of the game by hitting the action button when they spawn. The gold spawning is accompanied by a callout and the blinkers on the playfield flashing yellow. When the gold is about to vanish, they will turn red. The primary purpose of gold is to light Tortuga Multiball at the right scoop, which can be stacked into other Multiballs for big points. Gold can spawn through:

  • Hitting the GOLD targets (the higher combo you attain before hitting them, the more gold spawns)
  • Making shots during Chapters (is this implemented yet?)
  • Mystery awards

Combos & Treasure Horde: TBA

Constellation Bonus: Something to do when you don’t have anything else to do. Shooting the Star Map during normal play will light a random shot for the Constellation Bonus. After enough Constellation Bonuses are collected, the Extra Ball will be lit.

Chapters: There are five colored skulls shown at the top of the backglass display. These skulls are also featured in front of various shots on the playfield - the yellow skull is in front of Port Royal, the green skull is in front of the Chest, the red skull is in front of the Maelstrom, the blue skull is in front of the Fountain of Youth, and the purple skull is in front of the Devil’s Triangle. Shooting any of these shots once qualifies a chapter for the Star Map shot. If the Star Map is made with multiple chapters qualified, the ball will bounce around (collecting the Skull value for each target hit) and the last target hit before time runs out will be the chapter you play. There is also a character that allows you to choose your chapter instead of having it be random, along with one that allows a chapter to always be qualified. During chapters, the flashing shots have to be made to complete the Chapter, score a bonus, and increase the points that will be scored in the next Chapter. The shots in a mode can range from 1 (minimum) to 8 (maximum). In order to qualify each movie’s mini-wizard mode, 5 chapters from the movie must be played.

(need more info on how chapters work, are there different rules or are they all just “shoot the flashing shots”?)

Multiballs: The other objective POTC players will be pursuing are the five Multiballs (one for each movie, along with Tortuga). Every Multiball in the game can be stacked and played with each other, adding an additional ball to the mix as well. You can also “revive” Multiball play by starting another Multiball mode during the grace period (think Gollum from LOTR). Playing the Multiball for each respective movie is required to qualify their mini-wizard modes.

Multiball 1 (Curse of the Black Pearl): To qualify this Multiball, shoot the right ramp to access the Black Pearl Ship. There, you will have to qualify the Load Cannon targets by shooting the two spinners on either side of the orbit. The lighting on the ship will slowly become a dark shade of green as the spinners spin. After enough spins, shoot either Load Cannon target to qualify the Cannon shot, and shoot the Cannon to begin a short round where you have to destroy the opposing ship with a well timed shot using the action button. A successful shot will cause the opposing ship to be destroyed and qualify Multiball 1 at Port Royal. At the start of Multiball, a ball will be popped up into the Ship. Super Jackpots can be collected during the mode by making successful shots to the opposing ship, which is a pretty difficult task. (Are there normal Jackpots?)

Multiball 2 (Dead Man’s Chest): Complete the two targets in front of the Chest Lane to qualify each lock, then shoot the Chest itself to lock a ball. Lock three balls to begin Multiball 2. (Not sure about Jackpots or Super Jackpots?)

Multiball 3 (At World’s End): Red arrows will be lit at all major shots at the start of the game. When a shot with a red arrow is made, you will collect one of the 9 Pieces of Eight (and it’ll also be shown on screen with a callout.) On certain settings, Pieces of Eight can be spotted in between balls, meaning even new players will be likely to get Multiball 3 going. After collecting all 9 Pieces of Eight, Multiball 3 can be started with a shot to the Maelstrom, which will go into the whirlpool. During this Multiball, Jackpots can be collected by shooting the Maelstrom again, and a Super Jackpot will light at the Abyss after enough regular Jackpots are collected.

Multiball 4 (On Stranger Tides): Multiball 4 is started by making successive shots to the Fountain of Youth - the upper loop. I forgot how many shots are required to start the Multiball itself but I think it’s around 5 - 8. Another shot to the Fountain of Youth will start Multiball 4. During the Multiball, the Chest and the right orbit will be lit for Jackpots, and the inner loop will score Super Jackpots.

Multiball 5 (Dead Men Tell No Tales): Shooting the spinner in front of the Devil’s Triangle will progress towards lighting this Multiball. After enough spins, shoot the Devil’s Triangle to start the Multiball. (Not sure about Jackpots here, I think there are a few shots lit at a time?)

Tortuga Multiball: Collecting a certain amount of Gold during the game (how much, exactly?) will qualify the right scoop to begin Tortuga Multiball. (I forgot how the Jackpots work here but I know it can be pretty high scoring and it’s always good to have when a bunch of balls are flying around)

Wizard Mode 1 (The Cursed Treasure of Cortés): TBA (play 5 yellow chapters and Multiball 1 to qualify, shoot Port Royal to start)

Wizard Mode 2 (Battle the Kraken): TBA (play 5 green chapters and Multiball 2 to qualify, shoot Chest to start)

Wizard Mode 3 (Escape the Locker): TBA (play 5 red chapters and Multiball 3 to qualify, shoot Maelstrom to start)

Wizard Mode 4 (Battle for the Fountain of Youth): TBA (play 5 blue chapters and Multiball 4 to qualify, shoot Fountain of Youth to start)

Wizard Mode 5 (Don’t Betray the Compass): TBA (play 5 purple chapters and Multiball 5 to qualify, shoot Devil’s Triangle to start)

Final Wizard Mode (Break the Curse): TBA (play all 5 Wizard Modes, then shoot the Captain’s Quarters to start)


Good start. I’ll hold off on making edits/corrections for now. Continue watching our streams to help fill in the blanks.