Pirates of the Caribbean JJP Rulesheet (WIP)


What’s the reasoning for not letting two players choose the same character? Does that change in tournament settings?


To force you to have other ways of playing the game to be successful. Yes, in tournament mode you are still restricted to not picking the same character, so you have another reason to decide if you want to go last or not.

Also, when you plunder someone else’s character, yours is retired from the rest of the game permanently. Further, if someone plunders your character and you have no balls left, you can’t match. :smiley:

AND, if you play more than 1 character for any reason, you are ineligible for a character high score.


Good to know. Thanks!


Amazing depth. This seems like it would be a great “desert island” game… :grin:


Really struck a happy medium between playability and depth here. You can TL;DR most major features in 15 seconds or less to great effect, but the depth of the game is such that there’s PhD levels of ruleset study and discussion (“Who ARE the best characters, anyways?”).

Bravo, @keefer and Co!