Pirates of the Caribbean JJP Rulesheet (WIP)


Upper loop combos are probably the safest way to play; you can use the loop combo with a finisher into the GOLD targets to progress towards Tortuga quickly (hold up the flipper and let it bounce to GOLD on most machines, which may then feed the upper flipper again).

If you can drill it, the left spinner is also usually safe - Dead Men Tell No Tales MB is also a sweet Multiball with simple big score rules.

Be aware: if you complete another set of inlanes before collecting, you do lose your previous award. The Gold award is an action button press fest as well.


I haven’t been able to duplicate this. Always had it do match.


Added the 666,666 bonus for stacking all 6 multiballs that I saw Joe Katz do on a stream


You may want to double check that, as there is no 666,666 point award.


OK, I saw a giant 666,666 on the screen, thought it was points


Added some more Character benefits (and nerfs) detail based on @Nick_BuffaloPinball and @KevInBuffalo 's great walkthrough from this week.


Thanks @Snailman! Here’s the vid for reference:


As already discussed before here and elsewhere… there’s a LOT to the rules and complexity of this game due to the character interactions factors. Nick doesn’t plunge the first ball until THIRTY-FIVE minutes into the tutorial. :crazy_face: