Pirates of the Caribbean JJP Rulesheet (WIP)

All of them. It either doubles the souls you’ve earned for each movie or you lose them all.

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Wow, that could be even better than Barbossa if you can double up multiple times, not to mention helping if you can get to multiple wizard modes… Just don’t lose! :joy:

Thus why you use Davy Jones for that strategy. Greater odds of better dice to play with, or at least that’s my understanding of it.

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The way it works right now, and is unlikely to change, is that Davy rolls 10 dice and keeps the “most interesting” 5. Normally, you keep 5/6, and the cpu keeps 5/7 (seriously the only “cheating” it does).


@keefer is it possible to turn off plunder in tournament mode?

You can turn it off in settings (snowflake), which should be trivial to do if you’re setting up competition mode.

Failing that, there’s an easter egg you can do (as of 0.99):

  • Added an Easter Egg to turn off plundering for next game. The sequence
    is: BLRLLRR where B = both flippers at the same time, L = left flipper,
    R = right flipper. If you do it a second time, it will re-enable
    plundering. Plundering is automatically re-enabled at game end.

Love the concept of using a flipper code for a game setting when keys aren’t available!


BTW, if you do it right, you’ll see a message…