Guardians of the Galaxy Pinball Rulesheet (WIP)


Rules based on release code v0.65. Code currently isn’t complete, so expect the rules to become more complex for now. I’m just going to leave the rules listed on the introduction card here as a placeholder for now. They seem to be similar to Aerosmith’s rules.

Skill Shots

Standard Skill Shot

Plunge into the flashing top lane for a Skill Shot. Scores 250,000 and increases by 50,000 for each subsequent skill shot.

Hands-Free Skill Shot

Plunge without touching the flippers (even changing modes?) to earn a skill shot worth twice the value of a normal skill shot?

Super Skill Shot

Hold the left flipper and full plunge around the loop. Shoot the flashing white shot with a short time for a super skill shot. Super skill shot scores 1,000,000 and increases by 250,000(?).

You can also score a super skill shot immediately after locking a ball in Groot by holding the left flipper while the ball auto-plunges (bug?).


Groot Multiball

Shoot Groot’s mouth at the center playfield to light the lock, then shoot into Groot’s mouth to lock a ball.

For the first multiball, it takes one shot to open Groot’s mouth, and three locks to start the multiball.
For the second multiball, it takes two shots to open Groot’s mouth, and four locks to start the multiball.
The third multiball is the same way. Have to assume subsequent ones are as well.

If playing a multiplayer game and there are already balls locked inside of Groot, his mouth will not open. It will be a virtual lock instead.

The rules for this Multiball are a carbon copy of Toybox Multiball from Aerosmith or Demon Multiball from KISS. During Groot MB all shots will be lit for two jackpots. Jackpots start at 500,000 and increase by 50,000. The 8th Jackpot will be a Super Jackpot worth 4,000,000.

You can hit Groot again during MB to open Groot’s mouth. Re-lock a ball in Groot’s mouth during MB to get 2x playfield scoring for 30 seconds. Hit Groot again and re-lock another ball in Groot’s mouth during MB to get 3x playfield. When balls release from Groot’s mouth, a temporary ballsaver will save balls that drain straight from the release. It isn’t perfect, but it’s a long way away from previous Stern feature-drains in multiball!

When all Jackpots have been collected, a roving Super Jackpot will appear on the playfield. Collecting it will light a Double Super Jackpot at Groot’s mouth. Collecting the Double Super Jackpot will complete Groot MB and the Jackpots will relight.

Progress during Groot MB is not saved.

Orb Multiball

Shoot the drop target a number of times to lower it, then shoot the standup target behind it to collect an Orb. Collect 3 Orbs to begin Orb Multiball.

For the first Orb Multiball, you must hit the drop target 2 times to lower it.
For the second Orb Multiball, you must hit the drop target 3 times to lower it.
(3rd+ Orb Multiball requirements?)

The rules for this Multiball are a mix of Vengeance Multiball from Star Trek and Elevator Multiball from Aerosmith. Orb Multiball will start by holding the ball behind the Orb drop target. Hit the drop target to collect an Orb Jackpot and free the ball for 3-ball multiball. If you fail to free the ball within a short amount of time, the drop target will lower and you’ll only get a 2-ball multiball. Using a Hadron Enforcer (see below) will automatically spot the drop target hit.

After the ball is relased, all of the shots will be lit for Jackpots. When you hit a Jackpot, all shots will unlight except the Orb. Hit the Orb to score a Jackpot and relight the remaining shots.

Orb Multiball is completed when you collect the final Jackpot at the Orb(?).


During any multiball, collecting a Mystery will award Add-A-Ball. This can be collected once per multiball. To light Mystery, hit the Guardians of the Galaxy standup several(?) times.


At the start of a ball, if a mode is not running, you choose to start any incomplete mode using the flipper buttons.

Any time during play, if a mode or multi-ball is not running, shoot the right scoop to start a mode.

The eight modes are indicated on the center of the playfield, also including Groot MB and Orb MB. Any mode that has been started but not completed will be blinking. Any mode that is completed will be lit solidly.

Shoot the lit shots to complete the mode. The timer and progress bar for the currently active mode is shown at the top left of the score display. Progress is saved if the mode times out or you drain in every mode except for Escape Kyln.

After making the first mode shot, you may shoot the right scoop to Upgrade the mode. Upgrade adds 30 seconds to the timer and alters the mode shots.

Completing a mode will start the 2nd level of the mode. In the current code, this is a Super Feature that lasts until another mode is started (end of ball or manually shooting the scoop) or until the number of shots are completed. Once a Super Feature is exited, it cannot be returned to.

Antiquities Shop (cyan)

Duration (v0.85): 60 seconds
Hit 10 cyan shots to complete the mode. 2 adjacent shots will be lit to start, occasionally expanding with more shots hit (in the current ball). Shots start at 250,000 and increase by ?.

Completing Antiquities Shop starts Super Lanes for 10 rollovers.

Knowhere (red)

Duration (v0.85): 90 seconds
The orbits and ramps will be flashing for mode shots. Hit 8 red shots to complete the mode. Shots start at 400,000 and increase by ?, with orbits giving double the value.

Upgrade will light only the orbits for mode shots.

Completing Knowhere lights Super Loops for 10 shots.

Carbon copy of Last Child from Aerosmith.

Escape Kyln (orange)

Duration (v0.85): 90 seconds
Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Orb, and the right ramp will be lit orange.Once you hit those shots, all 8 shots (not the right scoop) will light on the playfield. Complete all 8 shots to complete the mode. Shots start at 300,000 and increases by 300,000 each shot, with the leftmost shot being doubled. If you’re having trouble remembering, think Sweet Emotion!

Progress is not saved if you fail to complete Escape Kyln.

Escape Kyln awards Super Scoring when completing it.

Pod Chase (blue)

Duration (v0.85): 150 seconds
Orbits, ramps, Groot, and Rocket Raccoon are lit blue. Shots cannot be repeated; once a shot is hit it will unlight until another shot is hit. Hit 8 shots to complete. Shots start at 300,000 and increase by 200,000 each shot.

Upgrading will light only the ramps for shots, which must be alternated.

Completing Pod Chase lights Super Ramps for 10 shots.

Quill’s Quest (light orange)

Hit 10 orange shots to complete the mode. Shots start at 250,000 and increase by 250,000 each shot.

Sanctuary (yellow)

Duration (v0.85): 65 seconds
Alternate between the right loop and the shot that changes with every pop bumper hit (starting on the right loop). Hit up to 10 yellow shots to complete the mode. Shots start at 300,000 and increase by 200,000 each shot.
Sanctuary can also be completed by timing the mode out. When time expires, all of the shots will light yellow for a final shot. Hit the final shot to complete the mode.

Completing Sanctuary (or letting it time out) lights Super Bumpers. Draining after Upgrading or during the final shot will complete the mode without awarding Super Bumpers.

Carbon copy of Back in the Saddle from Aerosmith.

Sibling Rivalry (green)

Duration (v0.85): 100 seconds
A generally random side shot (loops, ramps, scoop/left target lane) starts lit. Hit the green lit shot to move the arrow to the opposite side’s feature. After completing a “set,” an additional adjacent shot will be added. Hit 10 green shots to complete the mode. Shots start at 300,000 and increases by 300,000 each shot.

Completing this mode gives you Super Spinner for 100 spins. Yes, this is the Pro version’s as well. This Super Mode on the Pro is literally useless.

Yaka Arrow (white)

Duration (v0.85): 60 seconds
Hit 8 white shots to complete the mode. Shots will generally combo into each other until a “Finisher” shot is lit (Groot, Orb, Scoop, Left Target Lane). Shots start at 1,000,000 and increases by 500,000 each shot.

Upgrade will allow the left two Hadron standups to spot shots.

Completing Yaka Arrow will light Super Targets at the Hadron standups for ? shots. Draining after Upgrading will complete Yaka Arrow without awarding the Super Feature.

“Abobally bo bo, abobally bo!” ~ Yondu says the best quote ever made for a pinball machine in this mode

Miscellaneous Features

Hadron Enforcer

Completing the five standup targets scattered throughout the playfield will light the action button for (2?) uses of Hadron Enforcer. When the button is hit, it will spot (1) shot during any given mode. Will also score jackpots during Groot MB and Orb MB. The Hadron Enforcer prioritizes shots on the leftmost side of the playfield and will spot combos and shot multipliers.

Nova Corps

Complete the five red Nova Corps rollovers to light the shot multipliers. The top right rollovers, the left inlane rollovers, and the right inlane rollover are lane-changed independently. After completing the rollovers, shoot a pulsing shot to light it for 2x scoring for the rest of the ball.

Guadrians of the Galaxy standup

Hit the flashing Guardians of the Galaxy standup several times to advance Bonus X and light Mystery at the right scoop. (How many times? Have to spell Guardians? Score display gives no indication.)

Rocket 2x Scoring

Hit the Rocket Raccoon shot to collect a letter in ROCKET. Spell ROCKET to activate 2x playfield scoring for 30 seconds.

Outlane Ball Save

Hit the two stab targets to the left and right of Groot to light a virtual kickback on the right outlane. Subsequent completions of the stab targets when the save is lit adds to the value collected when the ballsave is triggered. It takes more completions to re-light the kickback each time.


Making combos will score 2x the value of a shot.

Extra Ball

Start 3 modes to light Extra Ball at the right scoop. Groot MB and Orb MB count as modes. Extra Ball is worth 15M in tournament settings.

Wizard Modes

Immolation Initiative

Start all eight modes and both multi-balls to light the mode inserts flashing. Shoot the right scoop to start the mini-wizard mode.

Save Xandar

Complete all modes and both multi-balls to light the mode inserts solidly. Shoot the right scoop to start the wizard mode.


Added some feature notes (including some of their Aerosmith copies) and answered some questions on the rulesheet!


On v.72 I ran into a slight bug. I drained down the left outlane just as time was expiring on ball saver. The display indicated ball was saved but it was not saved and went into end of ball bonus.


We’re going to be streaming Guardians of the Galaxy LE tonight with the v.85 code. At this point in code development, obviously Groot MB is how you score points on the game but we’ll be focusing on better understanding modes and other features in order to contribute to this Wiki.

If anyone wants to tune in and help us figure out the nuances and extrapolate strategy, we’ll be live at 7pm Mountain Time:


Added some approximate mode duration observations, as of v0.85


This is a setting. 0.85 default setting is progress saved I think, but this makes groot MB way too easy


What is the advice on Hadron enforcer usage. I was defaulting to “use it at end of multiball”. Now I am thinking that is completely wrong, and trying to learn the modes better and figure out when a good Hadron will unblock the mode by getting one of the hard shots out of the way.

Any advice on when Hadron is best used?


Mostly I burn it when i have 3x Playfield and my next Groot JP isn’t a Super/Double Super. Too valuable to not burn otherwise, especially if it can clip some mode shots.


Grootians of the Grootaxy is no more, it seems. Huge updates to Groot in the 0.87 code update, with the jackpots being reduced by 5x to compensate for the 5x mode boosters. Super jackpots are not boosted. Groot requires 3 shots/shot, and all Supers are at Groot.

Maximum of 3 Groot ball locks per MB, so plan your 2x/3x carefully.

Orb hurry up (aka your Jackpots) starts at 3M.


Now when you say this, do you mean each individual ball counts, or 3 different times you can access Groot ball locks during the MB?


Each individual ball counts against your total.

You can have 1 3x Playfield and 1 2x Playfield, or 3 2x Playfields per Groot MB.

If you’re going 3x Playfield, it might be worth it to take some time in 2x Playfield to lengthen out your multiplier time before attacking Groot for 3x.


Stern took all the points from groot and put them into orb. Orb all day is the new groot all day.

Rampage is now achievable for mortal players. You are now spotted “RAMP” and need three shots to start 2x PF instead of seven.


Bingo bango bongo, bish bash bosh. Just replace “Groot” with “Orb” and revel in even more unbalanced Supers with Orb and Hadron.


I like that they made Groot’s mouth open and close for the final double super. I somehow jammed a ball on top of his jaw the other day, jaw couldn’t close, then comboed it in with another ball. No dirty pool award.

Saw somone get to Immolation Initiative. There is definitely some value there. Not an especially innovative immolation initiative, but the points are there.