Alice Cooper Nightmare Castle Rulesheet


David Fawzma (game programmer) was kind enough to create a WIP rulesheet for the new Spooky game. This is a WIP.

"Since Pinfestival May 4th & 5th 2018 is getting an Alice cooper, here’s a not so quick guide."
Keep in mind, this game had to be rewritten from scratch starting in February. For 4 months of code there is a ton of stuff.

Launch the ball and attempt to shoot the 3 center targets for a normal skillshot, or shoot up the ramps for a super. Key note, on the left side just tripping the opto isn’t enough, You have to get the ball locked to get the super. Right side, you just trigger the opto.

After skillshot you need to travel rooms to make your way to the monster.
You can select the monster you want to battle by shooting the center 3 target. This will cycle through the available monsters.
As soon as you shoot one of the outside orbits you lock in your monster and get into the first room. See the image attached for the room diagram.
In each room there are items you can collect that will help with your monster battle later on. Item collection logic is in, but graphics/sfx/effects are still being worked on. I need to set it up so items are represented as specific color on the arrows, and there will also be info boxes on the screen eventually.

If a player doesn’t reach a monster at some point in their game; launching the 3rd ball will put you in the monster room that was currently selected.

Shoot the middle scoop (left of 3 center targets) to build mystery. When the award is ready the left scoop arrow will do a color cycle animation to indicate its ready to collect. Right now there is only 1 award for 10k. We have several awards that will make there way in. Just not in time for this show.

Drop the lower drop targets to get to the right scoop, shoot scoop x+1 times to start mode. This will be available at any time as to help with monster fights. When mode starts you will need to shoot the scoops to collect ghosts to put back in the crypt. This mode is not complete.

Shoot left left via left ramp into physical lock. Then get to upper playfield and knock down the drop target n+1 times to start Frank MB. This mode will block the start of any other monster, and can be started as many times as you are able to.

This activate an EOB multiplier . Typically this would be an automatic increase, but for Alice, this will activate the increase multiplier target just above the right outlanes.

For now there are only 3. Shoot left outside orbit/ inside left orbit to activate. then shoot those same ones and/or left ramp to collect. Combo mode is still being worked on.

Shoot the spinner, not much to say about that other than its activated after about 40 spines then there it ended after no activity over a certain about of time.

Same deal as spinners… but you have to hit the slings about 5 times within x amount of seconds for it to activate.

Ball save is activated when you complete the 4 lanes. Except this time, the outside lanes are lit up purple’ish for about 45 seconds. Draining on the outside lane activates the drain magnet and will fling the ball back up the playfield, or at least is should. This mod is being coined Mag-Neat-O save.

Get to upper playfield, drop ball behind first drop target. Another ball ejects. Shoot first lower drop target to release, then keep shooting the drop targets/scoop to collect jackpots. If you drop the ejected ball in from the balcony while ethyl is still locked, you will advance the jackpot amount and do a “lock swap”. Mode ends when you drain one of the balls.

Gotta find igor (“lost in America”) one of the arrows is Igor. This is round based, first round is 3 arrow, he is behind one of them. When you find him, the arrows expand out to 4… so on and so forth. This goes on till all arrows are lit up. Once found in the last round, you will go into frenzy mode. Mode ends when timer runs out on frenzy or you drain.

Get to upper playfield. Stake/dismember the vampire by hitting the target against the backboard. Once dismembered a final shot around the outside obit puts you into Frenzy. Mode ends when timer runs out on frenzy or you drain. If mode ends during frenzy, there is one final hurryup collect that becomes available. Collect by hitting the hurryup target.
This hurryup will be implemented on all the other modes and will act the same way when frenzy timer ends. Just not ready for the show.

Get to upper playfield and shoot past guillotine 2 times. The guillotine lowers a bit. Shoot a 3rd time to capture the ball in the guillotine. Theatrics play and Alices head gets chopped off. This mode is not complete and will act like the other when it comes to frenzy.

Complete combos to shoot the werewolf.

When mode starts all target shots flicker. You need to hit all those shots to squash the bugs (graphics are not in yet). Complete all the targets to go into frenzy.

Mode not implemented yet. But this will have a roaming shot you need to complete.

Not implemented yet. But will involve finding the pitcreature in one of the scoops.

Wizard mode, not implemented yet. But becomes available when you complete all other modes. This mode will be what is says and will have billion point shots.

Room Map (image pending)


Has anyone had any time on this game yet? I started playing one on location yesterday and had a bunch of confusing moments, but wasn’t sure if they were due to incomplete code or mechanical issues. I’ve only had about 5 games on it, so these are very early impressions and are relatively uninformed.

When the mode is ready, it says to start it at the secret passage. The passage shot is lit, but when shooting it, the ball just comes around the right orbit without starting a mode. After a drain, launching the next ball will start the lit mode though.

Shooting the center scoop builds the mystery, but when mystery is lit on the left scoop it doesnt award anything, just stays lit.

When you use the outlane ball save (earned and used just like TNA), there is a magnet below the flippers that grabs the ball. I thought it was going to toss the ball back into play like 007, but it just dropped it and another ball autolaunched into play. Is this the intended behavior?

The ramps are STEEP. This is a brand new game and the shot needs to be damn near perfect for the left ramp (which will usually roll back sdtm) and absolutely perfect and preferably with a moving ball to make the right ramp. Maybe flipper strength can be adjusted in settings, but as it stands they’re super difficult and frustrating.

A plea to Spooky - PLEASE give some warning on the left scoop kickout. A light, a sound effect, something! There are two hidden scoops in the middle of the playfield that feed the left kickout and it’s very unclear where the ball is coming from.

I ended up in multiball once over 5 games because the ramps were so hard to hit. And the goal when the multiball started was… shoot the ramps! Good grief. Well with the traffic of multiball it was even tougher to hit the already difficult ramps. Again, this could come down to a flipper strength setting.

Shots that exit the right orbit are almost always catching the right sling. Is this intended, or possibly a pitch issue? Maybe the game is set too steep, I don’t know. Could explain the ramp difficulty though.

That’s all I can think of for now, but I’ll add more as I get more time on it. The art and display are nicely done. Couldn’t really hear the audio because of the noisy room. Upper playfield is unique and gives some good nudging opportunities, but I didn’t make it up there enough to really get a feel for it.


Excellent presentation at TPF, @bkerins. I like your concept of the mode score multiplier. Interesting ‘take now or save for later’ debate to have with one self. Great innovation. The victory lap hurry up too.

And I especially liked to see, that the GI light effects seem to have been toned way down compared to what I remember from previous ACNC footage. At least in the lower 1/3 which is what matters the most. Others could learn from this.


@bkerins Is there a stream archive of your ACNC tutorial seminar at TPF? I noticed that Marty has a stream on his Twitch channel with you playing the next day that likely has some similar explanations. But I figured I’d try to watch the one where you had a few more hours of sleep. :wink:


Ha yeah. The other one is better explained and it’s on twitch.

… and, it’s gone! I’ll ask them about when they plan to upload to YouTube.


We got to play this last night in league. I had a great time of the game. We ran into a lot of problems using this as a competition game. It is possible we were not on the lastest code, as I know some of the collectors other games were on older code. So hopefully things are already addressed.

Biggest was tilt-throughs. The game had been set super tight. If someone did a hard move, they often tilted through 2-4 players. Tilting through on a modern game is annoying. Tilting through multiple players on a modern game should not happen.

Second was crashes. Some seemed to be related to tilting (like tilt into lock) others were just at unfortunate times, like offer entering initials.

The game was super fun. I really want to spend more time on it. Hopefully it will get competition ready because the strategy and risk /reward is great.


Along with that, is there any reason why the SAVE expires? It seems counter intuitive to hold your SAVE lanes at 3 until you want to activate the ball save. Also, your SAVE gets used while ball save is active, which is a minor modern inconvenience.

On what I assume is current code, I had a Danessi softlock where the ball would not eject itself from the 2nd drop target of the lock when stuck.

Definitely gives a TNA 2.0 vibe, which is pretty darn cool. Its solid work!


I noticed one of the awards that comes up on the list is tilt other player. Never got that award but I like the idea.