Heist Rulesheet

Code Rev: v0.7.7.0
Feel free to contribe and edit as you wish. This is currently from memory and may not be 100% accurate. I will try to add more scoring information later.


  • Left Orbit: Wheelman - Returns around via right orbit, can be diverted into the pop, or removed from play

  • Left Ramp: Cat Burglar - Returns to left inlane, or removed from play.

  • Loop: Shoot returns via the right orbit to be shot repeatedly, or removed from play.

  • Left Horseshoe: Mastermind - Returns through right horseshoe spinner, or removed from play. This shot will lock the ball for Police Multiball when lit.

  • OCPD Building: If the gate is closed, it operates as a bash toy. Used to qualify Jail Break Multiball. When open, the shot will remove the ball from play. Used to start side jobs and Jail Break Multiball.

  • Right Horseshoe / Spinner: Safecracker - returns via the left horseshoe, or removed from play. This shot will lock a ball for Police Multiball when lit.

  • Right ramp: Hacker - Returns to right inlane. Can be held for crane pickup, or removed from play. Shot starts Crane Multiball when lit.

  • Right Orbit: Demolition - returns around via the left orbit, diverted into the pop, or removed from play.

  • Pop Bumper and 5 standup targets - Located in the back right. Used in Demolition mode to detonate explosives.

  • Crane: Can pick up ball from right ramp return. Can be brought out onto the playfield and act as a bash toy. Used in many modes in many different ways.

  • Police standup targets: Located on either side of the OCPD building. Used to qualify police multiball

  • ATM standup targets: Located between left ramp / loop, loop / left horseshoe, right horseshoe / right ramp. When hit, cash is dropped the lower display and collected to qualify Crane Multiball.

General P3 layout

  • Upper left flipper: Ball can be shot and held behind the flipper.

  • Scoop Wall: 6 scoops that can rise up. They are used to collect McGuffins at the end of modes, represent the armored car / police car, and used in some of the side jobs.

  • Side targets: Located on the left and right side of the playfield. Used to qualify side jobs (get it, side targets, side jobs).

  • 2 outlanes, 2 inlanes: Contain donut indicators which are collected when ball passes over lit donut

  • Ball sensing display: You can collect money on the screen by rolling over the image.

Skill Shot: Shoot the loop.

Crew Modes

Your main objective is to recruit all 5 crew members pull off the big Heist. Each crew member corresponds to one of the major shots. The modes are qualified by hitting the corresponding shot 2 times, then the mode is started by hitting the shot one final time. Each mode is timed. At the end of each mode, the corresponding scoop will rise up and you can collect the MacGuffin for that crew member. If you fail a mode, that character will be put in jail and will no longer be available as a mode. If you have collected enough donuts, you can bribe the police and avoid being put in jail.

Wheelman - Willie Burnett. You steal Mr. Big’s Car and need to escape. The mode requires hitting a sequence of 3 shots.

  • left ramp

  • right ramp

  • left ramp

  • Shoot left scoop to collect MacGuffin (Mr. Big’s Police Radio)

Cat Burglar - Kat Burgess. This is a 3 phase mode. The mode starts with the ball being picked up by the crane and suspended over the playfield. In phase 1, you need to hit 4 shots: left orbit, left ramp, right ramp and right orbit. Phase 2 the scoop lifts for the MacGuffin, and the crane is lowered so the ball can be dislodged. Hit the ball to enter the final phase. If the timer expires during this phase, the ball is dropped and you proceed to the next phase. Phase 3 is a 2 ball multiball where you are trying to escape. 3 shots are lit. randomly, one is the escape route and will remove the ball from play and finish the mode.

Safecracker - Franklin Cooper. This mode is played on the spinner and emulates spinning a combination lock. Each stage you need to collect a required number of spins in the correct direction.

  • 20 spins from the right horseshoe

  • 10 spins from the left horseshoe

  • 10 spins from the right horseshoe

  • Scoop raises for MacGuffin

Hacker - Liz Sterling. This is a 2 phase mode. In phase one, you need to collect spinner spins until you crack the password. In phase 2, you need to hit 4 shots in total. Left orbit, left Ramp, right ramp and right orbit are lit and can each be shot multiple times. Then scoop raises for the MacGuffin.

Demolition - Leo Myskin. This is a 2 phase mode. Phase 1 there are 3 lit shots, left orbit, left horseshoe and right ramp, which each must be hit once. In phase 2, you must make 10 pop bumper hits. Left and right orbit will both feed the pop bumper area.

Running heists

Mastermind - Maggie Machado is a special crew member that is not available until you have collected at least 2 crew members. Once you have 2 or more crew members, you can qualify mastermind via the left horseshoe. The level of the heist depends on the number of crew members

  • 2 Amethyst amethyst

  • 3 ?

  • 4 ?

In the first phase of the heist, there will be one shot lit corresponding to each member of the crew working the job. Hitting the crew member shot twice will add a ball, when all shots made you progress to the second phase. TODO: second phase. Failing the heist will put Maggie into Jail.

Breaking out of Jail

There are 2 ways to break out of jail. On the icon of each character in jail you will see a series of bars. Each time you hit the corresponding shot it will remove one of those bars. When all bars are broken, the character escapes.

The second method is Jail Break Multiball. Shoot the OCPD gate to qualify Jail Break Multiball. When started, you will play an N+1 ball multiball where N is the number of crew members in Jail. There will be a shot corresponding to each character, when hit the ball will be removed from play and that crew member will have successfully broken out of jail. When you are down to 1 ball through any combination of escaping or draining, the multiball is over.

Side Jobs

Side jobs are quick little modes. You qualify a side job by hitting the side targets. When they are all collected, the crane will come out. Hitting the crane will lit a side job at the OCPD building. Completing a side job will immediately qualify the corresponding character for their mode.

  • Hack the planet (Hacker). The ball will be caught on the right most scoop above of the upper right flipper and one of the other scoops will rise. Hit when the ball is released, shoot the scoop with the upper flipper.

  • Cross Town Traffic (Wheelman). The ball will be caught on the right most scoop over the upper right flipper. The ball will be released and you need to hit the loop. The ball will again be caught. Repeat this one more time. Finally, the scoop will stop catching the ball and you try to hit as many loops in a row as possible.

  • Crane Kaboom (Demolition). The crane will come out and you bash it as many times as you can in a limited time.

  • I don’t remember the name (Safecracker). Shoot the ball under the upper right flipper and catch it.


Crane Multiball

To qualify, collect cash. You can collect cash by hitting the ATM targets, or shooting into the raised scoop when the armored car comes by. Once you have enough money, the multiball will be lit on the right ramp. This multiball can be stacked will mode and police multiball.

The first phase, the crane will hold one of the balls. Dislodge the ball to start the multiball. In the second phase, both ramps are lit for jackpots and the crane will occasionally lower and be available as a bash toy. When enough hits to the crane are made, the crane will be destroyed and the jackpots will be worth double.

Police Multiball

Lit locks by hitting the police standups. When both are qualified, the left and right horseshoe will be lit for locks. Repeat for locks 2 and 3 to start multiball. Multiball can be stacked with modes and crane multiball.

The left horseshoe and right horseshoe are lit for jackpots.

The Big Heist

Collect all crew members to start the Big Heist. This is not yet implemented.

Other features

  • After you have finished a mode, occasionally a police car will come across the playfield and raise the corresponding scoop. If you shoot the scoop, one of your crew members will be arrested and put in Jail.

  • Donuts: Move the donuts using the secondary buttons. Collect 6 donuts to bribe a cop. 12 donuts for an extra ball.

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