Foo Fighters Rulesheet

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Game Information & Overview:

  • Lead Designer: Jack Danger
  • Code/Rules: Tanio Klyce, Raymond Davidson
  • Lead Mechanical Engineer:
  • Artwork: Zombie Yeti
  • Display and Animations:
  • Music and Sound:
  • Release Date: March 2023
  • Wiki Rulesheet based on Code Rev: 0.90
    • Edit the Code revision, if applicable, when you make changes

Rules Overview:




Skill Shots:

  • Plunge the ball into the Rock-O-Meter lane to advance it.
  • Plunge the ball to the flippers, and shoot either Sonic Radio target to advance the dial.
  • Short plunge the ball so that it hits the drop targets to award a level of whatever Van Mod insert is currently lit.

Super Skill Shot

  • Left crossover shot to side ramp. The sequence can be repeated for up to a 6-way Super Skill Shot.

Secret Skill Shot

  • Plunge the ball into the left inlane.
  • Plunge the ball into the left outlane.

Van Modes:

Shoot white shots to spell V-A-N and light “Start Van Mode” at the left ramp. Only one white shot is needed to light the left ramp for the first mode, up to a maximum of three white shots per van mode.

Each Van Mode corresponds to a specific city and song. Van Modes can be completed across multiple attempts, but completing them on your first try will light a corresponding Foo-Bot part and increase jackpot values during the mini-wizard modes, accessible after three and six Van Modes have been won.

All modes are subject to the upgrades that can be collected by shooting the MOD-ulator target.

Seattle (This Is A Call): Shots start on the right and move their way to the left as you help spread Foo Fighters music throughout Seattle and the surrounding pacific northwest region. The side loop will count as 2x progress (and scoring, and incrementing scoring).

  • Award starting value: 1,000,000
  • Award increment: 200,000
  • Double Value + Double Progress Shot: Side Loop

Roswell (Run): The Foo Fighters (orange shot arrow) are trying to run away from the Overlord (green shot arrow). The Overlord will move towards the Foo Fighters, if he catches them you will lose mode progress so keep running!

  • Award starting value: 1,000,000
  • Award increment: 200,000
  • Single Value Shot: Overlord (Green Arrow)
  • Triple Value + Double Progress Shot: Foo Fighters (Orange arrow)

Los Angeles (Learn to Fly): Shoot the ramps to help the Foo Fighters learn to fly. Combo ramps for multiplied awards! Side ramp scores double what the left and right ramps score.

  • Award starting value: 500,000
  • Award increment: 100,000
  • Double Value Shot: Side ramp
  • Double Progress Shots: Any ramp if you are in a combo (fast flashing)

New Orleans (I’ll Stick Around): The Foo Fighters are living it up in N’awlins! All shots start lit, shooting one will then light only that shot. Side flipper shots only need to be made once, but will count as being hit twice!

  • Award starting value: 1,000,000
  • Award increment: 200,000
  • Double Value + Double Progress Shots: Side loop and side ramp

Chicago (Something From Nothing): Save the people of Chicago from being reformatted, but hurry! The mind control will spread unless you act fast. A hurry up will start on one shot, but if you don’t hit it fast enough, it will spread to a nearby shot. Extinguishing all the shot arrows will boost the base hurry-up value, and reset it.

  • Award starting value: 2,000,000 (counts down with time)
  • Award increment: 500,000 (if you hit all the shots)
  • Double Progress Shot: If only one shot is lit and you hit it, 2x progress is awarded

New York (Breakout): Spider-bots have taken over New York! Blast your music louder and louder to reach all the spider-bots hiding everywhere in the city. The louder you play via spinner spins, the more points you can earn! Build the shot value with the spinner, once the spinner hasn’t been hit in 3 seconds, the center shot will collect the value and progress the mode. The spinner value resets after each mode shot.

  • Award starting value: 250,000
  • Award increment: 50,000 per progress shot + 10,000 per spin during build phase
  • Triple Value + Double Progress Shots: The non-spinner lane roving shot

Van Mods:

After shooting all three drop targets, the MOD-ulator target behind them will be lit for a short time to level up the van mod indicated by the flashing insert on the left side, which cycles between the three available mods. If the mod has already been collected, the drop targets can be completed further times to collect more mods, or to upgrade the level of a collected mod.

If the MOD-ulator target is shot without knocking down all three drop targets prior, the Bonus X will increase and the targets will reset.

  • Engine: Add more time.
  • Speakers: Increased scoring.
  • Bomb: Modes require less shots.

The level of each mod can be identified by the color of its insert:

  • Level 1: Yellow
  • Level 2: Green
  • Level 3: Blue
  • Level 4: Purple
  • Level 5: Red

Multiball Modes:

Overlord Multiballs:

Shoot the Overlord to advance towards and start Overlord Multiballs. For the first multiball, three shots must be made to light the Overlord for lock, then the ball can be locked and shot two more times to start the multiball. The number of shots required to lock a ball and start multiball increases with each multiball played.

  • All My Life: 2-ball Multiball. Hit all jackpots to light super jackpot. Shoot Overlord targets and lock a ball for 2x jackpots for a short time.
  • Monkey Wrench: 3-ball Multiball. Hit all jackpots to light super jackpot. Shoot Overlord targets and lock a ball for 2x jackpots for a short time.
  • The Pretender: 4-ball multiball?

Area 51 Multiball:

Pro: Shoot the right ramp 5 times to start Area 51 Multiball.

Prem/LE: Shots to the right ramp divert the ball to the Area 51 mini-playfield. Complete the targets, then shoot the spinner, then the loop, and finally the secret files target at the back to start Area 51 Multiball.

Foo-Bot Multiball:

Completing certain game features will collect a Foo-BOT part and light its insert. There are Upgrade Criteria for the game feature that will instead make the insert flash, see below for details.

Collected Foo-BOT parts will enable a 2x shot multiplier at the corresponding band member’s shot until the end of the ball. Upgraded parts will have the 2x shot multiplier carryover for the whole game.

Collect all 6 Foo-BOT parts to light a 6-ball Foo-BOT Multiball.

Foo-BOT Parts

Part Member Shot Feature Upgrade Criteria
Torso (Heart) Taylor 2x Side Ramp Start Combo-Tron Collect a Combo-Tron payoff of at least 10M points
Head Grohl 2x Right Ramp Start Area 51 Multiball Get a super jackpot in Area 51 Multiball
Left Arm Nate 2x Side Loop Start an Overlord Multiball Get two super jackpots or one 2x super jackpot in an Overlord Multiball
Right Leg Rami Left Crossover Start Supersonic Radio Start Supersonic Radio twice
Right Arm Chris Right Orbit Start Bot Frenzy Score at least 25M points in Bot Frenzy
Left Leg Pat 2x Left Ramp Complete a van mode in one visit Score at least 50M points in a van mode

Other Features:

Sonic Radio Targets:

Shoot lower left “Sonic Radio” stand-up targets to light Radio Mystery and light the left outlane for Overdrive ball save. This is a virtual ball save on Pro models; on Prem / LE models the Deadpost will raise when the ball rolls over the left outlane, hold up the left flipper to save the ball.


Make a shot to the side ramp to begin the Combo-Tron sequence.

The Combo-Tron is the icon at the bottom right corner of the display. Each shot on the playfield is marked with a circle insert representing a different segment of the Combo-Tron. Making these shots as combos awards points indicated by the color of the combo on screen, which changes as more shots are made and as full sets of combos are completed.

UFO Captive Ball:

Shooting the UFO captive ball enough times will light the action button to collect the “most valuable” shot during Van Modes.

You can earn up to 3 action button uses at a time. The number of shots needed to light one depends on whether you currently have any - as you collect uses, further uses are easier to qualify. There may also be another award by shooting a shot and then the UFO Captive Ball when lit.

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Super Spinner:

Can be lit at either inlane, to boost value of the spinner shot up the middle.

Playfield Multiplier:

Shoot the right orbit to fill up the Rock-O-Meter and start a timed 2x playfield multiplier. Completing the process of qualifying the playfield multiplier again while it’s running will reset the timer and increase the multiplier to 3x.

(Need more info)

Bot Awards:

Shoot the 4 standup targets enough times to light the Bot Award target for an award.

Completing sets of standup targets also qualifies the ball save at the right outlane.

Bot Frenzy:

Complete 3 sets of standup targets, then collect the Bot Award to light the left ramp for Bot Frenzy.

This is a single ball mode, though it can be brought into all other modes in the game, where shots to the standup targets increase the value of the spinner. The built-up value is only applicable for one spinner rip, at which point the value will reset albeit at a higher base value.

Ray Gun Targets:

Shatzing / alley passing either ray gun target will enable a 2x shot multiplier on the next shot made following the ray gun target completion. This multiplier stacks with the permanent ones that can be earned from Foo-Bot parts and the 2x jackpot multiplier during Overlord Multiball modes.

Extra Balls:

Extra ball can be lit at the Bot Award target by:

End-of-Ball Bonus:

Bonus is switch-based.

Bonus X is built at the drop targets. If you have 1 or 2 drop targets knocked down and hit the MOD-ulator target, they will reset and you will progress toward increasing your Bonus X. The circular inserts indicate your progress toward increasing your Bonus X. The number of completions required might be different for further multipliers.

Wizard Modes:

Austin Mini-Wizard Mode ("Times Like These Multiball"):

Complete 3 Van Modes to qualify as an option on the Van Modes map.

Beating Van Modes on the first attempt will boost this multiball’s jackpot values.

During the multiball:
Shoot Red shots for Jackpots. Shoot the Blue shot to re-light Jackpots

D.C. Mini-Wizard Mode:

Complete 6 Van Modes to qualify.

The Overlord Wizard Mode:


Competition Install:

  • Overlord difficulty = medium (cannot shoot inside overlord to spot targets)
  • Overlord lock behavior = lock empties at end of ball if 2+ players
  • Comp mode on = Mystery award is always 2.5 mil, or add-a-ball during multiballs

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Source: Foo Fighters Pinball LE Gameplay Reveal - YouTube