Foo Fighters Rulesheet

V0.92.0 - April 6, 2023

-Fix potential game reset scenario during New Orleans mode
Premium/LE: Fix New Orleans upper playfield shots to work correctly
-Fix HSTD 10 character entry when the Stern Insider username was more than 3 characters
-Fix Raygun shot multiplier ending before the game had a chance to score your multiplied shot
-Fix NY and Roswell not properly moving to Final Shot state sometimes


-improve background light effects of overlord multiball inserts during overlord multiballs
-add some points for progressing towards overlord multiball: 100k per overlord progression +25k whenever you advance to a new overlord stage
-immediately release overlord locks upon last ball hitting trough so people are confused with a locked ball during 3 second multiball grace period
-wait for ball settle when registering overlord re-locks in multiball

Pro Only: require area 51 super jackpot (captive ball) to be made in a combo

-improve Area 51 display effects and information
-tweak scoring in Area 51:
-jackpot base 250k → 500k for red shots
-jackpot increment 50k → 250k for blue shots
-super jackpot base 2m → 1m
-super jackpot increment 50k → 250k for all shots (red and blue)
-make area 51 consistent so blue shots increase super jackpot more than red shots

-Add mode instructions to all van mode intro videos
-Add FINAL SHOT VALUE text to all van modes when final shot is lit
-tweak NY to score 2x value for roving shot instead of 3x
-lower roswell scoring orange shot = 2x value instead of 3x
-tweak Final Shot scoring: it will now be worth 50% normal value if it isn’t your first try on the mode
-Change default van mode timer from 40 seconds to 50 seconds

-add instructional text to Austin and DC intro
-DC tweaks:
-Base value: changed from 1,500,000 → 1,000,000 + 25,000 per van mod level achieved this game
-Jackpot value increment: lowered from 50,000 → 25,000 per jackpot
-Add a ball for 1st, 3rd, and 5th unique super jackpot instead of every super jackpot
-Victory laps once all 6 unique super jackpots have been made
-Austin tweak:
-First add a ball is now available with 5x+ super jackpot, second one available at 6x+ super jackpot, third and final available at 7x+ super jackpot.
-Show Austin and DC jackpot values and instructions on Van Mode Select screen

-add Spider-Bots on screen that can walk on screen, hang out, get blown up, or walk away
-change bot bonus to be 100k per bot (instead of 250k) but your bot count carries the whole game
-show the next bot award with new bot slide out message

-add spinner overlay to see spinner scoring

-reset rock-o-meter when playfield x is over
-completing rock-o-meter during 3x scoring will now only add 10 seconds to the timer (instead of reset it)

-add high score entries for Austin, DC, Bot Frenzy, Area 51, All My life, Monkey Wrench, The Pretender, Foobot Multiball, Overdrive

-Add FooBot status to instant info, with information on each of the 6 parts

-add achievements

-remove “EMPTY AT ENDBALL” overlord lock adjustment setting
-Competition install sets van mode timer to 40 seconds


How do you get the right leg? I see an achievement for starting SuperSonic Radio but can’t figure out how that’s done.

Just keep hitting the radio targets (lower left standups). There’s a little meter in the bottom left of the screen. (I haven’t actually accomplished this myself.)


What do the action button colors represent? EDIT: NVM, its on the Stern rule sheet…

UFO Captive Ball

Does anybody else think the color scheme for the action button use seems odd? Yellow-1, Green-2, and Red-3. Guess I’m used to those colors for traffic lights so always think green, yellow then red. The current colors are also out of sync with the rainbow ROYGBIV. If you went by that it would be Green, Yellow, Red or reversed.

I also think yellow-1, orange-2, red-3 would work well to help give it the feel of the button building up value.

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shift it
remove orange blue inidigo violet

makes perfect sense to me I don’t know what you’re talking about

(It follows the HUE color chart, and other things in this game like van mods and combotron levels follow it. Led zep also used it for Icarus)

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I saw the addition of point values for an extra ball. Am I mistaken that the value could actually be 120m? That would be 3x playfield, then hitting each of the ray gun targets before hitting the collect. (10m for the EB, x3 for the max playfield multiplier, x4 for each 2x shot multiplier.)

I want to see someone pull this off in a tournament so bad

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V0.93.0 - April 20, 2023

-Fix bug where player would sometimes get double credited Overlord shots when capturing a ball for lock.
-Fix inconsistent scoring for van letters and area 51 progression.
-Fix an issue with Overdrive high score entry in multiplayer.
-Fix an issue with Overlord multiball high score entries.
-Fix bug in Austin where the super jackpot multiplier was scoring 1 higher x than it should have.
-Fix bug where playfield x and raygun x combined could not exceed 6x.

-New Sonic Radio mode started by collecting enough mystery awards from the sonic radio targets
and reaching the sweet spot on the radio dial.
-Timed mode that starts at 50 seconds shown by the radio dial creeping back to the left.
-All shots lit gray to boost radio signal and increase the value of the sonic radio.
-Hitting a gray shot turns it into a pink sonic radio shot.
-Hit pink shots to collect sonic radio value and build radio jackpot.
-After hitting any shot, the sonic radio targets will be available to add 15 seconds back to your timer.
-Once all pink shots have been collected, all shots relight, and sonic radio targets light to collect
radio jackpot and end the mode and award the upgraded Right Leg Foobot part.
-New high score entry added for Sonic Radio Champion.

-If overdrive is qualified, overdrive light will now be on regardless of if ball save is running.
It will continue to only trigger overdrive if there is no ball save (light effect change only).
-Allow overdrive targets to be scored when radio mystery is lit to make overdrive and mystery awards a little friendlier.
-Improve logic for Overdrive and Bomb ball savers during multiballs.
-If the Outlane Post Save is disabled, when Overdrive is lit the left outlane switch will.
immediately trigger a ball save from the trough.

-UFO insert will now be on anytime you can advance the ufo towards UFO action button awards.
When UFO insert is blinking, in addition to scoring the UFO Bonus, +1 extra progress is awarded
toward UFO action button awards. This allows you to build UFO action button progress during multiball
(when made from a Rami orbit combo).
-Improve UFO action button logic.
-UFO button improvements during Overlord multiball.

-Balance van mods:
-Completing drop targets will now advance 1 level (in addition to hitting the paddle afterward).
-Getting level 1 now counts as
+20 seconds for engine (previously +30)
+2 shots spotted for bomb (previously +1)
+500k for Speakers (previously +750k)
-There are now 7 levels instead of 6.

-Tweak New York:
-First spinner lane shot now awards progress.
-The roving shot will now stay lit so you can keep hitting it.
-The roving shot is now 3x value (previously 2x).
-Tweak Roswell:
-Orange shot is now 3x value (previously 2x).
-Starting value now 1,500,000, incrememnt value now 150,000.
-Tweak Seattle:
-Side loop is now 3x value (previously 2x).
-Balance scoring for final shot: new formula is Seconds Remaining x 1% of total mode points,
ignoring mode points gained from 2x or 3x playfield.
-Show current mode total in UI as you’re playing a mode.
-Austin jackpot value is now determined by how many modes you scored 50 million or more in.
-Improve light effects when multiple light effects are on the same shot arrow.

-Foobot multiball jackpots will now start +500k higher per upgraded part.

-Upper playfield can now combo both shots at any time

-Raygun inlane targets are now relit by their respective inlane (previously the right crossover)
-Raygun shot x will now not be ended by Rami shot, allowing you to make upper flipper shots that will get multiplied
-Raygun (inlane target) multipliers will no longer apply for scores awarded from UFO action button

-Area 51 jackpot boost raised to +500k per boost (previously 250k). Also raise the jackpot by 500k whenever a super jackpot is scored

-Add new adjustment “AREA 51 MULTIBALL DIFFICULTY”, default EASY. When set to HARD, it will act as if you’ve already played Area 51 once


  • All My Life Super Jackpot
  • Monkey Wrench Super Jackpot
  • Pretender Super Jackpot
  • Max Mod-ulator
  • FooBot: Final Mani-Foo-station
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Ah yes, if you start at yellow, and remove half the colors in between, it does make perfect sense! Very intuitive :stuck_out_tongue:

The “cooler” to “warmer” color progression that follows closer to the rainbow/EM spectrum like what is used in Godzilla seems more intuitive. I do see how you could run into issues with trying to use more than 5 colors (Cyan, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red) to show a progression with that. Starting out with Violet or Blue as the initial color might throw people off b/c it seems like a color that would be used in later stages, not the beginning.

Using yellow, orange, red for the action button would still follow the HUE chart, just in the opposite direction. Since the current action button colors do not strictly follow the same color progression as the van mod progression (skips colors vs yellow, green, cyan for the first 3) I would think using yellow, orange, red for the action button wouldn’t be an issue and it is more intuitive.

Ultimately, I guess the thought is would using yellow, orange, red for the action button but then going in the other direction on the HUE chart for the van mod progression & combotron levels be more confusing to players vs the current configuration which uses yellow, green, red? The latter technically does follow in a progression but just skips a lot of colors and I feel is less intuitive when it comes to using the action button. (I play King G too much on Godzilla which goes Green, Yellow, Red :slight_smile: )


A bug that I saw numerous times: If the Overlord is supposed to capture the ball, but it bounces back out of there too fast for the posts to catch it, the posts stay in the up position and never go down again until end of ball. Presumably the game is waiting for activity on the rear target, but that won’t ever happen while the posts are blocking it but not holding a ball. While in this state, it’s impossible to get credit for the Overlord shot (notably to complete a city mode) except by the action button. I couldn’t find any way to clear this state other than draining - even starting another multiball didn’t do so. I saw this today but never on earlier code - maybe it’s related to the bug fix that was awarding two overlord hits erroneously.

I think that’s a physical issue with the latch not catching the posts to keep them down, as I’ve been watching lots of launch parties on stream and haven’t witnessed this happen yet, so maybe your particular copy needs its latch adjusted? Will keep monitoring

As kind of a second instance of it, the posts can be dropped if the post logic is ran again (for example, with an Action Button that ends a mode).

I can see if the location can take a look at it to see if it’s a tech issue.

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Yeah, it was only one machine, so it could have been physical. I did use the action button to end a mode when the post was in that state, and it didn’t change, it was still stuck.

The weird part was that it always cleared up at end of ball, the post dropped then as usual every time, which is the one thing that makes me wonder if it is software and not physical.

How do we know when the 2X playfield is ready to go and will be activated on the next Rock-o-meter shot?

When the insert at the very top of the meter is flashing. Or if you have two inserts solidly lit, and make a strong shot to the right orbit.

did it put a ball into the shooter lane after falsely latching?

No, but none of the false latching cases were the overlord lock shot. It happened on either locking during an overlord multiball, or on the shot to end a city mode. For both of those (I think both cases twice), the ball bounced out too fast so it didn’t get held but then the post stayed up perpetually until end of ball.

For the UFO button, is there a priority list of what it will choose if there’s multiple options (Van Modes, Multiballs, Radio mode shots, super skill shots) or will it always default to the highest scoring shot?