Stern TMNT Rulesheet

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Game Information:

  • Lead Designer: John Borg
  • Code/Rules: Dwight Sullivan
  • Artwork: Zombie Yeti
  • Display and Animations: Joshua Clay
  • Music and Sound: Jerry Thompson
  • Release Date: June 2020
  • Wiki Rulesheet based on Code Rev: 1.50
    • Edit the Code revision, if applicable, when you make changes

Based on the '80s and ‘90s cartoon version of the long-running franchise, each player picks one of the four turtles at the start of the game, each of which comes with their own special benefits. The primary goal of the game is to complete eight Episodes and fight the turtles’ rogues gallery, with the Shredder and his army of Foot Soldiers being the ultimate goal. Along the way, the player will have the opportunity to level up their turtle’s perks through Training Modes, customize the rules of Ninja Pizza Multiball through pizza toppings, and put their button mashing skills to the test during a Pizza Party. Those with high enough skills may even be able to start the “Cowabunga Multiball”.

Rules Overview:

  • Check out the display to see which perks correspond to which Turtle. Adjust your strategy based on your play style!
  • Shoot left and right ramp to light Start Episode at the pizza parlor. Shoot it to start a mode.
  • Shoot the pizza parlor three times for Ninja Pizza Multiball.
  • Shoot the right ramp four times (or choose Donatello at the start of the game) to light Turtle Power Multiball.
  • If the lights have gone red and the pizza targets are strobing, shoot one and press the action button as many times as possible to score big points.




Modes of Play:

These modes are accessible by holding both flipper buttons during attract mode until a menu appears. The following options are available:

  • Standard
    See below for full rulesheet.
  • Competition
    Same as Standard but with elements of randomness removed.
  • Cooperation
    Shared progress between all players.
  • Cooperation and Competition
    Same as Cooperation but with elements of randomness removed.
  • Impossible Play:
    Game set to Very Hard:
    • No ball save or extra balls.
    • Multiballs harder to light.
    • Multiball ball save shortened.
    • ~2.5 seconds of hold time per flip before flipper releases. Hold time recharges when flippers are not flipped.
  • Monster Play:
    In a multiplayer game, player one is the “Monster” and plays with Impossible Play rules. All other players are set to Standard Play.
  • Team Play 2 VS 1, 2 VS 2, or 3 VS 1
    Each team combines their points, but they DO NOT share progress.
  • Final Battle Challenge
    In this challenge mode you play the final episode: Portal in the Park/Final Battle. The scores for Final Battle Challenge are kept on a separate leaderboard. The rules appear to be mostly identical to those in a standard game but possibly with a more generous ball save timer. See below for full episode details.
  • Half Shell Challenge:
    In this challenge mode, you attempt to get each of the Turtles back to the LAIR one at a time by shooting 3 lit (whatever color the current Turtle is) shots. Shooting 2 green shots will spot the leftmost lit shot. After collecting the 3 lit shots, all 4 Turtle shots will light, shoot any one to finish that Turtle and move onto the next one. Once you’ve completed Michelangelo, the mode is over. There is a timer that tracks how long it takes to complete this challenge and a high score table to go along with it.
  • DJ Mixer
    NOT a gameplay mode. This mode operates like a Jukebox, allowing you to play the music featured in the machine, including a number of specific playlists.

Turtle Select and Levels:

At the beginning of the game, you select one of the 4 turtles. Each turtle has their own set of perks awarded by leveling up through the Training mode and a certain shot that lights for their skill shot award. The Turtles’ levels are reset at the end of the game unless the player has an Insider Connected account, in which case they will be saved between games. You start at level 1 and therefore receive that perk at the start of the game.

Turtle Corresponding Shot Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Leonardo (Well-Trained Leader) Lair Light Training +10 Seconds to All Timers 2x Weapon Hurry-Up 2x Team-Up Multiball
Raphael (Cool But Rude Bruiser) Left Ramp Light Start Episode 2x Krang Kombo Increase Playfield Multiplier (to 3x) 3x Episodes
Michelangelo (Pizza-Loving Party Dude) Pizza Parlor Light Battle Again & +5 Pizza Slices 2x April Hurry-Up 2x Pizza Eating Contest 3x Ninja Pizza Multiball
Donatello (Glider-Flying Tech Wiz) Side Ramp Light Turtle Power Multiball 2x 1-2-3 Foot +10 Seconds to All Ball Saves 3x Turtle Power Multiball

Skill Shots:

  • (Pro only) Plunging into the flashing top lane (always the one on the right) increases the bonus multiplier by +1x. Hold the left flipper if you want the ball to pass through the orbit and go right to the upper flipper.
  • When you plunge the ball, a 15 second timer will activate to shoot the lit shot that corresponds to your selected turtle. If you went for the above skill shot, the timer doesn’t begin until after the ball exits the pops. Making the skill shot scores 250k + 250k per skill shot and lights the Weapon insert on the right or left inlane for Weapon Hurry-Up. The skill shot only disappears when the timer runs out.


The Turtles’ adventures take them everywhere from the streets of New York to the decrepit world of Dimension X, all the while taking on and defeating villains. There are eight episodes that can be started during the game, each corresponding to a different villain; most can be played in any order though some can only be played after an earlier episode has been won.

Light Start Episode by shooting the left and right ramps, then shoot the pizza parlor to start the episode. Each episode has an insert on the playfield that flashes when one is about to start, and this insert can be changed via the Dimension X standup targets (left target goes up the list, right target goes down the list). Starting an episode lights the LAIR and APRIL targets if they aren’t lit, and completing an episode during the 30 second timer (+10 seconds for “Add Time” target hits) adds a specific perk to the Team-Up Multiball mini-wizard mode. Winning two episodes lights an extra ball.

  • Pizza-O-Meter: All major shots are lit. Shoot 3 lit shots to light the Turtle shots to defeat Shredder. Shots unlight as you make them.
  • Window Shopping: Make 3 shots to either the left or right orbit, then make any Turtle shot to defeat Bebop & Rocksteady.
  • I Want A Body: Shoot either ramp, then either orbit, then any of the four shots again to light the Turtle shots to defeat Krang.
  • Night of the Mousers: No timer. All major shots defeat Mousers and unlight as you make them. Shoot 6 lit shots to light the Turtle shots to defeat Baxter. If 10 shots time out, the mode ends in failure.
  • See You On The Other Side Ray: All three ramps are lit. Alternate between the ramps and the LAIR target to to light the Turtle shots to defeat Shredder.
  • Welcome to the Concrete Jungle: Shoot both Dimension X targets (or spot them via two left ramp shots), then shoot the left ramp to enter Dimension X. Then shoot four red flashing shots to light the Turtle shots to defeat Slash.
  • Super Fly: Play Night of the Mousers to qualify. Two shots on the right are lit, then two shots on the left, then the two side shots. Make three shots, one per set, to light the Turtle shots for a hurry-up and defeat Baxter again.
  • The Wrath of Krang: Play I Want A Body to qualify. Two red shots at a time cycle from left to right, and shooting an unlit shot disqualifies it. Make three red shots to light the Turtle shots to defeat Krang again.

Team-Up Multiball lights at the left ramp after four episodes have been started, and after starting all eight episodes, the next episode played will be Final Battle.

Multiball Modes:

These two multiball modes are available at the start of the game. After they have been played, one of the wizard modes must be played to qualify them again.

Turtle Power Multiball:

Shoot the right ramp during normal play to advance towards Turtle Power Multiball. After three right ramp shots, the next right ramp shot will begin Turtle Power Multiball. (Donatello’s level 1 perk lights it instantly, too.)

During Turtle Power Multiball, shoot the green shots for jackpots. Collect 4 jackpots to light Mondo Jackpot at the upper loop shot - repeated shots score Double, then Triple Mondo Jackpot. Mondo Jackpot also lights the Lair for Jackpoto Grande based on the value of all jackpots collected prior. Green shots relight and the Mondo Jackpot can be qualified with four more jackpots after collecting Jackpoto Grande.

Shoot all 4 Turtle shots to light Add-A-Ball at the right ramp and re-light all of the Turtle shots - these also count as jackpots. There is no limit on the number of Add-A-Balls, but obviously there is a limit on the number of balls that can be in play.

Ninja Pizza Multiball:

Shoot the Ninja Pizza Parlor three times during single-ball play to lock balls and start Ninja Pizza Multiball. At the start of multiball, a list of perks is seen based on the toppings the player collected while locking balls (read more below), and the three balls are released from the pizza parlor onto the spinning disc to start multiball.

Shoot blue shots to defeat Foot. Defeat 6 Foot Soldiers to light Mondo Jackpot at the upper loop shot - repeated shots score Double, then Triple Mondo Jackpot. Mondo Jackpot also lights the Lair for Jackpoto Grande based on the value of all shots collected prior. Normal “jackpots” during this mode can be scored at the pizza targets as well, which also collect pizza slices.

Pizza toppings can be viewed at the top-right of the display, and are changed from left to right via shots to the pizza targets during normal play; the first two are locked in with the first ball lock, the third and fourth with the second ball lock, and the fifth with the third. Multiples of toppings can be collected and affect the multiball accordingly. The toppings that can be collected are as eclectic as the Turtles themselves, and are:

  • Anchovies: Slices Eaten +10k (+10k to pizza target jackpots)
  • Octopus: Pizza Frenzy (all switches score a base value of 3k +100 per 10 switch hits; caps at 8k)
  • Peanut Butter: +1 Slices Eaten (pizza targets score 2 pizza slices)
  • Pepperoni: Jackpots +250k (Mondo Jackpot is worth an additional 250k points)
  • Fudge: +1 Foot Kills (Each Foot shot will defeat an additional Foot Soldier)
  • Sausages: +50k Per Foot Kill (Each Foot destroyed/killed will be worth an additional 50k points)
  • Gummy Bears: +1 Ball
  • Ice Cream: Jackpot Starts Lit (Mondo Jackpot is lit at the start of multiball)
  • Pineapple: Parlor Spots +1 Foot
  • Marshmallows: Unlimited Jackpots (it does nothing, though?)
  • Chili Peppers: Super Starts Lit (Jackpoto Grande is lit at the start of multiball)
  • Mushrooms (Prem/LE only): Timed Lock (Lair will hold a ball and start a timed 2x scoring multiplier)

Other Scoring:


Each hit to an individual pop bumper will change which Pict-O-Pops Award that pop bumper has lit. When 2 lit awards match, it will be locked in and only the 3rd pop bumper will cycle through awards until it matches the 2 that have been locked in. When all 3 awards match, the player will receive that award.

Possible awards include:

Weapon Hurry-Ups:

After successfully making a skill shot, one of the inlanes will have its “Weapon” insert lit. Roll over the lit Weapon inlane, which toggles with the flippers, to start a hurry-up starting at 500K at one of the orbits. Shoot the lit orbit to collect the hurry-up and light the center ramp for another hurry-up starting at 1M. The base value of the hurry-up increases with each hurry-up collected.

In co-op modes, the total number of Weapon Hurry-Up shots increases for each Weapon Hurry-Up collected, for all teammates.

1-2-3 Foot:

At the start of each ball, the inner left inlane is lit to start 1-2-3 Foot. As soon as the ball rolls through this inlane during single-ball play, the 1-2-3 Foot combo sequence will start. Follow the lit 1-2-3 inserts to complete the combo; either right ramp - center ramp - left ramp, or right ramp - upper loop - center ramp will complete the sequence. The player has 15 seconds to make each shot.

The Foot combo base value starts at 50k, increasing by 1k for every spinner spin. Successfully completing the combo scores 1x, 2x, and then 3x the Foot combo value for the final shot; each shot also adds to the “Foot Defeated” counter in bonus.

Regardless of whether the player completed the combo sequence or not, 1-2-3 Foot will only relight at the start of the next ball once it has been activated.


Every odd-numbered LAIR target completion lights the Lair shot for Training. These difficult, timed modes are tough but quite rewarding as they increase all scoring by +10% for the rest of the game once won, qualify Neutrino Pizza Party, and are the only way to level up your selected turtle. If the LAIR target isn’t lit, it must be relit by starting an episode.

During training modes, certain shots must be made (Right ramp - left ramp for mode 1, right ramp - right orbit - left orbit - left ramp for mode 2, right ramp - upper loop - center ramp - left ramp for mode 3); the LAIR targets add more time, while shooting other targets subtracts time. Each shot has to be made under a 15 second timer.

Neutrino Pizza Party:

After successfully winning a Training mode, during normal play, completing the two Dimension X targets before they time out will light the left ramp to start Neutrino Pizza Party. Progress towards completing the targets can still be made in other modes even if they aren’t seen flashing.

Neutrino Pizza Party starts with a set 30 second timer. During the mode, 1 shot is lit blue (left orbit, then left ramp, right ramp, right orbit, repeat) and the rest of the shots are lit red. Shooting the red shots will un-light that shot and build the value of the blue shot from 300k up to a cap of 6M. Shooting the blue shot will collect its value and reset the mode timer to 30 seconds. The blue shot value never resets.

Once either time runs out or the player drains, the mode ends.

2x Playfield:

Every even-numbered LAIR target completion lights the center target to start 30 seconds of 2x playfield scoring. Shoot the center target while 2x playfield is running to add 5 seconds to the timer. (2x playfield can be increased to 3x playfield from Raphael’s level 3 perk.) If the LAIR target isn’t lit, it must be relit by starting an episode.

Pizza Eating Contest:

Pizza slices can be scored in several ways throughout the game - 5 are spotted at the start of the game if you’re playing as Michelangelo, and shots to the pizza targets either during normal play or during Ninja Pizza Multiball will add slices. After collecting 7 pizza slices, the lights will dim and the pizza targets will start strobing - shoot either target at this time to begin the Pizza Eating Contest. Time to mash that action button, as you have 6 seconds to collect up to 40 more pizza slices - 1 slice per action button press. The faster you collect them, the higher the value scored will be, usually around 2 to 3 million points!

Pizza slices also count up towards several other awards, points after certain thresholds and a lit extra ball after around 60 or so pizza slices.

Krang Kombo:

Repeatedly make shots to the upper loop to increase the Krang Kombo value, then shoot the center ramp to cash the value out. The Kombo value maxes out at 500k (with three upper loop shots), and collecting a Max Krang Kombo is required to qualify the final wizard mode.

Glider (Prem / LE Exclusive):

Battle Again:

Every odd-numbered APRIL target completion lights one of the outlanes for “Battle Again” ball save. These can be stacked at both outlanes, can be changed between outlanes with the flipper buttons, and aren’t lit if the normal ball save is already active. If the APRIL target isn’t lit, it must be relit by starting an episode. If both outlanes are already lit for “Battle Again”, the target will start April Hurry-Up in its place.

April Hurry-Up:

Every even-numbered APRIL target completion lights the right ramp for April Hurry-Up. Shoot the APRIL target when the right ramp is lit to increase the value by an additional 60% and add time, and shoot the right ramp to cash it out. If the APRIL target isn’t lit, it must be relit by starting an episode.

April Hurry-Up starts at 100k; this value can be increased by 75k by scoring the “Increase April Hurry-Up” Pict-O-Pops award, and will be increased by the following amounts if the hurry-up is started during the following features:

Extra Balls:

Extra balls can be lit at the pizza parlor from:

End-of-Ball Bonus:

Bonus is determined through:

All multiplied by the bonus multiplier, which increases by +1x through top lane completions.

Wizard Modes:

Team-Up Multiball:

After playing any 4 episodes, Team-Up Multiball will be lit at the left ramp. Depending on the turtle the player selected, the player will have to make different shots to rescue them from the bad guys’ clutches. Each turtle also teams up with a different ally.

Each completed episode provides the following perks for the multiball:

  • Pizza-O-Meter - 2x Pizza Party Phase Scoring
  • Window Shopping - Bebop Spots Rocksteady (orbits count for each other)
  • I Want A Body - Turtle Select During Rescue Phase
  • Night of the Mousers - Lit Return Lanes Spot Bad Guys
  • See You On The Other Side Ray - 2x Rescue Hurry-Up Value
  • Welcome to the Concrete Jungle - +250k Bad Guys
  • Super Fly - 2x Shredder Hurry-Up Value
  • The Wrath of Krang - One Bad Guy Shot Defeats All (This seems to actually collect 5 bad guys, leaving the right orbit lit for your 6th bad guy)

Rescue Phase: Ball save is active for 20 seconds. Each lit shot will defeat a bad guy and un-light that shot. Shooting either orbit or the center ramp, whether lit for a bad guy or not, will light the weapon insert on that shot. Shooting a shot with a lit weapon insert, before it times out, will also defeat a bad guy. Defeat 6 bad guys to start a Rescue Hurry-Up at one of the Turtle shots, starting at 500K points. Shoot the lit Turtle shot to collect the hurry-up value and add-a-ball. Repeat this process to collect the 2nd Rescue Hurry-Up, then repeat it again to start a Shredder Hurry-Up at the right ramp, collect this hurry-up to light the final Rescue Hurry-Up. If a Rescue Hurry-Up times out, you need to collect 6 bad guys to start it again.

Collect all 3 Rescues to start Pizza Party and, if needed, award one of 6 requirements for the final Cowabunga wizard mode (in the order listed in the section, from top to bottom, and not including Final Battle).

Pizza Party Phase: Shoot a yellow shot to collect the “Pizza Value” and turn the shot Orange. Shoot an Orange shot to collect 2X “Pizza Value.” Pizza Party continues until you drain down to 1 ball.

Final Battle:

Final Battle is qualified at the pizza parlor after playing all 8 episodes. At the start of the mode, points are awarded for each completed episode. 250k are awarded for any failed episode, and an increasing amount of points are scored for each completed episode as follows: 500k - 1.25M - 2M - 2.75M - 3.5M - 4.25M - 5M - 5.75M. So, if you complete all 8 episodes, you will be awarded 25M points total for starting Final Battle. These points can be multiplied by 2x playfield.

This episode works in phases:

  • Phase 1: Multiball - play will continue if you drain down to a single ball. The 3 ramps and the side-loop are lit. Shoot 3 lit shots, then the Dimension X targets and then the left ramp to complete phase 1. Shooting a shot will un-light it, the other 3 shots will be lit.
  • Phase 2: Single ball play. 8 shots will be lit, 4 red for Bebop and 4 blue for Rocksteady. Shoot all of the red shots to light the left orbit for a Bebop Hurry-Up, shoot all of the blue shots to light the right orbit for a Rocksteady Hurry-Up. Collect both of these hurry-ups and then shoot the left ramp to complete phase 2.
  • Phase 3: Multiball - play will continue if you drain down to a single ball. Shoot left ramp X times to defeat Slash, then shoot the side-loop X times to defeat Krang, then shoot the right ramp X times to defeat Shredder. Shoot the left ramp to win!

During any multiball phase, completing LAIR will light the lair shot for an add-a-ball. The mode ends when either the player drains, or the player makes the final left ramp shot.

Cowabunga Multiball:

To qualify Cowabunga Multiball:


@CaptainBZarre, thanks for your faithful work on rulesheets and software updates!

Top post of this thread has been Wikified for everyone to update as rule details roll in.



Thank you!

Dimension X targets are used in Episode 6 to chase Slash to Dimension X. They are also used in the Final Battle to go to Dimension X to retrieve the Neutrinos to help with the fight against shredders hoards.


Updated a bunch of stuff from the rulesheet posted by Stern


Added detail on behavior of altering and locking in Pizza Toppings for Ninja Pizza Multiball


Thanks for the work on this rules sheet. Very curious on how to relight Multiballs after the first go around. Doesn’t seem to be possible at this point

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Hopefully that gets fixed. I’m suspecting Raphael needs some buffs as well, as-is he’s only really good later in the game compared to everyone else.

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While we’re discussing the individual Turtles, it also seems strange to me that Leonardo’s 1st perk is essentially just getting to the 2nd perk quicker. In a way, he kind of just has 3 perks. This would make sense if there was like a Training Complete MB or some other feature that is good in and of itself. But as I understand it, there isn’t.

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I mean, the 1st perk is given as soon as you pick the character, so you essentially don’t have to complete the LAIR target to light the first Training. Also makes lighting 2x scoring easier.

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great point, I forgot about the Lair/2X pf thing. I still want a Training Complete MB though. haha

Have these started shipping yet, or are we getting this information off of streams?

They’ve started shipping.


If you drain while in a training mode and you haven’t completed it, is it lit right away to retry on the next ball or do you have to spell lair again?

Anyway to get back to the pizza eating? I was Mike, got my 2x pizza eating right after playing the pizza eating mode.

Ninja Pizza Multiball locks seem to be relit after getting to pizza party. Just not sure how many shots that takes.

Can someone explain glider? Not sure I understand how it works

From what I understand, when the lock bar button is purple it’s available and when you press it it moves left or right so you can divert the ball where you please. Left flipper or right flipper.

The Multiball locks relight after completing team up

Is it the finishing episode shot of the of the 4th episode that determines what Team-up Turtle is selected for the MB?

I believe it’s what ever turtle you pick at the start. Each turtles teams up with a different person.