Stern TMNT Rulesheet

I was playing as Rafael yesterday and got the Leonardo team-up and was confused.

UPDATE: Checked my stream replay and I was playing Leo that game… NEVERMIND.


I added Turtle Power Mb information, and unlimited add a ball rule. Also added some Final battle information


Also added specific episode shots


What is a good strategy for playing the game to set up a multiball that scores some good points? Played the game 10 times and didn’t get over 10Million once.

No mulitball in the game (yet) scores high just on its own until you get a very deep into it. It’s all about getting 2x lit, and having 2x stay lit for a long time


Pizza parlor mb has a lot of value in it as long as you bring the octopus in it with a couple of extra balls. Get your 2x lit and just rip the spinner. Easy 10 million right there. The jackpots are quite small on their own.


I really like fried octopus, so this gives me even more of a reason to go for it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, seems like Pizza Frenzy can lead to pretty big scoring as long as you keep it going.

Is there any way to score big in episodes? It seems pretty weak to just have to hit a handful of shots and be done. There should be a way to keep an episode going or increase the value of shots… The scoring is really strange. I got 14mil for mashing a button and have plenty of games under 14m with multiple multiballs and episodes.


How’d you get 14 million for mashing a button? I know that pizza party scores can be kinda ridiculous but that seems out of balance with the rest of the game.

I do know that on most if not all episodes, when your ready for your final shot to finish at a turtle shot, some shots will still be lit for the mode but I”m not sure if the points are worth it yet. The 2nd and 3rd Pizza eating contest. can be very valuable especially if you have 2x Playfield and or completing level 3 Mikey for 2x pizza eating contest. But yeah I”ve had a many games under 14 million so it is kind of odd scoring.

It was the second contest… not sure what else was running. I need to go back and look at my stream replay. That happened to be my best game, 82mil.

A couple other things that are really odd are:

Middle ramp not being worth anything when its not lit. Feels really wrong to hit that ramp and sometimes hit it more than once in a combo and score nothing. That is not a random shot, there should be some sort of reward for hitting it always. At the minimum allow for it to be a combo award outside of the Krang combo.

The other thing is how low scoring the Multiballs are at their base… I know with frenzy and 2x things can be good, but I have had some basic MB’s that I played for a long time scoring Jackpot after jackpot and it feels great… I come out of the MB all excited that I just blew up the game and pumped with adrenaline only to see I have scored jack shit… It feels wrong.


Play as Mikey and earn 2x pizza eating and have 2x scoring going? Only way I can think to do it.


it was 13mil

Had I noticed it started and got my usual 2-3 seconds I think that would have been significantly higher scoring.

Updated the document to include new info as of 1.10. Props to the coders for reducing Pizza Eating Contest scoring, I agree that it really needed some balancing.


Short feedback on the Sounds, there is plenty of clipping on FX sounds and Splinters call outs. Those seem to have too much bass frequencies, leading to clipping (distortion) especially when played together with FX sounds. So better equalizing is really needed here.

Thank You

You have full control of the equalizing of the sounds in the settings. Not sure if that will help you though.

Are you talking about the speech/music attenuation? This won’t fix the problem. I have a backbround in mixing, and i hear its clipping in some situations - or my speakers are broken from factory.

No I’m speaking to the equalizer in the settings.

Utilities then set audio levels, then select audio filter, then change high/low shelf (def) to 10 band EQ.

My background is in accounting, I don’t know what clipping is haha, just making sure you were aware of these settings.

Those settings are unfortunately only adjusting the overall frequencies. The sound effects themselves have to be mixed properly beforheand.
Thanks anyway, this 10 band EQ could come in handy sometime, depending on the room and subwoofer I use.

I reconnected all my cables and this solved the problem, i guess it was a lose connection!

thank you