Halloween Rulesheet

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Game Information & Overview:

  • Design: Koris Barloff…?
  • Programming: Fawzma
  • Code/Rules: Fawzma, Bug
  • Lead Mechanical Engineer: Also Koris Barloff
  • Artwork: Jason Edmiston
  • Display and Animations: Ryan Policky
  • Music and Sound: Matt Montgomery
  • Release Date: July 2021
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John Carpenter’s immortal horror classic Halloween tells the story of Laurie’s attempts to kill Michael Myers, a serial killer wrecking havoc on the citizens of her suburban town. In the pinball machine adaptation, the player takes on the role of Laurie as they fend off against Myers in different scenes from the film. Only by successfully evading Myers’ clutches will the player be able to unveil the mystery behind this boogeyman.

Rules Overview:


Skill Shots:

Two types of skill shots are available at the start of each new ball:

  • Before plunging the ball, the player can use the flippers to determine which shot or target is lit for skill shot. More difficult shots, like the middle drop target, score more points than easier shots. If a drop target is selected as the skill shot, it will only be collected if the player shoots that drop target exclusively.
  • Plunging the ball and immediately shooting the right standup target scores a secret skill shot and immediately locks the ball behind the drop target there. This locked ball serves as a de-facto “ball save” that activates if the player drains, but can also function as an add-a-ball during any multiball mode if the player shoots the drop target.

Jack-O-Lantern Modes:

Complete the center drop targets, then shoot the Jack-O-Lantern scoop to select and start a main mode using the flippers. Each drop target completion also lights blood at three shots for about 20 seconds. For each mode that has been successfully won on the same ball, an orbit shot will be required to raise the drop targets to qualify the next mode. The number of orbit shots increases by 1 for each mode won on the same ball. Winning two modes in a game lights the extra ball.

Jack-O-Lantern modes can be started during any multiball mode, but the player will not get a choice of mode like they normally would; instead, the easiest mode that hasn’t been completed will start.

At the end of every Jack-O-Lantern mode, one of the three hedge shots (randomly determined) will light for a final hurry-up value (how is this determined?). The hurry-up doesn’t need to be collected to win the mode, but is quite valuable. Once the hurry-up times out or has been collected, six more blood shots will light and can be collected before the 20 second timer runs out.

  • I - Death in the Driver’s Seat (Easy): Make a shot to the left orbit, left ramp, center ramp, and right orbit in any order. Shoot them as combo shots to double the values for each shot.
  • II - Bob and Lynda’s Demise (Easy): Shoot the lit shots from left to right to progress through the mode. When the center ramp lights, the ball will be sent to the house playfield for the crossover shot.
  • III - Counting Bodies (Medium): Shoot the lit green shots, while avoiding the red shots. The green shots alternate between the left ramp + targets and center ramp + targets. If too many red shots are made, the mode ends in failure.
  • IV - Escape the Kitchen (Medium): Make all the lit standup target shots, in any order. The mode ends in success after six standup target shots.
  • V - Let Me In (Hard): Alternate between shooting a specific drop target and resetting the drop targets via a shot to either orbit. For the shot to count, only the green drop target must be knocked down, as knocking down any of the other drop targets will reset them all.
  • VI - Laurie Slashes Back (Hard): Shoot the roaming pink shot before it reaches the red arrow. At the start of the mode, the shot goes from left to right; then, right to left. Repeat this five times to complete the mode.
  • VII - Stalker (Expert): TBD. Played after two modes have been won.
  • VIII - ??? (Expert): TBD.
  • Jack-O-Lantern Multiball: After three modes have been successfully won, the next Jack-O-Lantern mode will be Jack-O-Lantern Multiball. This is a simple 4-ball multiball where the drop targets light 250k jackpots that can be increased with standup target hits, and collected at any major shot.

Multiball Modes:

There are three multiball modes in Halloween, and each mode has a super jackpot that must be collected in order to complete it. Once a super jackpot has been scored in any multiball, that multiball cannot be played again until the player has played the Boogeyman mini-wizard mode, started by scoring super jackpots in all three multiball modes.

Hedge Multiball:

Lock a ball at all three of the hedge shots to start Hedge Multiball. During this 3-ball multiball, your goal is to shoot either the left ramp or one of the targets next to a scoop to reveal one of the figures of Myers behind the hedges for about 15 seconds. Shoot the corresponding scoop to score a jackpot, and repeat this process for all three scoops to light the middle scoop for a super jackpot worth the total of all jackpots collected. The first super jackpot during Hedge Multiball also functions as an add-a-ball.

If the player drains out of Hedge Multiball without scoring a single super jackpot, the Jack-O-Lantern scoop will light for about 15 seconds to restart the multiball.

Sanitarium Multiball:

Sanitarium Multiball is progressed towards on the middle playfield, and has two distinct phases: “Sanitarium Mode” (the process of qualifying it), and then the multiball itself.

  • Sanitarium Mode: Shoot the drop target on the middle playfield, followed by the scoop behind it, to start Sanitarium Mode. Shots must be made to the two standup targets on the middle playfield, followed by the drop target, and then the scoop behind it. If the player successfully makes all four shots on the middle playfield, Sanitarium Multiball will begin when the ball drains from the playfield.
  • Sanitarium Multiball: 2-ball multiball. Gather all the patients to light super jackpot. Each patient is represented by a standup target - each target shot scores a jackpot worth 225k points. Once all six jackpots have been collected, the scoop on the middle playfield can be shot for the 500k super jackpot.

House Multiball:

House Multiball is progressed towards on the upper playfield, and has two distinct phases: “House Attack” (the process of qualifying it), and then the multiball itself. To light House Attack, the player must first make five shots to the center ramp. House Attack can also be qualified by completing Hedge Multiball and Sanitarium Multiball, and can be started instantly by making a shot to the ramp that passes through the left and right drop targets.

  • House Attack: The ball will be sent to the upper playfield as the player confronts Myers himself. There are two health bars seen on the display - one for Myers, one for Laurie, and your goal is to lower Myers’ health by shooting the two spinners on the upper playfield enough times within 60 seconds. Shots to the drop target during this mode lower Laurie’s health bar and the mode will end prematurely if her health bar reaches its minimum, though shots to the standup targets on the middle playfield will restore some health. Once Myers’ health has reached minimum, shoot the drop target followed by the crossover shot to defeat Myers and begin the multiball.
  • House Multiball: 3-ball multiball. All orbits and ramp shots are lit for jackpots, and the crossover shot is lit for super jackpot based on the total jackpots collected (2.5M + 250k per jackpot + 25k per spin). Scoring the super jackpot resets its value and relights all previously collected jackpots.

Other Features:

Blood & Store:

After lighting or successfully winning a Jack-O-Lantern mode, certain shots will light to score blood - three for lighting a mode, six for winning a mode. Blood is accumulated throughout the game and once the player has collected any amount of blood, the Jack-O-Lantern scoop will light to access the blood store, where the following can be purchased:

  • 1 Blood - 1M points
  • 10 Blood - 2x scoring for the remainder of the ball
  • 12 Blood - Extra Ball


Shots to the left orbit, left ramp, center ramp, or right orbit count as combo shots and score increasing amounts of points. To keep the combo going, the player must alternate shots - they can’t shoot the same one over and over.

Extra Ball:

Extra balls are collected at the Jack-O-Lantern scoop after:

End-of-Ball Bonus:

Boogeyman (Mini-Wizard Mode):

The Night He Came Home (Wizard Mode):