The Munsters Rulesheet


Very early rule sheet. Lots of info is missing, help us out by editing!

Summary: The Munsters is Stern’s first 2019 title, designed by John Borg and coded by Dwight Sullivan. Taking influence from the 60s TV series (and also because the Addams Family machine was the most successful pinball machine of all time), The Munsters features a simple rule sheet suitable for novices while including lots of more subtle strategies players can use to their advantage like the Zap Button. There are two main goals of The Munsters: completing levels for each family member to start Munster Madness, and reaching certain requirements for every member to qualify and stack as many Super Jackpots as possible. The Premium / LE model includes a unique mini playfield called Grandpa’s Laboratory, which comes complete with its own Multiball mode.


  • Left outlane - Standard. Can be lit for Special.
  • Dual left inlanes - Two inlanes, positioned similarly to where they were in Guardians of the Galaxy. The outer left inlane qualifies the right orbit for Eddie, while the inner left inlane qualifies the right ramp for a boyfriend departure (yes, really).
  • Left target - A long target that covers the Dragula lane. Shooting it collects letters in DRAGULA and advances towards qualifying the shot for 5x.
  • Dragula lane - This is a tight shot typically made by a lucky bounce. When the ball lands into it, it’s kicked out and goes around the left loop, typically heading to the right flipper (though weak shots may land in the bumpers.) Collects Super Jackpot or Add-A-Ball when lit.
  • Left orbit - Has a spinner at the front. Can be qualified for Eddie through the right inlane.
  • Left ramp - A long ramp that loops around Herman and feeds the left inlane. This is where Raven advances are collected and SPOT letters can be collected. At certain times, the ramp will raise, revealing…
  • Spot - The Munsters’ pet… creature raises under the left ramp at certain times during gameplay. It can be hit with the ball.
  • Herman - A bash toy that can easily be hit with the right flipper. Hitting it enough times will begin the Herman Hurry-Up. There’s also a magnet in front of the shot that can capture balls.
  • Kitty - A small target that advances the playfield multiplier and awards lots of other goodies when lit. Balls that hit the target typically enter the bumpers.
  • Scoop - A scoop that can easily be made using the left flipper. If unlit this will increase the Super Jackpot base value by a small amount. Starts Grandpa’s Laboratory (on Premium / LE), starts Munster Madness, or collects Extra Ball when lit. On the Pro, this is also the Mystery shot.
  • Right ramp - A ramp similar to the one on Tales from the Crypt, with a U-turn that causes the ball to feed the right inlane. Collects a boyfriend departure or advances SPOT when lit.
  • Right orbit - The other end of the orbit shot, this time without a spinner. Can be qualified for Eddie through the left inlane. This shot feeds the bumpers at certain times during play.
  • Top lanes - Two lanes above the bumpers. Completing both of them increases the bonus multiplier.
  • Bumpers - Three pop bumpers located behind the right ramp. The ball typically exits out of the right orbit return.
  • Right target - Another large bar target that collects letters in “LILY”.
  • Right inlane - Only a single inlane. Qualifies the left orbit for Eddie.
  • Right outlane - Standard. Can be lit for Special.
  • Grandpa’s Laboratory targets - Four small targets, one on both sides of both ramps. Hitting any target will also start the ZAP! Button flashing for a short time. Completing all four targets qualifies the scoop for Grandpa’s Laboratory.
  • Grandpa’s Laboratory mini-playfield (Premium / LE only) - A mini-playfield sunken below the main playfield, similar to Stewie Pinball from Family Guy. There are two orbits, a ramp, a saucer, and a target called the Machine down here. The flippers on the mini-playfield are operated by two separate flipper buttons. The saucer collects Mystery, the ramp adds more time, and the orbits qualify the Machine.
  • ZAP! Button - A button on the lockdown bar in front of the machine. At certain times, pressing it will allow you to charge up the Zap Meter. Charging up the meter enough will allow you to collect Zap Jackpots.
  • The Display - There are various features on the display that experienced players can use to their advantage. These are:
    • Herman, Lily, Spot, Grandpa, and Raven - The four Munsters have “I” and “II” markings near them, which show which level you are currently at for all of them. If any character is Boosted, they will have a colored glow around them.
    • Super Jackpot Counter - A counter that shows how many Super Jackpots you’ve qualified at the Dragula shot. The “Super Jackpot” insert also provides visual cues by blinking faster if more Super Jackpots are available.
    • Combo Meter - A meter that keeps track of the Combos you’ve collected, which goes up to 11.
    • Playfield Multiplier Meter - A meter that keeps track of your current playfield multiplier, which goes up to 6x.
    • Zap Meter - A meter that shows your progress on qualifying Zap Jackpots by pressing the button. When the Zap Meter is at 5, Zap Jackpots will be available.
    • Clock - This shows the current Raven Multiball Jackpot value. It’s under the perch that the Raven comes out of. Every time the hour hand moves another hour by hitting the spinner 12 times during Raven Multiball, the Jackpot value will increase.

Notes: There are several features in this machine that I will address under certain names…

  • “Major shots” - This refers to the left orbit, left ramp, right ramp, and right orbit - all of which have inserts in front of them. These shots are also where Jackpots (and Zap Jackpots) are collected.
  • “Jackpot level” - Throughout the game, the color of the flashing inserts determines various things. The first “level” is white, then blue, then red. For instance, in Herman Multiball, hitting Herman three times increases the Jackpot value and changes the inserts from white, to blue, to red. During Spot’s mode, after the Super Jackpot has been qualified, shooting the flashing blue shots will qualify Spot with a red insert (because it’s worth more). This rule applies to almost everything in the game. Props to Dwight Sullivan for including this system for newcomers.

Skill Shots: There are various different Skill Shots on this machine, which can be changed using the flippers. All of the skill shots award a base value, +1 Bonus X, and a bonus dependent on how quickly you made the shot (timer starts at 15 seconds). Listen to the cool audio when you make a Skill Shot, especially after collecting a large timer bonus!

  • Skill Shot - Plunge into the lit lane. The lane can’t be changed, it is always the right lane - which means you have to either plunge lightly or hope the ball enters the right lane on its own. Short plunging directly to the right flipper and shooting the left ramp also scores a Skill Shot. This is worth 250k + a timer bonus of 25k * seconds remaining.
  • Super Skill Shot - Hold in the left flipper button and shoot the right ramp to score a Super Skill Shot. This is worth 500k + a timer bonus of 25k * seconds remaining.
  • Double Super Skill Shot (Premium / LE only) - Hold in both left flipper buttons, then shoot the scoop followed by a shot to the saucer in Grandpa’s Laboratory to score a Double Super Skill Shot. This is worth 1m + a timer bonus of 25k * seconds remaining. Definitely go for this Skill Shot if you can, although current code seems to have some glitchy behavior related to the saucer registering properly.

Family Members & Munster Madness: The main goal of The Munsters is to at least start all of the family members’ modes. There are five members to collect: Herman, the Raven, Spot, Grandpa, and Lily. The modes increase in “level” each time they are started; advancing to new levels will qualify the Kitty target to increase the playfield multiplier and qualify the Raven at the left ramp. Mode stacks aren’t too prominent on this game but all minor features can be activated during major features. Along with this, Lily can be started at any time and Enlarging Ray (Pro) / Grandpa’s Laboratory (Premium / LE) can be started at any time during single-ball play, even if another mode is running. Advancing all five levels at least once will qualify the scoop to start Munster Madness (described at the bottom of the rule sheet.)

  • Herman - Shoot Herman an increasing amount of times to begin the mode. Beginning Herman Multiball will count as completing a level. Herman’s mode is divided into three parts:
    • Herman Hurry-Up: Start the Herman Hurry-Up by shooting Herman enough times (only one shot is needed the first time this mode is played, increasing for subsequent attempts). You then have to shoot Herman again for a maximum value of 500k (and a funny clip on the display), which will also capture the ball on the magnet in front of him.
    • Monster in the Park Hurry-Up: After the ball has been captured, another ball will be auto-plunged directly to the flippers. Shoot the captured ball to collect a maximum of 3x the collected hurry-up value and begin Herman Multiball.
    • Herman Multiball: Whether or not you collect the Monster in the Park Hurry-Up, you will begin Herman Multiball; however, collecting the Monster in the Park Hurry-Up will give you three balls, while failing to collect it will only give you two balls. Starting Herman Multiball will also count as completing a level. All of the major shots are lit for Jackpots, and Herman can be shot three times to increase the Jackpot level available at the lit shots. Collect four Jackpots during Herman Multiball to qualify the Herman Super Jackpot. The more times this mode is played, the more initial shots you need to make to Herman to start the Hurry-Up. Also note that Herman Multiball only activates once per Munster Madness - if you advance to level 2 of Herman before starting Munster Madness, only the Herman Hurry-Up will activate.
    • Level 2 changes: (Need more info - the Herman Hurry-Up at the start is different, with Herman destroying a washing machine instead of rushing to a carpool, but is there anything else?)
  • Spot - Shoot the left or right ramp when they are lit with a red light to collect a SPOT letter and briefly raise Spot from under the left ramp. If Spot is hit during this brief period, the mode will instantly begin - otherwise, SPOT has to be completed in its entirety. Simply beginning the mode will count as completing a level. Spot’s mode is divided into two parts:
    • Stage 1: Spot raises up from under the left ramp, so why not hit it with your pinball? Shoot Spot four times for increasing awards, but beware the risky feed - if you’re not careful enough, Spot can lead to a very quick drain. Backhanding Spot by using the left flipper is generally a lot safer. Completing all four shots will qualify the Spot Super Jackpot.
    • Stage 2: If time is still remaining after qualifying the Spot Super Jackpot, all of the major shots will light up with blue inserts. Shoot any major shot to raise Spot once more (with a red insert), and hit it for even more points than before. The mode will end after time runs out or if you drain.
    • Level 2 changes - (Need more info)
  • Lily - Begin Lily’s frenzy mode by completing LILY at the right target. Simply starting the mode is enough to count as completing a level. Unlike every other mode in the game, Lily’s frenzy CAN be stacked with any other ongoing feature. Herman shows off the proper way to work a vacuum cleaner, which just makes everything even dirtier. Make 100 switch hits during the mode to qualify the Lily Super Jackpot. If you fail to complete all 100 switch hits (which will likely happen unless you’re in a Multiball), the amount of switch hits will be held over the next time you start this mode. Shoot the spinner and bumpers to score big during this mode.
    • Level 2 changes - (Need more info)
  • Grandpa - Complete all four standup targets, then shoot into the scoop to begin a mode that changes depending on the model you’re playing. On the Pro, this will begin Enlarging Ray, while on the Premium / LE, this will begin Grandpa’s Laboratory. Simply starting Enlarging Ray is enough to complete a level on the Pro, while on the Premium / LE, activating Grandpa Multiball will complete a level. The four targets (and the Machine on the Premium / LE) will also qualify the Zap Button for a short time - look at the “Zap Meter” section under “Minor Features” for more information.
    • (Pro) Enlarging Ray - All shots start out white, and the standup targets will be flashing. Shooting either will qualify one of the major shots for a Jackpot and change its insert color to purple. After qualifying a Jackpot, you don’t have to collect it right away; you can wait until more Jackpots are lit and then collect them all, and the game encourages you to do this because the awards for collecting many stacked Jackpots are higher than collecting them separately. Shooting the scoop again will add more time to this mode and any other ongoing modes. Collecting 4 Jackpots during Enlarging Ray will qualify the Enlarging Ray Super Jackpot; simply starting the mode will count as advancing a level. This mode is also available (without the level advances, as Grandpa’s Laboratory takes it’s place) on the Premium / LE as a Mystery Award.
      • Level 2 changes - (Need more info)
    • (Premium / LE) Grandpa’s Laboratory - Watch the display as it counts down towards the mini playfield’s activation. You’ll hear a callout when the mode begins, advising you to check out the shrunken pinball in Grandpa’s Laboratory. Remember to use the second set of flippers!
      • Activate the Machine: You have a set amount of time to activate the Machine by shooting both outer orbits, and then shooting the Machine. Shooting the ramp will add more time and shooting the saucer will collect a Mystery Award. If the timer runs out during this stage, the mode will end and you will have to qualify it again by completing the four targets and hitting the scoop.
      • Grandpa Multiball: When the Machine is activated, Grandpa Multiball will begin, which also counts as completing a level. Shoot all of the flashing shots on the lower playfield for Jackpots, then make the Machine Jackpot to qualify the Grandpa Super Jackpot. After time runs out, the ball will be ejected out of the scoop. Note that hitting the Machine will also enable the Zap Button for a short time - use this to your advantage to qualify lots of Zap Jackpots after the round ends.
        • Level 2 changes - (Need more info)
  • The Raven - Completing a level of any of the four other characters will qualify the left ramp to collect Raven advances. Collecting three advances will begin Raven Multiball (these are all lit for level 1 - on level 2, the advances have to be qualified separately by shooting Kitty after completing a level. Think of them as virtual locks, in a sense). This is a three-ball affair where the left orbit, left ramp, right ramp, and right orbit are lit to score Jackpots. Shooting the spinner moves the hands on the clock on the display - when the hour hand moves to a new digit (aka. 12 spins are made), the Jackpot value will increase. Simply starting the Multiball is enough to count as completing a level. Collecting 4 Jackpots during Raven Multiball will qualify the Raven Super Jackpot.
    • Raven Boost - The Raven’s boost works differently than the other four members’ boosters. Instead of being awarded off of Dragula, Raven Boost is qualified during Raven Multiball by shooting the left ramp three times and will increase the Jackpot values for a short time. Continuing to shoot the left ramp will increase the timer; if the timer runs out you will have to qualify the Raven Boost again by shooting the left ramp three times.
    • Raven Restart - A restart is available for Raven Multiball if the Super Jackpot wasn’t qualified. Shoot the left ramp on a 20 second timer to restart Raven Multiball with three balls in play.
    • Level 2 changes - (Need more info)

Minor Features: The other members of the Munsters have their own smaller features that can be activated at any time during play. These are mostly used for advancing towards qualifying Super Jackpots.

  • Eddie - The flashing right inlane or outer left inlane will qualify the opposite orbit to score an Eddie Loop. Make successive Eddie Loops to score more. Every 5 Eddie Loops will qualify the Eddie Super Jackpot if it isn’t already available.
  • Marilyn - Rolling through the flashing inner left inlane will qualify the right ramp to score a Boyfriend Departure. Certain amounts of boyfriend departures will score awards, including Super Jets and qualifying the Marilyn Super Jackpot.
  • Zap Meter - Hitting any standup target will make the ZAP! Button flash for a short time. Pressing the button will charge up the Zap Meter; the Zap Meter goes to 5. Zap Jackpots appear on shots where you have just made another type of jackpot, which decrements the Zap Meter. Collecting enough Zap Jackpots will qualify the Zap Super Jackpot.
    • Awards that qualify Zap Jackpots are any award that the game calls a Jackpot. This includes Jackpots in Herman Multiball, Enlarging Ray, Grandpa Multiball, Raven Multiball, and even the Jackpots in the second stage of Munster Madness.

Other Features:

  • Dragula - Landing in the Dragula lane will collect a bunch of small mystery awards: increasing the bonus multiplier, points (dependent on progress that has been made on the DRAGULA target), and “boosting” characters to make their modes score more. 5x can be qualified at the Dragula lane either by completing DRAGULA or by shooting the lane a short time after it had been shot earlier.
  • Kitty - Completing a level enables the Kitty target to increase the playfield multiplier and qualify a Raven advance at the left ramp. The multiplier advances from 2x to 3x to 6x. The multiplier lasts for about a minute, and hitting the Kitty target again during will reset the timer. It also awards points and bonus multipliers, along with potentially lighting the Special or Extra Ball. Make good use out of this playfield multiplier - it can drastically increase the amounts of points you collect throughout the game.
  • Mystery Award - One Mystery Award can be collected per game - very different from what past Stern machines have done. These are generally very valuable awards, including lighting the Special, lighting a Super Jackpot, and lighting the 5x Dragula award. Certain modes can also be started through Mystery, including Lily and Enlarging Ray. On the Pro, this is collected at the scoop; on the Premium / LE, this is collected at the saucer in Grandpa’s Laboratory. Awards collected on the Premium / LE that apply to the main playfield (ie. Start Enlarging Ray, Light 5x Dragula) will start after the timer in Grandpa’s Laboratory ends or after Grandpa Multiball.
  • Combos - Make shots in succession to score combo points. These can be collected at any time during play. On the Premium / LE, combo rules also apply to Grandpa’s Laboratory, although the scores are much lower… then again, would you really want tons of points for an 11-way combo?
  • Super Jets - This is activated after collecting 3 boyfriend departures at the right ramp. When activated, the bumpers will score more points than usual, and shots to the right orbit will divert into the bumpers thanks to a post in the back of the game. This is also a really good way to increase your bonus multipliers.

Super Jackpots: There are nine different ways to qualify the Dragula lane for a Super Jackpot (ten on the Premium/LE) - and ALL of them stack on top of each other. The base value is 500,000, which is raised by a small amount (3,500?) each time you shoot the unlit scoop. When multiple Super Jackpots are collected together, they are each worth more (don’t know how much more). The collection of all currently lit Super Jackpots can be canceled if you want to save it for later by holding the ZAP! Button. Super Jackpots are not lost on ball drain. Check out the animation and sound when you have a TON of Super Jackpots stacked - it’s easily one of my favorite pinball effects in years. The Super Jackpot qualifying methods are:

  • Herman - Collect four Jackpots during Herman Multiball.
  • Spot - Spell SPOT by completing four shots during Spot’s mode.
  • Lily - Collect 100 switch hits during Lily’s mode.
  • Enlarging Ray - Collect four Jackpots during Enlarging Ray.
  • Raven - Collect four Jackpots during Raven Multiball.
  • Eddie - Collect five Eddie Loops.
  • Marilyn - Collect five boyfriend departures.
  • Zap - Collect four Zap Jackpots.
  • Mystery - Available as a random Mystery Award.
  • Grandpa (Premium / LE only) - Collect the Machine Jackpot during Grandpa Multiball.

Note that each Super Jackpot also has its own distinctive color, shown when the Super Jackpot is qualified and during the Super Jackpot animation. Nothing special, just something cool that I think is worth pointing out.

Extra Balls & Specials: An Extra Ball is available at the scoop after completing 4 levels. Special can be qualified at the outlanes through Kitty.

Munster Madness: This is a complicated 4-ball Multiball wizard mode that encourages strategic shot making and figuring out priorities. It can be started at the scoop by completing one level for all of the family members (and after any modes already in progress have finished up). The mode is in three stages, which loop until you’ve completed all 7 family members. (Is there a payoff for completing all 7 family members at this point?)

  • Stage 1: The mode starts by showing you instructions for all of the family members and what buffs they’ll award if you complete them. Completing any family member will advance you to stage 2.

    • Herman - Make three shots to Herman for additional ball save time once per round.
    • Raven - Make three shots to the left ramp to qualify Kitty for big multipliers once per round.
    • Eddie - Make a shot to both the left and right orbit to double every Jackpot awarded once per round.
    • Marilyn - Make a shot to the right ramp to light a Super Jackpot once per round.
    • Lily - Make four shots to the LILY target for increased scoring every round.
    • Spot - Make two shots to the left ramp and two shots to the right ramp to boost every member every round.
    • Grandpa - (Pro) Make four shots to the standup targets for more time every round. / (Premium / LE) Make four shots to the standup targets to enable Grandpa’s Laboratory for Jackpots every round. (Yup, you’re gonna have to use both sets of flipper buttons at once!)
  • Stage 2: The four major shots will all light for Jackpots. If Eddie has been completed, you will be able to shoot each Jackpot twice, and if Grandpa has been completed on the Premium / LE, you’ll be able to collect Jackpots in the Laboratory as well. The Jackpots are on a timer that resets if a Jackpot is collected; when the timer runs out, the stage will end.

  • Stage 3: Collect four Hurry-Ups in a row, with values corresponding to the amounts of Jackpots you collected in the previous two stages. The first Hurry-Up is based solely off of the Jackpots you collected, and the three following add the previous Hurry-Up value to the countdown. The shots lit to collect the Hurry-Up are lit one at a time, starting off at the left ramp and then moving to the right orbit, the right ramp, and then the left orbit. If any Hurry-Up times out or if they are all collected, you will return to Stage 1 with a chance to complete another family member and potentially stack buffs into Munster Madness for big points. Figure out what family members work with your strategy and take advantage of them!

Bonus: Bonus is some predetermined value plus 10k * levels completed, times the bonus multiplier.


  • Listen to the music on each ball - different instruments are used every ball. Reminds me a little bit of what Cyclone did with its music.
  • Sound design on this game is excellent, from the laugh track when you’re failing to make shots to the xylophone that ascends and descends if you miss the left ramp. Quality stuff here.


  • Scoring on this game is very linear compared to some of the other recent Stern titles, largely because of the lack of mode stacking. That being said, the biggest points in the game can come from stacking Super Jackpots. Ideally, always cancel these unless you have a 6x multiplier and a bunch of Super Jackpots are ready.
  • Lily is the only mode which can be stacked with another major mode, which makes it a lot easier to qualify the Lily Super Jackpot when stacked with a multiball.

What are the highest Super Jackpot values YOU’VE collected? I’ll try and keep a record here :]


Post has been Wiki-fied, have at it…


When you stack superjackpots, and you lost your ball, are your superjackpots gone? (like AC/DC’s songjackpot)


I made a couple of edits, having just watched the Dead Flip stream of the Premium with Dwight:

  • a little more detail on Zaps
  • max playfield multiplier is 6x. It times out in one minute. Hitting the Kitty target again resets the timer.
  • Raven super jackpot
  • a little bit more on Munster Madness
  • Lily stacking

Super Jackpots are not lost on drain.


Dragula also gives you a “boost” for Herman, Spot, Lily, Grandpa and Raven.
Is this random?
Is "boost = more scoring ?


Yes, the boosts are random (but you will eventually get all four by shooting Dragula enough). Dragula doesn’t give you the Raven boost, it’s activated separately from the others. And yeah, boosts are higher scoring for each mode, though they reset after the mode ends, so if you want to boost a level 2 mode you have to qualify the boosts again.


Just made some quick updates, specifically on fleshing out Munster Madness and determining what lights the Super Jackpot for each member. I still need information on specific score values for shots.