The Munsters Rulesheet


True, but you can repeat the cycle, and the base value is set by the number of jackpots you get in the previous phase. The second time through (in the same Madness) had a base of 800,000.

I suspect the 6x issue will be fixed soon. Other games with this same opportunity, like AC/DC and Spider-Man, make it work by not allowing too much cascading; the same cascading is why we currently see insane scores on Batman 66.


For a top score of ~45-50M, if you hit every hurry up perfectly. The first cycle is 38M.

This is the same score as approximately a 5 Super JP collect, or 8 Herman 1 JPs (less boosted) with a good hurry up to start (at the same 6x).

I don’t see Munster Madness as intended as an issue, especially since you do have to deploy a proper set up and execution to equate playing modes well or playing a specific mode really well.


Rules from Stern:


From our launch party last night. It appears that EB when turned off is worth approx 2 million and it appears that playfield x does apply to this score. Can’t be 100% sure because there is nothing on the display to indicate this. We were just trying to watch the score as it was happening.


EB is worth 1 million and does get multiplied.


How do you light the add-a-ball during Multiball?


You can light it by spelling DRAGULA on the left target bank.

There is no limit to the add-a-balls you can collect (that I know of).


The rulesheets say “Only one mystery per game”, but this is definitely not true as I saw people get multiple mysterys in a game. Maybe it’s supposed to be “Only one mystery super JP per game?” Anyone know how you relight the mystery?


As per the rulesheet, you currently can’t re-light the mystery so you are guaranteed one mystery Super JP and either one Kitty (all) or one Enlarging Ray (Premium/LE).


I guess it’s a bug if you get mystery more than once in a game?

Here is one mystery on ball 1:
And another is lit on ball 2, ends up being Bonus X (comp mode is on):


Seems that way, since Stern’s rulesheet (referenced above) explicitly says that Mystery is only lit once per game. Which is a bizarre rule IMHO, but anyway…


I definitely got it twice in one game last week. I agree that once per game is a weird rule, especially when paired with comp mode… “first scoop lights kitty and a sj” and that’s the entire rule. Is this game geared towards very short ball times? Completing the same 5 areas plus MM is repetitive and I’ve played less than a dozen times. If the rules don’t change after the 2nd time around (as per the rulesheet), I think games will have to be relatively short to be interesting.


So I’m trying to figure out how Super Jackpot values are determined. I stacked 7 Super Jackpots with a 6x playfield multiplier the other day and got about 47 million from it (this was with 2 increases from the unlit scoop.)


I don’t know how the values are determined exactly, but the base value of the Super Jackpots increase the more that you stack. If I’m remembering this correctly that is.


Yeah like if you have 2 in there, they are worth around 3 of them if you look at them individually.


I saw this the other night and wondered if it was intended behavior or a bug…

Starting a new game, one shot to Herman to activate the hurry-up. Failed to hit Herman again to capture the ball on the magnet and drained. Next ball it was at least 5 or 6 shots to Herman to activate the capture hurry-up again. Is this how it’s supposed to work?


It should be 3 shots the next ball…unless there is a higher difficulty setting for Herman or something.


I believe so. Also, you can only play Herman MB once then you have to go through MM to play another MB. You can start his mode again, just no MB.

Also pay attention to the lights in front of him. After you play the MB they flash like Lilly and go out if you take too long. That may have happened in your case too, but not sure if that behavior is after the first Herman Hurry up or the first Herman MB


That makes sense, thanks.

What has the general impression been of this game on location for new/casual players? Everything I’ve been hearing from locals is that they don’t want to spend a dollar for a 30 second game. No ball save (or incredibly short timer) seems to be hurting the appeal of coin drop on this one.

If anyone has the means to do so, I’d be curious to see audits of game time and ball time between Munsters and other recent Sterns at the same location.


Hi jdelz….
First NIB Stern here and just a chimp flipper anyway - Lol - totally need ball save to get this Munsters Pro rolling and me to pay attention — 12 seconds gets me " in the game "