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Game Information

  • Lead Designer: John Borg
  • Lead Game Developer: Lyman Sheets Jr.
  • Lead Mechanical Engineer:
  • Lead Sound Designer:
  • Lead Artist:
  • Release Date: September 2014
  • Wiki Rulesheet based on Code Rev: 1.60




Skill Shot

v1.56 - Skill shot base points: Shooting the lit lane scores 250k first time, 500K+ each subsequent successful skill shot. Hitting the lit roll overs are worth 150k each for the first successful skill shot to the lit lane, 50K+ each for subsequent successful skill shots to the lit lane. If you don’t hit the lit lane on the first ball, it stays 250K plus possible 150K for each rollover for max of 550K. Missing rollovers has no effect on future skill shots, only making the lit lane which completes the skill shot.
1st skill shot: 250k base + 150/150 rollover, max 550k
2nd skill shot: 750k base + 200/200 rollover, max 1,150k
3rd skill shot: 1,250k base + 250/250 rollover, max 1,750k
4th skill shot: 1,750k base + 300/300 rollover, max 2,350k


Stacking MBs
The only multiballs that can be stacked are Blood Bath and Prison or Blood Bath and Well Walker. Prison and Well can not be started at the same time. The order in which the multiballs are started does not matter. You can not advance progress towards Prison while Well is running and vice versa. Modes started before multiball continue to run during multiball. If a mode times out during multiball, additional modes can be started by clearing the drop target bank multiple times. (Though not on Competition Settings.)

Prison Multiball

Prison Multiball is started at the center prison feature by bashing the closed doors until PRISON is spelled and then ‘clearing the prison yard’. By default, the first few letters of PRISON are spotted for you. Completing PRISON will engage the magnet, expose the zombie head behind the doors, and light shots around the playfield for clearing the yard. Each major shot can be made once to advance PRISON letters again, while shots to the exposed zombie head behind the prison doors clears a shot and letter. Ultimately, spelling PRISON again lights the zombie head for one more hit to start Prison Multiball.

Prison Multiball is a 3 ball multiball. By default there is a medium length ball save period and no add a ball in Prison Multiball. From Prison Multiball, only Blood Bath multiball can be stacked.

During Prison Multiball, hitting the closed doors or a major shot opens the doors to expose the zombie head. Hitting the zombie head closes the doors and relights shots. Rinse and repeat for various jackpots (usually somewhere around 1 million). During the multiball, the value of the prison yard walkers increases each time a prison yard walker is killed while the multiball is running. Each time a jackpot is scored one of the PRISON inserts will light solid, and advance 1 closer to Siege. Once six jackpots are collected the Riot shot will become lit for super jackpot which will begin phase two of Prison multiball.

During phase two the left and right ramps are lit for 500k and either ramp will award 500k and add 50k to the next left or right ramp shot. The value of each ramp shot is also added to a jackpot that is collected by shooting the Prison. This jackpot also counts as a walker kill and advances 1 closer to Siege. Six of these collects in phase 2 will bring the total to 12 during Prison Multiball and light Siege. Progress in phase 1 and phase 2 carries over from one Prison Multiball to the next.

Well Walker

Starting MB:
Basically, you need to hit the Well Walker 10 times to start Well Walker MB.

More specifically, spell W-E-L-L, then hit Well Walker when the WELL inserts are flashing (25K per shot). Then 5 more shots while the WELL inserts are strobing from left to right or right to left, at this stage the remaining number of shots will be visible on the DMD. Each of these shots can be worth between 55K and 75K, depending on how many inserts are lit when you hit the Well Walker.

During MB:
During phase one of Well Walker multiball, each letter is relit by hitting a certain number of switches. W: 25, E: 30, L: 35, L: 40 (although the previous jackpot also counts so it’s really 29, 34, 39). The well walker jackpot continues to build for every switch hit. Hitting the walker scores and adds to the bonus the total value collected in the starting phase based on the values of the WELL when hit, e.g. 50k no letters lit, 55k one letter lit up to 75k if all letters were lit. Normally somewhere around 300-350k. Once a letter is completed with the switch hits, the well walker jackpot is lit and hitting the walker collects the current jackpot value and then resets it to zero. Completing all WELL lights and jackpots then lights the Super Jackpot that re-collects all of the jackpots by hitting the walker again. Good time to use a big multiplier. Note: the premium/LE use of the spinner is valuable in this phase compared to the pro. Multi-kill is started once the jackpot is collected for the first L (thus the third jackpot, W-E-L).

Once the super jackpot is collected, phase two begins and continues until multiball ends. During phase two the left and right ramp are lit for 500k and either ramp will award 500k and add 50k to the next left or right ramp shot. The value of each ramp shot is also added to a jackpot that is collected by shooting the Well Walker. Once a jackpot is collected, the jackpot resets to zero until more ramps are hit. The jackpot and ramps can continue to be hit and will raise by 50K each hit until multi-ball ends. Raising jackpots and then collecting via walker with a multiplier can lead to huge jackpots.

Blood Bath Multiball

Blood Bath multiball is qualified by collecting a full set of supply inserts shown in front of the drop target bank. In single ball play the supply inserts will light in sequence from First aid to Weapons and finally to Food. Whenever any of the drop targets are hit the currently lit supply will be locked in. Once all drops have been completed the lit supply will remain solid to indicate that supply has been collected. Once all supplies have been collected the Blood Bath insert will strobe. Clearing the bank once more will begin blood bath multiball. Blood Bath multiball can be started during prison or well walker multiball.

Blood Bath Multiball is a two ball multiball with a long ball save where each switch is worth 15K points initially. Any time the drop target bank is cleared the value of each switch is increased by 2.5K points. Each switch hits’ score is added to the blood bath jackpot value, which is collected whenever the drop target bank is cleared. Super jackpots are awarded when all of the supplies are collected during blood bath. Blood bath is the only main multiball that has an add-a-ball. There are two add-a-balls available by clearing the drop target bank. However, an unlimited number of add-a-balls is awarded by achieving a super jackpot during Blood Bath Multiball.


Gathering a full set of supplies progresses towards Blood Bath Multiball. Each individual supply also awards the following:


  • Completing the drop targets when “FIRST AID” is lit will permanently increase the value of the prison yard walkers for the remainder of the game.

  • Prem/LE only: Awards a “Prison Bomb” if Prison doors are open. Bombs can be used to advance 1 hit towards Prison Multiball or collect a jackpot in Prison Multiball.


  • Lights the Arena ramp for Crossbow Mode.
  • Prem/LE only: Awards a “Horde Bomb” which can be used to kill a walker in Horde.


  • Increases a shot multiplier for the well. The multiplier is awarded for any hit to the well, then reset.
  • Prem/LE only: Awards a “Well Walker Bomb” if Well Walker has been activated (DMD animation shows # of hits left). Bombs can be used to advance 1 hit towards Well Multiball or collect a jackpot in Well Multiball.

Dead Features (Modes)

Light Dead Features:

  • 1 completion of the Drop Target Bank will light the 5 Mode shots, shoot 1 of the Flashing Mode shots to start that Mode.
    • Completing the Drop Target Bank only counts toward lighting Modes during single ball play.
    • You do not need to collect unique supplies to light Modes.
    • After your first Mode, 2 Drop Target bank completions are required to light your Modes.
    • If you drain your ball while Modes are lit, but not started, only 1 Drop Target Bank completion will be required to re-light them.

Note: Each mode can be played only once until Escape Terminus is played (see Mini-Wizard modes). The large white inserts (Barn, CDC, Riot, Tunnel, Arena) flash rapidly when the mode start is ready and, once played, light solidly.)

Add Time (during Mode):

  • Any time the drop target bank is completed during a Mode, 10 seconds are added to the Mode timer.

Completed Modes’ Shot Build Value:

  • During a Mode, the shot(s) corresponding to any completed Modes will build the value of the current Mode some amount.


Shooting the left orbit starts Barn.

Shoot the Barn Orbit shot to collect 2.5M and add 500K to the Barn Orbit shot value during the mode. Keep shooting the Barn Orbit for points.

Multi-Kill: Awarded for making 3 Barn Orbit shots.


Shooting the left ramp starts CDC.

CDC mode consists of two phases.

Phase 1: Build (Breaking down the door)

Shooting the CDC Ramp will add 750K (+25K for each Ramp shot: 1st Ramp adds 750K, 2nd Ramp adds 775K, 3rd Ramp adds 800K, etc.) to the Red Arrow Collect Value for Phase 2. This means that 3 shots to the CDC Ramp in Phase 1 would add 750K + 775K + 800K = 2.325M to the Red Arrow Collect Value. This value is shown on the DMD each time the CDC Ramp is shot. In addition, the CDC Ramp will be lighting additional shots, from left to right, where the Red Arrow Collect Value can be collected.

Phase 2: Collect (Broken through the door)

Once any shot is made other than the CDC Ramp during Phase 1, the Red Arrow Collect Value will be locked in, as will the shots which are eligible to collect the Red Arrow Collect Value and Phase 2 will begin.

Any shots lit with a Red Arrow will award the Collect Value and unlight that shot. Shoot all eligible shots to relight them all.

Shooting the CDC Ramp in Phase 2 will award the Collect Value the 1st time and complete the mode the 2nd time. The mode completion shot will also award the total value of any Red Arrow shots made during Phase 2.

Multi-Kill: Awarded for making 3 CDC Ramp shots.


Shooting the Riot shot starts Riot.

The base value of the Riot shot is 1-3M (what is this based on?) and the value increases by 75K per switch hit. This value can be increased while multiball is running.

Multi-Kill: Awarded for making 2 Riot shots.


Shooting the Railroad shot between the Arena ramp and the well walker starts Tunnel mode.

Tunnel mode consists of two phases.

Phase 1: Build
All lit shots including Tunnel are worth 5M. However, shooting the Tunnel before making any of the other lit shots increases the value of all shots, including Tunnel, by 2.5M per shot. Shooting any other shot will lock in the value of Tunnel and start Phase 2.

Phase 2: Collect
All shots are lit to collect whatever value was built in Phase 1. If all shots are completed without shooting Tunnel again, all shots are relit and 2.5M is added to each one. To finish Tunnel mode shoot the Tunnel shot after collecting any other lit shot.

Multi-Kill: Awarded for making 2 lit shots.


Shooting the Arena ramp starts Arena mode.

Arena mode consists of two phases.

Phase 1:
Right Right awards increasing values starting at a base value of 3M and increasing by 3x, 6x, 9x, etc. If the right ramp is shot out of a repeated combo, the value will be halved. For example, making 2 straight shots and shooting the 3rd ramp later (aka “out of combo”) will award 3M, 4M, and then 2.5M.

Phase 2:
Shoot Woodbury shot to collect roughly 20% of the total value of all points earned by shooting the Arena ramp in Phase 1 and end the mode.

Note: You must make an Arena ramp first before shooting Woodbury. The collect is available only when the dome flasher above the Woodbury/Extra Ball shot is strobing.

Multi-Kill: Awarded for making 3 Arena Ramp shots.

Other Features

2X Playfield

Shooting the stab targets (targets to either side of the Prison barn) lights 2X playfield. Shooting the Tower standup above the top rollovers starts 2x playfield scoring for 20 seconds. Completing the stab targets repeated times before starting 2X increases its time.

Bicycle Girl Hurry-Up

Achieving 5 zombie kills on default settings lights Bicycle Girl on the CDC ramp. After shooting the CDC ramp, the Bicycle girl light will light on the Pro, or the Left Ramp will raise to reveal a target on the Prem/LE. Loop the CDC ramp or hit the under-ramp target for points shown on the DMD which decrease in value if not made. Bicycle girl is completed by making three CDC ramp shots. 20 kills are needed for successive modes.

1 Multi-Kill is awarded by shooting 3 Bicycle Girl Hurry up shots.

Pop Area/Pop Jackpot

Completing the top lanes adds Bonus X up to 250X and increases the value of Bit. The DMD will show an animation of walkers trying to break through a door with the words Dead Inside written on the door. A number is also displayed which I believe is 40 and increases for subsequent pop jackpots. The yellow rail road insert will strobe when the pops jackpot is available. The value of the jackpot is increased by each pop bumper hit. You can collect the pops jackpot by shooting the Tunnel shot. Unlike the Tunnel mode shot only the first switch above the pops needs to be hit in order to score the jackpot.

Flamethrower/Spinner Jackpot (????) (Prem/Le)

Hit the Woodbury drop target to light super spinner at Barn and Woodbury. Build the Flamethrower jackpot by ripping the spinner, and collect it by shooting Woodbury.

Shot Multiplier

Every 2 Walker kills lights the “X” above an inlane. This begins a 2X shot multiplier for the next shot hit after rolling over the X. You can control whether or not you take the shot multiplier by using the flipper buttons to control which outlane is lit. This multiplier advances by 1 every second walker you kill without collecting it. So if you kill 4 walkers without using the shot multiplier, it will be 3X. Two more and it will be 4X. This multiplier will apply to the next shot you hit. There is no apparent ceiling for multipliers.


Draining out a lit outlane collects the Bit value. This starts at 500K and increases by 250K with each completion of the top lanes.

Fish Tank

Shooting the right ramp three times awards 100,000 from Fish Tank and lights Woodbury.


Crossbow is lit at the right ramp after the weapons supply insert is collected. The five mode shots are lit for 1M+. Certain switches will disqualify crossbow if a shot is missed. If you are shooting the Tunnel crossbow shot and accidentally hit the well walker the crossbow mode ends. If you are shooting the Riot crossbow shot and hit a stab stand up, the mode ends. During a multiball, no other target hits will disable the Crossbow. Multiple crossbow “attempts” can be stacked at once. If you have collected the weapons supply insert multiple times and shoot the right ramp to light crossbow then shoot the right ramp to collect crossbow the next crossbow mode will start immediately after the right ramp is collected.

On the Premium and LE, the ball will cradle in a shooting arm (similar to Austin Powers), and the button can be used to fire the ball at one of the shots.

Crossbow Frenzy

Hitting three lit crossbow shots during the crossbow mode will start Crossbow Frenzy. This is a timed mode in which every right ramp loads the Crossbow to shoot at lit shots.
Scoring is based on the values you scored in crossbow shots previously before starting Frenzy. Your first crossbow frenzy shot is the same value as your first crossbow award. BUT things get interesting as your next frenzy shot is the value of your second crossbow shot made previously PLUS the value of the last crossbow FRENZY shot. It’s like Fibonacci progression… if you scored 1 mil, 2 mil, 3 mil, 4 mil, 5 mil on your crossbows then your crossbow frenzy shots would be:
1 mil
1 mil + 2 mil ( 3 mil )
(3 mil) + 3 mil (6 mil)
(6 mil) + 4 mil (10 mil)
(10 mil) + 5 mil (15 mil for you last shot!)

This can be compounded with multipliers of course, but NOT compunded in the sense of the fibonacci part of the next shot adding to previous’ shot value. So if your first crossbow shot during normal play had an inlane X, that full multiplied value is used as the base value for crossbow frenzy shot 1, which can then of course be multiplied again. However, only the value you had at the start of frenzy gets added in to the next award.


Multi-Kill is qualified by completing or making a minimum number of shots during modes, multiballs and other game features. Once qualified a yellow insert will light at one of the five mode shots. Shooting each shot awards 2 Walkers and 1/20th your total mode points. To collect the Multi-Kill value shoot the lit shot. Multi-Kill stays active until your current ball is drained. Multi-Kill can be lit on the next ball in the same way and the value is not reset between balls. When a Multi-Kill is qualified, one of the Multi-Kill inserts will become lit. Once all inserts are lit, Horde mode is qualified and started at the Woodbury/Extra Ball shot. Multi-Kills are not active during Horde.

There are 14 game objectives that qualify Multi-Kills as of v. 1.60:

Multi-Kill Requirement
Barn Mode 3 Barn shots
CDC Mode 3 CDC shots
Riot Mode 2 Riot shots
Tunnel Mode 2 Tunnel shots
Arena Mode 3 Arena shots
Prison MB 4 JPs
Well Walker MB 3 JPs
Blood Bath MB 3 JPs
Bicycle Girl 3 Left Ramps
Fish Tanks Collect 3
Drop Targets 10 sets
Combos 10
Crossbow Shots 3
Woodbury Collect Start Multi-Kill

Mini-Wizard/Wizard Modes


After all of the Multi-Kill inserts have been lit the Horde insert will strobe as well as the dome flasher above the Woodbury/Extra Ball shot. Shooting Woodbury will begin Horde. Horde begins as a two ball multiball and all mode shots are lit for jackpots. These shots represent walkers that are advancing towards the player. Initially the red arrows are lit and as a walker advances towards the player the remaining inserts will light to indicate how close a walker is. The inserts light from the red arrow to the cross hair insert. The DMD also reflects how close a walker is as they advance.

The first “wave” of Horde requires 3 kills. Once all the required kills have been made, a DMD animation showing a bomb dropping occurs, which clears all walkers, awards a Super Jackpot, and an add-a-ball. Subsequent waves require one added kill before awarding another Super Jackpot and add-a-ball. Each subsequent Super Jackpot is roughly 2M more than the previous, to no known limit.

There are 4 distances before a walker reaches you, and shooting a walker awards a jackpot multiplied by up to 4x depending on how close the walker is. In addition, the playfield lights under each shot will light up as a walker approaches; the number of lights lit indicates the multiplier. A walker bomb also awards a larger number of points than individual shots.

Also during the mode, an “escape value” jackpot will accumulate. When only one ball remains, if a certain number of “waves” have been completed (default: 3), Woodbury will be lit to escape from the Horde. The DMD will present two options: FIGHT or ESCAPE. If FIGHT is selected, Horde continues as usual. If ESCAPE is selected, the “escape value” jackpot is awarded and Horde ends safely. If the ball is plunged without selecting an option with the flippers, the game assumes you chose to FIGHT.

If a walker reaches the player, power is killed to the flippers and Horde ends. In regular (non-competition) play, this will not end your ball, but it WILL end your ball in competition mode.


Start Siege when lit by shooting the prison. 12 Jackpots at the Prison shot are required during Prison multiball in order to qualify Siege (see Prison Multiball above). The mode begins with Barn, Prison and Arena lit for jackpots. Shooting the prison or either lit shot will progress to the next round. In the second phase of Siege all five mode shots and the prison are lit for jackpots. Shooting the prison or any lit shot will award jackpots. Once all available jackpots have been scored, all shots relight. Shooting any of the lit shots or prison will end the mode. The mode does carry on from ball to ball, so you can drain and continue. This mode seems unfinished as of v1.28.

Escape Terminus

Escape Terminus is the sixth Dead Feature, which is qualified by playing all five Dead Features, and relighting them afterwards via the drops. Shoot any major Dead Feature shot to begin (they will all be flashing in unison). All five Dead Feature shots are lit for a hurry-up. Shooting a lit shot collects the hurry-up, unlights the shot, and starts a new one. Collect all five hurry-ups to finish. The initial hurry-up values are dependent on your mode scores as follows:

  1. 20% of your 5th mode score.
  2. 20% of your (5th+4th) mode score.
  3. 20% of your (5th+4th+3rd) mode score.
  4. 20% of your (5th+4th+3rd+2nd) mode score.
  5. 20% of all your combined mode scores.

To score well in this round, it is imperative that you attempt to play out your modes - especially your later ones. All Dead Features will reset and can be played again after this mode.

Last Man Standing

(basing this off observations from Keith’s videos)
Kill all 115 walkers to light Last Man Standing at the Woodbury shot. It may be started while a mode is running. Last Man Standing is a four-ball multiball where you must kill 115 walkers yet again. This time, the walker count lights will count down from 115, signifying how many more are remaining. The value of each walker killed seems to gradually ramp up as the mode continues. The number of lights for each shot indicates how many walkers will be killed - some shots will kill one, some two, and some up to three. Also, the most recent shot made will be unlit until another shot is made (leaving that one unlit until the next, and so on). Add-a-balls are available at certain checkpoints throughout the mode, based on number of walkers killed. A line at the bottom of the LMS DMD animation tells how many more needed to light add-a-ball if it is not currently lit.

Last Man Standing does not end when the player is down to a single ball. Killing all 115 walkers will immediately turn everything off, award a 100M completion bonus, and a very cool ending sequence.

Competition Mode Settings

If TWD is set to Competition Install, then the following noteworthy items are changed:

  • Modes cannot be lit during a multiball or as part of the drops completion that begins Bloodbath MB.
  • Your accumulated Multi-Kill value does not reset once you’ve played the Horde mini-wizard mode.
  • Extra Ball awards points.
  • If Horde ends by getting “bit” by a walker reaching the player, your ball WILL end. The only way to exit Horde is to successfully escape when given the opportunity. Also, the walkers will continue to advance while deliberating between your options.

I think the skill shot is worth 400-600K, plus the value of the previous skill shot is added to that. So, if you had 1.1M on the skill shot on ball 2, rolling over the lit rollover on ball 3 will be 1.1M+400k to 600k. I’m playing on a machine with extra balls turned off so I can’t confirm what happens on the extra ball.

This post is a wiki, so you should be able to edit it if you want. Feel free to add whatever information you have!

that’s cool. I want to say that the rollovers add either 50k or 100k each to the base value (400k?). Also, I’m unsure how the failed skill shot top lane, which I’ve seen worth 250k, affects the next ball’s skill shot.

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I’m hoping these rule sheets can continue to grow as people figure things out about the game. Thanks for adding to it!

i tried editing this and it didnt save … does it need approval before it goes live?

I assume this is pro version 1.19. On the LE Prison is 3 ball multiball.

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Was trying to figure out the shot multiplier the other night. Is it “shoot any shot with a crosshairs insert lit, to light the inlane shot multiplier”?

Also - what do the yellow light insterts in front of the shots mean?

How do you get the weapon inserts at the bottom of the pf lit?

Last I knew it was every 2 kills lights the x (or advances the multiplier).

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Shot multiplier is what Keefer said: every 2 kills adds 1x to the multiplier until it’s claimed.

Yellow lights mean a multikill is active on that shot. Get weapon inserts by completing multikills. (?)

I don’t suppose there is any way from glancing at the playfield to figure out where that muliplier is at is there? [insert rant about essential rules not being reflected on the playfield here]

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Also, does the multiplier automatically go to the next shot you hit? Or is it on a timer?