Drop Targets in walking dead rule question

Recently picked up a Walking dead pro. While I have been playing the game non stop, I have a question. I understand to light your modes you have to complete the bank of drops. Now on the first ball there is no order to this and just completing them lights your modes.

After ball one I noticed that just dropping the bank doesn’t always light modes again. It appears you have to hit the flashing drop first, and then complete the bank? I figured this out by pulling the glass hitting switches. Can anyone elaborate on this? I can’t seem to find any more details in any rule sheet I’ve read thus far. Thanks !

The first mode start is one completion, the second two, the third three, etc. I think it may cap at three. Likely an operator setting.

The roving lit shot advances you towards bloodbath, refer to the wiki rulesheet for more details on that: Walking Dead wiki rulesheet

Speaking of which, you should update the wiki when you figure out the actual drop completion requirement progression. As you noted it doesn’t say.

Completing the drops enables the mode start only if you complete them for a set of supplies you have not collected yet. Solidly lit supplies are the ones you have collected already, flashing ones are the ones you still need. Initially, none of them are collected, so the first time you complete the drops, you always get the mode start enabled.

You figured it out correctly :slight_smile:

I thought it was just one bank for the first mode, two banks for every mode after that UNLESS you drain with modes lit: then it’s just one bank.


Very interesting. So am I correct that to collect the supply you must hit the drop associated with it, and then finish the bank? If your first hit is to a supply you have then that must be the cause of my completing the bank and not starting a mode anger🙂

So if you started three modes that would mean you had to get all three supplies and that bloodbath would be lit always after starting three modes?

I’ve noticed too that drop target completions do not always enable the mode start. My conclusion too was that, to get the mode start enabled, you have to complete a new set of supplies. The PAPA rule sheet says this:

Food, weapons, and first aid will cycle. When one of the drop targets is hit, it freezes the cycle on whichever was lit at the time and you complete the drops to collect one of the three. This lights all available mode starts at the 5 main shots and the lights cycle once again at the drops.

But you may be right; it could be that it’s two bank completions for every mode start enable after the first one. If that is indeed the case (need to check next time I play it), then Bloodbath won’t automatically be ready after three mode starts, because it would be possible to keep completing already-completed drops, which would keep enabling the mode start, but not Bloodbath.

My apologies if what I suggested initially is wrong!

What Raymond said is right. Pretty simple. Takes one set for the first mode, two sets for every mode after that.

You cannot get credit during other modes. For example, if you’re in your first mode, then you drop a set. When you come out of the mode, you still need two sets to light the next set of modes.

Collecting supplies has no bearing on lighting the modes. You could only collect the weapons insert over and over again. Doesn’t matter.

This is default settings


Thanks Chuck, indeed you are correct. I don’t know why this one kept confusing me as it is simple but I believe I just had a few weird coincidences which made me question the drops. I honestly can’t believe out of all the rules in TWD this one got me. Once you collect a mode it then becomes two banks from then out any order.

Thanks again everyone.

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My pleasure. Look out for if the game is on competition mode though. That will only allow you to light modes in single ball play. You get locked out during multiball. So if you want to play a mode in multiball, you have to light the modes first.

That’s the downside. The upside is that your multikill values don’t reset after Horde, if you’re playing in comp mode.

I’ve actually been tempted to switch mine to comp mode lately. Multikill values can get huge, and I love Horde mode, but hate that I sometimes have doubt about starting Horde because I have unlimited 8M or whatever multikill shots to go for. Maybe I’ll try it this weekend.

I don’t get to horde in competition enough to experience the upside. :weary:

Hahaha – I might be in the same boat! I can get to Horde if I focus on that, but often end up getting distracted by going for multikill shots. I often think of that as a good way to go for a “safe” score. (Not that anything is safe in TWD, lol)

Multikill shots also give double zombie kills, if that shot is lit for a zombie kill, so it builds your X faster.


Yes, you are right. I tried it out, and it behaves exactly as you describe. My apologies for the wrong info!

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Someone go update the Wiki for TWD if it has wrong/incomplete info on this.
Probably worth adding the information on mode-start difference and multi-kill value carrover difference that exists in competition mode, too.

One last thing I discovered during league a couple weeks ago (TWD had competition mode turned ON)… if your second drops completion needed for qualifying a mode start shot is also the same set that starts Bloodbath, you do NOT have a mode start shot lit as you begin bloodbath. And even worse, you don’t have a mode start lit for you after you exit Bloodbath – so if you want a mode going with your bloodbath, make sure that you do NOT collect your third set of Supplies with your FIRST of two drops completions needed to get your next mode (because your 2nd set of drops will also start your BB MB, and deprive you of a mode start). :rage:

If you complete a drop target bank that qualifies a mode but don’t start the mode, then complete the last drop target bank needed for Bloodbath MB, does it basically behave the same way in Competition mode?

In other words, you can’t start the mode during the MB, and you won’t have it qualified when the MB ends.

Bringing in a TWD at somepoint soonish, and trying to decide how I want set it up.

Competition mode for TWD is the worst. Haha

I believe that you can’t qualify a mode start when you’re in multiball, and apparently, knocking down your drops to start Bloodbath counts as being in a multiball takes priority over what would have been your mode qualifying drops completion.

I believe you can start a previously lit mode even after a multiball starts.

TL;DR If you have your mode shot inserts flashing before your multiball ball-save starts flashing, you’re good to go.



It makes it SOOOO infuriating when you light the mode (And also light blood bath) and drain. Because now you’re in the worst kind of jail: blood bath lit with no way to bring a mode into it :’(

In those cases I usually just shoot walkers and turn it into a last man standing run game instead of a Riot to death game :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup yup. I wish that TWD Comp settings would get tweaked so that your set of drops to start BBMB would also qualify your mode start shots (if applicable). Oh, Lymaaaaan… :slight_smile:

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This is a setting. Keith’s TWD “roll” video was competition settings, but altered to allow mode qualifying during multiball. Best of both worlds in some ways.