Walking Dead wiki rulesheet

Problem with the shot multiplier is too much risk for too little reward. And often times you end up accidentally starting it during multiball. Also I believe it does not work for bicycle girl. Greg it is next shot which 99% of the time is the well walker lol

Agreed, except for when you save up a multiplier you’ve been building/saving for one of the penultimate CDC or Arena shots.

Is the inlane shot multiplier on a timer? Or can you control the ball, and take your multiplied shot at your leisure?

If it’s implemented anything like WPT’s rule, then you get a few seconds to make a shot, and the multiplier is “locked in” for that shot for a couple of seconds (the technical reason for doing this is so that (like in WPT) if you have a spinner on an orbit on the far side, that that spinner gets 3x’d for being part of the full orbit shot). If you don’t make a shot in time, then you lose it.

Does the shot multiplier hold from ball to ball ?
For Arena, if you hit it with the shot multiplier, does that create a new multiplied base value which is included “permanently” so long as you continue to hit the Arena shot before the hurry-up expires ?
I noticed that the blood bath switch hit value increases by 1000 points each time blood bath is started.

X works great for the right spinner. best place to cash it in on the LE.

No, the shot X does not carry from ball to ball, so it provides a decent risk/reward of use it or lose it. But as previously mentioned by others, good luck not accidentally using it during a multiball.

I don’t know about the impact of a successful inlane X on one Arena shot and if it builds into subsequent Arena shots. My guess would be that it doesn’t have an effect. But if you loop Arena again after the successful inlane X shot, you’ll still get your natural multiplier on the next Arena shot that’s built into the mode’s logic.

ok thanks a lot. I guess a safe strategy then is to go after the drop targets to light modes. The 1st mode to shoot and time out is Riot since it leads to the 2x target and you don’t want to accidentally start Riot when shooting for 2x playfield if Arena is lit since you cannot stack modes. Time out every other mode out except Arena (maybe Tunnel is worth it) so that you can get to Arena 3 or 4 times in the game. Get some blood baths mixed in along the way. 3 or 4 2x arenas plus three decent blood baths could lead to a comfortable 600M point game.

I don’t know, I’m seeing a lot of people getting huge CDC scores and less giant Arena scores. It’ll be interesting to see what changes come from more code revisions, including the two final modes (Horde and Last Man Standing).

I still can’t get into a groove on Walking Dead, the bumper to center or bumper to left outlane drains are brutal, and it’s hard to avoid getting the ball in there.

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I think Arena is just a way tougher shot to loop, whereas CDC is much easier, plus it’s simple to stack with Bicycle Girl. Arena has more potential that is tougher to capitalize on.

I’m with Bowen about the layout. Everything going into the pops drives me crazy, just kills any momentum you had going. Plus I’m having a really tough time intentional shooting those drops, which are becoming more important with every code upgrade. They’re in a super awkward place on the flipper.

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I like the fact that you have to shoot the drops. Seems like 1/2 the shots to the drops do double duty and hit the prison as well.

CDC/Arena are both ramp mods so seems like playing them first is the way to go. I think trying to crank on them during single ball, then doing barn/tower or tunnel then starting the multiballs seems like the way to go, but time will tell. Taking those shots that lead to the pops during single ball play doesn’t seem worth it.

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Agreed. Reminds me when T3 first came out and the lock kickout would fire the ball SDTM. Feel sorry for Lyman on this one lol

At least as of the most recent version, Crossbow mb is a big disappointment. It’s really not worth going for in my opinion. 250K per shot and stays lit even when back to single ball play. Basically it’s just permanent mutli-kill at 250Kon all shots for the rest of the ball.
Also you can only light the 5 modes once per game so if you don’t make CDC and Arena count, it’s back to chopping wood for a good score.

Crossbow mb is a huge disappointment but, I have hope! I think it could easily turn into total annihilation with collects at riot. Would love to see some nice scoring rules for it since it requires a lot of precision shots and control to start it. Like a huge bonus for making the crossbow shots in order left to right or right to left and an even bigger bonus for not missing any of the shots. Like a combination of FILM sequential bonus and 1b hurry up almost. Then start bringing in bath, prison, well for more and more scoring and ball save mmmmm.

Since Lyman is doing the coding, there is no doubt that Crossbow mb and many other aspects of the rules will be improved. He has already salvaged a mediocre layout and TWD could end up being a good game. As other posters have noted, Horde and Last Man Standing are still in the works. Hopefully he will add the double end-of-ball bonus if 2x playfield is going as is done with AC/DC and other games that he didn’t program like Tron. I found out the hard way that this was not implemented when I intentionally drained a good bonus with 2x playfield going. I also hope that he adds the number of Well Walker hits required to start WW mb in the status report so that you have a better idea of how long your jail sentence is if you’re in single ball play.

A decent strategy if you are in jail seems to be shooting the CDC ramp followed immediately by the left loop. You can continually escalate and collect the escalated combo value plus it builds the pops up. Once the left loop shot is made you then have a decent chance of collecting a bumper jackpot if lit or lighting and collecting it, plus bumper points collection. You just have to survive the feed from the pops.

This doesn’t exist as far as I can tell. You get 2x or 3x bonus by draining down an outlane while it is flashing for Super Lanes. Draining during playfield multiplier does not appear to multiply the bonus like it does on Tron and a few other machines (including Cyclone). I could be totally wrong on this.


No 2X bonus, but the BIT value is affected by 2X and any lane X you accidentally rolled over before you got BIT.

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Wait, so if you roll over a lane multiplier and drain out an outlane to collect BIT you get the mutiplier? That is super interesting.



Well i thought that was the case, but i tried it out and and did not get the lane X. Sorry for the misinformation.

That’s too bad, I am always into situations where it is advantageous to drain, and multiplied BIT could easily be worth several million points.