Walking Dead wiki rulesheet


I think if you danger you don’t get the BIT value - or even a hard nudge without a danger? Anyone noticed that or know if that’s correct? Maybe I’ll play again tonight and try it out.

Def the inline multiplier doesn’t work on Bicycle Girl, but it does on Arena. I’ve cashed it in at 2x but only on like the 2nd or 3rd shot in a row. The inline multiplier also works on the crossbow shot which on the pro gives you no time to see where the deer is (deer is the most valuable animal, right?)



Anybody with some experience on the new code willing to make some updates? I know that multiballs don’t stack anymore (only bloodbath), and some of the modes have changed. Shooting drops adds time to modes, and I remember hearing that multiballs freeze mode timers a la monster bash?

For the modes, I’ve heard that in tunnel, the base shot value can be doubled by shooting tunnel again before any of the other lit shots (and possibly tripled by shooting it yet again?) For other modes I have no idea what’s going on, I just shoot the flashing lights. Sometimes certain shots are lit green, but I’m not sure why or what they are worth.

Anyone able to shed some light?


Barn didn’t seem to change much. I thought there were additional rules about the type of zombie on the DMD and that related to scoring somehow maybe the base value? Every additional shot seems to go up by 250k. Similar to the old scoring but the base value is higher. My best Barn is 120M

CDC was fixed to work as originally intended. Repeated CDC ramp shots light other shots with red arrows maximum 4 ramp shots I believe. Then hitting the lit shots increases the value you are able to cash out at the ramp. If you hit one of the lit shots before lighting all of the shots you can not light additional shots at the ramp only collect. You can hit other lit shots before cashing out though. To cash out/complete the mode you need to hit at least one of the other shots and the CDC ramp twice.

Riot didn’t change at all except the dots maybe. Shoot riot shot and get points that go up in value with each shot.

Tunnel is similar to CDC as far as I know. I can’t confirm the 3x but I believe the 2x is correct.

Arena is similar to the previous code version and hasn’t change I believe. Shooting the ramp gives points and consecutive ramp shots award more and more points.

Multi-kill is a real!! I think I heard Josh say its 1/20 of your mode values? I’ve had one at 8m a shot and with 2x and shot x it can get juicy. If you drain out you can just start a new MK and the value doesn’t drop.

My base strategy now isn’t much different than my old strat. Go for bloodbath ignoring everything else until its qualified. Now I like to get well close before starting bath. Well in the old code was garbage but in the new code I generally get 20-30M. As soon as well or bath starts I start Barn asap. After Barn starts I try to bring in Well if not already started. During MB I hit drops to add balls as needed. Make drops ready and try to cradle up and go for barn as well as letting balls drain during BB or Well ball saves.

I think this is one of the strongest stacks in this code version since Barn is feeding pops for switch hits to basically automatically progress through and light well JP’s. Adding balls counts for mode time and switch hits and BB jps and sjps. The points alone from Barn will be worth a lot and when combined with the jps and sjps from well and BB it can get really nice, especially with 2x added in the mix.

Sorry I don’t have specifics for the mode scoring but, try stacking this stuff though!!


@GarrettHays Thank you! I was lost on most of the modes. Thanks for the clarification and tips.

I got to play a few games yesterday and ended up snagging the GC at my local arcade.

My old strat was basically go for the triple multiball stack and forget about the modes. Now the modes are super lucrative though, and going for them gives you progress toward BB which is great. You’re probably right about barn being worth more with well, but shooting the well walker in single ball play seemed really deadly. On the machine I played it tended to go towards the slings or left outlane which is just death. The prison magnet seemed pretty friendly on this one so I just went for that instead. YMMV.

I wanted to bring in a double tunnel into the multiball but I couldn’t find the shot so I just went with barn. Those add-a-balls end up being worth so many points, and some timely 2x playfields and shot multipliers can be huge.

I think my ideal stack is double (triple if that’s a thing?) tunnel with BB and Prison. I think the double tunnel started at like 11 mil a shot when I was playing, and if you could 2x that or even add a shot multiplier, you could get a lot of points in very few shots…

I’m definitely enjoying the game a lot more with the new code though, there’s more variety and depth than just “multiball all day.”


I’ve found a few semi safe ways to hit well that seem to work out on mine. This is totally dependent on how the walker registers hits but, on mine a back hand that grazes the right side and hangs out around the exit of the pops tends to be safeish. I’ve also found that hits to the left can ricochet into riot. I have a pro so no magnet makes things easier I’m sure.

My thinking is that if I play a mode that is valuable like Barn in single ball that I won’t be able to get as much value out the mode if I drain soon after starting the mode. After you drain out of BB and Well you’ve gotten a lot of points from BB Well and whatever shots you could manage to barn with all the ball saves and drains going on and now you are back in single ball with a nearly full mode timer and the barn value has already been increased during MB.

I like Barn because it seems easier to make the shot during MB chaos. Making Tunnel with a bunch of balls in the pops would be way to difficult for me. Arena gets ruined by other random balls on the pf during MB. Riot is somewhat reasonable because it feeds the pops too but its also a difficult shot without other balls on the pf. CDC I think is the only other mode I would go for but, balls still get in the way and you can screw up CDC during MB by accident almost.

I kind of miss the BSD factor of stacking all of the MB too but I do agree the strategy choices in this last update are awesome!


Well that 1.28 code update kinda ruined my Bath Well Barn strat :frowning: Turns out that MB wasn’t the reason the timer was frozen. In the update they mention the mode timer was previously effected by switch hits during MB. So in single ball play the mode timer might not continue to countdown while the ball was in the pops, being auto launched etc. Now during MB the timer is not effected by this compensation so it makes it much more difficult to get any value out of Barn since you probably end up hitting it more in single ball play due to random balls exiting the pops or whatever.

Riot is worth a ton more per shot but the rules seem the same. Shoot Riot get points. Shoot again get mo points etc. Barn value increases 500k per shot vs 250k per shot, otherwise the same. CDC has a nice change. Previously ramps lit other shots and once those shots were completed you only had 2 ramp shots left to finish the mode, nothing else to do. Now you can light the shots, cash them all in and they relight for more cashing. Then, when you are down on time you can finish the mode with two ramp shots. Woodbury brought back rewards instead of just crap points. Now you can use L flipper to select where the awards are so if you have a game that always plunges to the same spot etc you can put the good awards there and lock them in with the right? I’m not 100% sure. I guess I’m so used to ignoring Woodbury. Fun update even though my nice strat is gone :frowning:


The xbow hits are actually worth wild now too. If only for a nice little score boost. I had several last night in the 10-15M range.


I had a 213M Riot so I decided to do some glass off research to see wtf. My post above details my BB, Well, Barn strategy which I think is maybe easier to pull off than this but, I got the 213M Riot by accidentally starting Riot instead of Barn during this stack when I was trying to start Well at the end of my first BB ball save. Riot, BB and Well have the most synergy IMO because they all revolve around switch hits. The value of the shots also increases with switch hits. I forgot to write down the base value of Riot but its nothing amazing, like 1-3M. Every switch hit during Riot adds 75k which doesn’t sound great but, it adds up fast.

So I think the ideal situation would be to have BB and Well ready to go. Ignore all mode starts. Then, start Well from the left flipper glancing off of the well walker’s base into Riot mode start. This is how I accidentally started Riot and its a somewhat consistent shot. During Well hit Riot for points and to feed the pops. Use the ball save to drain unnecessary balls also feeding the pops. When the ball save gets low bring in BB and continue to shoot Riot and feed the pops. Each drop bank clear is adding more mode time to Riot and adding balls to feed the pops for more switch hits. Another fun fact is that you can add balls with BB SJP and you can do it an infinite number of times. The biggest base Riot JP I saw was 31M.

With the Riot value being boosted by all the switch hits is worth a lot of points but, in the background more points are just happening automatically. Blood Bath’s jackpot value is being raised by each switch hit 15k and awarded for each bank clear. After the bank clear the switch hit base value is increased 2.5k. SJP awards more points for collecting a full set of items and adds a ball. Well MB awards the first jackpot after 25 switch hits and each switch hit adds 25k to the JP value . You can also hit the walker before the JP is lit to add whatever the starting value of Well to the next JP. Not really something to go after directly but it happens and its free points.

The most I have seen out of this stack was just under 370M. The other modes can award a lot of points but, this is a somewhat consistent and easy strategy to pull off. The hardest part is setting everything up and bringing Riot in as early as possible once a MB has started.


I updated the wiki rulesheet section with some more detailed info regarding the rules while I had the glass off. Let me know if I have some wrong info and Ill double check!


You da man, Garrett! Great update.

Is there a timer on the inlane shot multiplier? Or can you cradle up or transfer flippers to set up the shot you want?


As far as I know there isnt a timer. I’ll have to take the glass off to be sure but im pretty sure its the next switch hit. Maybe not all switches qualify for multiplier similar to crossbow and the pops. Using the lane multiplier during mb would be impossible if not, right?


I still need my initials as the combo champion. Have got 5 to 10M combo shots several times, but it never seems to give me credit for it in the highscore table. Aside from the combo thing being a lame part of the game, am I missing something? Who got they initials in?


Scored 255M in one shot on Riot, using PF 2x and inlane x :slight_smile:


Actually, 255 makes me think maybe the shot was maxed out, 255 being a magical 8 bit number.


Updated skill shot info, well walker MB, lane multiplier info, and multi-kill start methods. It’s good owning a Pro :sunglasses:


Skip ahead to 1:28:30

Why does @genex not get any multikills during this ball?

(having trouble linking a youtube video of the expo finals)


@sk8ball Great video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adlNiymk9qY for those who haven’t seen)…but I’ll bite. What does “8” club mean? And for that matter “9+ billion”, in the title.

I noticed the scoring appeared to bug out toward the end, but it looked like you were only up to 4+ bill.


The game rolls just before 4.3 billion and your score resets but will then have a 4 at the end digit. If you roll it twice then you will have an 8 so that’s why I called it the 8 club :wink: 9 billion in the title because that was my actual score


Lyman seems to have a habit of using unsigned 32 bit ints for score.

I won’t spoil the LMS ending for those who haven’t seen it, but I will say it is AWESOME.