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The president and the only member of TWD 8 club? Thanks again for another jaw dropping video!


Updated some stuff about more recent patch notes (Arena update) and the Premium/LE. Button really adds some cool interactions to the game, especially around using your acquired items as ball saves to start multiballs.


I’m looking for some info on mode light/start while in multiball here that I’m confused by, if anyone can help.

From what I can tell from looking at @sk8ball 's double roll video(says competition mode in the video title), and looking at the 2016 INDISC videos(assuming in competition but not sure), while in multiball you can both light and start a new mode.

However, on my TWD premium at home, factory setting for this is to be able to both light and start a mode, but when I set competition rules, it changes to only be able to start a mode that’s already lit in multiball, but not to be able to light a mode during multiball.

I think this is feature adjustment #34, “shot modes light/start w/ m.b.”, where “light+start” is the factory setting, and “start” is the setting I get after doing competition presets.

Anyone know where the disconnect is between what I see on my machine with competition settings, and elsewhere? Thanks. This rule in particular seems to really change the way you play, and has some really unfortunate side effects like when you light modes and light blood bath at the same time, then drain: on your next ball it’s impossible to start a mode before playing that blood bath with the rule set only to “start”.


The difference is using the “Install Competition” from the utilities menu. That not only puts competition mode on, but makes the other changes to the adjustments including not allowing modes to start in multiball, etc.

Just changing the competition mode adjustment to YES doesn’t make those feature adjustments that Lyman auto-changes in the utility settings … So Keith’s game is totally VOID (j/k).

Drop Targets in walking dead rule question

BRB, need to shit-post in the youtube comments section.

(Seriously, thanks for clearing that up)


Yes I made some modifications. I turned off the first level extra ball so to balance it out I allowed mode starts during multiball because I was very rarely making Terminus (which generally isn’t worth that much considering how hard it is to achieve in “competition setting”) Also Horde starting difficulty is set to 5 seconds instead of 7 which gives you less time to dick around collecting bombs.


Does anyone know how the crossbow scoring works? I’ve received some massive points from the CB, and I wasn’t sure if that’s related to # of walker kills or multikill value.


I just played a TWD on location where starting Blood Bath did NOT start a multiball. Not happy to say the least. Is this a software setting option I’m not aware of? I didn’t notice this in the thread above, but I may have missed something.


I think it might be earlier code. I am pretty sure early on, BB was not a multiball.


Yeah Blood Bath is definitely a more recent rule. It wasn’t in the original shipping code.


On the subject of multiballs, has anyone ever gotten a 4-ball Well Walker multiball? Specifically, not with Blood Bath stacked? It seems to happen about 5% of the time. I mostly have played on a 1.41 machine, but I swear it may have happened once on a 1.5x.

I don’t know if it’s just a weird bug or anything.


No. Never.
Only with BB stacked, and you can start either one first.


This bit has me confused, I don’t understand what this means. Can anyone explain?


Has anyone had an issue where they can’t finish arena if either extra ball or woodbury is lit?


Does anyone know what a ‘Past Mode Shot’ is? During the DMD’s display of a local ‘X’ champion, one of the things it says is “A PAST MODE SHOT WORTH 9,000,000”


If you light and hit a multikill shot without playing any modes does it award zero additional points?


No. I don’t believe this is possible. The only way to light multi-kill shots is to successfully make shots in modes and Multiball , which will count toward Your mode & MB totals… and your MK value is a small % of your cumulative mode & MB points throughout the game.

So your MK value from a successful MK shot can be quite low, but never zero.


Didn’t realize multikill included points from MB. Thought it was only modes. What about bicycle girl?


From the top post, here are a few others that I wonder about:

Completing three crossbow shots.
Collecting the Start Multi-Kill award.
Completing three fish tanks.
Completing two Woodbury skill shots.
Making 10 combos.


Huh. Perhaps you’re right. I’d forgotten there were those non-mode and non-MB ways to light MK.