Walking Dead wiki rulesheet


Just got to Horde for the first time! Great mode. What’s everyone’s strategy for scoring big in this? Feel like I got through 4-5 waves and only had around 80 million at the end.

I was trying to make sure I locked in at least one weapon for each wave, but that proved to be tough cause I kept losing one of my balls and also kept locking in first aid or food instead.


One strategy is just to rack up big mode points beforehand, since the base shot value is derived from a percentage of your multi-kill shot score, which itself is derived from your score in the modes. Generally anything over ~1.5 million is really good.

Other than that, it’s pretty much ‘survive and hit shots’. On a premium/LE, rack up the bombs and hope you have enough to cover the remainder of that wave if you drain the last ball. :slight_smile: Also if you’re pretty much about to die and you’re not confident you can hit the shot you need, just sacrifice yourself so you’re not sacrificing your ball too. (say: you miss the shot and it winds up draining).

The “super jackpots” after each wave keep gradually increasing too.


I forget: does your Multi-kill value remain the same after you’ve completed Horde? Or does it reset? Or does your Horde total increase you MK by contributing to your total mode score?


I believe it may reset the multi-kill value; not 100% sure on this. But I know for a fact Horde has no effect on the multi-kill value (rather, it’s the multi-kill value that has an effect on Horde).


I believe if Competition Mode is installed it carries over, but in normal play it resets.


Competition settings multikill value carries over. It’s a woodchop for scoring big. One thing to do is to rack up a bunch of kills before starting to get your X value up high then cash it in on a final shot with 2x running. (or use a walker bomb)


Hypothetically, At what MK base value would you start going exclusively for multikills?


Can blood bath run with terminus? I just had an epic fail where I lit the mode shots to start terminus and it also started blood bath. I preceded to brick for the whole blood bath and drain before starting terminus. Haha


Bumping this topic - can some help me understand how to get a multi-kill by “Completing two Woodbury skill shots.”? I know the Woodbury shot, but not sure how to get a Woodbury “skill shot”.


When you load “Woodbury” for the special skill shot, and can shoot for 1/2/3/4, that’s what it means. You have to do that twice, successfully, to get a multi-kill.

Fish Tank (right ramps) lights Woodbury.


Does this get more difficult for subsequent successful Woodbury skill shots? Or do you get a multi-kill for every 2 times you do this?


I think you only get it once on the way to Horde.

No idea if you’d be able to get it again on the way to Horde 2, but that would certainly make sense.




I don’t think that’s funny at all. It’s actually very depressing :wink:


On a similar note, does anyone know the rules for the scoring during Terminus and for finishing said mode? What are the values based on? I had a monster shot that scored 642 mil to finish it the other day (6x)!


Hey, if I cannot laugh and make light of my horrible play at this point, I probably would’ve been banned from every tournament on earth for putting my fists through the glass of every game I played.


1st shot = 20% of 5th mode played. 2nd shot 20% of 5th and 20% of 4th mode played. 3rd shot 20% of 5th,4th,3rd modes played ect…


Interesting, thanks! Now, @sk8ball, did you go down the hall for that answer or is it written down somewhere for public access? I suppose I could look through all the code update readme files too.


I asked Lyman so now it is written :wink: His theory was he didn’t want people to time out the last couple modes. If you blow up mode 5 you are almost guaranteed a great Terminus round.


Woodbury is lit by completing the fish tank at the right ramp. Each completion will make the awards available for the Woodbury skill shot more lucrative.
It takes three heads to complete the fish tank. Default settings spot you the first two heads. As far as I know it never gets more difficult to complete the fish tank (other than you are not spotted the first two heads after the first fish tank) or light Woodbury.