Walking Dead wiki rulesheet


More coding/scoring goodness from Lyman. Well done!

So in Terminus, you can potentially score again… 100% of your 5th mode total, 80% of your 4th mode total, etc. Cool. And that’s unmultiplied. Throw in some 2x PF and/or a juicy shot X, and get the sweet payoff like @JimiWolf did.


So when I shoot the Woodbury shot after completing a fish tank, it gives me four choices. But I didn’t see how to actually choose one of the four choices or to “cash in” one of the choices. It happened kind of fast but I tried hitting both flipper buttons, then eventually just plunged the ball. What am I missing?


There are four skill shots available on the plunge: upper right lane, upper left lane, upper rollover, and lower rollover.

You pick one of these using the flippers and then attempt to shoot it. The rollovers have to be just the rollover and back down, not over/past. I’ve only ever picked the top lanes. You can cycle the awards to put whichever one you want on the shot you think you can hit.


Perfect, thanks for the info, I understand now.

I am falling in love with this maddeningly frustrating game.


Might as well ask a few other questions about the game. I’m looking for strategies on reaching Horde. Are there certain multi-kills that you all go for that seem to be easier than others? Right now I usually attempt to stack bicycle girl and CDC but that is really my only strategy, then I just try to start modes.

Here is the list of multi-kills from above:
Three Barn shots during Barn mode.
Three CDC ramps during CDC mode.
Completing CDC mode.
Three Riot shots during Riot mode.
Two Tunnel shots during Tunnel mode.
Completing Tunnel mode.
Two Arena ramps during Arena mode.
Completing Arena mode.
Completing the Bicycle Girl hurryup.
Clearing the drop target bank 10 times.
Clearing the drop target bank three times during Blood Bath.
Scoring three jackpots during Well Walker multiball.
Scoring four jackpots during Prison multiball.
Completing three crossbow shots.
Collecting the Start Multi-Kill award.
Completing three fish tanks.
Completing two Woodbury skill shots.
Making 10 combos.

  • Playing modes out in general. Good for your score, good for your Terminus, good for your multi-kill progression.
  • Bicycle Girl is usually a pretty easy one.
  • When I have Blood Bath going, just focus heavily on the drops. If not for your add-a-balls and stacking another mode (for more MKs), the fact that they’ll also help with the “3 Well/4 Prison” one, as well as the “completing the drop target bank” ones.


Don’t know who made it, but here is a good rule sheet for TWD: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XNUs8fgLOB2hVBBzcsgxDvdEuBbGhRuwSJdkkeo1Xv4/edit#heading=h.j0toiy9vnszr

Next goal is to get to Seige!

Does anyone know if there’s any significance to the Gas Mask Walker?


In case it wasn’t clear above, in Woodbury, one flipper toggles the location of the awards, and the other flipper toggles which switch you’re intending to hit last (and collect the award sitting there). If a full plunge always ends up in the right rollover lane, then just move the highest award there, move the highlighted collect to there also, and full plunge.

I feel like this could be much more interesting with a few tweaks (like a multiplier for the rollovers, which are much more difficult).


I made this video a few months back.


One thing to point out about the “Light Bit” award. If you already have a Bit lane lit, choosing the Woodbury “Light Bit” award is NOT a useless award. It will light the other Bit lane so you will have both Bit lanes lit at the same time.


This also applies to the “Light X” award, more to the chagrin of the player… it won’t add an X to your existing count… rather, it lights the other inlane, forcing you to use one on your very next inlane feed. Beware.


But it is a useless award if you don’t have Bit lit, but do have one of the top rollovers already lit.


I thought that it lit both inlanes for the X shot, BUT once you’d collected the first one it kept the other one lit at the same level?
It’s been a few months since I had to return TWD I had borrowed :frowning: I just have to ‘make-do’ with AS :slight_smile:


I’ll have to check to see if it lights the new one at the same level as the existing X; that would be a good award if you’ve built up the value. If the new one lights at just 2x, not so much. Also, does flipping swap the values between inlanes if the new one is only 2x? Have to keep track of flips until you collect it!


I have a TWD premium, and if it’s not my favorite game, it’s my second favorite game, behind MET. So, huge thanks to Lyman and the gang at Stern for a couple of fantastic games.

I know some Stern employees follow the threads here, so on the off chance that TWD ever gets a final tweak / bugfix code update, here are a couple quality of life issues that would be great to get fixed:

  • A natural stack is opening the prison doors and then making progress towards prison MB in the CDC or Tunnel modes. However, the problem is that the blue arrows for Prison override the white arrows for the modes. As a result, during CDC, for example, as you hit the left ramp to enable more shots, you can’t tell which shots are enabled for CDC.

  • When in a mode, again particularly for CDC and Tunnel, it would be awesome if the mode timers paused while the ball was going through the crossbow animations. (Or, temporarily disable the crossbow during those modes.)

  • If both prison doors are open -and- well walker is qualified, there’s no way to see how many more hits to start well walker; prison animations always have priority. (Maybe put well walker status in instant info?)

  • It would be great if instant info had your counts of prision/walker/horde bombs

Anyhow, just some observations after being an owner for six months or so. TWD is probably never leaving my collection, but these little things would make an already awesome game even, er, awesomer!!


Okay, last thing I expected today was a TWD code drop. I think most of things I mentioned above was fixed… (and more!)



I never get good value out of CDC, and I think only part of that is due to me not making shots. Here’s what I try to do:

  1. Left ramp 3 times, or maybe more if I’m feeling it.
  2. Other shots that were lit via hitting the left ramp.
  3. Keep building that X without collecting it.
  4. Left ramp.
  5. X inlane.
  6. Left ramp.

After step 4, is there value in hitting other shots?

Anything I should be doing differently? I think my best CDC champ is in the 80 million range. I know I’ve seen other players get much better value out of this mode, but it was before I had a Walking Dead and became somewhat familiar with the rules.

Last question: Does playing other modes before you play CDC contribute to the value you get from CDC?


The big thing you’re missing there is Tower 2x scoring. It’s nice to have it during step 2, but you definitely want it running for step 6! I try to have it lit before starting CDC, so it’s ready to go when I pick off the red arrow at the riot shot.


Good point. Such a hard shot on my machine for whatever reason. Tunnel is easier. Two consecutive Arena shots are easier.


I struggle with big CDC cash ins too. But one thing I will say is to make sure you increase the mode timer via the drops as much as possible. Hitting those other lit shots as much as you can before cashing in a big X collect on the left ramp.

Also I feel like you only get one multikill in this mode. I don’t remember ever getting one for completing it. Maybe I’m remembering wrong.