Walking Dead wiki rulesheet


CDC is fun




can you link to a video of a good cdc?


Here’s the best one in competition that I can remember off the top of my head:


If you’re in Competition Mode, there’s only one MK available: for completing it.
- Starting a multi-kill from the CDC mode can be set to “complete
mode”. This is the default for COMPETITION mode.


Indeed. Nice! Dropping a ridiculous CDC completion shot on your opponents in a match is a sweet feeling.
Did you also capture the details of what comprised the “X” shot? I love that detailed feature of TWD. Thank you, Lyman!


This seems about right. And no, I don’t believe that after Step 4 (first L ramp in phase 2) that the other shots are even lit for CDC shots anymore. I could be wrong.


Anyone know? Apparently, Lyman hinted at this in his Pinball with the Pros video.


I didn’t capture the X champ breakdown, but I do really like that feature. Pretty sure it was an 8x shot.


You need to start out with more left ramps for big scores because 3 isn’t going to get you very far. If I’m really going for a big CDC I’ll just keep shooting the left ramp as much as possible during the initial mode timer, then add more time via the drops before picking off any red arrows.


What, if anything, does doing >5 do for you?


When any mode is running, shooting a previously played mode shot scores some points AND adds value to the current mode’s shots.

For example, if I had already completed CDC, and then I start Tunnel, I can loop the CDC ramp to score 1,250,000 and add 1,250,000 to all Tunnel mode shots.

The exact value varies based on which mode you are playing. I think for CDC the previous mode shots will score and add 500,000?


The key concept here is that each shot to the left ramp is adding 750k to your red arrow value.

So lets say you make 8 left ramps before shooting ANY red arrows. Each arrow will be worth 6M when you shoot it AND adds 6M to the bank for the big collect you’re building towards. Pick off all 5 red arrows and they all relight, so you can add more to the bank. Add more time via the drops so you can shoot more arrows and build the X value. If I notice I’m getting close to BB, I will avoid it by repeating the same supply items on the drops because I don’t want the multiball to start and cause the inlane X to get wasted. CDC is very much a single ball mode for maximum payoff.


Timing the build phase of CDC with a Bicycle Girl start on the Premium helps a ton. At least on my game at home the feed out of the under-shot on the left ramp comes back to a nice drop catch on the right flipper. Bang-bang-bang complete Bicycle Girl and you have a pretty nice stacked deck of shot value across the playfield.

On Pro’s I’ll usually go “Shoot until I miss” for the build phase, and using that as my moment to move on, rather than trying to force a strong build phase that isn’t likely to end well.

If I’m going for a CDC Champ type score definitely play the mode last so you can benefit from all the other mode shots raising your value. I will typically knock it out first on a ‘real game’ because you can time it with your Bicycle Girl start easily (on a Premium).


YMMV… last TWD Prem I played, the Bicycle Girl return was deadly.


Anyone starting a POWER 100 Championship cheat sheet? :wink:


Added some 1.60 Horde info (fight/escape).


Are the ramp post rubbers factory original? On my TWD Pro, the previous owner replaced them with fatter red rubber which made both the barn and riot shots annoyingly tight. I replaced those with Perfect Play (Pinball Life) thin post sleeves, same size as original Stern.


I’ll take a look tonight. I have a feeling they’re factory original and I’m just not very accurate. I know I checked to make sure the standup target on the right isn’t leaning left.


For whatever reason, I feel like it’s easier to hit the Riot shot after a left ramp. It’s probably just a mental comfort thing and programming myself to think of it as an AFM ramp/lock combo.


Not a mental thing. The Riot shot is definitely easier on an inlane feed, as the ball’s momentum “widens” the shot’s sweet spot ever so slightly. Because the ball already has right to left movement, you can shoot a hair earlier and use this momentum to angle the shot into the left wall of the Riot lane without hitting the left stab target. From a cradle with no momentum, the angle is much tighter, since the shot can only be made from a little further down the flipper and you’re more likely to hit the ramp post.

This goes for any shot with a guide wall… Met left ramp, some JM shots, etc…