Walking Dead wiki rulesheet


Normal posts on the left ramp. :expressionless:

I played a couple CDCs that were close to blowing things up, even though both ended up fizzling out a bit. Both included getting 2X scoring going, also. Iโ€™m confident that big CDC scores are just around the corner.

Thanks, everybody!


This is something that is very true and sometimes hard to understand. It finally sunk in with me when I heard Trent explain it on a podcast. He was specifically talking about the Quorra shot on Tron but it applies to so many other shots. That slightly wider angle really does open up the shot!


This is the pin where I first realized the concept, because I found I was much more successful โ€œfeedingโ€ an on-the-fly Quorra shot attempt with a prior L ramp shot vs a Quorra shot from a cradle. When I thought about the physics of it, it was a lightbulb moment. It is especially applicable on the Quorra shot because there are so many Trons with the โ€œUโ€ Zuse target hanging to the right, partially blocking the Quorra shot.