Stern James Bond Rulesheet

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Game Information & Overview:

  • Lead Designer: George Gomez
  • Code/Rules: Lonnie Ropp/Mike Vinikour
  • Lead Mechanical Engineer:
  • Artwork: Kevin O’Connor
  • Display and Animations:
  • Music and Sound:
  • Release Date: September 2022
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Designed by George Gomez in his first pinball machine since Deadpool, 007 takes players on an international espionage journey. Across six assignments, James Bond gets help from the gadgets of the Q Branch as he takes on a wide variety of villains and henchmen.

Rules Overview:




Skill Shots:

Villain Modes:

Henchmen Modes:

Attack Features:

Q Branch & Gadgets:

Bird One Multiball:

Other Features:

Bond Women & Playfield X:

Extra Balls:

End-of-Ball Bonus:

On Her Majesty's Secret Service (Wizard Mode):

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did i hear this was Lonnie Ropp?

Yes, Mike / Lonnie collab, they also did Stranger Things together.

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Thought it was Dwight for sure with all those multiplier inserts


So did I tbh. Either way, this seems like a very tasteful multiplier implementation, though I’m not looking forward to having to tell people not to press the action button as a ball drains lol.

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The multiplier rule has some potential. I like that you can’t add additional multipliers once activated. But I hope it has a limited time with no way to reset the time. So then build PF X, set up scoring opportunity, hit action button, cash out! I really don’t like Mando or even TMNTs constantly running PF X.

Also, MKV said that banked mulitplier is going to be lost on drain anyway so hitting the action button while draining wont be an issue.