James Bond 007 Rulesheet

Some additional suggestions:

  • The drop targets should raise whenever a shot to the rocket lane is made, to keep the ball from exiting the rocket area and guarantee a feed to the upper left flipper. Seems like code to retain drop target progress is already implemented so this shouldn’t be too big of an ask.
  • Power Plant Points (20M) from the bumpers is overpowered, especially considering how active the bumpers can get on this game and how the threshold never increases after hitting its max of 40. This might need a rework, especially in comparison to the spinner & rocket whose awards tend to be balanced better.
  • A way to spot SPECTRE targets for at least the first weapon hurry-up would be appreciated. I found myself getting frustrated repeatedly shooting the rocket lane and not making any progress towards SPECTRE, then having to deal with a dangerous return through the lowered drop targets.
  • Some of the SPECTRE hurry-ups (specifically, Swimming With Sharks & Bath-O-Sub Bash) could be made less lucrative - currently, completing them scores more than completing most of the game’s proper modes! Maybe reduce the starting hurry-up value to 5M + 5M increment?
  • I find some of the modes’ time limits and required shots to be a bit unforgiving: currently, SPECTRE Island requiring 11 shots in 60 seconds, and Sinister Summit requiring approximately 10 roving shots in 60 seconds. A good way to fix this could be to make each shot made during the mode add time to the timer, like how it’s done in Elvira’s House of Horrors.
  • A bit frustrating that some modes (The Incredible Laser Ray, Mr. Wint & Mr. Kidd) just end once you start a multiball rather than continuing into them. I’m suspecting this is going to change very soon though.

Overall, a very good game with some incredible potential that I hope the code is able to live up to.


Yeah, I think that that’s a bug.

yes! The drops being down always gets my ball. :frowning:

Yeah, modes also need to be much more lucrative. I got like 20 million for beating Fiona Volpe. They should also give more points for hitting mode shots in a combo (like Gigan in Godzilla), as most of the modes the shots are able to be made in a combo.

Also-why are there the circle inserts on the right orbit (like the left ramp)???

I dunno, but they seem to light as you shoot the right orbit - first shot starts the bottom one flashing, then second shot lights it solid, third shot starts the middle one flashing, etc. Currently this means nothing.

Yeah, I noticed that too. There are so many features missing.

Just tried it and fast and fun is right! I like the theme and its integration so far too. Nice work! Some interesting and challenging shots for sure, especially from the upper flipper on the one I played.
Looking forward to more stackability wherever possible once it’s ready, perhaps like Batman66 has. And where stacking can’t be programmed, perhaps a button bailout option like on Deadpool for less lucrative/unwanted modes that aren’t stackable?

Perhaps these right orbit inserts will light as an indicator for one of the Bond girls’ PFx?

The three lights could indicate playfield multipliers up to the 007X maximum by using binary! @BMU, Bob MATH-use, would totally love the math there


That would be cool.

What do you all think would be the best tournament strategy-modes, multi ball, pops all day, spectere hurry-ups, etc.

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I’m wondering what qualifies the multiball extender? Completing SPECTRE targets during multiball, maybe? I’ve been pleasantly surprised every time my multiballs have been extended. This game is different than many Sterns in that the mystery award doesn’t add a ball during multiball.

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Didn’t know there was no mystery ad a ball-guess all that time I spent lighting high stakes before multi ball was for nothing. :frowning:

I got a rude achievement today…

Improper Drain Usage 10pts
Drain last ball with outlane ball save lit

I’m guessing it’s either moveable or will be soon. It’s an interesting layout for sure, but pretty bare bones so far. Less than early Spidey, rules-wise. Long way to go.

The side rail above and to the left of the left eject has a strip of foam on it on the one I’m playing. Doesn’t seem to help much, but curious if it’s factory or operator addition. Guessing factory, but can’t see it on on pic above.

It’s factory.

I’m fairly certain it’s hitting the side loop or side ramp 3 times within ~7 seconds of the start of multiball.


Slingshots toggle the ball save.

How do you light the film inserts above the flippers?
What do you get if you light one film insert?

All inserts light the final wizardmode?

Dunno, I thought the same thing too though.