James Bond 007 Rulesheet

Currently not implemented. All I know is that currently it’s a “one random insert is lit per ball for 2M in bonus” rule.

I thought the Film Inserts right in the middle correspond to the Q modes?

I don’t believe the code is in there yet but looking at the film/color scheme of the inserts for the henchmen, villains, Bond girls, and Spectre weapons I’m inclined to believe this is a horizontal-style wizard mode.

there is some info in the deadflip stream: around minute 14
James Bond 007 Pinball Gameplay Reveal! - YouTube

I think it goes like this:
There are six film inserts, they have there own color (the inserts)
There are alo six villain modes, six henchmen modes, six spectre weapons, six gadgets and six bond woman. All with there own insert color (the same as the movies)
I think that you have to collect all items from the same movie (same insert color) to light the big film insert.

Correct me if I’m wrong…

Code is not in there yet, but this is about what I was expecting. I just wonder how it correlates to bonus though.

Is this possibly the least coded game Stern has shipped? It feels like there’s nothing there. A few modes and a couple multiballs is basically it. And the scoring is bananas—I’ll get more from a few trips to the pops then I will for making a dozen shots in a multiball.


Stranger things was like this too

Batman ‘66 at launch.

Stern Early Access ™

I just want the center button to work for those PF multipliers/Bond women…

As do I, but c’est la vie. And personally, even though these code updates mean the game takes a while to really reach its potential, it also means that players can impact the code. That never happened back in the 90s or even the mid-00s.

back when you had burn roms the code was alot more done when the game came out.

Now days all games are like deploy now patch later

I don’t remember Stranger Things being quite this empty at launch and we did get a first run one at the location. BM66 no clue. I don’t think I played that for a while after it shipped.

Anyone who bought a Pro may want to consider moving the center lane switch to the opposite side. The switch wires are exposed to the playfield as built and I have little doubt they will last long on location like this. There’s a post on the right side in a perfect spot for the gate bracket and the wiring goes down the back along side the pops gate with plenty of slack to meet it’s mate under the playfield. Moving it here requires one extra hole through the plastic in order to fit the bracket. I also made a plastic protector for it since I suspect this plastic would eventually break from getting hit by the left eject.

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Spidey was pretty bare bones when it shipped, but Stern kinda had an excuse. I believe they promised Century Theaters their games would be in theater arcades the day the movie opened, which they did in my neighborhood. Exact same day. It wasn’t as bare as Bond, but it may be the Stern game with the most updates ever. At least a dozen.


My two thoughts:
Jetpack seems really good
Pop bumpers seem really good (20M power plant)

Figured I’d keep all the mode totals here for the time being so you know what to expect out of modes, alongside other awards. Right now there isn’t much variation in mode scoring - I’m expecting this to change later on, or maybe not, considering Stranger Things has similar “modes score a finite number of points” rules.


  • SPECTRE Island - 75M.
  • The Incredible Laser Ray - 37M if completed without any value increases, around 70M otherwise.


  • Sinister Summit - 37M (though this is quite difficult to complete).
  • He Blew a Fuse - 17M.
  • Femme Fatale - 17M.
  • Mr. Wint & Mr. Kidd - 17M if completed via side ramp shots, 9M otherwise.

SPECTRE Weapons:

  • Troublesome Tarantulas / Death By Derby - around 8M.
  • Swimming With Sharks / Bath-O-Sub Bash - around 80M (possibly 90M if you’re quick enough).

Q Branch:

  • Radioactive Reconnaissance - at least 30M.
  • Q’s Ring - 9M.


  • Bird One Multiball - around 30M for one super jackpot collected. Possibly more for later phases.
  • Jetpack Multiball 1 - around 50M for one super jackpot collected. If jackpot scored quickly, around 60M.
  • Power Plant Points (bumpers) - 20M per 30 or so hits.
  • Polonium Power Points (spinner) - 20M per 30 or so spins.
  • Bonus - unmultiplied, expect around 3M to 5M on a good ball.

So looking at the overall calculations, I feel that the biggest candidates for scoring buffs here are the Henchmen modes. While these modes are relatively simple to start, requiring just one shot to the side ramp for now, the scoring for some of these - particularly the latter three modes - are all below the values scored from the bumper / spinner points awards and require way more effort to complete. I have the same issue with Q’s Ring.

The SPECTRE Weapons modes are a bit of an odd case, two of them are very low-scoring while the other two are very high-scoring. I’m not sure what to say about these modes until later code updates come out so I can get a sense of what average scoring for them is supposed to be like.

Villain modes are absolutely fine the way they are right now, and their timers & points match the difficulty. I feel the same way about the multiball modes, especially if you manage to do well during them. Even the 20M bumper / spinner awards are perfectly fine - yeah, they’re a bit much right now, but I think with scoring buffs to the Henchmen modes this wouldn’t be as apparent.

TL;DR buff Henchmen modes / Q’s Ring and make them more worthwhile, rebalance the SPECTRE Weapons to more equivalent values, and you’re set for now. Of course, when Playfield X gets introduced to the game, that’s going to be a whole 'nother can of worms.


Any other launch parties getting decided by Power Plant points? Just had the dumbest tournament win I’ve ever had. Down by 35M last ball, plunged the pops and got 3 awards for a total of 60M. The ball just sat in the pops for like 20 seconds and I walked off without flipping. It’s really too bad the code didn’t get an update before the launch parties. The game is so bare bones and that award is clearly way overpowered.


Yep. My game was won by the pops. Literally everyone is just starting an MB and letting all the balls just live in the pops for those awards.


I was on the opposite end of that. In a launch party with 25 players, I finished 20th. :joy:

Are people soft plunging into them or does the auto-plunge go directly into them? The local ones around me auto-plunge all the way around for shots at the side loop/ramp and the MB extend.