James Bond 007 Rulesheet

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Game Information & Overview:

  • Lead Designer: George Gomez
  • Code/Rules: Lonnie Ropp & Mike Vinikour
  • Lead Mechanical Engineer:
  • Artwork: Kevin O’Connor
  • Display and Animations:
  • Music and Sound:
  • Release Date:
  • Wiki Rulesheet based on Code Rev: 0.84
    • Edit the Code revision, if applicable, when you make changes

Designed by George Gomez in his first pinball machine since Deadpool, James Bond 007 takes players on an international espionage journey. Across six assignments, James Bond gets help from the gadgets of the Q Branch as he takes on a wide variety of villains and henchmen.

Rules Overview:




Skill Shots:

There are 8 (!) different skill shots in 007. Each skill shot scores a different amount of points and is listed on the display whenever you make one. Skill shots are listed here from top left to bottom right.

  • Debonair But Deadly: TBD
  • Double “O”: TBD
  • Classified: Plunge for the flashing MI6 lane, without changing it using the flippers, for 500,000 + 200,000 per skill shot.
  • MI6: Plunge for the flashing MI6 lane, which can be changed with the flippers, for 250,000 + 100,000 per skill shot.
  • Licensed To: TBD
  • Eyes Only: Hold up the left flipper and plunge at full strength. Shoot the DB5 eject within 5 switch hits for 10M + 2.5M per skill shot.
  • Top Secret: TBD
  • Commander Bond: TBD

(In future code updates:
All skill shots will be implemented.

Villain Modes:

Shoot the right ramp 3 times to start Villain Modes. Each mode is timed.

  • TBD (Dr. No | Dr. No): TBD
  • SPECTRE Island (Rosa Klebb | From Russia With Love): 60 seconds. All nine major shots are lit to advance. After completing all nine shots, the left eject and the DB5 eject must be made in order to win the mission. Mode total - around 75M.
  • The Incredible Laser Ray (Goldfinger | Goldfinger): 60 seconds. Two shots are lit at a time (starting at the far right of the playfield), and the Goldfinger target between the side ramp and right orbit is flashing. Shoot the Goldfinger target to score a value built up by shooting the lit gold shot (starts at 1M + 250k per shot). Repeat 6 times to light the DB5 eject to win the mission. Expect scores around 35M.
  • Disco Volante Demolition (Largo | Thunderball): 70 seconds. Make shots to the left eject, side ramp, or right ramp to infiltrate the Disco Volante. After making either ramp shot, the left eject lights briefly to score 2x value. Shot value - 200k + 100k per shot. Make 10 shots to win the mission. Expect scores around 20M.
  • Feeding Frenzy (Blofeld | You Only Live Twice): 40 seconds. Make 9 shots to the Bird 1 rocket or the drop targets in front of it to win. Each shot scores a value starting at 300k + 100k per shot, doubled with direct shots to the rocket. Minimum total for completion - around 6M with no direct rocket shots. Maximum total - 12M.
  • Diamonds of Destruction (Mr. Henderson | Diamonds Are Forever): 70 seconds. The left eject, center loop, and right ramp are lit. One of those three shots will be flashing and award 2x value; the flashing shot can be moved from left to right by shooting the spinner. Shot value - 250k + 250k per shot. Make 9 shots to win. Minimum total for completion - around 11M. Maximum total - 22M.

(In future code updates:
All modes will be implemented.

Henchmen Modes:

Shoot the side ramp to start Henchmen Modes. Shooting the bumpers changes the currently lit mode. Each mode is timed.

  • Sinister Summit (Prof. Dent | Dr. No): 40 seconds. One yellow shot is lit at a time, which moves from the left to right side of the playfield. Shooting the Dragon Tank locks in the shot and starts another shot moving; shooting the rocket moves all locked in shots’ position by 1. Collect 10 yellow shots to win. Minimum total for completion - 37M.
  • Orient Express (Grant | From Russia With Love): 70 seconds. Shoot the right orbit to light the shots on the right side of the playfield (upper loop, side ramp, right orbit, right ramp, and DB5 eject) for combo shots. Shots to the right orbit and upper loop extend the combo sequence. Make 10 red shots to win.
  • He Blew a Fuse (Oddjob | Goldfinger): 45 seconds. Four shots are lit - the left ramp, the side ramp, the right orbit, and the right ramp. Once all four shots are made, shoot the rocket lane for 5M to win. Mode total - 17M.
  • Femme Fatale (Fiona Volpe | Thunderball): 70 seconds. Seven shot sequence - left ramp, right ramp, left ramp, right loop, side ramp, left ramp, DB5 eject. Make all seven shots to win. Mode total - 40M.
  • Arrange Usual Reception Please (Mr. Osato | You Only Live Twice): 70 seconds. The three ramps and the upper loop are lit to score. Each shot scores 1M, and making the shots as combos (within 5 seconds of each other) adds +1M to each subsequent shot. Make 6 shots to light the left eject and DB5 eject to win the mode for 10M. Minimum completion total - 16M.
  • Mr. Wint & Mr. Kidd (Mr. Wint & Mr. Kidd | Diamonds Are Forever): 70 seconds. Shoot the left ramp, followed by the center lane to light the side and right ramps for a 1M hurry-up, tripled by a shot to the side ramp. Repeat this process 2 more times to win, with the third repeat requiring a shot to the right orbit and then the side ramp in place of the normal sequence. Minimum total for completion - around 9M. Maximum total - around 15M.

(In future code updates:
Future Henchmen modes will require more shots to the side ramp to start.
Mini-wizard mode will be added after all Henchmen modes.

SPECTRE Weapons:

Complete the SPECTRE targets to light SPECTRE Weapons that can be collected at the Goldfinger target. Each shot to the rocket lane spots a SPECTRE letter that hasn’t been collected yet. Each SPECTRE Weapon corresponds to a different hurry-up mode - wait for the lit weapon to cycle to the one you want before shooting the target.

  • Troublesome Tarantulas (Dr. No): The side ramp and right ramp are lit for a 10M hurry-up that counts down over 15 seconds. Shooting any lit shot ends the mode. Side ramp scores 2x the value.
  • Deadly Dagger (From Russia With Love): The right loop and side ramp are lit for a 10M hurry-up that counts down over 15 seconds. Shooting any lit shot ends the mode. Side ramp scores 2x the value.
  • Death By Derby (Goldfinger): The side ramp and DB5 eject are lit for a 10M hurry-up that counts down over 15 seconds. Shooting any lit shot ends the mode. Side ramp scores 2x the value.
  • Swimming With Sharks (Thunderball): Left ramp, center lane, right orbit, and right ramp are lit for a 10M hurry-up. Once a hurry-up is collected at any shot, the next hurry-up is worth 10M more than the previous one. Mode ends after collecting all four hurry-ups. Expect scores around 60M.
  • Outer Space Hijack (You Only Live Twice): Shoot the rocket lane 8 times for hurry-up scores starting at 10M. The first five shots have to be scored at the rocket lane or the SPECTRE targets surrounding it, the last three can also be scored at the drop targets in front of it. Expect scores around 60M.
  • Bath-O-Sub Bash (Diamonds Are Forever): Left ramp, center lane, right orbit, and right ramp are lit for a 10M hurry-up. Once a hurry-up is collected at any shot, the next hurry-up is worth 10M more than the previous one. Mode ends after collecting all four hurry-ups. Expect scores around 60M.

(In future code updates:
SPECTRE target completions will increase the base jackpot for Bird One Multiball

Q Branch & Gadgets:

Q Branch can be qualified from any of the playfield random awards. There are six gadget modes, two single-ball modes and four multiball, and a mini-wizard mode for playing them all. Single-ball modes are timed (60 seconds).

  • Radioactive Reconnaissance (Dr. No): Take control of the Geiger Counter. All shots excluding the upper flipper shots are lit yellow during the mode for 3M, and a random shot scores the total of every shot collected & ends the mode. Minimum mode total - 3M. Maximum total - 35M.
  • TBD (From Russia With Love): TBD
  • TBD (Goldfinger): TBD
  • TBD (Thunderball): TBD
  • TBD (You Only Live Twice): TBD
  • Q’s Ring (Diamonds Are Forever): Test the electromagnet ring on slot machines by shooting the flashing blue shots. All nine shots must be made to win the mode, and each one scores 1M. Mode total - 9M.

(In future code updates:
All modes will be implemented.
During Radioactive Reconnaissance, players will be able to identify which shot they need by listening to the Geiger counter audio.

Bird One Multiball:

Shoot the drop targets to light lock at the lane to the right of the drop targets. On the Pro, balls are virtually locked, while balls are physically locked on the Prem / LE. Bird One Multiball starts as soon as the third ball has been locked. Subsequent Bird One Multiball attempts require the drop targets to be completed to light each individual lock. (Locks cannot be advanced or collected during the Feeding Frenzy villain mode.)

During Bird One Multiball, all shots are lit green to score jackpots worth 1M, and collecting a jackpot briefly lights the two shots from the upper flipper for double jackpot. Once all jackpots have been scored, all of them relight for double jackpots; then triple jackpot after clearing all the double jackpots out. Once enough jackpots have been collected, shoot any of the SPECTRE targets to score a super jackpot worth the jackpot total and relight the jackpots that were collected at +100k value. A special “Maximum Super Jackpot” bonus is awarded for collecting all of the triple jackpots prior to scoring the super jackpot.

Bird One Multiball can be extended by collecting two of the quickly flashing double jackpots from the upper flipper. Once the player drains down to single-ball play, two more balls will be relaunched and the multiball will continue. Typical “add-a-ball” rules don’t apply.

(In future code updates:
SPECTRE target completions will increase the base jackpot value.
Mode stacking will be made more consistent.

Jetpack Multiball:

To qualify the left orbit to advance Jetpack Multiball, a shot must be made to the left eject during single-ball play. Afterwards, each shot to the left orbit will light one red insert in front of the shot. Once all three are lit, a Jetpack Multiball will start.

Subsequent Jetpack Multiballs require one shot to the left eject to light each left orbit shot.

  • Jetpack Multiball 1: Currently a very early implementation. Shoot the center lane to set the jackpot value from a hurry-up starting at 5M (and release the ball from the jetpack on Prem / LE), then shoot the red flashing shots for jackpots. The hurry-up value only pauses on the Pro if you make a complete shot to the center lane that passes through the gate and rolls past the left orbit entrance. Left ramp scores super jackpot worth the jackpot total after collecting them all and relights the jackpots.

(In future code updates:
Jetpack behavior on the Prem / LE will be changed to allow the player to release the ball at certain times.
Additional Jetpack Multiball(s) will be added.
Mode stacking will be made more consistent.

Other Features:

Playfield Awards:

The pop bumpers, spinner, and rocket all count down towards awards that are collected after enough hits have been obtained. These thresholds start at 20 for the bumpers, at around 50 for the spinner, and 20 for the rocket. The awards are all selected from the same pool, and are scored in the following order:

  • Light +1x Multiplier
  • Super Jets (jets worth 100k for the rest of the ball) / Super Spinner (spins worth 100k for the rest of the ball) / Super Rockets (?)
  • Light Q Branch

After lighting all features, each of the features can continue to be advanced for 20M points (for bumpers, 10M points). Each subsequent collect becomes more difficult and the difficulty resets between balls.

High Stakes:

Every even-numbered completion of the BOND return lanes lights the left scoop for High Stakes mystery award. As per usual, mystery awards are heavily weighted towards the most beneficial options, though other awards will be given out if none of the criteria are met. Possible awards include:

Bond Women & Playfield X:

Bond Women can be lit at the upper loop through:

  • “Light +1x Multiplier” from any of the playfield awards
  • Making six shots to the right orbit on a single ball

(In future code updates:
Each solidly lit, collected woman will correspond to a playfield X that can be activated by pressing the action button. Each lit woman will add +1x to a maximum of 7x playfield, and the number of women will also extend the playfield X timer.

Outlane Ball Save:

5 shots to the Dragon Tank target light ball save at one of the outlanes, which alternates between outlanes with every slingshot hit. If one is already lit, then the target can continue to be hit to light the next ball save, which lights after the first one has been used up. One additional target hit is required to light subsequent ball saves.

Extra Balls:

Left eject lights for extra ball after:

  • Percentage-based number of upper loops (operator setting - usually around 3)
  • Playing 3, then 6 of any mode

End-of-Ball Bonus:

One movie insert is randomly lit at the start of each ball. 100,000 is awarded for each mode started, 2 million for each mode completed or lit movie insert, and an additional 250,000 for progress towards the final wizard mode. All multiplied by the bonus multiplier which can be increased by completing the MI6 lanes.

(In future code updates:
Bonus will be comprised of percentages of the totals from each mode completed that ball (see: Rush, Stranger Things bonus rules).

On Her Majesty's Secret Service (Wizard Mode):


did i hear this was Lonnie Ropp?

Yes, Mike / Lonnie collab, they also did Stranger Things together.

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Thought it was Dwight for sure with all those multiplier inserts


So did I tbh. Either way, this seems like a very tasteful multiplier implementation, though I’m not looking forward to having to tell people not to press the action button as a ball drains lol.

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The multiplier rule has some potential. I like that you can’t add additional multipliers once activated. But I hope it has a limited time with no way to reset the time. So then build PF X, set up scoring opportunity, hit action button, cash out! I really don’t like Mando or even TMNTs constantly running PF X.

Also, MKV said that banked mulitplier is going to be lost on drain anyway so hitting the action button while draining wont be an issue.


Reveal is tonight - who’s ready to get writing and editing?

tag you are it! :smiley:


I have gotten the eyes only skill shot-it’s hold up the left flipper and full plunge-hit Q branch within 5 switches to collect 10,000,000 and 2,500,000 added to your next skill shot.

Mr Wint and Mr Kidd- hit the left ramp or center shot to light right ramp-hit the right ramp and repeat 2 times to complete.

Fiona Volpe rules- left ramp, right ramp, left ramp, right loop, henchman ramp

High stakes can be advance spinner, the worst award (useless)

Petition to remove “Advance Spinner” from the Lonnie award pool. Between this and Stranger Things, it serves no valid purpose.

I second this!

Is the playfield multiplier included in the current code? Played a few games and set up the multiplier loop with flashing inserts then shot it a couple times to light the inserts solid. Display showed 3x available then 4x available, but the center button never lit up and pressing/holding it didn’t seem to activate anything. Anyone know what’s up?

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The real playfield multiplier is the bonus multiplier

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Any info on the random awards from the spinner?

Some suggestions:

  • To encourage balls to stay in the rocket area for longer, it might be a good idea for shots that enter the “left lane” near the drop targets to raise all the drop targets up, while retaining your progress on the drop targets you’ve completed. Stranger Things does this if the center drop targets ever have to reset so I could see it working here too. This would also guarantee a nice, slow feed to the upper flipper.
  • 2x bumper scoring for shots to the “bumper lane”? It’s nice seeing a shot like this again for the first time since… jeez, NBA Fastbreak, it would be nice to have some incentive to aim for it.
  • Ball save for ejects from the left kickout. Can be unnaturally cruel sometimes.

Yep. Had a chance to play this last night–fast and fun. I had a couple of times where it ejected and went back into the eject hole, then shot back out to hit the Dragon Tank standup and then SDTM. Always easier to accept a drain when I committed the unforced error.

Does getting into a villain/henchman/gadget mode lock you out of stacking in more modes?

Yeah, bonus is too good. No way they won’t decrease it’s value.