Sorcerer's Apprentice Rulesheet

Sorcerer’s Apprentice is a complete game of the Multimorphic P3 Cosmic Cart Racing playfield module. The primary goal is to master the art of magic and eventually defeat the Sorcerer.

The game takes place in 4 different locations: The Workshop, the Bazaar, The Dunes and the Oasis. Each location has 4 modes: a spell, a key, a chest and a multiball mode. You navigate between locations by hitting the labeled shots while not in a mode.

In the center of the playfield is your health. During the game, you can be damaged by wards or damaged by receiving a tilt warning. If your health reaches 0, your flippers will be deactivated and your ball will drain. You can restore your health by collecting herbs from the standup targets in the Bazaar or Oasis, or in the Workshop or Dunes from the potion in the inlane. The potion alternates sides on slingshot hits.

There are 4 spells that you can learn in the game. Once you learn a spell it is available to cast. You can switch the active spell between Fire, Ice and Lightning using the white buttons. During the game, shots on the playfield will be indicated by one of the 3 elemental spells. To be awarded the shot, you need to have the matching spell active.

The final spell is the Shield. It is activated and deactivated using the yellow buttons. When active, it protects you from damage, but the charge will be consumed while active. Deactivate to recharge your shield.

All modes are activated by shooting the left loop (from either side). Which modes are available depend on which spells you have available. You can change the mode by hitting the captive ball.

Learn Spell modes
Each spell mode has 2 phases. Phase one, you need to complete shots within the time limit to learn the spell. When less than 15 seconds is available on the mode timer, you can extend the timer by 15 seconds by hitting the captive ball. Once you learn the spell, you start a 2 ball multiball. During the multiball, 2 shots will be indicated with a ward. Hitting the ward will break it and reveal a jackpot shot. Hitting the jackpot will reveal a super jackpot. Eventually, the wards will regenerate. If you fail to hit a ward, it will eventually damage you. The mode ends when you drain down to one ball.

Location: Workshop
The entire screen goes black and all shots on the playfield are lit. Hitting a shot will reveal the path. One of the shots will reveal the fire spell, hit the shot again to learn the fire spell and start a 2 ball multiball. Ward shots are on the left loop. Randomly, you may discover a hamburger, which is worth big points. Completing all shots and lighting the room before learning the spell, you will earn a resurrection.

Location: The Bazaar
Three random shots are indicated on the playfield, with a 15 second timer. You need to hit all 3 shots to complete the mode. Completing one of the shots will reset the other shots to 15 seconds. The captive ball is also available for extending the timers. During the 2 ball multiball, the wards are on the outer orbits.

Location: The Dunes
Three shots will be indicated with short timers. When a timer reaches 0, it will deactivate and a new random shot will be lit. During the multiball, the wards will be on the left and right ramp.

Location: The Oasis
3 random shots will be indicated. Complete 3 indicated shots (with repetition allowed) to learn the shield. This multiball is a little different. Two shots are indicated with Black Magic wards, which cannot be broken (?), and will attack. Use your shield to defend against the attacks. 2 shots are lit with jackpots that will also recharge your shield.

Key modes
Each of the 4 locations contains a random key. Key modes are unlocked by a combination of 2 spells. Completing the mode will award the key.

Chest Modes
Each of the 4 locations also contains a chest mode. Chest modes are also unlocked by a combination of 2 spells. If you possess the matching key when you complete the mode, you will unlock the chest and be awarded a gem which enhances one of your spells. If you do not possess the correct key, you cannot unlock the chest, but replaying the mode will only take one shot.

Multiball spell modes
The final mode in each location is a multiball scoring mode using 2 spells.

Fire and Ice
Location: The Workshop
The mode begins with all shots lit for ice. Hitting an ice shot will change it and the adjacent shots to fire shots. Hitting a fire shot will clear it and adjacent fire shots. Once all shots are cleared they will relight as ice.

Ice and Lightning
Location: The Bazaar

Location: The Dunes

Location: The Oasis

Black Magic Multiball
This is the main multiball of the game, and is stackable with all the spell modes. Shooting the side targets will cause a floating icon (floatie) to move across the screen. Shoot the floatie to lit lock. Shot the scoop to lock a ball. Locking 3 balls will start the multiball.

During black magic multiball, shoot the indicated shots to score jackpots. Completing 5 jackpots will earn a resurrection. Black magic defeats all magic. During the multiball, your spells are replaced with black magic. The black magic will count as whatever shot you need.

The Bandit
In the Bazaar (and maybe some other places?) a bandit will randomly appear if you have items. You can damage the bandit by hitting any of the stand up targets on the playfield module. Three hits will eliminate the bandit. If you fail to eliminate the bandit in time, it will steal your items. This could be herbs (which only impacts the high score table) or one of your keys.

Battle the Sorcerer
In the workshop, the access to the dungeon is available on the right ramp, however, it is protected by 3 wards. To unlock the dungeon, you must shoot the right ramp with the fire spell, then the ice spell and finally the lighting spell. You will then battle the Sorcerer. Shot lit shots with the appropriate spell to damage the Sorcerer. Use your shield to protect yourself from the Sorcerer’s attacks.

Resurrection. If you drain or run out of health with resurrection lit, your ball will be returned and your health restored, and you will continue your ball. Resurrection can be earned in learn fire, black magic multiball and one other way.

Bonus: The following contribute to your end ball bonus (and possibly more)

  • Herbs in your inventory
  • Bandits thwarted
  • Keys collected
  • Gems collected