Mustang wiki rulesheet


Trying to combine a few topics together to make one rulesheet. A work in progress! Let me know if I’m wrong anywhere.

Super Skill Shot: An homage to pinbot. Hold in the left flipper before you launch and try and get to a trap before making any significant shots. The 3 lights in front of the gears targets will go back and forth. GE, A, RS. If you hit the A while the light is lit under it, you will advance two gears. You cannot advance past gear 4 using this skill shot. The awards for GE and RS are both 1 million. A shot to the scoop will award 2 million. Some options to get in a good situation to collect the super skill are a soft plunge to a trap on the right flipper, or a hard plunge to a left flipper live catch or a loop pass to a right flipper trap, depending on how the mustang is set up.

Mode Completion:
Starting all 6 modes prepares drift at the scoop.
Lighting all 6 modes solid prepares silverball stampede at the scoop. Here is how you light the modes solid.

Cruisin’’: The only mode that requires two starts to complete. The first time you start the mode, you just need to hit every shot once. Far left N2O boost, far left standup, left ramp, left standup, scoop, captive ball, right standup, right orbit. Shots made in order from left to right will double each shot made.
After you complete these shots, you must hit the scoop again and select cruisin’ to complete the mode. This time you are required to hit half the shots in order, starting with the N2O target, far left standup, left ramp, left standup. After these four shots are made, there will be a roving yellow light that goes back and forth. Every time you hit a lit shot, the roving shot will go slightly quicker. Do this four times to complete the mode.

Road Coarse: Timed mode. Six shots are lit. All N2O targets, left ramp, captive ball, and right orbit. The first four you complete each advance you in the race. The two other shots that you have not hit will remain lit for the remainder of the mode. You have to make these other two shots four times (doesn’t matter which) and then shoot the scoop to finish the race in 1st.

Police Pursuit: A shoutout to high speed. 6 shots will be lit, 3 on each side. If you hit a shot on one side, it will make you hit a shot on the opposite side next in order to advance to yellow light. After this, two shots will be lit on each side. Hit any of these four shots to advance to red light. The left ramp and right orbit will be lit for red light. The chase is on! Hit the right orbit twice, and then the left ramp twice to get away and light the mode solid. A total of only 8 shots is needed to complete the mode, probably the easiest of the top row to complete.

Stunt Driver: Somewhat timed mode. If you hit shots in order it can be completed quickly, otherwise you’ll have to use multiple takes to complete mode (update coming)
1.gears target
2.left ramp
3.left ramp or right orbit
4.right orbit/captive ball/right standup to complete

Drag Race: Hit standup targets 5 times to advance to gear 6 and start drag race multiball…once you are back in single ball play the mode is complete.

Rally Race: Make a left side shot to the ramp or N2O standup, make a right side shot to orbit or standup, then another right side shot to the standup or captive ball. The shortcut is then lit at left ramp, if you miss this, it’ll force you to hit the captive ball to continue…after you hit the captive ball, it’s just two more left ramp shots and then the far left N2O boost to complete. If you make the shortcut shot, you’ll just have to hit two more left ramps and then a hard left at the N2O boost to complete.

Gear Shift Multiball: Game should start you out at first gear. Complete a set of drop targets to advace to the next gear. To advance to gear 5, you need to complete all drop targets and then must shoot one of the two standups behind the drop targets within 5 seconds. To advance to gear 6, you need to complete all drop targets and then shoot one of the two standups within 5 seconds, and then shoot the other standup target within another 5 seconds.

Once a specific gear’s multiball has been played, it cannot be played again. If you start multiball in third gear, you will have to advance to 4, 5 or 6 for the next multiball. If your first multiball is in gear 6, you will have to advance to 3,4, or 5 for the next multiball.

Super Jackpot: The first super jackpot is lit either by hitting any of the drop targets, or mini-jackpot shots. There is a generous timer for the first super jackpot, so now is a good time to check to see if N20 is ready for double scoring. SJP base value is the sum of the gears that you’re in (Example: Gear 4 SJP = 10M = 1+2+3+4). Gear 6 first SJP has an increased value of 50M base as a reward for advancing to the highest gear level; after the first Gear 6 SJP, the value reverts back to 21M (1+2+3+4+5+6). You relight SJP after a certain # of jackpots from drops or orbit shots/captive ball hits.

Burnout Multiball: An homage to the creature from the black lagoon multiball, this multiball is qualified by hitting four shots on the captive ball. “qualify burnout” can also be a mystery ford award after completing one of the top three modes.
3 jackpots at beginning are all 200k: Left ramp, captive ball, and right orbit. One of these shots will light the main jackpot (find the girl) at the captive ball for 10 million, and the left ramp will also be lit for a higher scoring option. The left ramp diverts to the cup to spell out BURNOUT. One each letter of burnout has been collected, the left ramp will divert to the left flipper for a chance at the combo jackpot at the captive ball worth 20 million. After a certain number of pop bumper hits, the same sequence of ‘finding the girl’ will start again, with the only difference being the combo jackpot will go up to 40 million, and add another 20 million after every pop bumper relight. The regular jackpot at the captive ball increases by 5 million after each pop bumper relight: 10, 15, 20…etc.
Modes can be brought into burnout multiball.

Mustang Multiball: Spelling out MUSTANG from either completing modes or collecting Mystery Ford awards will light the scoop for Mustang Multiball. Shoot the scoop at any time during single-ball play to activate the Multiball. Mustang Multiball is a 4-ball Multiball where all major yellow arrow shots are lit for a Mustang Jackpot. Completing any of the shots disqualifies the other shots and lights the shot you just hit for a Double Jackpot. Collecting the Double Jackpot relights all shots besides the one you just hit for Mustang Jackpot, and so forth. Not sure if there’s a Super Jackpot type payoff for collecting all the Double Jackpots.

Upgrade Scoring: After completing all the Upgrades on the playfield once, shoot the scoop to activate Upgrade Scoring. During the mode, ?

Upgrade Multiball: Completing the Upgrades a second time will light the scoop to start Upgrade Multiball. During the mode, ?

Multiball Add-a-Ball: spell out the bottom lanes, and then shoot the scoop.

Drift: A single ball homage to AFM’s total annihilation. Long ball save time. Make lit playfield shots to build style points, and collect value at the left ramp. Any lit shot will become unlit when hit, and then relit when the style points are collected at the left ramp. To be continued…

Silverball Stampede:

RPM Targets: There are three standups on the right side of the playfield. When completed, the spinner lights for a higher score, but more significantly each shot to the target bank will be worth an imbalanced 2 million points. This is double the drag race multiball super jackpot, and of course with the N2O boost these stand ups will be worth 4 million a hit!!! This outweighs any significant scoring during drag race multiball (and 3rd gear multiball excluding the 6 million super). Anyways this “RPM Scoring” mode is on a timer. All three rpm lights will start flashing, and will eventually fade to just RP flashing, and then R flashing, and then it will time out. The timer is quite long though, and to restart it you just hit the target bank again.


Does anyone understand the rules around playing gears multiball the 2nd+ times? I’ve seen that after playing gear 4 multiball, the game won’t allow me to start gears at 4th gear again the next time around. I haven’t played enough to know exactly the rules around what is allowed and what isn’t on subsequent gears multiballs, though…


You just can’t play the same gear twice. So if you played 4th gear multiball the first time around. You could play 3rd or try building up to 5th or 6th.


I wonder if you’ve played 3,4,5,6 does it restart allowing you to do all, or do you have to finish the wizard modes first


Added some more detail on Gear Shift MB SJP values and add-a-ball.


Updated. I found an alternative scoring method using the RPM targets. Surprised Jack let this one slip, but there’s no fanfare or dmd display indicating the score increase…just an engine rev and a subtle 2 mil added to your score that can go by easily unnoticed. Enjoy!


Added preliminary info about Mustang Multiball, and the two Upgrade features.


FYI on detailed Mustang rulesheet recently posted to Pinside:


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FYI: I just completed a major update of the Mustang rules and game info doc that I posted on Pinside 4 months ago and that was subsequently linked to here on Tilt Forums. All sections have now been completed, new ones added, and many refinements and corrections have been made.

The doc can be found here:

Please let me know if you have any additions, corrections, or comments for a potential future update. Enjoy!