Video: Elwin + Mustang Premium = set aside 21 minutes

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Lots off good stuff to see.

A fine companion to this Pinball with Pros episode with Steve Bowden that was posted last week:

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There is still some scoring I don’t understand concerning Burnout. Not sure how or why the first super was 30M. Base 10 mil + spelling BURNOUT it should have been 20 mil so either there is a bug or some other feature that boosts the jackpot.

I asked a question in the Youtube comments, and I’ll repeat it here:

You picked Drag Race as the first mode and appeared to get the Super Skill shot for 2 gears, but these gears didn’t apply to your main GS multiball. Do they just apply to Drag Race stage 1? I see this same thing most or all of the time, so I stopped picking Drag Race at the beginning of the game or any new ball.

Maybe the base got changed to 15M? Or you shot something to increase the base to 15M?
And then base value goes up by 15M each successive SJP?

SJP #1: You combo’d into it, so it’s Base x2 = 15x2 = 30M.
SJP #2: You combo’d into it, and 2x Playfield = 30x2x2 = 120M.

Yeah the super skill is dodgy at best during DR mode.

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Dodgy is a good word, because I’m almost sure I’ve seen it work how you’d expect (apply to GS MB) once or twice.

To clarify what I meant by not picking DR mode at the beginning of a ball, I mean in heads-up competition. I’ll still pick DR mode when I’m trying to GC or get to Drift, because the ball saver helps prevent that mode from chewing up multiple balls.

I guess I’m going to have to take the glass off at some point if I want to see Silverball Stampede, because I’ve only ever been one mode away from it. And certainly not since I’ve turned extra balls off – somewhat necessary during the NEPL season. Not having power shifts (we jam econo with a Pro version), is just icing on the cake.

Stampede is tough to beat especially if you piss away your add-a-ball at mode start!

Yeah, I saw that it pissed away your add-a-ball for Upgrade MB, too, upon shooting the scoop to start it.

at expo, we were only noticing this bug on the boss premium

Here is something just for fun. Speed run to the triple-super 150M payoff


Not sure what’s up with this forum (@heyrocker ?) but I no longer see embedded Youtube videos. Here’s a link for the video @sk8ball just posted for anyone in the same boat:

Stern just released 1.45 version of the code. It appears to fix the hangover mulitiball gear bug. It also appears to address the Drag Race super skill shot problem, and several other smaller bugs – including a few I’ve actually seen. Plus a couple other pieces of polish.

PRO V1.45 - February 16, 2016

  • Fixed a bug in the top lanes roving/sweeper rule that carried over
    the mode to the wrong player.
  • The Mystery Ford bowl spin was checking for timers off, which caused problems with certain features (burnout multiball, mostly). The highlighted award would take a too long to be given out, long after the ball had exited from the bowl. This has been corrected.
  • Fixed a bug in the shift skill shot. If the player selected drag race
    and hit either the blue or red neighbor before hitting the white target, then the shift skill shot would not be awarded. The display effect now shows the actual number of gears awarded.
  • Fixed the switch data so switches with zero alert counts are not
    reported bad in the tech alert.
  • The Toolbox would typically award “add-a-ball” at the same time
    Mustang Multiball, Upgrade Multiball, and SilverBall Stampede Multiball were started. This award is now postponed to the next Toolbox award.
  • Added score levels for the targets during RPM spinner. These are lower than the flat 2 million that used to be awarded.
  • Increased RPM spinner values.
  • Pop bumper levels were not being initialized. This has been corrected.
  • Fixed a bug in gears multiball that would cause the gear number to not be reset if the game was tilted before the multiball ended.
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Very nice.

Now Nate/C2C will have to re-edit that portion of Mustang Pinball with the Pros. :slight_smile:

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The add-a-ball awarding at the start of multiball via toolbox problem appears to have been fixed throughout in the newest code, which is nice.