Mustang wiki rulesheet

I wonder if you’ve played 3,4,5,6 does it restart allowing you to do all, or do you have to finish the wizard modes first

Added some more detail on Gear Shift MB SJP values and add-a-ball.

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Updated. I found an alternative scoring method using the RPM targets. Surprised Jack let this one slip, but there’s no fanfare or dmd display indicating the score increase…just an engine rev and a subtle 2 mil added to your score that can go by easily unnoticed. Enjoy!

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Added preliminary info about Mustang Multiball, and the two Upgrade features.

FYI on detailed Mustang rulesheet recently posted to Pinside:

Hope that direct link works…

FYI: I just completed a major update of the Mustang rules and game info doc that I posted on Pinside 4 months ago and that was subsequently linked to here on Tilt Forums. All sections have now been completed, new ones added, and many refinements and corrections have been made.

The doc can be found here:

Please let me know if you have any additions, corrections, or comments for a potential future update. Enjoy!


TLDR: Burnout MB Combo J value is not reset between games. Moreover, it is tracked per player. Game needs power cycle between games to be fair.

Background: never really played Mustang when it was released and always dreaded it in competition. Someone was kind enough to lend me a Pro, so finally got a chance to put the hours in.

There’s very little on Mustang here on the forum. A few hints to a bug, for example @sk8ball in this thread: Video: Elwin + Mustang Premium = set aside 21 minutes

My conclusion: Burnout MB is definitively buggy.

Most of the rules for Burnout MB are clear to me, except for the Combo J. The normal/intended value for the Combo J (same or subsequent Burnout MB’s) seems to be: 20M, 45M, 80M, 100M, 120M, 140M, … (no max.) The value should reset at the start of a game, but this is not the case. On subsequent games, the base value is sometimes less, sometimes more than the value in the previous game. It never resets to the 20M base value! Exactly how the value changes between games remains a mystery to me.

In the extreme case tested glass off, the first two Combo J’s on a fresh game awarded 220M and 345M! In a real-world scenario, with players scoring a single Combo J every x games, the value will creep up by 10M each time. I know, it’s petty points, but in a low scoring game (<100M), this could very well make a difference.

Software version on the machine is 1.45, with Competition Settings installed.

Did anyone else encounter this? Dissected the scoring? If I simply misunderstand Burnout MB, please let me know. With IFPA 16 coming up and Mustang being in the line-up, I simply wanted to post this.


Hand of the Burnout bug? or Burnout of the King bug? :wink:

Alright anyone know what’s up with the crazy mustang setting they have at ClePin? Hitting down the gears targets makes the center targets just go BEEP and not award your a gear… do you have to time them to the grill in the middle or something crazy?

If the diamond inserts in front of the drop targets are blinking after you complete the drops, my guess is it’s a hard setting that requires you to hit one of the standups behind the drops to be awarded the gear. Also, yikes.

Yeah they’re blinking but in this weird pulsing pattern and hitting them just goes BEEP and doesn’t change their lit-ness

Maybe it’s a Mecha Super Hard setting and you have to hit both within a certain amount of time?

If you still get gear awards for super skill shots, I probably wouldn’t be messing with the targets based on what you’re saying. Don’t forget the captive ball for Burnout MB, but maybe it’s set for 20 hits to qualify it. :slight_smile:

They don’t know the setting or what to do? I hate that.

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There’s red, white, and blue strips of lights in front of the two targets behind the gears: in this crazy setting that’s enabled, there is one solidly lit white strip and roving blue and red ones. You must hit the target while the red and blue are lined up with the white light!


Worst setting ever. Haha



GOOD! Maybe people will finally play the modes :wink:

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Ironically this setting makes gear 5 and 6 EASIER because it’s not timed and you still just hit one well-timed target instead of 2 in quick succession!


Now that’s funny! Where’s Jack Benson at?