Stern Rush Rulesheet

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Game Information:

  • Lead Designer: John Borg
  • Code/Rules: Tim Sexton & Raymond Davidson
  • Lead Mechanical Engineer: Harrison Drake
  • Artwork: Michael Barnard
  • Computer Graphics Art Directors: Chuck Ernst & Paul Chamnankit
  • Lead Sound Designer: Jerry Thompson
  • Release Date: February 2022
  • Wiki Rulesheet based on Code Rev: TBA
    • Edit the Code revision, if applicable, when you make changes

John Borg returns to designing band-themed pinball machines with Rush, released in February 2022. This musical pinball adventure takes the player back in time and across the galaxy, exploring planets and different time periods, all set to Rush’s iconic music.

The main objectives of Rush involve playing through all six Planets by collecting Records, then shooting the Time Machine to start each timed mode. The game features four different types of multiball modes, as well as a few side features that can be started for additional points. Can you make it all the way to 2112?




Skill Shots:

After selecting a song at the start of each ball, the player can make a skill shot. (TBA)

Planet Modes:

Collect Records at different shots around the playfield to qualify the Time Machine, then shoot the Time Machine to travel to a new planet and start one of six timed modes. Collect more Records to boost the scoring of the mode +10% per record prior to starting one.

Collect records of the same color to lock those records in once their associated mode starts. Locked-in record shots will score 2x during the mode; get all 6 record shots to the same color for 3x scoring for all 6 shots in the mode.

Uncollected record shots can be toggled by hitting the RUSH standup targets. Collected record shots can be toggled by hitting the Instrument Lane (target on the Pro). The mode you start will be determined by which color records you have collected the most of, with the record on the leftmost shot breaking any ties:

  • Tom Sawyer:
    Mode color: Cyan
    Three phases:
    • Orbits
    • Ramps
    • All shots
  • Working Man:
    Mode color: Orange
    Shots and switches progress through workday clock, get to 5pm to clock out and finish the mode.
  • The Spirit of Radio:
    Mode color: Blue
    Spinner adds more shots (blasting those radio waves!) across the playfield with more spins. Hit shots to collect points and add them to the radio jackpot at the Dead End shot to the left of the time machine. Cash in 5 jackpots to end mode.
  • The Big Money:
    Mode color: Pink
    Three phases, each phase takes one more shot than the last to light Time Machine for Big Money. When Big Money is lit you can either collect it or keep hitting shots to multiply it. Collect the third big money to win mode.
  • La Villa Strangiato:
    Mode color: Purple
    Combo mode. One shot is lit at a time to progress through the twelve movements of the song, combo into the next shot within 5 seconds or so to multiply the next shot by how long the combo streak is. Finish at shot number 12, the final song movement.
  • Limelight:
    Mode color: Lime
    Hit any shot to collect points and start a 15 second Fame Timer. Hit faster blinking shots for more points and Fame progress. When 15 seconds runs out, shoot time machine to relight arrows. Get to 100% Fame to light Time Machine to Escape The Fame and end mode.

Multiball Modes:

Rush has four different types of multiball modes that can be played, including three different Time Machine Multiballs.

Starting a planet mode does not stop you from progressing or starting a multiball. Once a multiball is started, no planet mode, or any other multiball can be started, with the exception of Headlong Flight, which can be started at any time.

Time Machine Multiballs:

Power up the Time Machine by shooting the ramp that passes through it, then shoot it once more to start one of three Time Machine Multiballs, each with their own rules.

  • Red Barchetta Multiball: TBA
  • Subdivisions Multiball: TBA
  • Fly By Night Multiball: TBA

Far Cry Multiball:

Shoot the “LIGHT LOCK” standup targets near the right ramp, along with the right ramp itself, to light the locks at the two scoops. Lock a ball in both scoops to start Far Cry Multiball. (Jackpots TBA)

Headlong Flight Multiball:

Pop bumper hits advance the Drum Clock, either above the bumpers on Prem / LE or on the display on Pro. Once the clock hits midnight, the next right orbit shot will start Headlong Flight Multiball. (Jackpots TBA)

Freewill Multiball:

Shoot the standup target behind the instrument drop target bank enough times to lock a ball at the post in front of the shot and start Freewill Multiball. (Jackpots TBA)

Other Features:

Bastille Day Hurry-Up:

Complete the RUSH standup targets to start Bastille Day Hurry-Up. Shoot the right ramp to increase the hurry-up values. (TBA)

1-2-3 Combo Jackpot & Albums:

Shoot the flashing 1-2-3 shots as a combo, in order, to qualify unique Albums for each combo and Combo Jackpot at the Time Machine. After collecting the Combo Jackpot, quickly make a reflex flip to the side ramp to score a Combo Super Jackpot worth 2x the value. Combo Jackpots stack until collected or the ball drains. Albums reward certain perks and light an extra ball after 5 are collected.

Album Shot 1 Shot 2 Shot 3 Related Songs:
Signals Right Ramp Spinner Side Ramp Subdivisions
Moving Pictures Right Ramp Spinner Inner Loop Limelight, Red Barchetta, Tom Sawyer
Hemispheres Right Ramp Right Orbit None La Villa Strangiato
Clockwork Angels Spinner Side Ramp VUK Headlong Flight
Permanent Waves Spinner Inner Loop Side Ramp Freewill, The Spirit of Radio
Vapor Trails VUK Left Orbit Side Ramp One Little Victory
Snakes & Arrows VUK Left Orbit Side Loop Far Cry
Fly by Night Left Orbit Side Ramp VUK Fly By Night
Rush Left Orbit Inner Loop Side Ramp Working Man

Drum Solo:

When “Drum Solo” is flashing after completing the drop targets with the drumsticks flashing, shoot under the upper right flipper to begin a timed round where all bumper hits score much more points than usual.

Instrument Boosts:

Complete the instrument drop targets to collect instrument boosts. The flashing drop target strobes and is locked in once the targets have been completed. From left to right:

  • Bass - increases combo values & Combo Jackpot by 50,000.
  • Guitar - increases spinner values by 5,000.
  • Drumsticks - increases pop bumper values by 5,000 and qualifies Drum Solo.

Roll the Bones Mystery:

Complete the three “Roll the Bones” inlanes, then shoot the left scoop for a mystery award. Will award add-a-ball during multiball, can also award various point values. Awards like “100x scoring” and “5 free games” can be seen but will never be awarded - sorry.

Extra Balls:

There are two locations where extra balls can be collected - the under-flipper shot and the upper scoop. The slingshots change which shot will collect the lit extra ball. If two extra balls are lit, both shots will light to collect it.

Available extra balls:

  • Make 10 ramp shots (side ramp or right ramp, progress shown in UI as a slide down overlay when making a ramp)
  • Collect enough albums (5 by default)

End-of-Ball Bonus:


Wizard Modes:

Cygnus X-1 Book 1:


Cygnus X-1 Book 2:





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