Stern Rush Rulesheet

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Game Information:

  • Lead Designer: John Borg
  • Code/Rules: Tim Sexton & Raymond Davidson
  • Lead Mechanical Engineer: Harrison Drake
  • Artwork: Michael Barnard
  • Computer Graphics Art Directors: Chuck Ernst & Paul Chamnankit
  • Lead Sound Designer: Jerry Thompson
  • Release Date: February 2022
  • Wiki Rulesheet based on Code Rev: 1.14
    • Edit the Code revision, if applicable, when you make changes

John Borg returns to designing band-themed pinball machines with Rush, released in February 2022. This musical pinball adventure takes the player back in time and across the galaxy, exploring planets and different time periods, all set to Rush’s iconic music.

Rules Overview:

  • Shoot the flashing records to light the center time machine ramp for a planet mode (when the red light is flashing). Follow the display instructions and shoot the flashing arrows.
  • Shoot the center time machine ramp enough times to start one of three time machine multiball modes (when the green light is flashing). Each multiball has its own jackpot sequence.
  • Complete LITE and LOCK near the right ramp, then lock balls in both scoops for Far Cry Multiball.
  • Shoot the drop targets to collect instruments. The currently lit instrument is locked in once a target is made. Collect all three instruments and shoot the target behind them for Freewill Multiball.
  • Hit the bumpers to advance the drum clock to 12 am. Once the clock has hit midnight, shoot the right orbit for Headlong Flight Multiball.
  • Shoot the flashing 1-2-3 inserts to light Combo Jackpot at the Time Machine (when the yellow light is flashing). Holding the action button does good things in modes after certain Combo Jackpots are collected.
  • Complete RUSH to light the right ramp for Bastille Day. Complete the targets again during the hurry-up for big scores, or build them up with more ramp shots.




Modes of Play:

These modes are accessible by holding both flipper buttons during attract mode until a menu appears. The following options are available:

  • Standard:
    See below for full rulesheet.
  • Competition:
    Same as Standard but with elements of randomness removed.
  • Challenge:
    Play either Cygnus X-1 book or the final 2112 wizard mode as a challenge mode. Scores for challenge modes are kept separately from standard high scores.
  • DJ Mixer
    NOT a gameplay mode. This mode operates like a jukebox, allowing you to play the music featured in the machine, including a number of specific playlists.

Skill Shots:

Skill shots can be scored at any upper flipper shot, though they are disabled if the ball hits the plunger lane switch after a weak plunge twice. The skill shot value starts at 750,000 and increases 250,000 per skill shot, and extends the ball save. On default settings, shooting behind the upper flipper enables another skill shot attempt.

  • Shoot the upper scoop for 3x skill shot
  • Shoot the side ramp for 2x skill shot
  • Shoot the inner loop for 1x skill shot
  • Combo the inner loop into the upper scoop or side ramp to double its value

Time Machine Upgrades - Getting to 2112:

The overarching goal of the game is to advance your Time Machine 100 years past 2012 to qualify the 2112 wizard mode. Every time 10 years are collected, the time machine will light to collect an upgrade that affects gameplay either for the rest of the ball or the rest of the game.

Years can be collected by:

Task Years Awarded
Completing any planet mode +5
Completing any planet mode with a total of 80M+ +10
Super Jackpot during Red Barchetta Multiball +2 (5 per attempt)
Super Jackpot during Subdivisions Multiball +5 (5 per attempt)
Super Jackpot during Fly By Night Multiball +5 (5 per attempt)
Super Jackpot during Far Cry Multiball +5 (10 per attempt)
“Flawless” Super Jackpot during Far Cry Multiball (no jackpots timed out) +10 (10 per attempt)
Super Jackpot during One Little Victory Multiball +2 (10 per attempt)
Super Jackpot during Headlong Flight Multiball +5 (10 per attempt)
3 Super Jackpots during Freewill Multiball +5 (10 per attempt)
Completing all four RUSH targets during Bastille Day Hurry-Up +2 (6 per game)
Score a Combo Jackpot or Combo Super Jackpot +1 (14 per game)
Collecting a 6x Instrument Bonus, one time only +5
Topper mystery award +5 (10 per game)

The upgrades are awarded in the following order:

Year Required Upgrade(s)
2022 +1 ball & 10 seconds of ball save for all Time Machine multiballs
2032 Longer Timers (for the rest of the ball, does not apply to ball save)
2042 +1 ball & 10 seconds of ball save for Far Cry Multiball
2052 Easier RUSH Targets (lit targets spot unlit targets, for the rest of the ball)
2062 Light Extra Ball
2072 +2 balls & 20 seconds of ball save for all Time Machine multiballs
2082 Super Records (each shot now adds 2 records instead of 1, for the rest of the ball)
2092 2x Ramp Count-Up (each ramp counts double, for the rest of the ball)
2102 +1 ball & 10 seconds of ball save for all multiball modes
2112 2112

Every upgrade that lasts until the ball drains (2032, 2052, 2082, and 2092) can be reactivated by reaching the next upgrade threshold if the ball drained while they were active.

Each upgrade also permanently reduces the number of shots required to start the next Time Machine multiball by 1, and increases the jackpot values for those modes.

Records & Planet Modes:

Collect any flashing record (+1 per mode) to qualify the Time Machine, then shoot the Time Machine to start one of six untimed modes determined by the solidly lit colored records. Records of the same color are locked in once their associated mode starts and score 2x during the mode; get all 6 record shots to the same color for 3x scoring for all shots during the mode, and collect additional records prior to starting the mode to boost mode scoring by 10%. The RUSH targets and instrument lane cycle uncollected and collected record shots to different colors, respectively.

Completing any mode adds +5 years to the time machine. Winning modes with more than 80M points in total adds +10 years. Completing modes also lights all shots rainbow for 2x shot multipliers - these are held between balls and up to 5 can be lit at a time. Shot multipliers only reset once 2112 has been started.

If the album corresponding to the mode’s song has been collected, using the Weapon by holding the action button will instantly collect all lit shots.

Winning all six modes lights Cygnus X-1 Book 2 - Hemispheres at the time machine.

  • Tom Sawyer (Cyan | Moving Pictures): Three phases of shots, must clear all shots in current phase to light shots in the next phase. Failing the mode and restarting it will start you back at whatever phase you left off in, but with all shots lit. First phase - both orbits. Second phase - both ramps. Third phase - all shots. Shots start at 2 million + 250,000 per shot.
  • Working Man (Orange | Rush): Shots progress the workday clock, starting at 9am and ending at 5pm. Hitting any orange shot will award 10 minutes and relight all the other orange shots. Left orbit, upper loop, or side ramp will award 20 minutes and 3x the shot value. Shots start at 75,000 + 25,000 per shot. Random events worth 1.5M + 500K per event are awarded at 9:15am, 10:00am, 11:00am, 12:00pm, 1:00pm, 2:00pm, 2:45pm, 3:30pm, and 4:15pm; these can’t be multiplied. Left orbit ends the mode and clocks out once 5pm has been reached.
  • The Spirit of Radio (Blue | Permanent Waves): All shots are lit to score points and light the radio jackpot at the Dead End shot based on their values. Each spin raises the value of the non-jackpot playfield shots, which start at 1M, by 2000 per spin and maxes at 4M; and the more shots are made, the more radio jackpots can be cashed out - each shot can be made up to 5 times. Cash out 5 jackpots, individually or all at once, to win.
  • The Big Money (Pink | Power Windows): Three phases, each phase takes one more shot than the last to light Time Machine for Big Money. When Big Money is lit you can either collect it or keep hitting shots to multiply it; these will be blinking slower than the ones that are otherwise lit and will always be the same as the shots you chose when you were lighting Big Money. Collect the third big money to win mode. Shots start at 1M + 150K per shot or multiplier increase. The multiplier carries throughout the mode, thus with perfect play your last jackpot will be 3 + 4 + 5 + 1x = 13x.
  • La Villa Strangiato (Purple | Hemispheres): Combo mode. One shot is lit at a time to progress through the twelve movements of the song, combo into the next shot within 5 seconds to multiply the next shot by the combo streak length. Finish at shot number 12, the final song movement. Shots start at 2M + 250K per shot. Shot sequence: R ramp, R ramp, dead end shot, L orbit / spinner, side ramp / side scoop, spinner, upper loop, any upper flipper shot, Time Machine, side ramp, L orbit, side scoop. After the side loop is made, it can be repeatedly shot to spot the next four shots.
  • Limelight (Green | Moving Pictures): Hit any shot to collect points, add 5% fame, and start a 15 second Fame Timer (which resets if a shot is made when less than 5 seconds remain). Hit faster blinking shots (cycling between left - center - right) for 3x value and 10% fame. When 15 seconds runs out, shoot the Time Machine to relight arrows and increase their value. Get to 100% Fame to light Time Machine to Escape The Fame and complete the mode. Shots start at 250K, and the shot increment starts at 150K but shot increment also increments by 50K.

Multiball Modes:

Rush has many different types of multiball modes. Multiball modes can be started during planet modes, but modes cannot be started during multiball, and only one multiball can be active at a time (with the exception of Headlong Flight, which can be started at any time). Collecting super jackpots during multiball modes adds years to the time machine.

Play all 6 multiball modes in a single game to qualify Cygnus X-1: Book 1 - The Voyage at the Time Machine, which has scoring determined by the jackpots scored during each multiball mode.

Time Machine Multiballs:

Power up the Time Machine portal ramp by shooting the ramp that passes through it 3 times +6 per multiball -1 per decade, then shoot it once more to start one of its three multiball modes, each with their own rules.

The dead end shot changes which multiball is lit. Each multiball is played with 2 balls, though upgrading the time machine by collecting years can add more balls to these modes.

  • Red Barchetta Multiball (Red | Moving Pictures): All switches and jackpots boost the RPMs of the Red Barchetta. Once the RPMs have redlined, hit enough bumpers to score a super jackpot worth the total of the jackpots collected this gear, +2 years, and move on to the next gear with increased scoring. Victory laps at gear 6. Jackpots start at 750k + 250k per decade.
  • Subdivisions Multiball (Yellow | Signals): Shoot the Time Machine to light the spinner and Dead End/VUK for jackpots. Shooting any jackpot will light the next outermost shot for another jackpot. Light every shot for super jackpot worth the jackpot total back at the time machine & +5 years. To get to the super jackpot sooner, shoot the shots that flash quicker. Jackpots start at 1.5M + 500k per decade.
  • Fly By Night Multiball (Green | Fly by Night): Turn off the playfield lighting by shooting jackpots and hitting switches. Flashing red shots score jackpots, and rapidly flashing shots score double jackpots. Once the lighting is dimmed, a strobing blue shot will light to score a super jackpot worth the jackpot total & +5 years. Jackpots add 50k to jackpot value, super adds 500k. Rinse and repeat with more shots required to reach the super. Jackpots start at 500k + 250k per decade.

Far Cry Multiball:

Shoot the “LIGHT LOCK” standup targets near the right ramp to light the lock at the top scoop. The second lock can be collected at either the top scoop, starting multiball with higher jackpot values, or the bottom scoop. (This process becomes more difficult each time the multiball is started; first activation requires just the targets, second requires the targets and the ramp, etc.) By default, this multiball starts with 2 balls. Collecting 30 years upgrades this to a 3-ball multiball, and balls can be added via the Weapon and mystery award.

  • During Multiball: All major shots are lit in different colors (blue, green, yellow, orange, red), corresponding to 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, or 5x timed jackpots, respectively. The higher the multiplier, the quicker the jackpots will time out. Hitting any jackpot will also increase their base value (starting at 750k) and re-light two shots with random jackpot colors. If all jackpots time out, the jackpot base value is reset and all shots relight. Score 15 jackpots in a single multiball attempt, then shoot the Time Machine for a Super Jackpot worth the total of the collected jackpot values & +5 years. This will also start One Little Victory Laps.
  • One Little Victory Laps: After scoring the Super Jackpot, 6-ball multiball will begin and the upper flipper shots will be lit for victory laps. Collect one to light a super jackpot at a roving shot, whose multiplier increases for each unique physical shot that the super jackpot has been collected at. Each super jackpot requires one more victory jackpot to light. At this time, balls can be added by using the Weapon if the Vapor Trails album has been qualified.

Headlong Flight Multiball:

Advance the Drum Clock to midnight, then shoot the right orbit to start Headlong Flight Multiball. This multiball can be started at any time once it has been lit, and thus can be stacked with other multiballs. Once this multiball starts, however, the usual stacking rules apply. Balls can be added by using the Weapon if the Clockwork Angels album has been qualified.

  • During Multiball: Jackpots can be scored at the upper loop and side ramp for 1 million x the current clock hour, which starts at 12 o’ clock and counts backward by 1 hour every few seconds. Combo the upper loop into the side ramp (whether or not the upper loop has been collected) for Super Jackpot worth 3x the jackpot value & +5 years. The right ramp is also lit as a jackpot and, if collected, will relight both side shots and set the clock back to 12.
  • Mega / Ultra Jackpot: If you hit both side shots, the right ramp will instead light for a Mega Jackpot or Ultra Jackpot based on the sum of the values obtained from the two side shots made. Mega = no Super Jackpot scored; Ultra = Super Jackpot was scored. This also scores the current clock hour x 2 million (x 4 million for Ultra Jackpot).

Freewill Multiball:

Collect all three Instruments by completing the drop target bank, then shoot the instrument lane to start Freewill Multiball (and lock a ball on Prem / LE; jackpots can be increased by hitting the captive ball on this model). Balls can be added by using the Weapon if the Permanent Waves album has been qualified.

  • During Multiball: (On Premium / LE models, the mode starts by locking the ball at the instrument lane, and repeatedly shooting the ball increases the base jackpot values. This phase ends and multiball starts after 20 seconds). All shots are constantly lit for jackpot, but once a shot is made, it must be collected again to score a super jackpot and light the other jackpots outside of the shot you just made. Every 3 unique super jackpots adds +5 years. Jackpots start at 750,000 and increment by 750,000 per Freewill Multiball played; each jackpot boosts the value of the next by 250,000.
  • Instrument Lane 2x Scoring & Add-A-Ball: Balls can be locked for 20 seconds during Freewill Multiball by shooting the standup target twice + 1 per lock. While a ball is locked, a ball is added and jackpot scores are doubled, or you can keep hitting the standup target / captive ball during this time to increase your jackpot values. Once the ball is released, repeated shots to the standup target will relight the lock (and thus the add-a-ball). Max of 3 add-a-balls per Freewill Multiball.

Other Features:

Collecting & Activating Instruments:

Complete the instrument drop targets to collect instruments and qualify Freewill Multiball. The flashing instrument insert turns solid once the drop targets have been completed. The flashing instrument can be cycled by hitting the instrument standup target before completing the standups. After all drop targets are down, the major playfield shots will turn white to collect instrument bonus and reset the drop targets. From left to right:

  • Bass - +25k to combo values & Combo Jackpot. Resets at end of ball unless held.
  • Guitar - +5k to spinner hits. Resets at end of ball unless held.
  • Drumsticks - +5k to pop bumper hits, advances two bumpers by +1 minute, and qualifies Drum Solo. Resets at end of ball unless held. Drum Solo always unlights at end of ball.

Shooting the instrument stand-up target, will start the current instrument’s perk as well as any other instrument that has been completed without activating its perk. The timer for each activated instrument starts at 60 seconds and resets if another instrument is activated during the time limit:

  • Bass - Combos score 2x and can be collected during multiball modes. On default settings, combos do not qualify albums during multiball, just score points that are added into the Combo Jackpot.
  • Guitar - +1x multiplier for spinner shots.
  • Drumsticks - All bumper hits count 2x minutes, score 2x, and advance the clock during ball save of multiball modes. Drum Bonus is doubled.

Each instrument collected also lights all major shots for the instrument bonus based on points that had been collected from each instruments’ perk, multiplied by +1x each time it has been scored. Scoring a 6x instrument bonus adds +5 years, one time only.

Drum Clock, Drum Bonus & Clock Bonus:

During single ball play or after the ball save has expired during any multiball mode, pop bumper hits advance the Drum Clock, which starts at 5 pm, by 1 minute per pop. Getting the Drum Clock to 12 am lights the right orbit for Headlong Flight Multiball.

Collecting the drumsticks will upgrade a bumper +1 minute and light Drum Solo behind the upper flipper, which temporarily doubles all minutes collected; and activating them will double all minutes and allow them to be collected during the ball save during multiball modes. Shooting under the upper flipper will advance two bumpers +1 minutes. Shooting the right orbit will advance one pop bumper +1 minute. The values of each bumper are maintained across balls until the first Headlong Flight Multiball is played during a game, and once that multiball is played, the bumpers are reset to 1 minute per bumper.

Drum Bonus is shown on the UI inside of the drum clock area (on the right side of the screen) and each pop bumper hit adds to the value. Drum Bonus lights at the left orbit for 5 seconds when a ball rolls over either right inlane, or permanently after advancing a full hour. Every hour collected also lights Clock Bonus at the right orbit for 1M x the current clock hour. If Clock Bonus is lit, the left inlane will temporarily light the right orbit to score 2x the value.

Upper Loop & Bonus X:

Shooting the upper loop typically sends the ball slowly back to the upper flipper. If combo super jackpot is lit, repeated shots to the upper loop (while the arrow at its entrance is flashing white) score increasing amounts of points - 500k + 100k per shot, up to 1M. These values are multiplied by shot multipliers - the maximum loop value, with 2x on the upper loop, is 6M per shot.

The upper loop is also used to increase the bonus multiplier after enough spinner hits have been collected. Each bonus X takes an increasing number of spins (and the number it increases by, also increases) to light. Bonus X maxes out at 25x, and spinner hits can be doubled if the guitar is activated and / or a shot multiplier is lit at the spinner.

Multipliers Spins required
1x → 2x 100 spins
2x → 3x 200 spins (+100)
3x → 4x 400 spins (+200)
4x → 5x 700 spins (+300)

… +100 more spins each time.

Combo Jackpot & Albums:

Shoot the flashing 1-2-3 shots in order to qualify the Combo Jackpot at the Time Machine and qualify unique Albums for each combo. Each 1-2-3 combo shot scores the current combo value, multiplied by the shot number (1, 2, or 3) +2x if the combo was scored quickly and +2x if the bass is currently active. Multipliers from rainbow records also multiply these values. All combo points are added into the Combo Jackpot, completing combos while the jackpot is lit increases its multiplier by +1x, and draining the ball resets the combo jackpot value (and disables the combo jackpot / combo super jackpot).

The combos, and their corresponding albums & song modes, are:

Album Shot 1 Shot 2 Shot 3 Related Songs:
Rush Left Orbit Inner Loop Side Ramp Working Man
Fly by Night Left Orbit Side Ramp Dead End / VUK Fly By Night
Snakes & Arrows Dead End / VUK Left Orbit Side Loop Far Cry
Vapor Trails Dead End / VUK Left Orbit Side Ramp One Little Victory
Power Windows Spinner Inner Loop Inner Loop The Big Money
Permanent Waves Spinner Inner Loop Side Ramp Freewill, The Spirit of Radio
Clockwork Angels Spinner Side Ramp Dead End / VUK Headlong Flight
Moving Pictures Right Ramp Spinner Inner Loop Limelight, Red Barchetta, Tom Sawyer
Signals Right Ramp Spinner Side Ramp Subdivisions
Hemispheres Right Ramp Right Orbit La Villa Strangiato

Collecting five albums lights the extra ball, and collecting all ten albums adds +1x to all further combo jackpots & allows albums to be collected again.

After scoring the Combo Jackpot, the side ramp lights for Combo Super Jackpot worth 2x the value of the Combo Jackpot. The number of 1-2-3 shots scored determines how long the Combo Super Jackpot is lit for.

Collecting a Combo Jackpot or Combo Super Jackpot awards +1 year, up to a maximum of 14 years combined from these methods per game.

The Weapon:

The albums scored from collecting combo jackpots are also used to qualify The Weapon at the action button. If you’ve collected an album that corresponds to a currently active planet or multiball mode, the action button will light. Holding the action button for three seconds while the Weapon is enabled will either collect everything lit on the playfield (for planet modes - flashing blue) or add a ball (for multiball modes - flashing green). Shots collected via the Weapon are subject to shot multipliers.

(Note: If a Multiball mode and a planet mode are running simultaneously and you have the corresponding Albums for each (enabling The Weapon), holding the Action Button will prioritize Add-A-Ball. Also, if an album has multiple songs associated with it, the Weapon prioritizes the currently active song and can only be used once until the player cycles through the 10 albums again.)

If the Weapon isn’t lit, the action button will be lit red. Pressing the button causes the diverter between the two ramps to change positions. This can be useful for transferring the ball between flippers.

Ramp Count-Up:

While no wizard mode is running, 5 shots to either ramp holds the value of a major game feature to the next ball:

  • 5 ramps - Hold Guitar Value (spinner)
  • 8 ramps - Light Extra Ball
  • 10 ramps - Hold Combo Value
  • 15 ramps - Hold Bumper Value
  • 20 ramps - Hold Ramp Value
  • 25 ramps - Hold Instrument Bonus Value
  • 30 ramps - Hold Records (record boost % if you’re in a mode when you drain)
  • 35 ramps - Hold Bonus X

Note that shooting the left orbit followed by the side ramp as a combo counts as +2 ramps towards the count-up.

Getting to 2092 causes all ramp shots for the remainder of the ball to count double towards these awards.

RUSH Targets & Bastille Day Hurry-Up:

Complete the RUSH standup targets, then shoot the right ramp to start Bastille Day Hurry-Up. The hurry-up values start at 2 million points each, plus a little extra for each time the individual R-U-S-H target had been hit prior to starting, and are additive - meaning that each hurry-up you collect adds themselves to the value of the next one. The values can also be increased by 2 million by shooting the right ramp. Winning the mode by scoring all four hurry-ups will add +1 year to the time machine and increase the hurry-up values for the next round by 2 million.

Every time Bastille Day is started, more completions of the RUSH targets will be required to light it again, shown in the UI as the red number fraction by the RUSH targets.

Two completions of the RUSH targets lights a ball save at either outlane, which can be changed using the flippers.

Roll the Bones Mystery:

Complete the three “Roll the Bones” inlanes, then shoot the left scoop for a mystery award. Will award add-a-ball during multiball, can also award various point values.

Possible mystery awards, awarded in this order if competition mode is set:

If the topper has been enabled, “topper mystery” can be awarded and will award any of the following:

  • Millions (random value between 1M to 12M)
  • Advance time machine (adds +5 years to the time machine, or +5 time machine hits if years are maxed)
  • Frenzy (for 60 seconds, all switches score 10K + 50 per topper switch closure this ball)
  • Extra Ball (awarded instantly)

When competition mode is on, the game will try its best to award the next award, but if it can’t it will skip it and go to the next one until there’s a time it can award the first one in the list that hasn’t been awarded yet. If you get to the end of the list it resets. “Bump Value” awards and 10M are excluded in standard play.

Mystery prioritizes context sensitive awards first, like extending instrument timers or Add-A-Ball, but will never give out an award that was given out within the last two.

During wizard modes, Mystery will give credit for a required shot during the mode.

Extra Balls:

There are two locations where extra balls can be collected - the under-flipper shot and the upper scoop. The slingshots change which shot will collect the lit extra ball. If two extra balls are lit, both shots will light to collect it.

Available extra balls:

Extra balls award 10M if disabled or the extra ball cap has been reached.

End-of-Ball Bonus:

Bonus is comprised of six categories, each with two parts: a bonus based on what you’ve done that ball, and a permanent bonus you’ll get every ball:

  • Instruments
    • 100,000 x Number of times an instrument was activated this ball
    • 100,000 x Number of complete instrument sets
  • Drum Clock
    • 5,000 x Number of minutes advanced this ball
    • 25% of all Drum Solo Points Scored
  • Records
    • 100,000 x Number of records collected this ball
    • Matching bonus based on how many colors were matching upon mode start, each time a mode is started, the following bonus gets added to this (carries throughout game):
      • 2 matching colors: 100,000
      • 3 matching colors: 200,000
      • 4 matching colors: 400,000
      • 5 matching colors: 800,000
      • 6 matching colors: 1,600,000
  • Time Machine
    • 100,000 x Number of times the Time Machine was shot during single ball play
    • Unknown value x Number of modes completed this ball
  • Combos
    • 100,000 x Number of combo shots made this ball
    • 500,000 x Number of collected albums
  • RUSH Targets
    • 250,000 x Number of RUSH target completions this ball
    • 2,500,000 x Number of times Bastille Day was completed successfully

Bozo bonus of 21,120 if you somehow had zero bonus otherwise (difficult to do unless you short plunge and don’t hit any pops).

Bonus X:

Shooting the spinner will count down to light bonus X at the inner loop. Each bonus X takes an increasing number of spins (and the number it increases by, also increases) to light.
Multipliers Spins required
1x → 2x 100 spins
2x → 3x 200 spins (+100)
3x → 4x 400 spins (+200)
4x → 5x 700 spins (+300)

… +100 more spins each time

Max bonus X at 25x. If the guitar is active or a shot multiplier is active on the spinner lane, spinner hits towards bonus X are doubled.

Wizard Modes:

Cygnus X-1 Book 1 - The Voyage:

Start all six multiball modes to light this wizard mode at the time machine.

The Voyage illustrates a spaceship taking off, exploring the galaxy and eventually escaping a black hole; the player controls the spaceship in this mode and must guide their ship across three planets before their escape. While the mode starts out with only a single ball, every new planet visited, completing 50% of the shots required for each planet, or collecting add-a-ball from mystery, adds a ball into play.

Jackpot values for the mode are determined by:

  • Base jackpot (used for victory laps) - 1M + 1.5M x total Headlong Flight MB Super & Mega Jackpots
  • Yellow Planet jackpots - 1M + 1.5M x total Freewill MB Super Jackpots
  • Blue Planet jackpots - 1M + 2M x total Far Cry MB Super Jackpots + 3M x total One Little Victory Laps Super Jackpots
  • Purple Planet jackpots - 1M + 1M x Red Barchetta MB Super Jackpots + 2M x Fly by Night MB Super Jackpots + 3M x Subdivisions MB Super Jackpots

Each planet is started by shooting an initial shot, can only be played once per wizard mode, and must be completed by making enough shots on the current planet:

  • Yellow Planet - Started by shooting the instrument targets. Make shots to collect 10% fuel and eventually escape the yellow planet after making 10 shots. More shots can be lit to collect fuel, and their value can be increased, by shooting the instrument lane.
  • Blue Planet - Started by shooting either scoop. Shoot the flashing blue shots, which move with slingshot or bumper hits, to steer the ship in the right direction for 5% progress - and avoid red shots as they will force you to make more shots in order to complete the planet. Each successful shot made without locking on adds +1x multiplier to the jackpot and an additional +5% progress; this resets if the player makes a red shot. Shooting either scoop locks on the navigation and relights all the shots. Reaching 100% progress is required to escape the blue planet.
  • Purple Planet - Started by shooting the time machine. Bright lights cover the playfield, and the only way to determine the lit shots is by shooting the time machine to neutralize gravity’s effects and briefly reveal which shots need to be made - along with adding one lit shot. Make 10 lit shots to escape the purple planet.

Once the player has visited and escaped all three planets, the ball must be locked at the time machine, then knock the ball out of the time machine with the second ball to escape the black hole and win the wizard mode. If the player escaped the black hole with more than 1 ball in play, victory laps will begin and remain active until the player drains down to a single ball. All shots are lit to score the jackpot value +1x per unique jackpot shot made, and can be relit by shooting the time machine.

Cygnus X-1 Book 2 - Hemispheres:

Complete all six planet modes to light this wizard mode at the time machine.

Hemispheres chronicles the story of gods attempting to decide the path that mankind should take; in this mode, the decisions result in different flipper arrangements that the player must adjust to in order to win each stage. The jackpot values for each stage of the mode are determined by the total points scored during each mode (up to 200M), determined by the order in which they were played; with the Super Jackpot at the end of the mode being worth the total value of the last completed planet mode. During each stage, the values for shots also receive a cumulative boost.

Each phase lasts 120 seconds and has a different flipper configuration; all lit shots must be made in each phase to complete them. Draining the ball deducts 10 seconds from the timer; 15 seconds of time can be added by scoring the mystery award. The phases are as follows:

  • Apollo: Bringer of Wisdom - The left flipper button operates all flippers. The right flipper button moves the lit shots.
  • Dionysus: Bringer of Love - The left flipper button moves the lit shots. The right flipper button operates all flippers.
  • Armageddon: The Battle of Heart and Mind - The flipper buttons are reversed; the left flipper button operates the right flippers, and the right flipper button operates the left flipper.
  • Cygnus: Bringer of Balance - Holding either flipper button causes its respective flipper to lower, and releasing either flipper button causes its respective flipper to flip.
  • The Sphere: A Kind of Dream - Holding the left flipper button causes the right flippers to lower, and vice versa; holding the right flipper button causes the left flipper to lower, and vice versa.

After completing all five phases, one last shot to the Time Machine will score the Super Jackpot and end the wizard mode.


Once 100 years have been collected, and both Cygnus X-1 - Book 1 and Cygnus X-1 - Book 2 have been played, the next shot to the time machine will start the final wizard mode, 2112. This classic example of epic rock lends itself to nearly 15 minutes of non-stop pinball play.

2112 begins with the Overture. For 3 minutes, 6-ball multiball is active and ball save is active. Every shot scores points and adds those values to the jackpots scored during each phase of the track. The track section changes every 30 seconds, so you have a chance to increase all 6 phase jackpot values during the Overture. Every 30 second checkpoint locks in the current jackpot value as the jackpot value for that portion of the song, while the current jackpot continues to build during the whole 3-minute Overture.

Following the Overture, there are six phases of 2112 to play through. Each phase requires the player to make a certain number of shots to complete the phase, with additional balls being added after making enough shots and after completing the phase. Making a shot unlights it until either all shots have been made to complete the phase, or all shots have been made across the playfield, at which point they all relight. These phases, and requirements for each are:

Phase Time Color Shots for add-a-ball Shots to advance
II The Temples of Syrinx 2:13 Yellow 2 4
III Discovery 3:19 Purple 3 6
IV Presentation 3:35 Orange 4 8
V Oracle - The Dream 1:53 Blue 5 10
VI Soliloquy 2:12 Red 6 12
VII Grand Finale 2:11 Green 7 14

The mode ends if time runs out during any phase without having made the required shots, or if all balls have drained.


I’ll get to work updating this bad boy!

Eventually… maybe after the stream


From one of the rules guys himself!

Top post is Wikified. Congrats to the team on the new game.


I’ve been waiting for the Stern pdf to drop before adding stuff to this, but looks like the TiltForums crew is all over it! Seriously impressed to the person who managed to get 9 of the 10 album combos from watching the two Deadflip streams!

I’ve added the 10th one to the list so it’s complete now :slight_smile:


Damn, only 9 out of 10, talk about a real fail.

My understanding is that each combo will provide some sort of boost or perk relating to the songs on that specific album, so I assume you only collect each combo once per game.

If this is the case, say you’ve collected the Vapor Trails Combo already (VUK > Left Orbit > Side Ramp). If you then shoot the VUK > Left Orbit, would the Side Ramp “3” light again (to collect Vapor Trails) or just the Side Loop “3” (to Collect Snakes & Arrows)?

I really like the idea of valid combos being spelled out by playfield inserts the way it’s done here, it’s like a more interesting take on the Flintstones ramps.

I don’t think combos are once per game, because they light the combo jackpot / super JP and limiting them after they’ve been collected seems a bit counterintuitive. As for Vapor Trails, I suspect that you’ll have to cash it out at the Time Machine first (rewarding you the album in the process) before being able to shoot that combo again.

And this combo rule was actually done on TMNT, John Borg’s previous title, with the 1-2-3 Foot rules. Very nice to see them fleshed out here.

hmm., that’s a good point about the Combo Jackpots, I really only considered the Combos from a Perk/Boost perspective that I feel was mentioned on the streams. With that being said, they could still be limited despite that.

Regardless of the name, I would argue that 1-2-3 Foot has almost no resemblance to the 1-2-3 Combos in Rush. 1-2-3 Foot is really just a single, timed 3 shot combo that semi-randomly starts by rolling over an inlane. 1-2-3 Combos in Rush are a set of 10 different combos, non-timed, that provide scoring boosts/perks (I think) and involve risk/reward to stack them for larger Jackpots and Super Jackpots.

If anything, 1-2-3 Combos in Rush are more similar to the pre-defined combos of Jurassic Park (and plenty of other games), combined with the Combo Super Jackpot of Avengers, combined with Flintstones insert indicating the next shot, with a perk/boost system added on top of it all.

I just hope it ends up being as cool a feature when playing the game as it appears to be from the reveal.

Right now you can always get a 1-2-3 combo, even if you already have the album. If you have the album, or have that album ready, the 1-2-3 lights will pulse instead of blink indicating “sure you can shoot this combo for points but it won’t light a new album”.

Stay tuned for the answer to the other question about recollecting albums / jackpots …


Are the planet modes timed or not? I’ve been told by several people they are not but above it says “travel to a new planet and start one of six timed modes.” I’m hoping they are not timed ala KISS. First, I suck so completing timed modes is always hard for me. Secondly, Rush songs are rarely under 7 minutes - La Villa Strangiato clocks in a 9 minutes. Will we able to hear a complete song?

Untimed. Wouldn’t want you in a Rush to finish the modes! :wink:


It’s a wiki rulesheet for a reason people! :wink:

Watched a young kid Carter score 2 billion on the pro, and he finished 5 out of the 6 modes. One left flashing.

Liking what I see so far, but is it going to take 45 mins plus to get to mini-wizard modes?

Some modern games seem to be super deep at the expense of breadth.

That’s my only concern as an average player, and I kind of agree with a podcast of Keith’s, that 30 minutes is the sweet spot for mini-wizard/wizard modes.

Very interested to see how Cygnus 1 and 2 are going to be coded and what 2112 ends up being like:)

I get the impression that if you want to get to the wizard modes quickly, you can do so, but at the risk of points. Modes like Spirit of Radio can be finished in five shots but their rules encourage you to do more than what’s required.

From what I’m gathering, the “super deep” rules in this game are largely optional, heck, it took me a paragraph at most to describe the rules at a basic level. Sure you can multiply the planet modes or select a time machine multiball, but the game is just as fun if you don’t know you can do that.


Stern Rulesheet PDF is posted, and added to the wiki.

Also, new code!

PRO V0.86 - February 1, 2022

 - Scoring:
   - Fixed an issue that could cause the last digit of score to end in a digit
   other than 0 when playing the Bastille Day Hurryup.
 - Records:
   - Fixed an issue that could cause the wildcard record to lock in on the
   incorrect color.
 - Far Cry Multiball:
   - Fixed an issue that could end the multiball features while balls were
   still in play.
 - Ramp Diverter:
   - Changed the diverter logic so the state will no longer be shared between
 - Tech Alerts:
   - Fixed an issue that could cause some switches that were not present to
   report switch errors. 


 - Scoop Kickout:
   - Added an optional ball saver that activates when the ball is ejected from
   the lower scoop. The default time is 1 second and can be adjusted from OFF
   to 4 seconds.
   - Added MAIN SCOOP BALL SAVE DURING MBALL adjustment to allow this ball 
   saver to run when a multiball is running. Default: NO.
 - Mystery:
   - Added additional sound effects for Mystery display awards.
   - Added several new awards to Mystery.
   - Implemented a competition setting for Mystery which gives awards in order.
 - Far Cry Multiball:
   - Added additional speech to Far Cry multiball.
   - Added Lock is Lit and Far Cry Ball Locked display effect awards.
 - Headlong Flight Multiball:
   - Changed jackpot arrow color to yellow.
   - Changed Headlong Flight Multiball rules.
     - During Headlong Flight multiball, the drum clock will now show the value
     of the lit jackpots. The jackpot value counts backwards from 12 down to 1.
 - Time Machine Multiballs:
   - Added additional lamp and shaker effects to all Time Machine multiballs.
   - Improved Fly by Night total award display effects.
   - Changed the starting Time Machine multiball to be random when not in
   competition mode.
 - Pop Bumper Rules:
   - Changed the pop bumper advancement rules:
     - Right orbit advances 1 pop bumper.
	 - Under flipper shot advances 2 pop bumpers.
	 - Collecting drumsticks advances 3 pop bumpers.
	 - Pop bumper advancement values are reset every ball unless the values
	 were held.

 - The Weapon Rule:
   - Using The Weapon will no longer remove the album for the player.
 - Extra Ball rule:
   - Changed the default number of ramps needed for extra ball award to 8
   (was 6).

 - Lights:
   - Changed most light shows to mask out critical inserts such as sHoot Again 
   and Extra Ball.   
 - Display:
   - Improved display logic when multiple display effects were queued up to
   play at the same time.
   - Updated the Match award videos.
   - Changed the color of the instrument scores on the UI when the score values
   are held. Flashed the score values when the instrument is active.
 - Instant Info:
   - Added Bonus X status to instant info.
   - Added Album status to show which modes have The Weapon avaialable.
 - High Score to Date:
   - Added high score entries for The Weapon Champion, Album Champion, 
   Freewill Champion, and One Little Victory Champion.
   - Reduced the time spend displaying each High Score entry earned after
   entering initials.
 - Sound:
   - Added sound effects for the dead end target.
   - Added additional display sound effects to mode and multiball awards.
 - Adjustments:
   - Changed auto fire draw power default to 180 (was 200).
 - Action Button:
   - Changed the action button logic. A short press will now swap the diverter
   direction. A long press will activate The Weapon when it is available.
 - Expression Lights:
   - Improved the 2112 lightshow.
   - Improved the Red Barchetta lightshow.
   - Improved the Headlong Flight lightshow.
 - Time Machine Rule:
   - You can now advance the Time Machine toward multiball any time you are not
   already in a multiball.
   - If you collect a combo jackpot award or start a mode at the time machine
   while progressing toward a Time Machine multiball, the ball will be pulled
   through the Time Machine magnet.
   - If you're not in multiball and the Time Machine is lit for a mode award or
   to advance toward multiball, the magnet will throw the ball back at the
   - Otherwise, the magnet will not grab or inhibit the ball movement.


  - Ramp Count Up Awards
   - Implemented HOLD awards from the Ramp Count Up feature.
     - Spinners, Combos, Pop Bumpers, Instruments, and Bonus X can have
     their values held to the next ball after enough ramp shots are made. 

 - Diagnostics:
   - Added Time Machine Magnet Test menu.

Moved to System 3.06
 - Insider Connected attract mode screen udpated to display the location name
 and green check mark with Verified Location if the machine is registered to
 a pro account.

After about 30-40 plays or so I have some questions:

If you hit all the records and reset them all so they’re blinking again do you lose all the 2x multipliers you had and basically have to shoot more and start again if you want them for the mode?

How many sets of RUSH targets does it take to light the outlane save? How many more to light them both?

After a skill shot into the upper scoop all the records turn rainbow for a few seconds. If I hit one it seems nothing happens. Is this just an effect to show off that you got the good skill shot or is there more to it?

A short action button press changes the ramp diverter and a long press uses The Weapon, is that right?

Can The Weapon be used twice or more, like if I get the album for Far Cry can I get an add-a-ball each time I get Far Cry going?

If I get the Moving Pictures album and have Lime Light and Red Barchetta going at the same time will it spot all my shots and add-a-ball with the same press?

Thanks in advance

If you hit all the records and reset them all so they’re blinking again do you lose all the 2x multipliers you had and basically have to shoot more and start again if you want them for the mode?

Yes, and no. You lose which ones are collected BUT the color you have the most of will “lock on”, shown by a pulsing pattern instead of a normal blinking pattern. The locked on one won’t change when you’re shooting around for records so it’s easy to get them back again.

How many sets of RUSH targets does it take to light the outlane save? How many more to light them both?

RUSH targets alternate between Light Bastille Day, Light Ball Save, Light Ball Save, then back to Light Bastille Day.

After a skill shot into the upper scoop all the records turn rainbow for a few seconds. If I hit one it seems nothing happens. Is this just an effect to show off that you got the good skill shot or is there more to it?

Light effect

A short action button press changes the ramp diverter and a long press uses The Weapon, is that right?

With 0.86 and forward, this is correct. With .85 it was reverse.

Can The Weapon be used twice or more, like if I get the album for Far Cry can I get an add-a-ball each time I get Far Cry going?

Weapon can only be used on each song once (can see status in instant info when you have an album collected it will show which songs you haven’t used it in yet). Collect all 10 albums to be able to start collecting albums again and thus re qualify the Weapon from albums.

If I get the Moving Pictures album and have Lime Light and Red Barchetta going at the same time will it spot all my shots and add-a-ball with the same press?

Add a ball takes priority, so you’ll have to hit it once for Add a ball, then again for spot all shots.

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Thanks for the reply! That clears up alot!

Have a couple more little questions I forgot about:

When Bastille Day is ready at the ramp is there any light or any other way to know (on the screen?) it’s ready to start?

What does the clock (or drum?) white playfield light in front of the “1” combo light on the left orbit mean when it’s lit?

The big red beacon above the pops means Freewill is ready right?

Thanks again!

Also, do the other red beacons besides Freewill have any significant meanings?

When Bastille Day is ready at the ramp is there any light or any other way to know (on the screen?) it’s ready to start?

There’s a pulsing red flasher underneath the RUSH laser cut logo on the ramp that indicates it’s ready

What does the clock (or drum?) white playfield light in front of the “1” combo light on the left orbit mean when it’s lit?

Drum Bonus is lit at left orbit

The big red beacon above the pops means Freewill is ready right?


Also, do the other red beacons besides Freewill have any significant meanings?

Then lower two flashers indicate which inlane the ball will go to when hitting either ramp, changed with action button