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Game Information & Overview:

  • Lead Designer: Keith Elwin
  • Code/Rules: Rick Naegele, Elizabeth Gieske
  • Lead Mechanical Engineer:
  • Artwork: Michael Barnard
  • Display and Animations:
  • Sound Design: Jerry Thompson
  • Release Date: January 2024
  • Wiki Rulesheet based on Code Rev: 0.85
    • Edit the Code revision, if applicable, when you make changes

Summer has arrived in the small New England town of Amity, and threatening sharks have put the town’s beaches in danger. The player is assigned to save the town by rescuing beachgoers, closing the beaches, and taking on bounties to defeat the invading sharks, in hopes of eventually defeating Jaws, the Great White shark himself.

Rules Overview:

  • To lure out the shark…
    • Chum the water at the captive ball, then shoot the red arrows to add to the chum line.
    • Once the chum line is full, shoot any yellow flashing shot, then make a quick shot to the shark fin to attach a barrel to it and light Jaws Multiball at the ramps.
    • Subsequent multiballs require barrels to be qualified manually at the left target bank, and more than one barrel has to be attached to the shark.
  • Complete the bash boat to light shark encounter modes at five different shots. Keep shooting the bash boat either during or before them for mode boosts.
  • “Beachgoers” are added to each shot with shots to the shark tower targets. Collect all three beachgoers to close the beach and start a hurry-up at that shot, and score bonuses at that shot for the rest of the game. Close all five for rescue multiball.
  • Shoot for the right ramp to start a bounty hunt for one of four sharks. Complete the indicated amount of shots on the display while playing out the rest of the game. Then, spin the fishing reel to start a multiball and take down the shark.
  • Complete the white arrows at the left target bank to light the right lane for fish finder. Shoot any of the flashing left targets from the upper flipper to score the lit award. Collect all five!




Modes of Play:

These modes are accessible by holding both flipper buttons during attract mode until a menu appears. The following options are available:

  • Standard:
    See below for full rulesheet.
  • Competition:
  • DJ Mixer
    NOT a gameplay mode. This mode operates like a jukebox, allowing you to play the music featured in the machine, including a number of specific playlists.
  • Competition Install
    Not from the gameplay menu, but the following is changed if a Competition Install is performed from the utilities menu:

Skill Shots:

The multi-level skill shot changes at the start of each ball, once the previous one has been scored.

  • Level 1: Plunge into the pop bumper for 5M.
  • Level 2: Plunge into the lane above the mini-flipper, without hitting the bumper, for 10M + light gear.
  • Level 3: Shoot any target on the flashing left target bank, without any other switch hits, for 15M + light gear.

Each skill shot, regardless of level, also adds +5 seconds of ball save time.

Shark Encounters:

Shark Encounters are the main modes of the game and chronicle the crew’s encounters with the vicious Jaws. They can be started at any of the five “beach” shots, after enough shots to the bash boat - on the Prem / LE you’ll know one is about to light when the shark bash toy is available to shoot. Once completed, further shots to the captive ball will enhance the next shark encounter by adding 15 seconds of time to it. Shooting the shark while a mode is lit also awards 5M the first time + 5M for subsequent shots.

Completing any shark encounter by collecting the encounter jackpot during it adds a permanent +1x multiplier to machete shots for the rest of the game.

The five shark encounters are:

  • Night Swim: Started at the left spinner. Shoot blue shots to score, or fast blinking shots to score double. After 5 blue shots, two shots will move from the left side of the playfield to the right and back - nail any five of these shots to light the encounter jackpot at the fin drop target.
  • Beach Panic: Started at the left “wave” ramp. All five shots are lit to score, with one shot lit for 2x. Once 10 shots have been made (with 2x shots counting double), the wave ramp is lit to light the encounter jackpot at the fin drop target.
  • Scars: Started at the center ramp. Shoot the lit ramps to score 6M per shot. Hitting the stand up targets decreases the shot’s values by 250k. After eight shots, shoot any of the left standup targets to bring up the fin drop target to score encounter jackpot.
  • Pond Attack: Started at the fishing reel spinner. Lit shots score points and add 100k+ to a jackpot at the fishing reel. Shoot the Quickshot lane immediately after making the fishing reel to double the jackpot. Score 3 fishing reel jackpots to light the encounter jackpot.
  • Raft Attack: Started at the right ramp. Shoot either the left or right ramp to raise the fin drop target for jackpot. The center ramp can be made as a combo off of either ramp to double the jackpot value at the target. Score 3 jackpots at the fin drop target to light the encounter jackpot.

Closing the Beaches:

There are five different beaches surrounding Amity that need to be closed in the wake of approaching shark attacks, represented by five different shots on the playfield. To close each beach, three beachgoers must be rescued at their respective shots - they can be found by shooting for the shark tower targets surrounding each shot.

Once all three beachgoers have been rescued at one beach, a hurry-up will start at that shot to close the beach. The hurry-up value starts at 15M, and once scored, all further lit shots to that closed beach on the same ball, until rescue multiball is started, will score a percentage of the hurry-up value as a bonus. Rescue all 15 beachgoers to light rescue multiball.

Rescuing enough beachgoers awards extra balls and qualifies Pipit at the left target bank.

Bounty Hunts:

Bounty hunts are started at the right ramp after enough fishing reel spins - or, if one isn’t currently running, Quint’s Shack will light a bounty hunt. Unlike typical modes, bounty hunts run in the background of normal play, are untimed, and only require the player to complete the tasks assigned on the display.

The four sharks a player can hunt for are:

  • #1 - Mako: 100 spins, 3 ramps, 1 pop hit, 2 chum bucket hits.
    • Reward: Upgraded Fishing Reel (fishing reel advances 2x towards subsequent bounty hunts)
  • #2 - Thresher: 6 ramps, 3 3-bank targets, 5 boat shots, 4 chum bucket hits.
  • #3 - Hammerhead: 150 spins, 6 3-bank targets, 4 pop hits, 2 mini-lanes.
    • Reward: Activate Machete on Action Button (one-time use)
  • #4 - Tiger: 6 3-bank targets, 5 pop hits, 10 boat hits, 4 mini-lanes.
    • Reward: Unlimited Flip-Lock Uses (w/ 10 second cooldown)

Once the assigned tasks have been completed, the player must reel in their find by shooting the fishing reel spinner. This will start bounty hunt multiball.

Progress on an unfinished bounty hunt is maintained from ball to ball unless you’re in the reel phase. If you drain in the reel phase, you lose the bounty.

Bounty Hunt Multiballs:

Sharks are vicious creatures and must be weakened before they can be successfully caught. After shooting the fishing reel, a multiball will start where the player reels in the shark and weakens it.

The multiball for each bounty hunt shark slightly varies depending on which shark was reeled in:

  • Mako - 2-ball multiball w/ 5 seconds added to ball save.
  • Thresher - 3-ball multiball.
  • Hammerhead - 3-ball multiball with add-a-ball at the chum bucket captive ball.
  • Tiger - 3-ball multiball with two add-a-balls, one at the chum bucket, then another at the center captive ball targets.

The goal of each bounty hunt multiball is the same - to shoot the green shots to score awards (which can be increased by spinning the fishing reel) and reel in the shark, while shooting the captive ball / shark when flashing (after enough green shots) to weaken it. The shark’s strength is indicated by the green lights on the chum line and increases over time - once the lights have faded completely, one final fishing reel shot followed by the captive ball / shark shot will capture the shark and award the bounty.

The bounty is a large score award determined by the following: (10M + 1M x lit beachgoers + 2.5M x flashing targets hit during feeding frenzy) x the shark number.

Once the shark has been captured, a “celebration” victory multiball will start. Shoot the green flashing shots for jackpots - every two jackpots lights the captive ball / shark shot for a super jackpot that increases in value with each jackpot scored prior to shooting it, which also relights a jackpot. The super jackpot multiplier increases as jackpots are scored, and decreases with each super jackpot collected.

The jackpot values during celebration multiball are maintained across the entire game.

Jaws Multiballs:

To lure out Jaws, the player first must chum the water by shooting the captive ball with the chum bucket sculpt above it. Shooting the flashing red arrows will add to the red LED lights on the “chum line”, and once the line is full, any flashing yellow shot can be made to set up a shot at Jaws and try to attach a barrel to him. The total value of the chum line shots determines the jackpot value for the multiball that follows.

For the first Jaws Multiball, all the three shots that feed the left flipper (i.e., harpoon insert shot, left orbit, and center ramp) will be lit yellow to raise the shark fin. Shoot the shark fin to attach a barrel. For Jaws Multiball 2, only the left orbit will be lit yellow to raise the shark fin. For Jaws Multiball 3, only the harpoon insert shot will be lit yellow to raise the shark fin. Jaws Multiball 2 and Jaws Multiball 3 also require the player to ready their barrels manually by completing the left target bank.

Once the required amount of barrels have been attached to Jaws, Jaws Multiball can be started by making any shot that feeds the inlane posts (i.e., the harpoon lane, left orbit, center ramp or the right ramp). The three multiballs play as follows:

  • Jaws Multiball 1: Reel Him In! Shoot the red flashing shots to collect awards. After collecting three awards, a jackpot shot will flash yellow and red. Shooting additional red shots before shooting the jackpot will increase the jackpot value, up to a maximum of 5X.
  • Jaws Multiball 2: The Chase. Collect switch hits to light all major shots for jackpot, then keep collecting increasing amounts of switch hits to light them again.
  • Jaws Multiball 3: Currently a placeholder - all shots are lit for 15M+ jackpots. A lit jackpot shot must be made to relight the jackpot that was scored prior to it.

During any Jaws Multiball, a ball can be added by shooting the chum bucket enough times to fill up the chum line. 3 hits are required for the first multiball, 8 hits for the second.

Once any Jaws Multiball has been completed, victory combos will start (which are also rewarded once any other multiball has been completed). Shoot the lit jackpot shots as combos to increase their value.


Jaws features a Flip-Lock mechanic at the mini-flipper during all multiball modes. If a ball is being held at the flipper, hold the action button and the mini-flipper will remain raised, allowing multiball to be played with a single ball.

Flip-Lock ends once the 20-second long timer expires, indicated by the flashing barrel atop the bumper. Normally, Flip-Lock can only be used once per multiball.

Other Scoring:

Gear Collection:

Gear can be lit at the right ramp in various ways:

Once lit, a single shot to the right ramp will collect all available gear, which can be cycled through with the right flipper.

There are six different types of gear available:

  • Binoculars: For the next three standup target hits, two beachgoers are lit instead of one.
  • Oxygen Tank: For the rest of the ball, all ball save timers and mode timers (ie. shark encounters, feeding frenzy) are boosted.
  • Tracker: The next chum line advances twice as fast.
  • Barrel Hook: Jaws Multiball Extended. Once the player returns to single-ball play, another ball will be launched and multiball will continue.
  • Shark Cage: One-time ball save for the next shot to the fin drop target.
  • Dart: The next bounty hunt advances twice as fast and a +1x multiplier is added to the final bounty award.

Once all six types of gear have been found, shooting the right ramp again will allow the player to either sell their gear to Quint for points, or keep their available gear. The point award is multiplied by however many pieces of gear the player hasn’t used. If the player chooses to keep their gear, the cash out can be relit the next time the player lights gear.

If all gear has been used, draining will automatically remove the gear from the player’s collection without the chance to sell them.

Fish Finder:

Shooting the white arrows in front of the left target bank will eventually qualify the fish finder, which can be activated by rolling through the lane directly above the mini-flipper. Shoot the flashing target on the left target bank to score the flashing award, from the following five:

  • Super Buoys: Slingshots are lit for more points than usual.
  • Super Life Ring: Every shot to the light life ring target scores a value starting at 10M + 5M per shot and adds more time to the award.
  • Cast ‘n’ Catch: Two “count-ups” are lit at the center and right ramp for a value starting at 1M, increasing rapidly to 30M, and then resetting back to 1M.
  • Light Video Mode: Started at the right ramp. This is an emulation of the “shark killer” EM machine from the movie (which can be played in either 2D or 3D). Use the flippers and action button to fire harpoons at the sharks while avoiding the divers which remove harpoon shots. 2X scoring for the rest of the video mode plus harpoons and extra time are awarded if and when your score reaches 5000. Bonus items you can shoot in the video mode include +5 harpoon shots, and an extra ball icon that moves quickly. Sharks score 500 points each, or 1000 points each after achieving 2X scoring. If you score X thousand points in video mode, then you will get 3X million points when you finish video mode (e.g., 5000 video mode points = 15 million points when you finish video mode).
  • Night Search Multiball: 2-ball multiball. Jackpots are lit at all major shots, but disappear if time runs out. Hit any Fish Finder target to relight jackpots, and the bash boat targets to increase their value. After scoring five jackpots, shoot the shark twice for super jackpots and victory combos.


If the harpoon lane isn’t lit to attach a barrel to Jaws, it can be lit for quickshot by rolling through the right lane above the mini-flipper.

Every lit lane the ball rolls over after passing through the harpoon lane increases the quickshot multiplier by +1x up to a max of 7x. The multiplier value is reset once the player misses a quickshot, so quick, precise shooting is required to maximize scoring potential from them. The quickshot award is also subject to shot multipliers from the lit machete lanes.

Gear is lit at the right ramp for every successful quickshot made.

Feeding Frenzy:

A timed feeding frenzy mode starts after collecting enough complete sets of shark tower targets: 2 are needed for the first one, then 5 for the second, etc.

During feeding frenzy, each shot to the flashing shark tower targets scores a value that increases with every switch hit, and gets multiplied with each flashing shark tower target hit. The feeding frenzy total is maintained across the entire game and is awarded in bonus at the end of each ball.

Feeding frenzy cannot be started during any multiball mode. However, it can be brought into them.

Quint's Shack:

The right ramp is lit for Quint’s Shack after advancing ORCA with strong shots up the left “wave” ramp - “sneak attacks” (missed shots that fall onto the right ramp exit) won’t count. If a bounty hunt hasn’t been started yet, Quint’s Shack will always light one at the right ramp until it has been started.

If Quint’s Challenge is lit at the right return lane, ORCA cannot be advanced and Quint’s Shack can’t be relit until Quint’s Challenge has been started.

Otherwise, Quint’s Shack offers several rewards:

Quint's Challenge:

Completing ORCA at the left “wave” ramp lights the right return lane for Quint’s Challenge, and will light one shot to start a combo. The combo sequence only starts when the first shot is made, and each successive challenge increases in difficulty as combos become more complex.

Each combo represents one of the knots that Quint teaches the crew:

  • Clove hitch - left orbit - right ramp - chum bucket
  • Bowline knot - center ramp - right ramp - chum bucket


Once enough beachgoers have been found, “Pipit” will light, and the next completion of the left target bank will throw a stick for Pipit to fetch at a random shot (solidly lit gray). Collect the lit shot before time runs out to score 10M and gear.

Machetes (Shot Multipliers):

Completing the left target bank while “light machete” is lit will light a return lane for “machete”. This corresponds to a shot multiplier, awarded on the next shot made after rolling through the lit return lane. The multiplier starts at 2x and can be increased by +1x permanently by completing any shark encounter.

Life Ring:

Shoot the “light life ring” target once, then shoot it again while it’s flashing to qualify the life ring ball save. The “life ring” insert above the left outlane only lights for a short time after pressing the action button (when flashing orange), so it must be timed well to save balls that drain there.

Orca Wheel Awards:

The upper playfield on Prem / LE models of Jaws has an associated mystery award. It can be lit at the Orca’s steering wheel spinner with enough shots to the lookout tower ramp on the upper playfield - only one ramp is required to light the first award. The six awards are:

  • Light Gear
  • +1x Machete
  • Shark Pop (bumper hits score 3M for the rest of the ball)
  • Shark Combos (combo shots score 3M per hit)
  • Super Spinner
  • Shark Ramps

Extra Balls:

Extra ball is awarded instantly…

If disabled, extra ball scores 15M.

End-of-Ball Bonus:

Wizard Modes:

Rescue Multiball:

Once all five beaches have been completely evacuated, Rescue Multiball will begin. If the player has only one beachgoer left, and another mode is currently running, the final beachgoer won’t be lit until the mode ends. A ball save is also given while the final hurry-up is available.

The beachgoers have to be evacuated before the shark devours them! Shoot the flashing shots to score 1x, 2x, and 3x jackpots depending on the beachgoers that were successfully saved at that shot. One blue shot represents the pursuing shark, which will eat beachgoers at the corresponding shot unless the player can stall them by shooting it.

Once all fifteen beachgoers have been either evacuated or devoured, the super jackpot can be scored by first shooting the boat captive ball, then repeatedly hitting the fin target. Each shot to the fin target increases the subsequent super jackpot value by 2M, and it can be scored as many times as possible before time runs out.

After the super jackpot times out, victory combos will start for the remainder of Rescue Multiball.


Anyone know of the condition to which the fishing reel is registrering shots. I swear that I have had repeated experience of the reel not giving me lit shots. Even on decently fast balls where the reel was taking at a full rotation.

I wonder if the game I have been playing has some sort of a problem. Or if there is some “by design” to this. Others having a similar experience?

Jaws is a great game!

I think I’ve had that, too; didn’t know the rules well enough yet to know if it was by design or not.

Things are going to change per Elizabeth, but certain direction and certain number of “ticks” are needed to register a shot.

I believe the fishing reel shots are counterclockwise (entering area from right and exiting left).

Had a game today. Same as experienced before. The reel is last shot needed for Rescue MB. And I hit it several times (more than 5, less than 10). Nothing. Drain. Game over.

I am affraid this game is one the freeze for the time being.

Did the ball ever go into the mini flipper lane after shooting the reel? I believe Elizabeth said sometimes it requires that the ball go into the mini flipper lane after the reel to count. Not sure when.

Were you trying to collect the beachgoers or the hurry up?

This one was blinking as the last one on the entire playfield. Had collected a two hurries, I believe, from collecting on the other shots. Had just gone out of my second main MB. Nothing else going on or lined up to start. No response from (repeatedly) shooting the reel. Bummer.

Possibly a bug then from your specific setup. Especially since you clearly collected the other two orange beachgoers on that shot previously.

This seems to be the required ball path to me

Seems to be inconsistent on whether it wants the mini lane to be made or not when collecting beachgoers. If it spins and stops, it will register without the mini lane. If it goes into the mini lane after a reel shot, it registers right away. But it doesn’t seem to require the mini lane for collecting beachgoers

Based on watching some people play last night, it seems like the reel shot does not “count” until the ball either:
A. Hits the pop bumper
B. Falls into the mini flipper lane

So if the ball isn’t consistently feeding to the pop or the mini flipper from reel shots on your machine, that’s probably the culprit.

When I glass off tested last night, it would register after just spins, but it would have to be stopped for a full second or so before the shot registered. But it does seem the pop and mini lane skips that delay.

and I think if an autoplunge is detected it won’t register any spins even if you bop the plunger

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Went and had a go at it today. It still was not registrering consistently, even with the ball heading ahead to the pop after the u-turn. But I managed to punch it trough to play Rescue MB. Which was the good part.

It seems that to root to this is, that the reel on this game is sticky. I took notise of it today, and have now watched some of Elwins demo play video. The reel on the one I play is not rotating anything near as much,

The mech is registering. I took notise of the reel sound it triggers. But there must be some timing or number/rotations logic making the game not acknowledge the shot made. May I recommend the designers to look into this.

Something I haven’t seen mentioned elsewhere is that if you go down the right outlane and activate the life ring exactly as it hits the final switch to the left of the word “Overboard,” it will give you the ball save. I’ve done this now at two locations on the latest code multiple times. It appears to be strict, it doesn’t seem to work if activated right before the switch. May be a bug, may be a secret, hard to tell. Either way, use this knowledge wisely!

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Easter egg caught on stream by Escher.

If you try to death save your final ball, do not succeed, but still get a high score, your sins will be documented. Even if you don’t death save, it takes a jab at ya:

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I actually managed to execute this last night. I also failed at it once. It’s available, but the timing is indeed very tight.

I did that once recently out of frustration on a ball 3 right outlane drain, because why save the button? Much to my surprise, it saved the ball.

At this point I’ve played 3 pros, 2 premiums, 1 LE, and none of the reels are very zippy. Just not a satisfying shot. Seems like the one they demoed on stream has the goldilocks reel.

Or maybe I’ve just never hit it clean even once. Very tough shot for me.