Jaws Rulesheet

lmao that’s awesome

the 0.86 update fixed the Life Ring applying to the right outlane, and made the Mako Shark bounty multiball easier by allowing all 5 Beach shots to light up green to qualify hits to the Shark.

0.86 also added a “Spins for Pond Shot” operator’s adjustment, while lowering the normal requirement from 6 “ticks” (?!?!) to 4 “ticks” (phew.)

the reel on my local Pro machine is Not Very Good; it rarely ever gets more than 4 ticks at once on the most powerful shots. it also tends to throw the ball high of the mini-flipper lane, unless the ball is moving slowly - couldn’t rely on pop hits with that behaviour.
in my first game on the new code, I still couldn’t get a solid shot through the Pond to register. I asked the staff to lower the requirement to 3 spins, and with that change, it started to work! shots that got exactly 3 “ticks” still didn’t count, but shots that got a slightly-delayed 4th “tick” gave me credit on that last tick.
it feels a lot more fair now - not perfect, but way better. weak/backhand shots through the Pond only get a couple of reel spins, but the ball has a chance to reach its intended destination. conversely, a powerful shot gets thrown out of control, but eventually gets credit from the spinning reel… hopefully.

on a related note, i found a good way to make the Pond shot “register reliably” during Multiball: trap a ball at the mini-flipper (not a flip-lock), and as soon as another ball so much as bumps the reel for a tick, mash the right flipper to push the trapped ball into the mini-flipper lane.


Anyone else seeing the flip-lock broken on 0.88 ? When I’ve got a ball trapped on the miniflipper I don’t get a flash on the action button and short or long presses do not lock it anymore… Swear it used to work prior to the update.

Known bug. Patch is already out.

V0.89.0 - April 30th, 2024

  • Beach Closed Value - Popup has been added to show how much the Beach Closed value is boosting the awards when they happen.

  • Flip-Lock - Fixed an issue where Flip-Lock would not light green at the Action Button. (introduced in v0.88.0)

  • Flip Lock - Fixed an issue when adjustment was set to the default “Short Press”, long presses would immediately release the lock.

  • Flip-Lock - Fixed an issue when adjustment was set to “Long Press” the lock sound would not play.

  • Shark Hunter Video Mode - Fixed an issue where players 2 thru 4 would sometimes not be offered an Extra Ball. (introduced in v0.88.0)

  • Pipit - Fixed an issue where the sad total would play even if you rescued her.

  • Jaws Multiball - Fixed an issue where Jaws Multiball intros would not properly kill all sound effects and speech.

  • 4th of July - Mode balancing. Prevent exploit of Center Ramp → Right Ramp combo or Center Ramp repeat combo.

  • 4th of July - Above exploit code only in effect when 3 or more beaches are open. Beach timer extension is not awarded. Points and fireworks are still awarded.

  • 4th of July - Above exploit combos are broken with Boat Jackpot, Left Orbit, 3-Bank clear, Left Ramp, and Pond Shot.

  • Raft Attack - Allow left post to pause fin timer.

  • Quint’s Challenge - When not started, suspends itself when you enter a wizard mode.

  • Audits - Fixed an issue where the Left Slingshot audit would not count up.

  • Adjustment Changes:

    • none
  • System - Remains at V3.66.0 on OS: V2.7.0

Oh nice, this must have just dropped. Glad I’m not going nuts.

This was also maddening, glad to see the fix.

2X inlane is turning machete off… specifically on the shark hit. Is this by design?

Could someone please clarify how the multiplier is calculated for the 4th of July multiball super jackpot? Is it related to the number of beaches still open or something else? I’d like to add it to the rulesheet for clarity.

How do you light the “search” insert?
And what does it do?

Not coded yet.

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Getting some time on this while visiting home. Thought it was cool when you have flip lock on and a second ball gets trapped that the game attempts to flip out just one of them. It worked a few times but one time dropped the ball down the right outlane. Thought the game might account for this and return the ball but it did not. However, a ball was saved one time when a ball returning down the left metal ramp jumped into the left outlane. Thought that was cool

How do you redeem shark teeth?

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The chair hunter challenge mode I think is the only way so far. More to come I think.

That the video mode?

Yeah I believe it is the video mode. I found it by accident. Have a credit on the game, login, hold both flippers and one of the choices is the video game. But that’s not what it’s called. I thought it was some kind of challenge. I didn’t look to see if it deducted teeth for the pleasure, but essentially a one credit video mode.

Yes but you play it over and over and advance the levels and it gets harder and harder the further you get. Can’t remember how many teeth it costs to play. I don’t think it costs credits.

I think it cost me a dollar?

Maybe. I’ve only played at home and it cost me teeth. Must be different on freeplay.

what happens if you just keep hitting chum bucket without lighthing shark encounter first theres a set of red shot then yellow shots

See multiball rules. That is what the chum bucket relates to. That’s the red shots then the yellow ones. I don’t think chum does anything for encounters.

Correct, chum does not contribute to encounters, but you can collect and advance the chum line during them.

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