Stern Godzilla Rulesheet

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Game Information:

  • Lead Designer: Keith Elwin
  • Code/Rules: Rick Naegele, Keith Elwin
  • Lead Mechanical Engineer: Harrison Drake
  • Artwork: Zombie Yeti
  • Computer Graphics Art Director: Chuck Ernst
  • Lead Sound Designer: Jerry Thompson
  • Release Date: September 2021
  • Wiki Rulesheet based on Code Rev: 0.98
    • Edit the Code revision, if applicable, when you make changes

Godzilla is the fourth Stern pinball machine designed by Keith Elwin and the first machine to implement the Stern Insider Connected system, released in September 2021. The table depicts events from 10 classic Godzilla films in an original story depicting Godzilla fighting against the Xilien invasion of Earth, while tearing up a few cities for good measure.

Rules Overview:

  • The goal of Godzilla is to conquer four cities, win all seven Kaiju Battles, and defeat the Xiliens on Planet X. Each city has a Kaiju that must be defeated, and three optional objectives that have the potential to score big:
    • Kaiju Battle (RAID) - Shoot the ramps to light Battle at the scoop, then shoot the scoop and use the flippers to select a desired battle; the lit shots determine what you should be aiming for. Winning Battles allows you to conquer the city. The player starts in Tokyo and can only battle one Tier 1 monster there - no Tier 2s allowed - but selecting a different city will allow you to progress towards them.
    • Tesla Strike - Shoot the Powerline targets enough times to start Powerline Attack, then shoot the strobing targets to start Tesla Strike. Shoot the spinner to increase the value of the blue shots, and make them all to win.
    • Bridge Attack - Hit switches to light the captive ball to destroy the bridge; after four lit bridge shots, shoot the right ramp for a 2-ball multiball mode. Shoot the orange shots for jackpots, then loop the right ramp for super jackpots and add-a-balls.
    • Tank Attack - Shoot the green tank shots to light the scoop to start this 2-ball multiball. Defeat the approaching tanks before they attack you, and cash out the super jackpot at the Maser Cannon target.
  • After completing any of these objectives, two features will light: Destruction Jackpot at the building, and City Select at the scoop.
    • Destruction Jackpot will drop the ball from the Magna-Grab captive ball to the upper flipper. Shoot the loop to collect Destruction Jackpot, worth a percentage of the total points scored during modes. There are several ways to increase the multiplier.
    • City Select will allow you to change Cities. Changing Cities awards the Carnage Bonus worth the total values of all four objectives. Each conquered City also awards perks, like an extra ball after conquering two in a game.
  • There are two major 3-ball multiball modes:
    • Godzilla Multiball is started by shooting the ramps or the building itself enough times. When the arrow at the building is lit green, the next shot will start the Multiball. Shoot lit shots for jackpots and the building for Super Jackpot. Add balls at the right spinner.
    • Mechagodzilla Multiball is started by shooting the right spinner to deploy Mechagodzilla. The three blue targets must then be completed, followed by another right spinner shot. Shoot the ramps and blue targets for jackpots. Super Jackpot - timed collect at the right spinner.
  • Allies can be qualified at the scoop by achieving certain tasks in gameplay. Rodan awards 2x scoring for a minute, Mothra lights the left outlane ball save, and Anguirus qualifies an add-a-ball. Change the qualified ally using the right flipper.
  • Jet Fighter Attack starts with enough lit inlanes. Shoot the red shots to destroy jet fighters. An extra ball is available after 10 fighters destroyed.
  • The Heat Ray is a quick way to collect shots. Shoot the center spinner enough times to charge it up, then activate it by holding the action button for about 5 seconds. This will collect everything lit for you!
  • Completing tasks throughout the game lights the left spinner to advance RAMPAGE. Completing RAMPAGE starts the Monster Rampage timed mode. Shoot the strobing shots to score big, and make 12 shots for an extra ball.
  • Hit the flashing bumper enough times to score Saucer Attacks. Three destroyed saucers nets you another extra ball.
  • Completing tasks throughout the game advances the Godzilla Powerup meter. Shoot the scoop when lit with the green light above it to score a Powerup of your choice.




Skill Shots:

The plunger on this game is player-controlled. Plunging at full strength will usually result in the ball hitting the Magna-Grab captive ball.

Regular Skill Shots:

  • #1: Short plunge to the switch directly under the bumper. Scores 250K x number of unique skill shots, and 3 seconds of ball save time. Boosts future skill shots #1 and #2 by 250K.
  • #2: Short plunge to the first switch out of the shooter lane. Scores 500K x number of unique skill shots, and 5 seconds of ball save time. Boosts future skill shots #1 and #2 by 250K.
  • Short plunge directly to the bumper - or shoot it after failing to register any other switch. Scores 750K x number of unique skill shots, and 5 seconds of ball save time.
  • Plunge the ball into the left spinner lane, behind the upper flipper. Scores 5M + 1M x the number of unique skill shots made, and 8 seconds of ball save time.

(Super) Secret Skill Shots:

  • Plunge to the upper flipper and make a reflex shot to the upper loop. Scores 4M x the number of unique skill shots made, and 5 seconds of ball save time. Boosts future secret skill shots by 2M.
  • Plunge the ball into the left inlane. Scores 5 million + 1 million x the number of unique skill shots made, and 5 seconds of ball save time. Boosts future secret skill shots by 2M.
  • Super Secret: Make the left spinner lane skill shot described above, and immediately make a reflex shot to the scoop. Scores 10M, +2 Godzilla Power-Ups, and lights + collects an Ally. Does not add additional ball save time, but boosts future secret skill shots by 2M.

Monster Monitor Inserts:

The Xiliens plan to wipe out the populations of four major cities by summoning mind-controlled monsters once thought to have been defeated. Godzilla must emerge from the depths once more to take down the opposing forces while destroying the cities.

Each city has four major objectives: Kaiju Battles (RAID), Tesla Strike (POWER), Bridge Attack Multiball (BRIDGE), and Tank Attack Multiball (TANKS). These objectives can only be accomplished once per city; completing any of them - or just attempting a Kaiju Battle - will light the Destruction Jackpot at the building and allow the player to change cities by shooting the scoop.

The player doesn’t need to complete each feature in a city to move on, though they will miss out on perks for having conquered cities; and once the latter three objectives have been played out, the player can repeatedly shoot the shots that started them for Annihilation Bonus points. These act as “victory laps” of sorts, and add up into Carnage Bonus, awarded after changing cities.

Play through all four Cities in a single game to light the scoop for Planet X Multiball.

The four Monster Monitor inserts are:

RAID - Kaiju Battles:

“Shoot the ramps to light Battle!”

Summon the Xiliens and listen to their plan for world domination by making a shot to both ramps, then shoot the scoop and select a 60-second timed Kaiju Battle using the flippers and action button. The first battle during a game is restricted to the Tier 1 column; Tier 2 battles can only be played by changing cities and completing at least half of a Tier 1 battle. Making it halfway through a battle also lights Ally at the scoop.

If the player starts a battle and doesn’t finish it before changing cities or playing another battle, the city will be forfeited to the Kaiju and the player will miss out on scoring city-associated perks. Progress is saved between battle attempts, but shot value doesn’t, and the timer bonus for the final shot (500k x seconds remaining) is reduced to 1/10 of its normal value if the player didn’t win on their first try. Completing a Tier 1 battle also increases the Destruction Jackpot Multiplier by +1x.

Jet Fighter Attack, Tesla Strike, and any Multiball modes can be activated during and stacked with Tier 1 battles - but Tier 2 battles take priority over all other scoring features. A Kaiju Battle cannot be started if a multiball is already running or if Tank Attack Multiball is lit at the scoop.

Tier 1:

Collect 15 spins from the left and right spinners each, and 40 spins from the center spinner. Each completed spinner scores 5M + 5M per spinner. After completing all three spinners, shoot the pop bumper for the final blow, worth 25M + timer bonus.

Shoot five flashing targets - the three powerline targets from left to right, then the Maser Cannon, and lastly, the Magna-Grab captive ball. The first target scores 4M, then 7M, 10M, 15M, and final shot is 20M. Each shot to the Mechagodzilla targets during this battle scores 1M and adds 500K to the next shot.

Make eight left or right ramp shots in any combination. Ramp shots award 1M + 500k per shot, and shooting the opposite ramp as a combo scores double (note that looping one ramp does not count as a combo). The final blow, if made as a combo, scores 4x the value (or 2x if it wasn’t made as a combo).

A random flashing purple shot will light for about 10 seconds. Hitting the flashing shot before it times out will award 4M + (points per switch hit) + 1x per lit shot, to a max of 5x, and light a new, different flashing shot; 7 shots must be made this way to win the battle. Failing to hit the flashing shot before time expires will allow Megalon to hide; while in hiding, shooting either ramp will return Megalon to fighting mode and light a combo shot to attack him. Timing out Megalon while he is hiding underground will result in him spawning at a random shot. Final blow scores the value of a normal shot + 10M.

Tier 2:

Godzilla, Rodan & Anguirus VS King Ghidorah
75 seconds. Take down King Ghidorah by shooting the flashing shots - the left ramp, building, center spinner, right ramp, and big loop - three times each. Shots start at 400k and increase by 150k per shot. All shots start green and award 1x, then yellow for 2x, and finally red for 4x. Collecting a red shot qualifies the scoop for Fight or Flee if it isn’t lit, and adds a multiplier to the jackpot value that can be collected for fleeing at the scoop - which starts at 16M.

During Fight or Flee, pressing the left flipper for “Fight” adds 35 seconds (less time on subsequent selections of Fight), resets the shot colors (but not the shot value), and allows you to continue increasing the value for winning the battle and its multiplier; while pressing the right flipper for “Flee” allows you to collect the multiplied value and end the battle. The mode ends if the player drains while the mode is running, the timer runs out, or if they select Flee.

Godzilla & Jet Jaguar VS Megalon & Gigan
3-ball multiball mode, albeit lower scoring than the massive jackpots that can be collected in the other Tier 2 battles. Two shots are lit for 30 seconds each to collect jackpots starting at 3M and increasing by 500K per Super Jackpot:

  • Building & right spinner
  • Left ramp & right ramp
  • Left ramp & upper loop
  • ?

After each jackpot, shoot the right spinner for a Super Jackpot worth the jackpot value + a multiplier that increases by 1x per Super Jackpot to a max of 4x - until one of the jackpots times out and the multiplier resets. Each Super Jackpot also advances +1 arrow towards Godzilla Power-Up.

Godzilla & Anguirus VS King Ghidorah & Gigan
75 seconds. Score 40 switch hits to light the major shots for 7.5M each, then shoot them again to increase the jackpot multiplier for each shot; after completing all the shots, collect 40 more switch hits to relight them. Shoot the building at any time while the mode is running to activate Fight or Flee. Each switch hit adds 35K to the jackpot, and each lit shot adds 350K to the jackpot, which starts at 1M.

During Fight or Flee, pressing the left flipper for “Fight” adds 35 seconds (less time on subsequent selections of Fight) and allows you to continue increasing the value for winning the battle and its multiplier; while pressing the right flipper for “Flee” allows you to collect the multiplied value + 200K x seconds remaining and end the battle. The mode also ends if the player drains while the mode is running or the timer runs out.

POWER - Tesla Strike:

To activate Tesla Strike, all 3 Powerline targets must be completed twice (+1 per activation). This will start Powerline Attack and cause a single Powerline target insert to rove between targets. Shoot the flashing target 5 times +2 per activation for 500,000 points each, with the final shot starting Tesla Strike.

Tesla Strike is an untimed mode that revolves around shooting the center spinner to light the major shots. Shoot the center spinner to increase the Tesla Value, which starts at 2M (+2M per Tesla Strike started), by 100K points per spin. Then, shoot any of the blue flashing shots to collect the Tesla Value. The amount the spinner builds the Tesla Value also increases by 100k per spin after each Tesla Value collect; however, only one rip of the center spinner is allowed before you must collect a unique blue shot to relight it. Repeat this process 5 times, making 5 unique shots, to win the mode.

After Tesla Strike ends, Power Annihilation Bonus lights for a base of 2% of the points scored during the mode. This can be collected at the strobing Powerline target, which moves from left to right with each collect.

BRIDGE - Bridge Attack Multiball:

Score 50 switch hits (+25 per activation) to light Bridge Attack at the Magna-Grab captive ball. Scoring Bridge Attack removes -25% bridge integrity, so repeat this process four times to destroy the bridge, then shoot either ramp when Bridge Out! is flashing to start a 2-ball Bridge Attack Multiball. This is dependent on the building’s position on Prem / LE, but will always be the right ramp on Pro.

During Multiball, all shots are lit to score jackpots worth 1M + 250K per right ramp shot (+1M for each time the MB is started) each; scoring 3 jackpots lights the Magna-Grab captive ball to score double jackpots. After 2 double jackpots have been scored, a 15 second timed super jackpot round begins where each right ramp shot scores a super jackpot worth 6x the base jackpot value, and the first two super jackpots adds a ball. This process repeats for the rest of the multiball, and the jackpots increase by 750K per super jackpot collected. Jackpot value maxes out at 4M + 1M x Bridge Attack Multiball started.

Playing Bridge Attack Multiball will light Bridge Annihilation Bonus for a base of 4% of the points scored during the multiball. This lights at the Magna-Grab captive ball after enough switches have been hit.

TANKS - Tank Attack Multiball:

Shoot the lit TANK shots to destroy tanks; two will be lit at a time, at random shots on the playfield. Defeat 10 tanks (+5 per activation) to light Tank Attack Multiball at the scoop. If qualified, this multiball overrides the Kaiju Battle selection screen, though you can start it during a currently active Kaiju Battle.

The goal of Tank Attack Multiball is to shoot the flashing, roving TANK shots for jackpots before they attack Godzilla at the captive ball. Each tank destroyed scores 2.5M + 1M per super jackpot collected - 500K per shot the tank moves towards, and increases the super jackpot multiplier +1x to a max of 3x. Tanks spawn at the left spinner and scoop, with one being lit at the right ramp at the start of multiball.

The tanks slowly approach the captive ball in 8 second intervals - 2 seconds per super jackpot collected to a minimum of 2 seconds; if this shot times out without scoring a jackpot, then a tank will reach Godzilla, and the super jackpot multiplier will decrease by -1x. Destroy 4 + (1 to a max of 8 per super jackpot collected) tanks to light Super Jackpot at the Maser Cannon stand up target, worth 50% of the sum total of collected jackpots x the jackpot multiplier.

Playing Tank Attack Multiball will light Tank Annihilation Bonus for a base of 2% of the points scored during the multiball. This can be collected at the random flashing tank shot.

Destruction Jackpot:

Destruction Jackpot can be lit at the building by:

Shoot the building during single-ball play when Destruction Jackpot is lit, and the Magna-Grab post will hold the ball, then drop it to the upper flipper after about 9 seconds. Shoot the upper loop to collect the Destruction Jackpot. A brief grace period is given to collect the Destruction Jackpot if you miss the initial loop shot, which can be increased as an option from Godzilla Powerup #3. Each collected Destruction Jackpot also boosts the value of all Annihilation Bonuses by +1% and lights the left spinner to advance towards Monster Rampage.

The total Destruction Jackpot value = 5M (+1M per Monster Monitor insert) + Temporary Base Value x Multiplier. The temporary base value is removed when the player changes cities. An additional +4M is added to the Destruction Jackpot if London has been conquered, and an additional +15M is added for conquering all four Cities in a single game.

Annihilation Bonus & Carnage Bonus:

When you complete the following in a City, an Annihilation Bonus will be lit until you leave the City, based on a percentage (by default, 2% Powerlines, 4% Bridge, 2% Tanks) of each respective mode’s point total:

Annihilation Bonuses are boosted by +1% for every Destruction Jackpot collected, are boosted by +1% for conquering Tokyo, and are also boosted by 1% as the 2nd Imposter Battle award. Each Annihilation Bonus is added into the Carnage Bonus value, and has a base value of 1M. If multiple Annihilation Bonuses are lit at once, their scoring will be given a +1x multiplier, up to 3x for having all three lit on the same ball.

Once the player leaves a City, they will score the Carnage Bonus. This is determined by adding up:

  • The current Destruction Jackpot, excluding the multiplier but including temporary base value
  • Total points from all three types of Annihilation Bonus
  • +1x per Annihilation Bonus activated on the same ball (ie. if all three were collected before cashing out the Carnage Bonus, this would be 4x)
  • +1x if all four Monster Monitor inserts were collected

City Select:

After lighting the RAID insert for playing a battle, the right scoop will light for City Select and allow you to change your current City and collect the Carnage Bonus, or stay in the current one. If you choose to stay, you must play one of the other three Monster Monitor features to relight City Select. The game always begins in Tokyo; New York, London, and Paris are also available. Changing Cities also lights the left spinner to advance towards starting Monster Rampage.

The purpose of City Select is to determine whether you want to continue playing for a potentially larger Carnage Bonus by playing out the current city, or if you want to complete cities quickly to get to Planet X. Kaiju Battles are locked to the City they have been selected in, and changing cities before completing their respective battle will permanently forfeit the city. The four modes associated with the Monster Monitor inserts can only be played once per city, and the city must be changed to re-qualify them.

Cities can be conquered by winning their respective Kaiju Battles, and each city awards a perk, +1 Bonus X, and +1x Super Spinner immediately after the end of the Battle. Additional perks are awarded if Godzilla conquers a number of cities.


These three multiball modes can only be played by themselves, but can stack with Kaiju Battles if they are started before the multiball; other side modes will also run as usual during either multiball mode.

Godzilla Multiball:

Damage the building and decrease the building integrity to 0% to light Godzilla Multiball. Upper / middle floors can be destroyed by shooting the ramps or the building, while lower floors can only be destroyed by shooting the building itself. Once the building integrity has reached 0%, shoot the building to start Godzilla Multiball. (On the Premium / LE, shoot the building three times after reaching 0% to lock balls, with the third lock starting Godzilla Multiball.)

Godzilla Multiball begins by either plunging and releasing all three balls from the magnet lock (Pro) or releasing all three balls from the building towards the flippers (Prem / LE). During Multiball, shoot lit shots for Jackpots worth 500k + 500k per Godzilla Multiball started. Each jackpot advances its corresponding shot to the next Jackpot level, up to three times per shot until the Super Jackpot is scored:

  • Blue > 1x Jackpot
  • Green > 2x Jackpot
  • Yellow > 3x Jackpot
  • Orange > 4x Jackpot
  • Red > 5x Jackpot

Super Jackpot, worth the jackpot total, lights at the building by shooting 6 Jackpot shots. Complete all lit shots for +1x to Super Jackpot. Shoot the Wallop shot (reverse building) for an additional +1x. Scoring the Super Jackpot also relights all jackpots at +1x their initial level (the highest level jackpots can be lit at after scoring the Super Jackpot is 3x), and is required to qualify Monster Zero as Godzilla Power-Up #4 or #8.

Balls can be added to this 3-ball multiball by shooting any three green Neo-Barrier standups, followed by a right spinner shot.

Mechagodzilla Multiball:

Shoot the right spinner enough times (20 + 10 per activation) to bring Mechagodzilla online, then shoot the spinner once more to deploy him. Once Mechagodzilla has been deployed, the jump ramp will rotate to the target bank side on the Prem / LE. Disable the Neo Barrier by shooting all three targets (or on the Pro, the two standup targets and the right spinner). Then, shoot the right spinner once more (or use the jump ramp on the Prem / LE) to start Mechagodzilla Multiball.

During Multiball, the ramps and building are lit to score jackpots worth 1M + 500K per Mechagodzilla Multiball started. After collecting a jackpot, shoot the target bank to score another jackpot and re-light the jackpots that weren’t collected - third and fourth jackpots are 2x, fifth and sixth jackpots are 3x.

Collect all three jackpots at the lit shots and the target bank for a timed super jackpot - build up the super jackpot value by 500K points per spinner hit for 20 seconds, then collect it at the Tail Whip / right spinner lane within 20 seconds; 3x at the Tail Whip lane (+3 Godzilla Power-Up), 1x at the right spinner lane (+2 Godzilla Power-Up). Draining to a single ball while the super jackpot is lit will give the player a 10 second timer to collect it. Scoring a Super Jackpot during this multiball is necessary to qualify Terror of Mechagodzilla as Godzilla Power-Up #4 or #8.

Saucer Attack Multiball:

This Multiball is qualified by defeating 6 saucers through the Saucer Attack feature. Once it has been qualified, the next shot to the flashing pop bumper during normal play will cause the flippers to die and the ball to drain as multiball begins. Saucer Attack Multiball can only be played once per game.

The goal of Saucer Attack Multiball is to lock on to and destroy saucers. Three white flashing inserts are lit to score jackpots starting at 2.5M + 1M per Saucer Jackpot collected - only 2 need to be made at first, but each Saucer Jackpot requires +1 more shot. Complete them all to light the Maser Cannon target to lock onto a saucer for 2x the jackpot value, then shoot the bumper within 15 seconds to score a Saucer Jackpot worth 10x the jackpot value +1x per Saucer Jackpot collected. Scoring the first Saucer Jackpot adds a ball.

Other Scoring:


Godzilla has three allies, each with associated perks, that can be collected at the scoop when lit. Allies can be lit by:

Pressing the right flipper when an Ally is lit cycles between any of the unlit ones, so set up a shot to the scoop by holding the ball on the left flipper, and use the right flipper to choose the ally you want. These can be collected at any time, and multiple allies can be collected in a single shot if more than one is lit. Each collected ally also lights the left spinner to advance towards Monster Rampage.

  • Rodan - 2x Playfield for 60 seconds (+15 seconds from Godzilla Powerup #6).
  • Mothra - Lights left outlane for Mothra Save. If the ball saver is already active, Mothra Save won’t be qualified until it expires.
  • Anguirus - Action button adds a ball during any Multiball. Collected Anguirus activations stack over the course of the game.

Saucer Attack:

Saucers control the monsters that the Xiliens brought back to life. They can be destroyed by collecting Saucer Attack, which lights for 10 seconds - 2 seconds per saucer collected on the same ball after hitting the bumper 5 times (by default, +3 per saucer collected) or rolling over the switch at the exit of the right spinner lane by itself (in single ball play only). They can also be instantly defeated from a mystery award.

Saucer Attack scores a minimum of 2M + 20,000 points per bumper, increasing by 75% for each saucer destroyed. The value for Saucer Attack is multiplied by +1x every time one is collected on a ball, and is further doubled if the player shoots the bumper by making an alley pass through the right return lane; this will also count as 2 Saucers destroyed. Conquering New York will add an additional 2M to the Saucer Attack value.

Awards are given after destroying certain amounts of saucers:

Jet Fighter Attack:

Start Jet Fighter Attack by collecting 6 missiles at the flashing inlanes. On subsequent attempts, the inlanes must be lit by shooting the right spinner lane, and only one inlane might be lit at a time (which toggles via slingshot hits).

Shoot roving red arrows to collect hurry-up values starting at 1M, add 1M to the value of the next hurry-up value at a higher level, temporarily pause the timer, and destroy jets. The value for each jet destroyed increases by 500K per Jet Fighter Attack started. If 5 shots are made during a single attempt at the mode, the left spinner will light for a final hurry-up starting at 3x the normal hurry-up value and destroying 1 more jet. Rolling through either inlane during this mode resets the hurry-up timer.

Destroyed jet fighters also count up and score various awards during the course of the game:

Magna-Grab & Imposter Battle:

Completing all 3 Powerline stand-up targets lights the right inlane. Passing through a lit right inlane will light the Magna-Grab to score points and capture the ball. Release a ball from the Magna-Grab by pressing both flippers at the right time; every loop shot following a Magna-Grab will be doubled.

Alternatively, time the release of the ball so that it enters the left spinner, and one of a series of Imposter Battle awards will be scored in the following order:

One of the awards from Godzilla Power-Up #5 instantly collects the next Imposter Battle award.

Rage Combo:

Every time the Heat Ray reaches level 3 charge, the left inlane will light. Rolling over the lit left inlane will light the right ramp to start the Rage Combo sequence. The following 5 shots must be made in succession: right ramp, left ramp, center spinner, upper loop, tail whip. Each shot awards 3M (+1M per activation) x the number of the shot. Making the center spinner shot will light an Ally, and making the final tail whip shot will score a 20M bonus, increase the Destruction Jackpot multiplier, and light the building to collect it.

After collecting the first Ally, the 4th shot in the sequence, then the 5th shot in the sequence, must be made to light future Allies in subsequent Rage Combos. Only 3 Allies can be collected from Rage Combo per game.

Monster Rampage:

Complete R-A-M-P-A-G-E to start Monster Rampage. At the start of the game, the first two letters are spotted, so only five need to be collected to start it the first time. Letters can be collected at the left spinner when “Adv. Rampage” is lit through any of the following:

This single-ball mode starts with a generous unlimited ball-save. During the mode, shoot the single lit shot repeatedly for points, with each successful shot increasing the value for the next shot. The jackpot value starts at 3 million and increases by 1.25 million for each jackpot collected, regardless of which physical shot is lit. The lit shot is timed (15 seconds) to move from: Left Ramp → Building → Center Spinner → Right Ramp → Loop → Tail Whip → Left Spinner → mode ends. The values for each shot can be multiplied by both Rodan and from the Rampage X gained after making enough shots during the mode.

Making cumulative shots during the mode scores the following:

  • 12 shots - Extra Ball & +1x to all shots made during Monster Rampage
  • 28, 44, 60, etc. shots - +2x Destruction Jackpot & +1x to all shots made during Monster Rampage

Heat Ray & Super Spinner:

Qualify the Heat Ray by spinning the center spinner enough times - 60 for the first, 120 for the second, etc. Once the action button is flashing, hold the action button to “charge” the Heat Ray to collect all lit shots. As soon as the meter on the display reaches 100%, it’s safe to release the button. The more times you use the Heat Ray, the longer you will need to hold the action button to use it (though this can be sped up by conquering three Cities).

(Note that the Heat Ray cannot be used on Destruction Jackpots, can only be used once during Tier 2 Kaiju Battles and multiball modes, and is disabled during Planet X Multiball).

After using the Heat Ray, the next spinner shot will score Super Spinner points - 2x per spin +1x for every city Godzilla has conquered - for one spinner rip only, with no cap. +2x can also be added from Godzilla Power-Up #7.

Godzilla Powerups:

Completing objectives will add arrows to the Godzilla Power-Up meter, which can be cashed out for awards at the scoop and add 300,000 points to end-of-ball bonus.

Power-Ups are awarded in the same order every game. The first Power-Up set is randomly determined from the five options listed (and remains the same across players in a multiplayer game), but will always be +250k Godzilla Multiball Jackpot or +500k Mechagodzilla Multiball Jackpot in competition mode.

Level 4 and beyond of Godzilla Power-Up can only be collected by scoring a Super Jackpot during Mechagodzilla Multiball or Godzilla Multiball. You can collect any other powerups you’ve qualified before actually playing Terror of Mechagodzilla or Monster Zero, which takes the place of Powerup #4.

Powerup Number Powerup Arrows Required Left Flipper Right Flipper
#1 2 Godzilla Multiball Jackpot +250k or Light Heat Ray or 15M or Destroy Saucer or Saucer Attack +3 secs. or Jet Fighter Attack Values +250k Mechagodzilla Multiball Jackpot +500k or +1x Skill Shot Multiplier or Loops +250k or Monster Rampage - Spot Letter or Saucer Attack +500k or Collect 3x Bonus
#2 3 Tier 1 Battle Timers +20 secs. Tier 1 Battle Time Bonus 5x
#3 4 Destruction Jackpot +3 secs. Tier 2 Battle Timers +20 secs.
#4 6 Light Monster Zero (if Godzilla MB Super Jackpot scored) Light Terror of Mechagodzilla (if Mechagodzilla MB Super Jackpot scored)
#5 6 Collect Imposter Rage Combo +3 secs.
#6 6 Rodan 2x Scoring +15 secs. Magna-Grab 2x
#7 6 Super Spinner +2x Loops 2x
#8 6 Whichever option wasn’t awarded from Godzilla Powerup #4 (if qualified)
#9 6 +2x Destruction Jackpot Light All Allies
#10 6 Collect 10x Bonus Monster Rampage +1x
#11 6 +3 Godzilla Powerups Light King of the Monsters (if all three other wizard modes played)

Godzilla Wallop:

If a mode is running, a strong shot to the exit of the building that passes through its entrance will award one lit shot, prioritizing those on the left side of the playfield. This is called the “Wallop shot” by the game. Further uses of Godzilla Wallop during the mode just award 1M. The first two times (in single-ball play) this will award a short ballsave.

Godzilla Wallop also lights Advance Train at the left ramp, even if a mode isn’t active or Wallop has already been used.


Shoot the upper loop from the upper flipper to score 400K (+20K per loop), with consecutive loop shots adding +1x to the loop value for only that consecutive sequence - to a max of 10x. The base loop value maxes out at 1.5 million, and loop scoring is doubled after releasing a ball from the lit Magna-Grab captive ball.

Reaching consecutive loop shot thresholds awards certain perks the first time they are reached during a game:

Awards are also given after scoring enough loops during the course of an entire game:

Each loop adds 100,000 points to end-of-ball bonus.

Tail Whips:

Score Magna-Grab when lit to light the tail whip shot for Tail Whip. Shooting the loop followed by the tail whip awards a “Super Tail Whip” worth 2x the value and collects 2 Tail Whips. Further loops don’t affect this.

Tail Whips count up and score awards during the game:


Light Advance Train at the left ramp by shooting:

Shoot the left ramp when “Advance Train” is lit to collect 1 train for 2 million points + 200K per train. Collecting Trains will also score awards.


Super Train Loops: (Prem/LE only)

This timed mini-mode starts at the 5th train collected and takes priority over all other modes. Repeatedly “loop” shots to a single ramp to score big points, with each shot made without hitting any other switches adding multipliers to the value. Shooting the building ends the mode prematurely.

  • The building is set to the one-story lower height to facilitate looping either ramp.
  • Successful shots add a couple seconds of time.
  • After 5 consecutive Right Ramps, the building will divert the ball to the other flipper.
  • After 5 consecutive shots to the Left Ramp, the Bridge open and divert the ball.
  • After 4 consecutive Right Ramps, a bonus will be lit at the Left Ramp worth the total value collected so far. This also lights an Ally.

Mystery Award:

Collect mystery awards at the Maser Cannon standup target when flashing. Qualify the target by either rolling over the switch directly right of the pop bumper - and / or hitting the standup target itself - 3 times + 1 per collection.


City Combos:

Each of the 4 Cities has a set of unique combos, 3 combos on the Premium / LE and 2 on the Pro (note that Prem / LE exclusive combos require the building to be in Lock position). After completing 5 City Combos, an extra ball will be awarded. City Combos that have not been collected yet can be viewed in the status report. City Combos score 5M, with a bonus of 10M for completing each city’s set.

Combo 1st Shot 2nd Shot 3rd Shot
Tokyo Combo 1 Center Spinner Big Loop Mecha Side Lane
Tokyo Combo 2 Right Ramp Through Building Big Loop
Tokyo Combo 3 (Prem / LE) Center Spinner Pop Bumper
New York Combo 1 Left Ramp Center Spinner Mecha Side Lane
New York Combo 2 Right Ramp Left Ramp Pop Bumper
New York Combo 3 (Prem / LE) Right Ramp Center Spinner Mecha Side Lane
London Combo 1 Right Ramp Left Ramp Scoop
London Combo 2 Right Ramp Through Building Any Shield Target
London Combo 3 (Prem / LE) Left Ramp Captive Ball
Paris Combo 1 Left Ramp Right Ramp Left Spinner
Paris Combo 2 Left Ramp Right Ramp Hit Building
Paris Combo 3 (Prem / LE) Left Ramp Left Spinner

Secret Combos:

There are 10 secret combos throughout the game. Each secret combo is worth 2,500,000. Additionally, collecting certain numbers of secret combos awards different awards:


Once this award has been collected, for the rest of the current ball, one of the shots will be lit in light green. Shooting this shot will collect and increase the Hedorah value, which starts at 750K and increases by 15K per switch, and light another shot to repeat the process. Score 100 switch hits to cause the green shot to flash, and shoot it to score Hedorah Jackpot for 3x the value. During a long ball, points from Hedorah can be very lucrative!

Oxygen Destroyer:

On the last ball of a game, the right outlane lights for Oxygen Destroyer. This is a one-time only ball save where in order to defuse the destroyer (and save your ball), the ball must be shot all the way through the building within 12 seconds. This will collect anything else that was lit at the building shot.

If time runs out, the ball drains and the game ends; also if the ball drains during the countdown, there are no second changes - the Destroyer detonates as if time ran out.

Extra Balls:

Extra balls are instantly awarded once any of the below tasks have been achieved.


Mini-Wizard Modes:

There are three smaller wizard modes in this game:

Monster Zero:

If the player scored the Super Jackpot during Godzilla Multiball, then chooses “Light Monster Zero” from Godzilla Power-Up Level 4 or 8, the next building shot will begin Monster Zero. To defeat Monster Zero, the player must successfully lock up to 3 balls in single-ball play, then take them on in a Multiball showdown. The mode starts with a 30 second ball saver, reduced to 10 seconds after each lock.

  • Lighting Locks - In order to qualify a lock, shots must be made to any shot with a green arrow; two shots are required for the first lock, then three, then four. Collecting enough of these shots lights the lock at the building and activates red inserts at all major shots for 30 seconds; making these shots adds points to the jackpot value, while successfully locking each ball advances the Super Jackpot multiplier to 3x, 5x, and eventually 8x.
  • Victory Multiball - Once the player has locked at least 1 ball at the building and drained, or locked all 3 balls, Victory Multiball will begin, where 3 shots at a time are lit to score the built jackpot value. Jackpots are 1x if there are two balls in play, 2x if there are three balls in play, and 4x if there are four or more. Collecting 10 jackpots lights the reverse building shot for the Super Jackpot, the first of which adds a ball into play. The mode ends once the player drains down to a single ball.
  • If you drain before locking the first ball, the mode ends and unfortunately does count as a “ball-ending” drain.

Terror of Mechagodzilla:

If the player scored the Super Jackpot during Mechagodzilla Multiball, then chooses “Light Terror of Mechagodzilla” from Godzilla Power-Up Level 4 or 8, the next building shot will begin Terror of Mechagodzilla. This is a unique, flip count-based multiball where the goal is to lock in values for the targets, ramps, and spinners during each phase, then cash them out.

Completing the goal in each of the first three phases will add flips and reset the goal. The goal can be completed a second and third time to add a diminishing number of flips again. Once the player runs out of flips per phase, they will move onto the next phase. The mode ends when they run out of flips at the end of the 4th phase.

  • 1st phase - 30 flips. Single-ball. The standup targets are lit to score points and increase their value - the three powerline targets, the three shield targets, and the Maser Cannon. Hitting a target refunds one flip. Complete them all to add flips. Drains subtract 6 flips.
  • 2nd phase - 45 flips. 2-ball multiball. Shoot spinners to score points and increase their value. The left spinner sets the cap of the value for the center and right spinners. Collect 100 spins to add flips. Drains subtract 5 flips.
  • 3rd phase - 50 flips. 3-ball multiball. Shoot ramps to score points and increase their value. Shoot 8 ramps to add flips. Drains subtract 4 flips. Both ramps are lit for the first round; after reaching the goal, the ramps will alternate.
  • 4th phase - 100 flips, and no way to add more. 4-ball multiball. All shots are lit at the values that were locked in during each phase, and the bumper & captive ball are lit for 3M. Drains subtract 3 flips. At the end, the flippers are disabled, all balls are drained, and a new ball is served.

Planet X Multiball:

After conquering all four Cities, choosing to head to Planet X will award the Earth Bonus, awarding half of the four Carnage Bonus awards from each City (minimum of 55M). The mini-wizard mode, Planet X Multiball, will then start. This is a 3-ball multiball with balls added at each major phase; it can also be played as a single-ball mode, but will end if the ball drains.

Defeat the Xiliens once and for all by making the following sets of shots in order:

  • 3 Powerline targets, then center spinner for 10M
  • All Tank shots, then Maser Cannon for 15M
  • 5 Magna-Grab shots, then right ramp for 20M
  • All major shots
  • Scoop within 20 seconds

The last shot of the first three sets are multiplied by up to 5x - +1x for each city that Godzilla was able to conquer. The scoop shot is a timed shot that must be made within 20 seconds to win; it is a hurry-up that starts at 50% of the Earth Bonus (minimum of 50M) value before decreasing over time.

After the final scoop shot, +6 Godzilla Power-Up will be awarded and the 140-second timed Planet X Victory Challenge will start, allowing you to play through all four waves again for double the Super Jackpot values. The final shot value during the Victory Challenge is double the hurry-up value from the first phase of Planet X. After collecting the final shot, or if time runs out, all progress will reset and the player will return to Tokyo with all three Annihilation Bonuses active. Unlike the regular Planet X multiball, the Victory Challenge does not continue in single-ball play. Winning the Victory Challenge is very difficult but one of two tasks required for the final Monster Island Madness mode. If you fail the Victory Challenge but want to reach MIM, you can make up for this requirement by collecting all ten secret combos.

Once the player reaches Planet X and triumphs over the Xiliens, returning to single ball play, the Power, Bridge, and Tank objectives will be qualified once more. Completing all three objectives lights the scoop for a Planet X Bonus worth 19% of the total score from the mode.

The Heat Ray is disabled during Planet X Multiball.

King of the Monsters (Final Wizard Mode):

Once all three of the above mini-wizard modes have been played, and Godzilla Power-Up #11 has been collected, the next building shot will begin the final wizard mode, King of the Monsters. With the Xiliens defeated, Godzilla must take on all of the monsters he defeated once more to regain his dominance as King.

  • Part 1: Time to battle the Tier 1 monsters again, but this time all at once! The player has 60 seconds + 5 seconds per conquered city to defeat all four monsters, with shots for all four monsters constantly lit. Every monster successfully defeated adds time and +1x multiplier to the bounty that can be collected during part 2, which increases by the value of each successful shot during the mode (these follow the same rules as normal scoring, minus the time bonuses). Once either all four monsters have been defeated, time runs out, or the player drains, the next phase will start.
  • Part 2: 4-ball multiball with the bounty you built up during Part 1 at stake & Mothra and Anguirus active; King Ghidorah strikes back in full force! Your goal is to make shots to every shot with a flashing insert to light them all solidly, requiring multiple hits to all areas of the playfield. Once every light is lit, only then will the scoop light to collect the final bounty, multiplied by the number of balls the player kept in play (up to 4x!):
    • Left spinner - 3 shots
    • Left ramp - 3 shots
    • Building - 5 shots
    • Center spinner - 7 shots
    • Right ramp - 2 shots
    • Big loop - 2 shots

If Anguirus hasn’t yet been used when the player drained to single-ball play, it will automatically be qualified for one last chance at a 2x bounty!

Once the player collects the Ghidorah Bounty, the game ends, with one last end-of-ball bonus.

Monster Island Madness (Ultra Wizard Mode):

If the player was able to successfully win the Planet X Victory Challenge (or make all 10 secret combos) and then successfully defeat King Ghidorah during King of the Monsters, one final wizard mode awaits the best players…

This is a timed, 75-second 6-ball multiball with unlimited ball save. The switch value starts at 25,000, increased by 2,500 for every switch hit. 7 yellow arrows are lit, starting at 10M, increasing by 5M for each one shot. Completing all arrows lights them red for double scoring for the remainder of the mode; completing the arrows again simply re-lights them all again. After time runs out, all balls are drained, and then your game also ends.

Strategies & Tips:

  • There are seven battles that the player must start to access Planet X, but some of these have higher scoring potential than others. Titanosaurus can often be completed during a multiball, while Gigan has the utility of helping light Godzilla Multiball at the building due to all the ramp shots you’re making. And be sure to get that +5x timer bonus from Godzilla Power-Up #2 if you want to guarantee big points!
  • The three Tier 2 battles should ideally be started if you know that you can light an Ally at the right scoop before or during it - ideally Rodan for the 2x playfield. It might be a good idea to charge up the Heat Ray with center spinner shots to make the single-ball battles easier to win; the third conquered City also makes the Heat Ray easier to relight after it’s been used. Like before, pick +10 seconds from Godzilla Power-Up #3 if you want to score even higher during these modes.
  • The annihilation bonuses that are lit by completing either Tesla Strike, Bridge Attack Multiball, or Tank Attack Multiball might seem small when you start scoring them - and that’s because they are at first. But if you can score Destruction Jackpots and get all three annihilation bonuses lit on the same ball, huge points can be scored both immediately and in Carnage Bonus. Try aiming for Annihilation Bonus shots during multiball to mitigate potential drains.
  • The most dangerous shots to recover from on this game are arguably weak shots to the center spinner, the right ramp, the upper loop, or particularly dangerous shots to the saucer pop bumper. If you miss the center spinner, try giving the game a bit of a slap to the left and catch the ball on the right flipper. Don’t double flip off the right ramp return - wait until you know where the ball is going before trying to catch it. Nudge the game to affect the ball’s trajectory if it is exiting out the upper loop, or collect a Mothra Save if you can’t save balls from that area consistently. As for the bumper… this is a very important spot to practice nudging, especially from balls that exit the tail whip lane. Don’t hold either flipper until you know where the ball will head, and nudge the game if it looks like the ball will drain down the right outlane.


I’ve never played this pinball machine before, and it looks like so much to take in! What should I do?

Completely understandable - the layout is unlike anything ever designed in pinball before, and the rules are… comprehensive, to say the least. If you want some basic tips, check out the Rules Overview at the very beginning of this page. The upper flipper can be particularly difficult if you’re not used to its placement.

The “bare minimum” rules I give to people learning this game are to shoot the ramps to light Battle at the scoop, and to try shooting the building repeatedly for Godzilla Multiball. From here, you can work on developing further strategies. The four Monster Monitor inserts in the center of the playfield should help guide you towards the game’s biggest features. And remember - when in doubt, shoot the flashing lights! :slight_smile:

I just beat my first Kaiju, but the game won’t allow me to light the next Battle. Is the game broken?

Nope - the Tier 2 monsters don’t want anything to do with Tokyo, because Godzilla’s already destroyed so much of it. To light the next Battle, you have to shoot the scoop when City Select is lit, then move to a different City. Of course, if you want to maximize the Carnage Bonus, then you might be better off not leaving…

The game told me that the Heat Ray is ready, how do I use it?

After shooting the center spinner enough times, the action button must be held in order to activate the Heat Ray. This is indicated by the action button flashing a blue color. If you’re holding balls on both flippers, slamming your chin on the action button is always an option…

(Prem / LE) Why does the bridge randomly fall apart sometimes?

The bridge activation isn’t random - there are certain times during a game when it activates, so look out when it happens. The bridge activates whenever you collect a Train Award, and when you score the Train Jackpot during Super Train Loops. It also activates at the start of Bridge Attack Multiball and when the Bridge Super Jackpot is lit during that multiball. The game should divert balls that exit the broken bridge to the Magna-Grab, though sometimes they can bounce right off the upper flipper and towards the bumper.

Who are those weird aliens on the display?

Those gray dudes are the Xiliens, the antagonists of the game and the whole reason Godzilla was thrown into this mess. They first appeared in the Godzilla film Invasion of Astro-Monster, where Godzilla was able to take them down on Planet X. Along with bringing Godzilla’s former opponents back to life, the Xiliens also deployed flying saucers to control them. Their voice is hard not to recognize.


Update - y’all wanna start working on the proper rules?

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I’ve got the basics in a text file, just need to merge them with what you’ve already got there.

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This doesn’t appear to be a wiki yet.

Sorry, should be Wikified now.

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Alright, I’ve added what I have been able to note from the Premium Reveal Stream.

There is obviously a tonne of detail to work out, things to add in general, and probably some re-arranging required as things develop but I hope this helps to provide a framework for when people start to actually PLAY the thing and makes it easier to fill in the information.

I thought you could change the voices to Japaneae on this? Special flipping code or…?

The flipper code is “R” before you plunge. Or “L” might work too. :wink:


Missed that menu :yum:

The add a ball in Godzilla Multiball is the right spinner when it’s lit red after a certain number of spins


v0.79.0 out, quite a bit of changes all around-

What about extra balls? I’ve earned one several times but don’t know how and haven’t seen an EB insert.

10 Jet Fighters on default settings is one way. Not sure if there are others.


Thanks. Does that simply award an extra ball or lite it?

Lights it on the building I think? On a pro at least.

Completing a tier 2 battle? Seems like that got me one today, but I wouldn’t swear to it.

This sounds like it has to be some combination of the T1 modes, but the wording is unclear. So you need to complete two T1 modes before advancing to T2? Does Ebirah need to be one of them, or any combination of two?

I think on current code you only have to complete a single Tier 1 mode (and then change cities?) To be able to play a tier 2 mode.

The cities/ battles are kind of a mess at the moment. They way it’s supposed to work is Godzilla challenges one of the Xilien controlled monsters in the current city. Once that is chosen then that monster is attached to that city. If you bail to another city then that monster controls the city and you cannot replay the mode to finish it and control that city which will cause you to lose some perks and bonuses. Tier 2 will unlock upon advancing city and getting at least halfway through the tier 1 battle


Thanks for the clarification! Now I’m looking forward even more to the next update…