Stern Godzilla Rulesheet

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Game Information:

  • Lead Designer: Keith Elwin
  • Code/Rules: Rick Naegele, Keith Elwin
  • Lead Mechanical Engineer: Harrison Drake
  • Artwork: Zombie Yeti
  • Computer Graphics Art Director: Chuck Ernst
  • Lead Sound Designer: Jerry Thompson
  • Release Date: September 2021
  • Wiki Rulesheet based on Code Rev: 0.81
    • Edit the Code revision, if applicable, when you make changes

Godzilla is the fourth Stern pinball machine designed by Keith Elwin and the first machine to implement the Stern Insider Connected system, released in September 2021. The table depicts events from 10 classic Godzilla films in an original story depicting Godzilla fighting against the Xilien invasion of Earth, while tearing up a few cities for good measure.

Godzilla features a mix of easy and difficult shots, and has two main objectives: completing all the Kaiju Battles (shoot both ramps and then the scoop to choose one), and defeating each city and completing a Xilien Battle in each one by lighting all four Monster Monitor inserts - which will in turn lead to collecting huge points from Destruction Jackpots.




  • Maser Cannon: A tight standup target that can only be hit intentionally with late shots from the right flipper (think the Release target on Andromeda and you’d be close). Hitting the target when flashing scores a mystery award.
  • Left spinner: The first of three spinners on the game, this spinner collects letters in RAMPAGE when lit, and sends balls either to the upper loop or Tail Whip depending on the strength of the shot. A switch behind the spinner is used to detect skill shots.
  • Left ramp: This reverse scoop ramp is located behind the building, and sends balls to the left inlane (or right inlane on the Prem / LE if the building is in a certain position). Each shot to the left ramp during normal play collects Trains that count up towards Godzilla Power-Ups. Weak shots to the left ramp feed the upper flipper.
  • Magna-Grab: Unique mix of a captive ball and a target post with a magnet in front of it, which can either be shot directly from the flippers or out of the exit from the building. The Magna-Grab holds the ball at certain times and can be lit by rolling over the right inlane; balls that enter the building will usually be flung from the magnet towards the upper flipper.
  • Bridge (Prem / LE exclusive): This bridge is located near the exit habitrail from the left ramp. Every shot to the Magna-Grab post that damages the bridge will cause the bridge to rumble, before crashing at the start of Bridge Attack Multiball.
  • Building: U-turn loop with a switch in the back that registers shots and destroys the building. Strong shots will activate the Magna-Grab post and fling the ball to the upper flipper. The opposite side of the building can also be shot, though this currently isn’t recognized by the game. (On the Prem / LE, a scoop is located behind the building that locks balls on its roof; each locked ball also changes the position of the building.)
  • Center spinner: Marked with four inserts indicating the status of the Heat Ray, this spinner quickly sends the ball to the upper flipper and can be shot reliably from either lower flipper. This is also where weak shots to the upper loop exit.
  • Right ramp: This ramp is at a weird angle - it looks like it can be made from the upper flipper, but the left flipper is the most reliable flipper to use for this shot. The ramp passes through the building and sends the ball to the right flipper.
  • Upper loop: Flush with the upper flipper is the upper loop, arguably one of the most important shots in the game as it collects the Destruction Jackpot and scores points and more for consecutive loop shots. Weak shots to the upper loop will exit via the entrance to the center spinner lane.
  • Tail Whip: This tricky lane can be shot by making late flips from the upper flipper. Shots to Tail Whip feed the right lane, and count up Tail Whips towards certain awards.
  • Upper right standup: Directly below the Tail Whip lane is an unlabeled standup target. If Mechagodzilla has been deployed, this target will deal damage towards the defense barrier.
  • Right spinner: Shots to the right spinner enter the same lane as the Tail Whip lane. Every spin of the right spinner progresses towards deploying Mechagodzilla if it isn’t already active. On the Prem / LE, this is the default state of the Mechagodzilla shot, and can lower to act as a jump ramp towards a magnetic figure of Mechagodzilla.
  • Neo Defense Barrier (Prem / LE): Once Mechagodzilla has been deployed on Prem / LE models, the right spinner area will rotate to reveal a bank of three standup targets that can be shot to destroy Mechagodzilla’s defense barrier, before the target bank rotates back to the spinner.
  • Scoop: The scoop can only be shot intentionally from late flips with the left flipper, but it is integral to starting the Kaiju Battles and will change the currently active City after one of the Monster Monitor inserts has been lit. The scoop quickly ejects balls to the left flipper, perfect for a live catch.
  • UFO bumper: To the left of the right lane is a single bumper that can send the ball out of control. Bumper hits increase the value of Saucer Attack, which can be collected at the bumper after rolling through the right lane enough times.
  • Right lane: This shot acts as the exit from the right spinner & Tail Whip lanes, and also acts as a skill shot at the start of each ball. Rolling through the right lane progresses towards lighting the mystery award at the Maser Cannon, and Saucer Attack at the bumper.
  • Powerline targets: To the left and right sides of the building, and between the right ramp and upper loop, are standup targets marked with blue inserts. Completing the targets enough times will qualify a strobing insert at the targets; hitting this strobing insert will start the Tesla Strike mode.

Skill Shots:

The plunger on this game is player-controlled. Plunging at full strength will usually result in the ball hitting the Magna-Grab post or the area around the upper flipper. Two skill shots are available (for now):

  • Short plunge to the first switch out of the shooter lane. Scores 500,000 + 100,000 x the number of unique skill shots made, and 5 seconds of ball save time.
  • Plunge the ball into the left spinner lane, behind the upper flipper. Scores 5 million + 1 million x the number of unique skill shots made, and 8 seconds of ball save time.

Monster Monitor Features:

The main goal of Godzilla is to light the four Monster Monitor inserts in each city to destroy them, before taking on the Xiliens once and for all and becoming King of the Monsters. These consist of defeating the Xiliens’ Kaiju in Kaiju Battles, destroying the cities’ power lines during Tesla Strike, collapsing their bridges during Bridge Attack Multiball, and demolishing their many tanks during Tank Attack Multiball. Completing all four tasks in a single city will destroy the city and allow you to change cities at the scoop to a new city, to do it all over again.

Each solidly lit insert will light the Destruction Jackpot at the building, and will qualify “City Select” at the scoop.

The four Monster Monitor inserts are:

RAID - Kaiju Battles:

Take down all the Kaiju that the Xiliens have resurrected! Make a shot to both ramps to summon the Xiliens and light the scoop to start a Kaiju Battle, then shoot the scoop and select a battle using the flippers. Press both flippers or press the action button to confirm your choice, and lock the battle into the currently active City.

Your first Battle will be restricted to the Tier 1 column. Complete half of the lit shots in a Tier 1 Battle to Light Ally and qualify a Tier 2 Battle. Each Tier 1 Battle will be locked to the City you chose it in, whether you complete it or not, and you can only play one Tier 1 Battle per City. Changing your City or starting a Tier 2 Battle before completing a Tier 1 Battle will permanently forfeit that City to the Kaiju.

  • Note: It doesn’t appear that you can qualify/play a Tier 2 Battle in Tokyo. Not sure if you can change your City before playing your first Battle and then light your Tier 2 Battle from your first Tier 1 Battle or not.

All battles display progress information and mode timers (60 seconds for Tier 1, various for Tier 2) on the display. Draining or running out of time causes the battle to end. However, progress is saved between battle attempts.

At the end of each successful battle, a timer bonus is scored worth 500,000 points x the number of seconds remaining in the mode when the player made the final blow. The final blow itself is worth the cumulative value of every shot made during the battle.

Jet Fighter Attack, Tesla Strike, Godzilla Multiball, or Mechagodzilla Multiball can be activated during and stacked with Tier 1 battles - but Tier 2 battles take priority over all other scoring features.

Tier 1:

Ebirah - 4+ shots
Collect 15 spins from the left and right spinners each, and 40 spins from the center spinner. Each completed spinner scores 3 million (+ 1 million) during the battle. After completing all three spinners, shoot the pop bumper for the final blow. Completing two spinners is required to qualify the Tier 2 battles.

Titanosaurus - 5 shots
Shoot five flashing targets, in the following order:

  1. Left Powerline Target
  2. Center Powerline Target
  3. Right Powerline Target
  4. Maser Cannon Target
  5. Magna-Grab

The first target scores 3 million, and each further target during a single attempt scores 1 million points more. 3 shots are required to qualify the Tier 2 battles.

Gigan - 8 shots
Shoot the eight ramp shots in total. Ramp shots award 1 million + 500k per shot, and making an alternating ramp in combo is worth 2x (multiplier does not increase with longer combos like Maiden’s Icarus ramp mode did, and looping one ramp does not count as a combo). Each ramp shot will also damage the building, if applicable, as usual.

Megalon - 7 shots
A random shot will light up yellow on the playfield for 3 million + 1 million per lit shot made. Shots only stay lit for about 10 seconds, and will travel to a new random location if the timer expires. Making lit shots in succession, without them timing out, will multiply the shot value by +1x, to a maximum of 8x. 4 shots must be made to qualify the Tier 2 battles.

Tier 2:

King Ghidorah (Single Ball)
Godzilla, Rodan and Anguiris VS King Ghidorah
90 seconds. Take down King Ghidorah by shooting the flashing shots. The color of the shot will change each time it is made, acting as a multiplier for the next shot collected (shots start at 200,000 points each). Make all five major shots - the left spinner, left ramp, building, center orbit, and right ramp - once each to light the scoop for Jackpot, worth (?). Collecting the Jackpot ends the battle.

Megalon & Gigan (3 Ball Multiball)
Godzilla and Jet Jaguar VS Megalon and Gigan
“Shoot Flashing Arrows for Jackpot”
After shooting X jackpots, shoot Super Jackpot at Mechagodzilla.

King Ghidorah & Gigan (Single Ball)
Godzilla and Anguiris VS King Ghidorah and Gigan
60 seconds. X Switch hits will light shots. Shoot the lit shots to increase the multiplier for each shot (shots start at 1 million points each), or shoot the building to activate “fight or flee”. Pressing the left flipper for “Fight” allows you to continue increasing the value for winning the battle and its multiplier, while pressing the right flipper for “Flee” allows you to collect the multiplied value and end the battle.

Monster Zero:

Complete all Kaiju Battles to qualify Monster Zero Wizard mode.

POWER - Tesla Strike:

Take down all the power lines, then use their electricity against them!

Powerline Attack:

Complete the 3 Powerline targets twice (+1 per activation) to start Powerline Attack. The Powerline targets’ inserts will begin to rove between targets. Shoot the flashing target 5 times for 500,000 points each, with the final shot starting Tesla Strike.

Tesla Strike:

This untimed mode can be very valuable, and revolves around shooting the center spinner to increase the Tesla Value while shooting flashing blue shots to collect it. Shoot the center spinner to increase the Tesla Value, which starts at 5 million points, by 100k points per spin. Then, shoot any of the blue flashing shots to collect the Tesla Value. The amount the spinner builds the Tesla Value also increases by 100k per spin after each Tesla Value collect; however, only one rip of the center spinner is allowed before you must collect the blue shot to relight it. Repeat this process 5 times to win the mode and light the POWER insert.

BRIDGE - Bridge Attack Multiball:

Destroy bridges and unleash havoc across the city!

To Qualify:

50 switch hits (+25 per activation) lights Bridge Attack at the Magna-Grab post to attack the bridge for -25% bridge integrity. Repeat this process four times to destroy the bridge and start a 2-ball Bridge Attack Multiball.

During Multiball:

All shots light to score jackpots worth 2 million points each; each jackpot lights the Magna-Grab post to score a double jackpot. Once all jackpots have been collected, shoot the right ramp for a super jackpot worth the sum total of all jackpots collected, which also adds a ball. This process repeats for the rest of the multiball.

TANKS - Tank Attack Multiball:

Destroy the many tanks sent to defeat Godzilla, and don’t ignore them for too long!

To Qualify:

Destroy 10 tanks (+5 per activation) by shooting the lit TANK shots. Two will be lit at a time by default, at random shots on the playfield. After shooting all tanks, start Tank Attack Multiball at the scoop.

  • Once Tank MB is qualified at the scoop, it overrides any lit Kaiju Battle mode start – meaning: you cannot simultaneously start a Kaiju Battle and Tank MB with the same scoop shot.
  • You can stack Tank MB onto a running Kaiju Battle.

During Multiball:
Shoot the flashing TANK shots for jackpots worth 2,500,000 points + 1 million points per super jackpot collected. If you shoot the tanks fast enough, your jackpot multiplier, which starts at 1x, increases by +1x to a max of 3x. If you go 10 seconds without collecting a jackpot, then a tank will reach Godzilla, and the jackpot multiplier will decrease by -1x. Destroy enough Tanks to light Maser Super Jackpot at the Maser Cannon standup target, worth the sum total of jackpots times the jackpot multiplier.

Destruction Jackpot:

Lighting one of the four Monster Monitor inserts, once per City, will light the building to set up a shot for the Destruction Jackpot at the upper loop. Destruction Jackpot may also be lit by a mystery award. Shoot the building, and the Magna-Grab post will hold the ball, then drop it to the upper flipper after about 10 seconds. Shoot the upper loop to collect the Destruction Jackpot. A brief grace period is given to collect the Destruction Jackpot if you miss the initial loop shot.

The Destruction Jackpot value = the base value x jackpot multiplier.

  • Base Value: Starts at 5 million points, and increases by 1 million points per insert collected. 5% of the points from modes associated with the Monster Monitor inserts, Monster Rampage, and Jet Fighter Attack, are also included; and 3% of the totals from Godzilla Multiball and Mechagodzilla Multiball are added as well. The Destruction Jackpot value resets after changing Cities through City Select, but this has an additional benefit…
  • Jackpot Multiplier: After changing Cities, the jackpot multiplier (which starts at 1x) will be increased by +1x for the remainder of the game!

City Select:

The first time one of the above four inserts is lit on the Monster Monitor, the right scoop will light for City Select and allow you to change your current City, or remain in the current one. The game always begins in Tokyo; New York, London, and Paris are also available.

  • City Inserts are lit in the following way:
    • Insert pulsing: Godzilla controls City/Tier 1 Battle won
    • Insert lit: Monster controls City/Tier 1 Battle lost
    • Insert flashing: City is current city


  • Kaiju Battles are locked to the City you select them in and you can only play one Kaiju Battle per City.

  • Changing your City before completing its Kaiju Battle will permanently forfeit the City to the Kaiju you battled.

  • You can only play one of each of the Monster Monitor features per City. You must Change City to re-qualify and start these features.

  • Changing Cities will award a City Bonus value which awards your current Destruction Jackpot.

City Combos:

Each of the 4 Cities will have a unique set of combos, but this does not seem to be implemented yet as of v0.83.

Planet X:

Wizard mode qualified by destroying the 4 cities.

King of the Monsters (Wizard Mode):

Final wizard mode, for defeating all the monsters and destroying all four Cities.


These three multiball modes can only be played by themselves, but can stack with Kaiju Battles if they are started before the multiball; other side modes like Tesla Strike and Jet Fighter Attack will also run as usual during either multiball mode.

Godzilla Multiball:

To Qualify:

Light locks by shooting the building or the ramps to build up the “Damage Meter” in front of the building. Once the building integrity has reached 0% and the damage meter has been filled, shoot the building to start Godzilla Multiball. (On the Premium / LE, shoot the building three times after reaching 100% to lock balls, with the third lock starting Godzilla Multiball.)

During Multiball:

Shares a lot of similarities to Iron Maiden’s Trooper Multiball, except the Super is much easier to hit. Shoot blue shots for 1 million point jackpots, green shots for 2x jackpot, yellow shots for 3x jackpot, orange shots for 4x jackpot, red shots for 5x jackpot. Shots start off as blue, but unlike Trooper, shooting each shot will collect the jackpot and immediately be lit for the next jackpot level.

Qualify super jackpots by shooting enough Jackpot shots - 5 for the first one, but 5 more than the last are needed for subsequent super jackpots. Collect the Super Jackpot (red arrow) at the building, worth the total value of jackpots collected x the lowest multiplier active at the jackpot shots (ie. if all five shots are lit green, then 2x super jackpot will be scored for 10 million points, etc.).

Balls can be added to this 3-ball multiball by:

  • Pro: collecting 30 spins at the right spinner.
  • Prem/LE: hitting each of Neo-Barrior standups, and then one right spinner shot.

Mechagodzilla Multiball:

To Qualify:

Shoot the right spinner enough times (20 + 10 per activation) to light “Bring Online,” then shoot the spinner once more to “Deploy to Battlefield.”

Mechagodzilla will power up (and on the Prem / LE, the jump ramp will rotate to the target bank side). Shoot all three targets (or on the Pro, the two standup targets and the right spinner) to disable the Neo Barrier. Then, shoot the right spinner once more (or use the jump ramp on the Prem / LE) to start Mechagodzilla Multiball.

During Multiball:

Shoot blue arrows at the ramps and building for Jackpots worth 1 million points each. After collecting a jackpot, shoot the target bank to score another jackpot and re-light the jackpots that weren’t collected. Collect all three jackpots for a timed super jackpot - build up the super jackpot value by 100,000 points per right spinner spin for 20 seconds, then collect it at the Tail Whip / right spinner lane. Draining to a single ball while the super jackpot is lit will give the player a 15 second timer to collect it.

Saucer Attack:

To Qualify:

Light Saucer Attack at the Pop Bumper by shooting the switch under the Pop Bumper(???) enough times?

To Destroy Saucer:

When lit, shoot Pop Bumper for a minimum of 2 million points + 20,000 points per bumper. The value for Saucer Attack is multiplied by +1x every time one is collected on a ball, and is further doubled if the player shoots the bumper by making an alley pass through the right return lane.

  • Awards:
    • 3 Saucers: Extra Ball
    • 5 Saucers: Qualify Saucer Attack Multiball
    • 10 Saucers: Qualify Saucer Attack Multiball

Saucer Attack Multiball:

**During Multiball:**



Light Allies:

  • By destroying 5, 10, (?) Jet Fighters
  • Completing half of a Tier 1 Kajiu Battle
  • 6 consecutive loops
  • Mystery award
  • Additional ways?

Collect Ally:
When qualified, shoot the scoop. The lit Ally will cycle between any of the unlit ones using the right flipper (when you release the R flipper), so set up a shot to the scoop by holding the ball on the left flipper, and use the right flipper to choose the ally you want.

  • Qualified Ally at the R scoop may be collected during multiball.


  • 2x playfield scoring for 60 seconds.


  • Lights the left outlane for Mothra Save. 500,000 points, a ball save, and a choir. If the ball saver is already active, Mothra Save won’t be qualified until after the ball saver expires.


  • Action button quick-press acts as a one-time add-a-ball during any Multiball. Collecting multiple Anguirus in a game will allow you to stack these add-a-balls.

Jet Fighter Attack:

Qualify by collecting missiles by rolling over flashing inlanes. First Jet Fighter Attack is at 3 missiles, second at 6 more after that, etc.

Shoot roving red arrows to collect Fighter Hurry Up values starting at 2 million points, reset the hurry-up value at a higher level, temporarily pause the hurry-up timer, and destroy jets. Every 5 jets defeated during the mode will light an Ally. Defeating 10 jets will end the mode, score 10 million points, and award an extra ball.

Monster Rampage:

Complete R-A-M-P-A-G-E to start Monster Rampage. Each letter can be collected at the left spinner at the start of a game, after changing Cities, after collecting a Destruction Jackpot, or after collecting an Ally.

This single-ball mode starts with a generous ball-save. During the mode, shoot the sole lit shot repeatedly for points, with each successful shot increasing the value for the next shot. The jackpot value starts at 3 million and increases by 1.25 million for each jackpot collected, regardless of which physical shot is lit. The lit shot is timed (around 10-15 seconds) to move from: Left Ramp → Building → Center Spinner → Right Ramp → Loop → Tail Whip → Left Spinner → mode ends.

Heat Ray:

Qualify the Heat Ray by spinning the center spinner enough times. (60 for the first, 120 for the second, etc.) Once the action button is flashing, hold the action button to “charge” the Heat Ray to collect all lit shots (ie. Smart Missile). As soon as the meter on the display reaches 100%, it’s safe to release the button.

  • The more times you use the Heat Ray, the longer you will need to hold the action button to use it.
  • After using the Heat Ray, the next spinner shot will score Super Spinner points for 1 shot only. (Spinner hits worth 1 million + 100,000 points per spin)
  • The Heat Ray cannot be used on Destruction Jackpots.

Godzilla Powerups:

(Unfinished - currently they just add to bonus)

Completing select tasks throughout the game will light the scoop to score a power-up that impacts the rest of the game. The desired power-up can be selected using the flippers.

Light by:

  • Consecutive upper loop shots (1st one is 3 loops)
  • Tail Whips
  • Trains


Shoot the side loop from the upper flipper to score 400K (+20K?), and consecutive loop shots also add +1x to the Loop value for only that consecutive sequence.

  • 2x loop scoring when started from lit Magna-Grab post at the right inlane.

Reaching consecutive loop shot thresholds awards Godzilla Powerups and Light Ally (and other items?), for the first time you reach the threshold each game. Unlike Maiden – which kept a cumulative tally of your loops for reach next Loop Jackpot phase – Godzilla’s loop counter resets after every sequence of loops.

  • 3 consecutive loops awards Godzilla Powerup
  • 6 consecutive loops lights Ally.
  • MORE?

Tail Whips:

Shoot any spinner to light the tail whip shot to collect a Tail Whip. Shooting the loop followed by the tail whip awards a “Super Tail Whip” worth 2x the value and collects 2 Tail Whips. Further loops don’t affect this.

Collecting Tail Whips will qualify Godzilla Powerups and light Destruction Jackpot after 5 have been collected. (Need specifics)


Advance Train:

Light Advance Train at the Left Ramp by shooting:

  • Scoop
  • “Reverse Building” (the exit lane to the left of the building)
  • Other ways?

Shoot the left ramp when “Advance Train” is lit to collect 1 train for 2 million points + 200K per train. Collecting Trains will also qualify awards.


  • Godzilla Powerups
  • Super Train Loops (Prem/LE only)

Super Train Loops: (Prem/LE only)

Starts immediately with your 5th Train. Timed (15 seconds as of rev0.81) mini-mode where making ramp shots awards points and increases the value of the next shot provided that you don’t hit any switches not part of the loop. There is an increasing multiplier on the increasing values for “looping” the same ramp vs. alternating ramps.

  • The building is set to the one-story lower height to facilitate looping either ramp.
  • Successful shots seem to add back a couple seconds of time, and as of rev0.81, even if your timer expires, if you keep your loop shot going, Super Train mode will resurrect and revert back to 3-4 seconds.

Note: Cannot be stacked with Kaiju Battles or Multiball modes.

Mystery Award:

Collect mystery awards at the Maser Cannon standup target when flashing. Qualify the target by either rolling over the switch directly right of the pop bumper - and / or hitting the standup target itself - 3 times + 1 per collection.


  • Advance Fighter
  • Advance RAMPAGE
  • Light Destruction Jackpot
  • Light Inlanes
  • +1x Bonus


  • Cities: 750,000
  • Tail Whips: 150,000
  • Godzilla Powerup Earned: 300,000
  • Fighters Destroyed: 150,000
  • Total Loops: 100,000
  • Bonus X (unfinished, currently only a Maser Cannon award)

Extra Balls:

As of Rev 0.81… two are available:

  1. Destroy 3 Saucers.
  2. Destroy 10 Jet Fighters in cumulative Jet Fighter Attack modes.


  • Kaiju Battles: must be started outside of multiball.
    • Multiballs may be stacked onto Tier 1 Kaiju Battles, but not Tier 2 Battles.
    • Kaiju Battles may be stacked onto other modes, such as Jet Fighters and Tesla Strike.
    • Qualified Kaiju will become unlit if Tank Multiball is qualified.
  • Lesser modes (Jet Fighter, Tesla, Heat Ray): may be started and played during other modes and multiballs.
  • Destruction Jackpots:
    • Only available outside of multiball.
    • Lit DJ takes precedence over a lock shot for Godzilla Multiball.
  • Saucer Attacks:
    • May be qualified and collected during other modes and multiballs.

Update - y’all wanna start working on the proper rules?

I’ve got the basics in a text file, just need to merge them with what you’ve already got there.

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This doesn’t appear to be a wiki yet.

Sorry, should be Wikified now.

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Alright, I’ve added what I have been able to note from the Premium Reveal Stream.

There is obviously a tonne of detail to work out, things to add in general, and probably some re-arranging required as things develop but I hope this helps to provide a framework for when people start to actually PLAY the thing and makes it easier to fill in the information.

I thought you could change the voices to Japaneae on this? Special flipping code or…?

The flipper code is “R” before you plunge. Or “L” might work too. :wink:

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Missed that menu :yum:

The add a ball in Godzilla Multiball is the right spinner when it’s lit red after a certain number of spins


v0.79.0 out, quite a bit of changes all around-

What about extra balls? I’ve earned one several times but don’t know how and haven’t seen an EB insert.

10 Jet Fighters on default settings is one way. Not sure if there are others.


Thanks. Does that simply award an extra ball or lite it?

Lights it on the building I think? On a pro at least.

Completing a tier 2 battle? Seems like that got me one today, but I wouldn’t swear to it.

This sounds like it has to be some combination of the T1 modes, but the wording is unclear. So you need to complete two T1 modes before advancing to T2? Does Ebirah need to be one of them, or any combination of two?

I think on current code you only have to complete a single Tier 1 mode (and then change cities?) To be able to play a tier 2 mode.

The cities/ battles are kind of a mess at the moment. They way it’s supposed to work is Godzilla challenges one of the Xilien controlled monsters in the current city. Once that is chosen then that monster is attached to that city. If you bail to another city then that monster controls the city and you cannot replay the mode to finish it and control that city which will cause you to lose some perks and bonuses. Tier 2 will unlock upon advancing city and getting at least halfway through the tier 1 battle


Thanks for the clarification! Now I’m looking forward even more to the next update…