Stern Godzilla Rulesheet

Going to leave the instruction card information here before we get proper video confirmation of the features.

Godzilla is the fourth Stern pinball machine designed by Keith Elwin and the first machine to use the Stern Insider QR codes, released in September 2021. The table depicts events from 10 classic Godzilla films in an original story depicting Godzilla fighting against the Xilien invasion of Earth, while tearing up a few buildings and monsters for good measure.

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Godzilla Multiball: Just because you’re defending the world doesn’t mean you can’t hurt some innocent civilians too. Shooting the scoop underneath the center building, as well as the two ramps that cut through the roof of the building, will eventually light the locks at the center scoop (shown by the Damage Meter in front of the building). Once three balls have been locked (virtually on the Pro or physically on the Prem / LE), Godzilla Multiball will start.

Mechagodzilla Multiball: Mechagodzilla was one of Godzilla’s first true villains, and the Xiliens brought it back. Shoot the right spinner enough times to power up Mechagodzilla and bring him online; the rotary target bank in front of him will then spin around to reveal three standup targets, which must each be hit to lower the shield defenses. One last shot to Mechagodzilla itself will begin the Multiball. (On the Pro, this simply requires spinner hits.)

Bridge Attack Multiball: Godzilla would rather break bridges than build new ones. Making enough switch hits will like the Magna-Grab captive ball to attack the bridge and lower the Bridge Integrity. Once the Bridge Integrity reaches 0, the next right ramp shot will start the Multiball.

Tank Attack Multiball: The many tanks designed to defeat Godzilla are continuing to roam across the city, and must be destroyed. Shooting the shots lit with green “TANK” inserts will start the Multiball.

Tesla Strike: Completing the Powerline standup targets scattered across the playfield enough times will light the center spinner for Tesla Strike.

Kaiju Battle: Hitting both ramps enough times will light the scoop to start Kaiju Battle.

Monster Rampage: Shooting the left spinner lane enough times will immediately start Monster Rampage.

Fighter Attack: Rolling over the lit return lanes will light the Fighter Attack missile sequence. Completing all 6 missiles will start Fighter Attack.

Planet X: Start this mini-wizard mode by ridding the four cities of all monsters.

Power-Ups: Completing select tasks throughout the game will light the scoop to score a power-up that impacts the rest of the game. The desired power-up can be selected using the flippers.

King of the Monsters: Final wizard mode, for defeating all the monsters and the invading Xiliens.

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