Stranger Things Rulesheet (WIP)

Code rev 0.88
Feel free to contribute. Update the Code Rev, if applicable.

Stranger Things is the first Stern Pinball machine designed by Brian Eddy, after a long hiatus from pinball design, dating back in his Bally/Williams days. The pin is based on the first two seasons of the popular Netflix sci-fi series. It’s the first pinball machine from Stern Pinball to feature a projector illuminating playfield features with gameplay-dependent images.

Playfield Features and Shots:

  • Left outlane - Has a light towards qualifying Mystery and +1 BonusX (alternating). Collects Spell of Regeneration when lit (ball save, qualified through Burn it Back).
  • Left inlane - Has a light towards qualifying Mystery and +1 BonusX (alternating). Fed by the left ramp.
  • “D” standup - first of seven DEMODOG targets. Spell DEMODOG to qualify Demodog modes.
  • Left saucer - This saucer is located to the far left of the game and ejects the ball directly towards the Upside Down, often giving you credit for at least one of the drop targets. Has an RGB arrow. Starts 2x Scoring when flashing (through enough Burn it Back shots). Will spot a letter in “Demodog” if you haven’t played your first Demodog mode yet. Sometimes this shot can kick the ball directly into Burn it Back!
  • “E” standup - second of seven DEMODOG targets.
  • Left orbit - This shot feeds around the back of the playfield and onto a ramp that feeds the right inlane, similar to Theatre of Magic. Weaker shots will fall into the pop bumpers. Has an RGB arrow. Collects Bikes.
  • Lite Lock standups - Complete both standup targets on either side of left ramp to light the left ramp for a ball lock (for Telekinesis Multiball). Note: these are not DEMODOG standups.
  • Left ramp - Feeds the left inlane. A post can hold balls here at certain times during play. On the Premium / LE, this is where the ball is magnetically levitated for a Telekinesis Multiball lock. Has an RGB arrow. Collects Communicators.
  • Inner Left Lane - Deadend target lane between the L ramp and the Upside Down drops bank. Ends in a standup target, which feeds under the L ramp to an up-post, and eventually down the L orbit. When lit, collects Mystery, Demodog Attack, and Extra Ball. Has an RGB arrow.
  • Upside Down drop targets - Bank of four drops. When dropped, allows access to the Center Standups and Center Lane.
  • “MO” standups - two angled targets flanking the Center Lane. 3rd and 4th of seven DEMODOG targets.
  • Center Lane - Begins Demogorgon modes. Has a large RGB arrow.
  • Center Ramp - Wide rectangular ramp that lowers during Demogorgon modes to reveal the Demogorgon.
  • Demogorgon bash toy - interactive toy only accessible/visible when the Center Ramp is down. Has a very narrow “mouth” which the ball can be shot into.
  • Inner right orbit - quickly feeds the ball back down the left orbit. Collects Burn It Back awards. Has an RGB arrow.
  • “D” standup - 5th of seven DEMODOG targets.
  • Right Ramp - feeds the right inlane. Has an RGB arrow. Collects Binoculars.
  • “O” standup - 6th of seven DEMODOG targets.
  • Outer Right Pops lane - in the typical position of an orbit shot, but feeds the pops before returning back down the same lane. Has an RGB arrow. Collects Slingshots.
  • “G” standup - 7th of seven DEMODOG targets, angled away from flippers, so it’s difficult to hit directly from the left flipper.
  • Right outlane - has a light toward qualifying Mystery and +1 BonusX (alternating).
  • Right inlane - has a light toward qualifying Mystery and +1 BonusX (alternating). Fed from Left Orbit and Right Ramp.

Skill Shots

Plunge for flashing drop target. Right now, seems to only award points (500k + 100k per shot).

Super skill shot at the left saucer. You can plunge it or short plunge and shoot it. 1m to start and increases by 250k each subsequent shot.


Left side modes are Season 1. Right side modes are Season 2.
Initial modes lit on each side is random (default), and each season’s lit mode changes with its side’s pop bumper.

Start a timed mode by completing one of that side’s ramp or outer shot set of three inserts. The left orbit and left ramp will start season 1 modes, the right ramp and right orbit will start season 2 modes.

Shoot flashing shots for each mode. Completing a mode isn’t required to make progress, but both immediate scoring and bonus scoring increase considerably by doing so.

Season 1:

  • Follow The Compass: Shoot the flashing shots in this order: left ramp, right ramp, left ramp, Burn it Back, (?) for 250k + 250k per shot.
  • Where’s Barb?: All major shots are lit in red, with one random shot flashing. Shooting any solidly lit shots will score 500k and increase the value of the flashing shot by 250k; making the flashing shot will light another flashing shot and qualify the other shots for 500k. Making the flashing shot twice will finish the mode.
  • Monster Hunting: Shoot the strobing center drop targets to kill monsters and collect items. Five shots are needed to finish the mode (how much is each shot?) and it’s super dangerous, so I’d advise bringing in a Multiball.
  • Get Me Out: The three center shots (left standup, drop targets, Burn it Back) are lit. Shoot any of them to score a base value of 1m + 500k for every two shots made. After completing eight shots, shoot up the center to finish the mode for 5m.
  • Bullies: Left orbit, left ramp, right ramp, right orbit are lit. Unsure of values.
  • Operation Mirkwood: Shoot the left and right ramps to collect items. Each shot scores a million per shot. Hitting ramps as combos will add an additional million to the value. Miss, and it resets back to a million. Collect 10 items to finish the mode.

Season 2:

  • Turn Up the Heat: Shoot the flashing orange shots to raise the temperature and burn the kid. Shots to the targets will collect the current temperature value without increasing it, while major shots will increase the value and make progress.
  • Lure Dart: Starts with left orbit, Burn it Back, right orbit lit. Shoot each shot once for 300k + 300k per shot, then shoot the inner left standup target to finish the mode for 1.5m.
  • Quarter Hunt: All switches are worth 50k for the duration of the mode. Shoot the left or right ramps to “level up”, score some points, and increase the switch value by 25k. Seems like this mode can be particularly lucrative if a Multiball is brought in.
  • Morse Code: The spinner and bumpers are your shots for this mode, and they’ll score 250k per hit along with advancing the message shown on the display. Complete the message with 35 hits to finish the mode. “Friends Don’t Lie, Never Ever, No Matter What!”
  • What Mama Says: Six major shots light (not left saucer and left orbit) and the farthest to the left will flash. After the first shot, the screen says “3 to the right, 4 to the left.”
  • Save Will: Right ramp lights; mode shot moves to left orbit, left ramp, right inner orbit, then left ramp and inner left shot and center shot all light for the final shot. Each shot starts as a hurry up that starts at 2M.


Complete the drops to spell words (each mode requires one additional completion, starting at two for the first mode), and shoot up the middle to start Demogorgon modes. Some are single ball and some are multiballs.

Pro tip: If the middle 2 drops are down, shooting the center lane will spot the outer 2 and complete the word.

  • Bust Out: Single-ball mode. A single shot up the middle into the Demogorgon will end it for 15M if done immediately, or 10M if you hit the sides at least once. Alternatively, five hits to the side (100k each) will kill it for 5M. Just get this out of the way ASAP, there are more valuable modes than this.
  • Trap ‘Em!: 2-ball Multiball. The center Demogorgon target is lit to score a hurry-up starting at 5 million and lowering to 500k. A successful shot into the center will collect the hurry-up. Defeat it again to light all the major shots for Jackpots worth the hurry-up value. Collecting all Jackpots will begin another 2 hurry-ups worth the total of all the jackpots combined. Collecting these will restart the Jackpot sequence with the new value. (25 million decreasing to 5 million - this can be huge!)
  • What’s That?: Very Valuable single ball mode. You have to kill 3 demogorgans. Each are worth 20m if shot through the middle. (Not sure if this decreases with missed hits.)
  • Run Will!: Multiball mode very similar to Trap Em.
  • Cant Stop This: (Unknown Multiball mode)


Spell DEMODOG and then shoot the inner left saucer shot to start. These modes seem to require that you complete then before you can move on to the next one.

  • Break Out: Single-ball mode. 30 sec timer. All DEMODOG targets are lit to kill a Demodog and score 1M. Value increases when you’re near completing the mode. This can be particularly lucrative with a Multiball. 25 targets to complete. Can not start a Season mode while this is running, but can advance locks and Demogorgan.
  • Junk Yard: Single-ball mode. Shoot both orbits worth 1M. Shoot both ramps worth 2M. Shoot inner lanes (first one is 3m. The other is 18m.)
  • It’s a Trap: (Unknown ? mode)

Telekinesis Multiball

Lite locks via the green standup targets on each side of the left ramp. For the first TK multiball, completing both targets once lights all three locks. For the second and third, completing both targets lights one lock. For the fourth and thereafter, two sets of targets light each lock. Shoot the left ramp to lock balls. 3rd lock starts the multiball.

During MB, shoot 5 lit jackpots to light double jackpot at the left ramp, then shoot saucer for super jackpot. Super JP is 6M and can be doubled through 2x playfield scoring (both Multiball and normal)

Hitting the “Light Lock” targets and then shooting the left ramp at any time during Multiball will lock the ball and start 2x scoring for 20 sec. (Doesn’t currently do this in 0.88)

The Upside Down

At random times, game might go into an alternative mode that awards repetitive hurry-up shots at the drops. Although your progress towards modes isn’t visible during this mode, chapter modes and Telekinesis MB can be started during Upside Down. Upside Down can also start during a chapter mode. (is this intentional behavior?)

During Upside Down, you have to hit each drop target once to score a hurry-up value. A hurry-up value is displayed on the LCD, starting at 7.5m. Each drop target scores the current hurry-up value, for a maximum of 30 million from the mode.

You can’t trap the ball and wait for Upside Down to start, it only activates upon random switch hits.

Upside Down is activated deterministically on tournament settings (after certain thresholds of switch hits?)


Making shots in quick succession (it can be the same shot over and over if you want) will score combos, starting at 250k for a 2-Way Combo and increasing by 50k for each additional shot. Making a 5-Way Combo is required to access the Final Showdown wizard mode.

Making a lit shot as part of a combo will also double the value of the shot if it’s lit for anything (ie. Star Trek, KISS combo rules).

Super Pops:

Shooting the pop bumpers will grow Dart and score a base value starting at 10k per pop. After enough bumpers are hit (how many?), Super Pops will start and the bumpers will increase by 3k for the rest of the ball.

Super Pops can also be awarded off of Mystery.

2x Scoring:

Shoot the Burn It Back loop 10 times to lite 2x Scoring at the far left saucer. Shoot saucer to begin timed 2x playfield scoring, denoted by insert above flippers. (If 2x Scoring is already qualified will this add time?)


When lit, shoot the inner left stand up. Light mystery by completing the bottom lanes. Odd-numbered bottom lane completions will light Mystery, while even-numbered bottom lane completions will increase the bonus multiplier by +1x.

The Mystery animation shows a 20-sided dice roll. The award you get is determined by the number it lands on.

    1. Light Lock (for Telekinesis Multiball)
    1. Light Extra Ball
    1. Points (5M)
    1. Add-A-Ball (only given during Multiball, as per tradition)
    1. Hurry Up (not implemented yet)
    1. Advance Mode (makes one shot’s worth of progress towards completing a currently active mode)
    1. Ball Save (at the left outlane)
    1. Extra Ball (awarded instantly)
    1. Hold Bonus (if awarded on the last ball, Bonus is doubled)
    1. Bonus Multiplier (+1x)
    1. Increase Jackpot (?)
    1. Start Mode (one of the chapters)
    1. Big Points (10M)
    1. Start (Telekinesis) Multiball
    1. Super Pops
    1. Video Mode (not implemented yet)
    1. Demogorgon Ready Lit
    1. Start Hidden Mode (?)
    1. Award Map Image (?)
    1. Spell of Protection (at the left outlane)

Spell of Protection:

Left outlane ball save. Lit after 5 Burn it Back shots (alternating with 2x Scoring) or off of a mystery award.

Lighting Spell of Protection while it’s already lit will increase its value by 250k when collected.

Extra Ball:

Collect at lit inner left stand up shot. Extra Ball can be lit through:

  • Playing (not necessarily completing) 3 modes and 6 modes.
  • 15 Burn it Back shots (on default settings, once per game)
  • Mystery award (either lighting the EB or an instant award)


  • All chapter modes can be started first, and Telekinesis MB can then be stacked onto the mode. If the left ramp is lit for both your third TK lock and a mode, you will start both.
  • Demogorgon & Demidog modes can also be stacked with chapter modes (it doesn’t matter which one you start first.)
  • Telekinesis MB can be stacked onto single-ball Demogorgon modes and Demodog modes, but not Demogorgon multiball modes.
  • Upside Down locks out Telekinesis lock progress, but if your third lock is already lit, you can start MB during the Upside Down. Upside Down won’t start if Telekinesis MB is running. However, progress can still be made towards chapter modes during Upside Down, and Upside Down can also start during a chapter mode.

Fun With Bonus

Bonus is determined by:

  • 1 million if a combo was scored during the ball
  • 10% of points scored during Season 1 modes
  • 1k per Demodog mode
  • 1k per Demogorgon mode
  • 10% of points scored during Season 2 modes
  • 20% of points scored scored during Telekinesis Multiball

all multiplied by the bonus multiplier that increases through every other bottom lane completion. This can be gigantic on a good ball, so don’t tilt!

Bonus Hold can be awarded off of Mystery, which will score your Bonus from the previous ball again when the ball drains. If Bonus Hold is awarded on the last ball, the bonus will be doubled!

Mini-Wizard Modes

Total Isolation:
Mini-wizard mode qualified similarly to AFM’s Total Annihilation: complete the inserts on the ramps and orbits (and play the modes you start from each). Left ramp will then be lit to begin Total Isolation.

The scoring works similarly to Total Annihilation, where all the major shots are lit to score Jackpots (albeit they can’t be shot over and over) and the center will score a Super Jackpot worth the total of all the previously collected Jackpots after enough Jackpots have been collected. Jackpots start at 1m increasing by 100k per shot; if double scoring is active, both the normal Jackpots and Super Jackpots will be appropriately doubled. 3 Jackpots are required to qualify the first Super Jackpot, increasing by 1 Jackpot each time.

(On early code it seems like you might be able to stack Telekinesis MB with Total Isolation if the third lock is the same shot that starts Total Isolation. Is this a bug?)

Total Isolation 2
Mini-wizard mode for completing the ramp and orbits twice in a game. Every major shot flashes for points. Hit a shot and it turns solid and is worth less points. Complete all flashing shots lowers the center ramp for a large super jackpot at the Demogorgan hole.

Send it Back:
Play all Season 1 modes to qualify. Shoot the left ramp to start it.

Not programmed yet - awards 30 million.

Light the Fire:
Play all Season 2 modes to qualify. Shoot the left ramp to start it.

Not programmed yet - awards 30 million.

Final Showdown Wizard Mode

Complete all six of the inserts surrounding the Final Showdown insert, and play (complete?) each of Season’s mini-wizard mode.

  • 5-Way Combo
  • Send It Back
  • Demodog (only one is required on default settings?)
  • Demogorgon
  • Light the Fire
  • Telekinesis Multiball

Added some scoring details to TKMB.

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Shit. I think I overwrote what you added Chris. Take a look and see if you need to add more.

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Dang it, someone beat me to making the rulesheet this time. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m liking what I’m seeing so far! Getting an AFM vibe from this game for sure.


So far I’m having a blast playing it. It has some cool homages to AFM (5 way combo, total isolation, and the extra ball animation). Shoots so good and the inner right orbit to left orbit return is one of the best shots in pinball.

I also like how the left saucer fires the ball up the playfield. Wish it hit the inner right orbit more consistently though.

Main gripe with the game so far is the demogorgon mouth is IMPOSSIBLE to hit. You really have to get lucky to make it. Good luck getting through all those modes.

I wasn’t wild about what I saw from the leaked pics and teaser/trailer. But after seeing how it shot on the DeadFlip stream, it looks like a lot of fun to shoot.
I hope that the eventual polished call-outs also include a lot of the humor from Stranger Things. We need more humor in pinball! That’s part of what makes AFM, MM, etc so great.


on your one the left inner loop goes to left flipper? The one I played a clean shot goes to right flipper. Also the saucer seemed to shoot the drops on the DF stream but it usually clipped the far right drop or hit that inner loop more often then not. The code is also old on the one at the location I played - did they show what version was being played on DF?

Thanks to everyone for hanging out with us last night!
Here are the VODs from last night.
We also hit a pretty big milestone… our show has been see over 4 MILLION times!
<3 <3 Thanks for the support, Pinheads :smiley:

TWITCH: (if you like to see the live chat)



The shot to the left of the drops goes to straight back to a standup. Think the bell shot on ACDC pro.

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What does the action button do? :wink:


If anyone has a line to the stern team can you ask how the upside down is supposed to behave in comp mode? It could be due to the early code, but still seems pretty random. I recall on stream it should be deterministic in some way.

How do you increase Bonus X?

Every other bottom lane completion (it alternates between Light Mystery and +1 Bonus X).


So is it possible to stack Telekinesis Multiball with Total Isolation? Because I noticed that the locks can still be collected if Total Isolation has been qualified.

Not sure but you can definitely make progress towards modes and multiball while in the upside down.


Did not realize that. I’ve only played it twice, but just assumed that upside down shut everything else off. So you’re just making progress in the dark then?

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Yup, all the inserts are turned off. You just have to rely on the display to see your progress.

This really doesn’t feel right.

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Has to be a code issue. Here is the excerpt from Stern about the Upside Down:

The Upside Down mode happens throughout the game at random times – just like in the show, you’ll flip into the Upside Down. During this mode there are high point hurry up shots to make, then you’ll flip back into the real world. No progress will be made for other modes during the Upside Down mode.


Welp, there’s our first bug to fix. :stuck_out_tongue:

I also knew that on early code the “Double Scoring Timed Out” notification would stay on screen instead of reverting to the screen showing Demogorgon progress.

Played a bit more today and focused on looping the left orbit for lane completions to build bonus x if I had made a bunch of game progress. Had a few bonuses in the 300-400M range. Definitely seems to be an overpowering strat at the moment.

I was able to make mode/lock progress in the Upside Down some of the time, but not all of the time. It always seems to allow progress early in the game, but not always later. Maybe just before the first TKMB? Not sure, but it doesn’t seem to be consistent.

Definitely had a couple left outlane Spell of Regenerations that failed to actually save the ball. Light turned off, then went end of ball on the drain. Related, is it intended behavior to exhaust this when ball save is still running? I noticed one time it did when ball save was still active from a mystery award.

Anyone noticing any sloppy inlane feeds from the ramp returns? The ball kind of rattles down the inlane guide and doesn’t feed clean to the flipper about 1 in 3 times. I’ve only played one machine, so it could be specific to that one but it’s annoying and messes with my shot timing. Hopefully it’s not a universal issue.