Stranger Things Rulesheet

I haven’t noticed this on the one I’ve played.

Played it for the first time last night and didn’t notice any weird ramp feeds either, did notice that the Send it Back mini wizard was not programmed, just hit the ramp to start and it immediately finished. I drained with I assume Light the Fire mini wizard ready and it was also flashing on the left ramp, so I assume it was the same thing.

Got two reports of the game crashing. When it does, it reboots and doesn’t save any scores. I’m not sure what was happening when it crashed other than both players were “blowing it up.”

Know anything about this?

… I was just told a theory that maybe it’s related to getting a replay?

Ours nearby has been having intermittent flipper issues where they appear to just stop working. Power cycling seems to be a fix, but only temporary. Related? :thinking:

All I want to add to this conversation is that the bash toy is an absolute Donkey. Jesus. How does that make it out of the factory?


I experienced a game crash and reboot the last time I played it. It was right after playing a “Total Isolation” (or maybe right before). The game score after the reboot appeared to be lower than it should have been. A stranger thing indeed! :wink:

Another terrible crash tonight on a real hot game I was having tonight (2/1). Really bummed me out. Also froze up temporarily when I got a “spell of protection” mystery award earlier on the same game. Ball finally released after I hit the flippers

Bash toy just royally screwed me, was still up when TI started. Playing on site and flippers were still on default, too powerful to make the shot :rage:

It would be nice for play if the Demogorgon was leaned forward, closing the gap and possibly reflecting part of its top on the ramp to complete “the look.” Of course this would take away the cool jump that repeatedly sends the ball up to the glass, but…
Season 2 has two more modes, What Mama Says and Save Will. I added what I could see on Jack Danger’s stream.
In a two-player game, it looked like my son continued my progress in Morse Code; when he started, everything but the final word was already filled in.

Anyone else gotten the 48 million SJP? My current theory is a LOTR-style jackpot multiplier (2 balls in play = 1x; 3 balls in play = 2x; 4 balls in play = 3x)? Or perhaps that is the “boost jackpot” mystery award. Really I have no idea, I just play Telekinesis as much as possible and try to get bonus multipliers. Telekinesis base bonus is approx +4 Million per SJP collect.

Left ramp lock doubler + 2x playfield + hit it as a combo


I’ve only seen it happen when you quickly hit the double jackpot shot then the saucer right afterwards. Seems like a bug.

On the LE once double jackpot is lit, you can lock up to two balls on the backboard for 2x and 3x scoring. The locks seem to just light after collecting 5 JPs. I would think they would light after hitting the lock targets, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

So at least a 6x SJP seems possible on the LE right now.

I’m not sure what versions our machines on location have, but just like John mentions above: something is off with the Telekinesis bonus. The other bonus parts (chapters etc.) give a few thousand points, but the Telekinesis bonus after one or more good multiballs could be like 70-80 millions (or more).
I suppose that is not intended?


Completing modes will increase your bonus for the Chapter sections. I think the Telekinesis bonus is related to either jackpots collected or super jackpots collected. With some multipliers, Stranger Things bonus almost competes with GotG and TZ.

I’ve been noticing this more and more on different examples of the game and it’s really bugging me. It happens occasionally after ramp feeds, but more commonly with a loose ball that comes down the inlane. It kind of skips down the lane with the amount of jump that you’d see from standard “flipper hop”, but it’s happening before the ball gets to the flipper and makes it really hard to be accurate.

I haven’t done any formal comparisons, but at a glance it seems like the bottom of the inlanes is wider than other modern games, with more space between the sling and the inlane guide. Anyone feel like doing measurements?

Yeah now that I re-read this I’m following what you’re saying.

Mine has what looks to be a flipper hop on the right side. Not sure I’ve seen it at all on the left.

The slings to flipper guide arrangement seems identical to AFM and I do think the sling is further away from the flipper lane guide.

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Yeah, exactly. The post passes feel terrible in the same way.

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Yeah I feel like a total idiot trying to post pass on this. Haha

Code .84 just dropped. Damage kills added to the demogorgon and lots of scoring balances were the major highlights I saw from a quick scan. Can wait to try it!


I know this was asked earlier, but didn’t see a response. Is Upside Down completely random, or can it be standardized? We have our launch party tomorrow and I’d like to standardize it if possible.

On a fun side note, we don’t even have to enable virtual locks since the plunger on the lock exploded and flew out onto the play field the other day. :roll_eyes:

I think stern has a new post you can get. I’d contact them.

The upside down is based on switch hits in competition mode. I’m almost positive. Stern won’t confirm this though. They they just say in comp mode it’s the same for everyone.

So at the launch party I would take trips into the pops regularly if They are lively.

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