Batman 66 Rulesheet


Creating this to get it started. Please update the Code rev when updating the Wiki.
Code v0.86

Note: Version .80 contains major differences in major villains modes, I’m working to update these as fast as possible, but be aware of notes regarding version numbers in the appropriate sections. If there is not a note, assume the latest version

Skill Shots

Top Lane Skill Shot
The arrows in the shooter lane correspond to the top lanes; hitting the switch directly below the arrows locks in your top lane choices. Lit arrows follow the following order:

Bottom > Middle > Top > Bottom > Bottom and Middle > Bottom and Middle and Top (Repeating)

If the ball falls through a lit top lane you will be awarded the Skill Shot Value starting at 600,000 points and increasing in value by 200,000 for each successful skill shot made. Additionally, the top lane skill shot will increase the end of ball bonus by 5x.

Penguin Skill Shot
Soft plunging the ball directly into the back of the Crane Scoop awards “Penguin Skill Shot” worth varying points based on currently undocumented variables.

Super Skill Shot – No Active Villain
Holding the left flipper and plunging the ball enables the Super Skill Shot; The Super Skill shot lights on each major shot are lit for 5 seconds after the ball hits the top shooter lane switch.

Hit any villain shot to qualify the major villain regardless of how many shots remained to qualify that villain. For example, a SSS to the Joker target will instantly spell JOKER and rotate the turntable to the Batphone to begin the Batphone hurry-up mode.

Super Skill Shot – Major Villain Active
Start the Super Skill Shot with a villain active and hitting a yellow-lit major shot will add one GADGET available at the action button.

Minor Shots and Features

Batphone Hurry Up Mini-Game
Once a major villain has been qualified, but not started, the Gordon insert will blink red. Hitting the Gordon insert or qualifying a new villain will restart the bat phone hurry up timer and increase the point value of answering the Bat Phone:

Hit Number | Bat Phone Value
0 | 1,250,000 (villain qualified)
1 | 3,000,000
2 | 5,250,000
3 | 8,250,000
4 | 12,000,000
5 | 16,500,000
6 | 21,750,000
7 | 27,750,000
8 | 34,500,000
9 | 42,000,000
10 | 50,250,000
11 | 59,250,000

Values increase by 250,000 for each captured Major Villain

If you have successfully lit the shot multipliers, then answering the Bat Phone will award the shot multiplier at the turntable and multiply the Bat Phone award accordingly.

Strategically, the Batphone hurry-up is a pathway to high scores. Higher Batphone values increase the base value of the shots in the major villain modes. The base value of major villain shots holds for the duration of the mode, even if the player drains.

The default “Batphone Hurry-up Champion” score is 20M.

Commissioner Gordon Target
Note: The Gordon Target is a key feature of many modes; below describes the default behavior across all modes. Look for mode-specific Gordon behavior within each mode.

Striking the Gordon target 3 times in the current ball will cause the white “x” inserts to flash. Completing a major shot will double the value of that shot for the remainder of that ball. Striking Gordon 4 additional times, after completing a shot to be doubled, will again light the x shots and completing a different shot will triple its value. You may continue in this manner up to 6x in value. Once a shot has a multiplier assigned, you cannot change it’s multiplier until the next ball.

Shot multipliers are lost at the end of ball.

As of .80, the white insert in front of the Gordon target will flash to display the number of hits remaining to activate the next multiplier.

Shooting a ramp qualifies combos; shooting a red flashing shot on the opposite side of the playfield for a 2 shot combo awards points; each additional shot in the combo awards an additional 125k each.

Combos are multiplied at the end of ball bonus by 250k.

Completing 20/50/100 combos lights extra ball. Default Combo Champion is 20; Default Combo Length Champion is 6

Pop Bumpers
Pop bumpers are worth 10k points multiplied by the current playfield multiplier. Hitting the “Pow” Target between the crane and the right ramp will increase the value of a pop bumper by 5k for the remainder of that ball.

Top Lanes
Completing the Top Lanes increases the bonus value by 1x.

Inlanes / Outlanes
Completing the Batsignal inserts at the inlane and outlanes increases the bonus by 1, lights the spinner, increases the spinner value by 10k and lights mystery.

When the spinner is lit, each revolution increases the “Jackpot Value” by 50,000 or the value increased by the inlanes/outlanes; it’s unclear to which Jackpot the spinner adds.

Extra Ball
Extra ball will light when two major villains are captured or when “Light Extra Ball” is awarded via Mystery.

To collect the Extra Ball, shoot the left orbit or Riddler Saucer. Any left orbit shot that at least trips the Riddler switch will count; the ball does not necessarily need to fully land in the saucer.

Major Villains

Start them by completing the shots for a particular villains on the PF. This will light the Batphone. Answer the Batphone to start the battle against the villain. Once you’ve completed a Villain mode the Super Jackpot is lit at the right scoop. Multiball locks can only be completed while a villain mode is running and before a villain super jackpot is collected.

To light Catwoman, shoot each ramp until all lights are lit.
To light Joker, spell JOKER on the turntable.
To light Penguin, shoot the right scoop until blinking.
To light Riddler, shoot the left or right orbit until blinking.

Catwoman Mode
Ramps to spell “CAT” on each; Batphone, hit the ramps to spell CAT on each ramp, then collect super jackpot at scoop to end the mode or continue.

Beginning Catwoman
To qualify the Catwoman mode, hit each of the ramps with enough shots to light the CAT lamps solid red.

Begin Catwoman mode by shooting the Batphone before the hurry-up timer reaches 250,000 points. The player is awarded the number of points displayed on the screen at the time either target beneath the phone targets are hit.

Playing the Catwoman Modes:

Catwoman Level 1
After answering the Bat phone; the two ramps will be blinking white.

To complete Catwoman mode, you must hit each ramp enough to complete the red CAT lights above each ramp to qualify the super jackpot at the Penguin scoop. Additionally, the player may continue to hit flashing white shots for additional points.

Once qualified the red SUPER JACKPOT insert at the crane scoop will be lit. Shoot the crane scoop while SUPER JACKPOT is lit to end this level and enter ‘Cliffhanger’; the player is given a choice to capture the villain and finish the mode with the left flipper. Alternatively, the player can continue to the next level of the villain mode where shots are worth 2x or 3x.

Catwoman Level 2
Shots roam around the playfield in white and also the “GADGET” targets. Hit the flashing shots to continue the mode at 2x score until SJP is lit at the scoop. Shoot the scoop to return to Cliffhanger mode. Decided to collect the points or continue to level 3 at 3x.

Catwoman Level 3
Level 3 appears to be the same type of mode as level 2. Completing level 3 at the scoop will automatically collect points, capture the villain and return to base mode.

Riddler Mode

Qualify Riddler Mode
To qualify Riddler Mode make an orbit shot a total of two times. Starting Riddler mode subsequent times requires additional shots.

Begin Riddler mode by shooting the Batphone before the hurry-up timer reaches 250,000 points. The player is awarded the number of points displayed on the screen at the time either target beneath the phone targets are hit.

Playing Riddler Mode
After answering the Batphone, 3 shots will be lit: Orbits in Light Green, Commissioner Gordon mode will be available at the Gordon Target, and the Batcave combo hurryup will be orange at the scoop. See Batcave and Gordon Target modes for details.

Note: “To the Bat Poles” / Bat Cave mode is broken for Riddler in .80

Hitting either of the light green shots at the left / right orbit will begin the main Riddler mode. Beginning Riddler mode will automatically end Gordon and To the Bat Poles regardless of if you have played those modes or not.

Riddler Level 1

.80 Bug
Starting the Riddler mode forces the player to complete all Riddler levels before allowing Capture / collect at the scoop. There is no capture option after level 1. Multipliers for Riddler shots automatically increment and display on the LCD when qualified.

Note: Using a GADGET will end both the “To the Bat Poles” and Gordon modes and award the first orbit shot in the main Villain mode.

Completing more shots increases your Riddler capture Super Jackpot and increases the value of Villain Escape Multiball Mini-Wizard mode.

Joker Mode
.75 Behavior Below
Qualifying Joker Mode
To begin Joker Mode hit the villain vision shot enough to solidly light the JOKER inserts and then shoot the targets beneath the Villain Vision again.

Begin Joker mode by shooting the Batphone before the hurry-up timer reaches 250,000 points. The player is awarded the number of points displayed on the screen at the time either target beneath the phone targets are hit.

After answering the Batphone, 3 shots will be lit: Turntable in Purple, Gordon target will be flashing, and the Crane Scoop will be orange.

You may hit the Gordon target for points until you hit one of the other lit shots. The first hit is worth 650k and up depending on an unknown variable. Currently, it seems to be relative to the player’s score, with each subsequent hit worth an additional 100k points. That is to say that playing Joker mode later in the game with a score of 500M makes Joker shots more than starting Joker mode with a score of 1M early in the game.

Hitting the scoop while it is orange will begin “To the Bat Poles”. In this mode, you will need to hit one other randomly placed orange shot to complete the mode. Beginning “To the Bat Poles” will end the Gordon mode.

Note: Using a GADGET will end both the “To the Bat Poles” and Gordon modes and award the first orbit shot in the main Villain mode.

Hitting either of the purple shot at the turntable will begin the main Joker mode. Beginning Joker mode will automatically end Gordon and To the Bat Poles regardless of if you have played those modes or not.

After Beginning the Joker mode, 4 shots (left orbit, left ramp, right ramp, right orbit) will be purple. The number of Gordon shots made and To The Bat Poles Shots made will determine how many light purple shots are required to qualify capture Super Jackpot at the scoop. After clearing all shots (but not hitting the Super Jackpot) the four purple shots will re-light. Clearing more shots increases your Joker capture Super Jackpot and increases the value of Villain Escape Multiball Mini-Wizard mode.

Penguin Mode

Beginning Penguin Mode
Begin the Penguin mode by hitting the crane scoop twice. To capture the Penguin in subsequent times requires additional shots.

Begin Penguin mode by shooting the Batphone before the hurry-up timer reaches 250,000 points. The player is awarded the number of points displayed on the screen at the time either target beneath the phone targets are hit.

Penguin Mode Level 1
During Penguin mode, the crane will move the wrecking ball around the playfield to one of five designated spots on the playfield marked by a purple insert. Before hitting the crane, if you hit the Penguin scoop, you have one (and only one) opportunity to hit the left orbit for the Batcave combo and increase all Penguin scores by 1x.

Shoot the wrecking ball to advance towards capturing the Penguin. After the first wrecking ball shot, all major shots will light purple and the purple insert beneath the wrecking ball will light solidly. The wrecking ball will not return to this spot unless the player restarts the mode.

All major shots start at 600,000, with each shot adding 50,000 to that value. Once completed, major shots do not re-light until the player hits the wrecking ball again.

Strike the wrecking ball at each of the five locations to qualify Penguin Super Jackpot. The value of wrecking ball strikes depends on the Batphone value awarded to start the shot mode. Having a shot multiplier lit will also multiply the value of the wrecking ball strike at the same spot.

Penguin Mode Level 2
The turntable will spin to reveal the Atomic Pile. Shoot through the Atomic Pile 3 times to light Super Jackpot.

Penguin Mode Level 3
3 hurry-ups will start on the GADGET targets. The value of these hurryups will depend on how many shots you made during Level 1. With at least 3x scoring active for playing Level 3, each of these hurryups can be worth at least 100M by themselves! Hit any GADGET target to score the hurryup and start the next one. After 3 hurryups, shoot the Penguin scoop then the Atomic Pile to light Super Jackpot.

Penguin Mode Level 4
Basically a repeat of Level 1, but only for five more shots in total. You will need to hit the crane first to light the shots, but after that, any shot - crane or not - will count. Five shots lights Super Jackpot and captures the Penguin.

Bat Cave, Batmobile Spinner and Atomic Pile

When in a major villain mode, the turntable will change to the Bat cave position revealing several shots.

Light Lock
Shoot either the Bat Computer or Bat Analyzer to light lock at the right orbit.

Increasing Playfield Multipliers
Shoot Both the Bat Computer AND the Bat Analyzer (in any order) to light the Atomic Pile shot. Shoot the Atomic Pile (through the Batmobile spinner and exiting into left orbit) to enable 2x playfield scoring for 30 seconds.

Repeating this process before the existing playfield timer expires will increase playfield scoring by 1x.

Bat Turn

Each spin of the Batmobile adds 25,000 to the Bat Turn value, which starts at 500,000. Hitting the spinner 10 times will light Bat Turn at the Atomic Pile; this will be indicated by a blue insert at the Turntable.

Bat Turn is a 40 second mode that can stack with Major Villain modes, TV Villain modes, and multiballs.

Depending on which position the Turntable is currently in, the rules vary:


All shots score the current Bat Turn value, which counts down to a minimum value of 250,000. No shot can be made twice. Hitting the Batmobile relights all shots and resets the countdown value, with all successive spins adding more points.

Villain Vision (TV):

The countdown value freezes. All shots are re-lit if they’re not already, and score DOUBLE (2X) the Bat Turn value. Shots cannot be made twice; shooting lit ones will relight any previously-made shots.

Villain Multiball

The turntable targets will light locks at the right orbit. Targets are only exposed while a major villain mode is running. Starting Villain Multiball is a standard “lock 3 balls” affair. During MB, shoot green shots (lit persistently) for jackpots. After enough JP’s (15 on Factory Default), Super Jackpot is lit at the turntable.

Jackpot scoring: Every shot on the playfield is lit for a jackpot and they do not unlight. Each successive jackpot during multiball is worth +50k base value from the previous jackpot. The value does not carry over to the next multiball.

For the first Villain Multiball, one hit to any Turntable target will light all three locks. For the second and later Villian Multiballs, you must hit both targets to light one lock at a time, but locks can stack.

Villain Escape (Mini-Wizard Mode)

.75 Behavior Below
After completing all four Major Villain modes, Villain Escape – the mini wizard mode – is lit at the left orbit/“Bat Signal” saucer; shooting it outside of a Major Villain or multiball begins the mode.

This mode has two phases:

Phase 1:

A 30-second single-ball frenzy. All switches increase the “Villain Value”, which is the second phase’s jackpot value. The Turntable stays in the “Batcave” position for the duration of this stage, available to qualify and start Bat Turn and/or playfield multipliers.

This phase ends when the timer runs out, or if you drain.

Phase 2:

A 4-ball multiball. The Turntable spins to the TV position, and the Crane emerges. All Major Villain shots on the playfield are worth the jackpot value. Completing a Villain’s respective shot(s) will light their insert solid on the playfield.

  • Catwoman: Left and right ramps
  • Joker: “Villain Vision” TV
  • Penguin: All 5 crane positions, then Crane scoop.
  • Riddler: Left and right orbits

Defeating all Villains lights the “Bat Signal” saucer for a Super Jackpot; the value is determined by the Super Jackpots collected while playing through the Major Villain modes. At any rate, all shots reset, with increased jackpot values, the Super Jackpot value grows, and a new ball is added into play.

If you’ve beaten Mr. Freeze (see “Minor Villains” for more details), then all switches will continue increasing the jackpot, regardless of what phase you’re currently in.

Villain Escape ends when the player is down to one or less balls.


Completing the lower return lanes qualifies Mystery at the left orbit. Sinking a ball in the upper left “Bat Signal” saucer during single or multiball play gives an award.

The awards are pseudo-random, meaning that they’re usually related to whatever mode you’re currently in.

During Normal Play
+2 Bonus X
Hold Bonus Multiplier (Broken in .75)
Hold Bonus (Broken in all versions)
+1 Gadget
Light Shot Multipliers
5,000,000 points
Light Extra Ball

During Batphone Hurry Up
Restart Batphone Hurry Up (Awarded every other Mystery, as long as Batphone Hurry Up is active)

During Major Villain Mode
Light Lock
Award Lock
Multiball (When two balls are locked)
Playfield Multiplier +1 (Only awarded while one or more playfield multipliers are active. Also resets playfield multiplier timer.)
– Only if a playfield multiplier is running
– Resets multiplier hurry-up countdown.

During Multiball (Regular & Villain Escape)
Add a Ball (Always the first Mystery award. Given out once.)

During Bat Turn, Minor Villain Modes, Opening Phase of Villain Escape, & Atomic PIle Playfield Multipliers
Add More Time


TL;DR: Complete GADGET 6 bank for one Gadget that does something during specific modes.

Qualifying a GADGET
Complete the 6 GADGET standups on the left for one Gadget. The action button on the lockdown bar will flash red; hitting the button applies the Gadget to a mode or feature (usually making a shot for you).

Known Gadgets
Complete Major Villain Shot
o Using this gadget will advance the current major villain mode one shot closer to qualifying the villain super jackpot. This gadget will not award villain super jackpot.
:clubs: This is a game configuration; you can change the configuration to allow for Gadgets to award Super Jackpot.
o In Penguin mode, the gadget will complete the most valuable shot available. It will ONLY advance the crane if no other purple lit shots are available.
o If you complete a major villain mode and return to the base mode, this gadget will not be available until you begin another major villain.

  • Open Ball Lock Diverter
    o When locks are qualified (and the Turntable is in the “Batcave” position), hitting the Gadget button during a plunge – if timed correctly – will divert plunged balls into the lock. This also works for balls ejecting from upper right “Bat Signal” saucer.

Changing / Selecting a Specific Gadget
As of .80, there’s no way to know what gadgets you have or how to select a specific gadget if you have multiple available.

Minor Villains (Season 1, 2, 3)

Note: Currently, most of the TV Villians aren’t yet implemented

TL;DR: Hit all 3 TV targets in one ball. Shoot the saucer when the “TV” insert is lit. Use your flippers to select either a Minor Villain mode, or a 750,000 “Take Points” consolation award.

Qualifying a Minor Villain

Complete the 3 bank “TV” standups on the lower right side of the playfield to light the left orbit for a Minor Villain. Sink a ball in the “Bat Signal” saucer to begin.

The LCD will then show various Minor Villains and a “Take Points” icon. Use the flippers to scroll through the items, and the Gadget button to select one.

“Take Points” is a consolation bonus of 750,000. Otherwise, any Minor Villain that’s not silhouetted starts a 45 second mode; each has its own set of rules.

List of Minor Villains:

Mr. Freeze (Deep Freeze):

Complete 6 blue shots to defeat Mr. Freeze. Certain shots will be lit red at first, and shooting them again will cause them to become blue. The shots score 500,000 each.

Successfully defeating Mr. Freeze freezes all timers for the remainder of the ball. This includes other Minor Villain modes, Atomic Pile Playfield Multipliers, and Bat Turn. If you start Villain Escape, switches will always add to the value (regardless of what phase you’re in; see “Villain Escape” for more information).

Egghead (Egg Fight):

A frenzy mode. All switches score 250,000 and add 250,000 to a jackpot, which starts at 1,000,000. Upon hitting the Gadget button, the jackpot lights at a random shot; all switches still score, but stop adding to the jackpot.

Standup targets move the jackpot to a different shot with every hit; the Gadget and Turntable targets move it to the left, and the pop bumper area, Commissioner Gordon, and TV standups to the right.

Collecting the jackpot ends Egg Fight successfully. Otherwise, the frenzy ends when the timer runs out.


Are the villain super jackpots active in the code yet? I had one earlier this week where the display said I collected 65M from the Penguin SJP but my score didn’t change. I was in multiball at the time, so maybe that affected it somehow?


I have also experienced this.


Added some updates to major villians and multiball rules. Haven’t played code 0.69.0 yet but from the change notes I did not see anything changed in the areas I filled in.


Riddler is left or right orbit.

Are you sure you can increase bonus x with skillshot after locked ball? I was testing this theory last night and from what I could tell it does not, or at least not noticeably like at the start of an “official” ball.

Hold Bonus X works.
Hold Bonus does not.


something is definitely weird there. From what I can tell it gives you a variable score for shooting the SJP when lit, and then goes to the villain in jail animation which shows double that score you actually got, but doesn’t actually give it to you.


What’s the most anyone has seen on an end of ball bonus? The other day I actually got 880M from bonus!


I only played it for the first time last night – the villain SJP are definitely there and DO score. But, there was at least one instance where it showed a villain SJP, followed by another collect value that was double that. And I believe it scored he single value.

I’ve only played the game twice, but once was a rather lengthy 4-player match that offered lots of opportunity to watch others.


i think we’re saying the same thing, but not sure. I’ve played this one quite a bit, and this is something I’ve payed close attention as of late because i felt like what I was seeing wasn’t adding up.

This is what I see: let’s say I’m in Penguin mode and light his villain super jackpot. When I shoot that, it will give me a score, let’s say in this instance it is 20 million. I will get 20 million added to my score. The screen then goes into the jail animation. It will display that the villain super jackpot is 40 million, but I won’t get another 40 million added to my score.


What I think happens is you hit the sjp and it tells you how much it was worth. Then it shows the villain in jail and days like penguin captured 45 million or whatever. I don’t think this second message is indicating you just received any additional points, I think it’s displaying the total points you scored during the mode, which includes the value of the sjp to finish it. I also believe if you hit the sjp as a combo the value doubles.


Can anyone confirm this as true?


As a gut check to everyone… The code is at 0.69. Again, at ZERO point something. Let’s not get worked up about exact value and scoring accuracy, but instead focus on the general gist of it at this point.

I have full faith in Lyman.

One last note: This pin – or ANY pin – at this early state of code is not ready for high level competitive play. And we shouldn’t expect it to be that way yet.


Good question. My belief is actually based on hearsay. I’ve hit it as a combo but don’t know the game well enough to know what my 1x sjp would have been


@Austin @blueberryjohnson

I feel pretty comfortable confirming this. Just spent $5 on testing. Im pretty dialed in on the cat woman ramps. Collecting sjp with minimum shots would yield about 3 million. Shooting left cat ramp to penguin scoop would yield about 6 million.

I know you can also turn on the shot multiplier and stack effects if you turn it on for the scoop. I suspect double playfield from turntable also can stack here.


I think you are correct here as well, but there is an anomaly. The majority of the time the villain super jackpot does seem to be worth what you collect to mode related shots. The villain captured score is usually double.

However, I just saw a few instances where it isnt. I recall a joker mode where the jackpot was just over 11 million, and the villain capture score was 30 million.


Played a few times, it was all Combos [ramps] and Bonus X. The combos added 500K each to the bonus value, shoot them long enough and it dominates SJP values. As stated, can get ridiculous if you get hold bonus X to boot. Nothing special happened when I finished all 4 villains - should it? (Combos beat Villians playing 2-player games with differential strategy.) Seems like it would be in there.


not yet. It will be Bat Signal mode when it gets programmed.


Just got a 2x playfield multiplier from the mystery award yesterday… It seemed totally random as far as I could tell and it didn’t seem to have a timer associated with it either.


really? I have not seen that one. When I had 2x on, a mystery did raise it to 3x and reset the timer, but there was still a timer.


It’s possible I just missed the timer. It wasn’t obvious to me, but I wasn’t really staring at the screen either.