Batman 66 Rulesheet


A correction to make regarding the skill shot: Maybe it’s changed since the last time I played it, but the three white inserts on the plunger lane correspond to the three toprollovers: Top to left, middle to middle, bottom to right. The rollovers that become lit are based on which of the inserts on the plugner lane were lit when the ball crosses the switch and enters the playfield proper.

There’s a 6-step sequence as to which ones are lit: All three, then bottom only, then middle only, then top only, then bottom only again, then bottom and middle. This means the right rollover is the one most likely to be lit for a skill shot, though you’d rather time the plunge so all three are lit. To my knowledge, there isn’t any additional benefit to having fewer than all three rollovers available for the skill shot: You get the same amount no matter how many or which ones there are.


Added information on the Major Villains Wizard Mode introduced in code revision v0.70.0.


Holy update, Batman! Thanks, @BrewinBombers for contributing, and welcome to Tilt forums.


@BrewinBombers: is the game scoring still dominated by Bonus and BonusX with the 0.7 code?


It’s significantly toned down from .69. The main problem with bonus in .69 was actually the combos. Combos were worth 500k in the bonus in .69 which really got out of control since a lot of people were playing Catwoman; Bonus X hold was more frequent (in my observation) in .69 mystery as well.

In .70 the bonus for combos has been halved to 250k, and it seems to have made a dramatic difference. I’m not seeing bonuses that are multiples of your score any more. That said, it’s a small sample size on my game.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see them take it down to 200k per combo. However, there IS a bonus champion so, I suspect big bonuses are part of the desired game play. This also really penalizes those who are rough with the game and tilt.


It’s weird that there’s no bonus for a more difficult skillshot, such as hitting the rightmost lane when it’s the only one lit vs the leftmost (which it essentially defaults to on a full plunge) when they’re all lit.


Hey all, I was playing my local (significantly broken) batman today. Started up a game and the table doesn’t turn and the penguin crane doesn’t work so I decided why not combo. I discovered the true nerf to combo scoring that made bonuses so much lower. As far as I can tell in previous code an N way combo counted as n-1 combos for bonus at 500k each. They nerfed the value to 250k per combo but also made it so that 1 n-way combo is now worth 1 combo for bonus collect at 250k. Therefore it is actually better bonus wise to only ever go for 2 way combos. I’m not sure if this is a bug or WAI, but I feel it leads to more boring and slower game play. Going for combos now left ramp to scoop is way better than just ramping back and forth. I verified this by doing a 6 way ramp combo on a ball and in the bonus screen I only had 2 combos.


That’s a bug, no way that will stand.

Edit: Confirmed this bug btw. Big problem.


The thing I find troubling is that it was previously not like this. Older code revisions used each combo in the bonus so it seems like a deliberate change :confused:


.71 Released. Installing tonight to begin updating the sheet. New modes and Villain Escape Wizard Mode changes.


Looks like the combo bug is fixed. Not many other known bugs on my list were fixed. Many new features though that need to be added to the rules.


No changes to the bonus this time. Scoring seems largely the same. Updated Joker, Riddler and Multiball sections to reflect the new rules.

Ball search bug being fixed is very welcome.


Added some important bug notes to mystery awards and ball lock gadget for anyone playing B66 competitively.


Folks, I was WAY wrong on Joker scoring and I’ll update the rules accordingly. I’d always played Joker first / second and thought I had it mostly figured out. I was very wrong. I don’t really understand it, but I know that what I put in the wiki was wrong. Playing Joker (and I presume Riddler behaves the same) later in the game rewards WAY more points regardless of the Batphone hurry up score. Once I understand, I’ll update again.


A couple of updates after the .80 release; I’ll keep working on it.


Excited for new code–this game has really changed since the initial release! Made some edits to the wiki.


…And new code just dropped! Added Shame and Mad Hatter modes.


Man just picked one of these up for a bit to put in The Sanctum. Lots to figure out. All these new minor villain modes. Not quiet sure how they all work and what they do!


Anyone see how crazy the scoring is in penguin mode? Basically if you don’t collect and get to 5x mode value, shots to the gadget targets can be worth 200-300 million a pop. Not sure if that’s intended, but seems excessive. Haha


It’s lucrative but it takes a lot of work. I don’t think it’s unbalanced if that’s what you’re implying