Batman 66 Rulesheet


Fair enough. Was just told about it Friday night and went right after it in the competition and it didn’t put up much of a fight to get there. Must have just been “on” that particular game.


Ok, here is a step by step instructional on how to score big points in Penguin mode:
When you start the game, do a super skill shot by holding the left flipper and plunging the ball. You want to flip the ball into the Penguin scoop. By doing the super skill shot you are saving a shot by only hitting the Penguin scoop once instead of the required two. Then hit the bat phone to start the mode.
Once started, the Penguin scoop will turn red and the crane will come out to about halfway out on the playfield. DO NOT hit the crane. Instead, you need to make a 2-way combo by hitting the scoop first, then making the timed left orbit shot. If successful, all of Penguin mode will now be 2x multiplied for the rest of the Mode, EVEN IF YOU LOSE A BALL!
Now you want to hit the crane (umbrella shot) but only one time. All the shots light up purple on the playfield. Complete all lit purple shots without hitting the crane. It’s tough, but worth it in the end. One you have completed all purple shots, the only option is to hit the crane again to re-light all shots purple again. Again, complete all purple shots without hitting the crane. By doing this, you’re building your overall Penguin shot value by 100,000 every shot. It doesn’t look like much in the beginning, but it gets compounded in later rounds. Repeat this process until you’ve gotten all 5 crane/umbrella shots. The super jackpot will light at the Penguin scoop. When it does, don’t immediately hit it. Instead, finish out all purple shots.
When you finally shoot for super jackpot at the scoop, DO NOT collect the super jackpot, instead continue the story line. The screen will now tell you all Penguin shots are 3x multiplied.
Now you have to make 3 batcave/turntable shots. While doing so, you’ll want to pick off both bat computer white stand ups on the turntable. This will light 2x playfield multiplier as the red flasher on top will start flashing. When you have super jackpot lit, before you collect it, shoot through the batcave to start 2x playfield multiplier. Immediately shoot the Penguin scoop where super jackpot was lit. It will ask you to collect/continue…you want to continue. The screen will now show “all Penguin shots are 4x”. This is now combined with your 2x playfield multiplier equaling 8x!
When the ball vertically up kicks out, the gadgets on the left will be flashing. You will have to hit the gadgets targets a total of 3 times in a row really quickly, as these are timed hurry ups. THIS IS WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!!! If you have correctly built up your scoring, the hurry up gadgets will start at around 50 million, sometimes a little more/less…depending on how many single purple shots you made leading up to this point. When you hit the first gadgets stand ups, you’ll get 50 million times 8x = 400 million for 1 shot! Hit the gadgets again quickly for another 400 million shot, and again for another 400 million shot. WOW!
you’ll then finish that round by making a couple batcave shots to ultimately light up the super jackpot again at the Penguin scoop. Shoot for the super jackpot but again “continue” the mode and don’t collect. The screen will now show all Penguin shots are now 5x!
Just like the first round, hit the crane, collect all purples and repeat the process til nothing is left and you ultimately collect the super jackpot. But before you collect that super jackpot, get 2x playfield scoring going again by hitting the bat computer stand ups. Collect your super jackpot, and you’ll be at 2 billion points by playing just that one mode.
After that, don’t bother going for Joker/Catwoman/Riddler as the points don’t compare with Penguin mode. The only other one that is somewhat decent is Joker Mode, but you can only max that out around 400-500 million.
In a non tournament setting, you may want to complete 2 villains to get the extra ball, but if you do, go right back into playing Penguin. :+1:t2:


Not know entirely what I was doing yet I played all the way through penguin and took the penguin champion score of 1.45 billion. Crazy. Best batphone hurry up is 98 million. Does the shot multiplier x started from the comisioner Gordon shot also double the super jackpots if you have it on the crane hole? So possibly finishing penguin with a (16?)X super?


Yep. And it should stack multiplicitively with a playfield multiplier as well. Had around an 800M super with 2x playfield and 3x Penguin hole.


Complete Dr. Freeze and when your playfield multiplier timer never ends you can keep pushing it up. KME had it at 5X in our SCS match and went from 1bil to 7bil in under a minute :slight_smile:


I was thinking that might be a possibility…Starting Mr Freeze before a multiball made it nice and easy to finish that one. Seems likes 2 shots to each major shot?


Yep. This is the exact path we took. I didn’t do the super skill though. I’m more comfortable backhanding the scoop.


Finally have a BM66 on location to play! Is there anyone who has played it a lot at home or on location that can provide updates on the Minor Villains, BATUSI, etc?

I’ll do so as well when I get some more play time on it.


I am also wondering what the new code with “finished” catwoman/riddler do for the overall game balance?


I added a bunch more detail (what stacks with what, Shame, how to +1x at beginning of all Major Villain modes, etc), some of the minor villain modes or placeholders, and cleaned up some of it.
Some one else please pick up the ball with completing the details on the current minor villain modes!


Has anyone ever finished the Bookworm mode? If so, roughly how many shots did it take, and how many other TV modes had you already played or completed?


I’m pretty confident in saying , at least on the last code and possibly on this one, there was STILL a glitch in it and it would never finish just keep repeating…even though the code update in the read me file said the glitch was fixed.


I’m Bookworm, pretty much all the shots have to be hit 3 times. I’ve “saved minor villain progress” using King Tut before and froze timers from Mr Freeze, and I STILL couldn’t finish it with a multiball going. Crazy.


Thanks. This is what I figured.

Is King Tut’s save progress award useless unless you also have Mad Hatter completed (that allows you to replay failed TV modes)?


That’s what I think too, but Mad Hatter is only like 5/6 shots I believe so pretty easy to complete.


So what is the correct timing to use the Gadget button to get locks? I was not aware of this and can’t wait to try it out!


Early! Great feature for when you’re on last ball, or when you start a TV mode with 2 balls locked, and want to go straight into MB.


I was trying this a bit the other day but was unable to get it to work. Is there a visual cue? Just press the button inmediately after you plunge when locks are lit? The notes make it sound like you need a certain ‘kind’ of gadget for it to work?


Played some games on this last night. Is there any way to know your progress on a minor villain? I was having trouble figuring out how many shots were left, AND if I had completed a mode I wasn’t given an obvious indication of that. Am I missing some information on the playfield or screen?


Can’t help you on the first part, but if you complete a mode, the season with which you played will light up solid on the playfield above the flippers.