Batman 66 Rulesheet


Not that I’m aware of – but it sure would be nice to know: do you take some on-the-fly risks to complete the last 1-2 shots left when your timer is about to expire?

Also 100% agree. Some fanfare or callout would be nice to know that it’s complete, other than the TV disappearing on the LCD (for non-Shame modes) and the applicable Season insert lighting up.


That or knowing when I need to burn a Gadget, cause if it means finishing Mr. Freeze, I’m all for blowing them all.


I’ve seen scores over 30 Billion on the new code- how are people getting there?


Bookworm to carry minor villain progress through the whole game. Then Mr. Freeze, this freezes playfield multipliers for the whole game if you’ve finished Bookworm.

Then focus on getting playfield multipliers up.

Escher just got 400b+ pretty sure this is the strategy he used, haven’t been able to watch the stream yet though.


Its worth watching.


Don’t forget to sprinkle in a mad hatter if you fail to complete mr freeze on the first try. Freeze takes lots of shots to finish.

Also this strategy is not easy at all to setup. But definitely very rewarding if you can have it all there on ball one or two.


Some buggy behavior? It’s fun to puzzle through it… Multipliers stacking somehow? Multiplied villain progress carrying over?

Everything makes sense (amazing play!) until around here:
The base values of things start to be super high somehow.
All Season 1 minor villains were finished, which reset all minor villains and allowed Shame 2 and 3 to be replayed (they were previously complete). When starting Shame 2 for the second time, the base Shame JP value is somehow 170+M, jumping up by millions per bumper hit in the build phase (this is without any PFx active!). For reference, the first time Shame 2 was played in the game, the base value of the shots was ~4M.

Crazy game!


To answer my own question, locking with a Gadget was bugged in the older code (~v0.94?) and was difficult to do.

It’s easy in the current code. If you have a Gadget and locks are lit, just press the button shortly after you plunge to lock a ball immediately. I press the button when the ball passes the rollover in the middle of the plunger lane.


Just did the thing on this at my league finals tonight. Ended with 17 billion. Man it’s fun if you set it up.

It was silly seeing all the shots Xs flashing and the 5x playfield running for the entire ball. Had a 6 billion bat turn. Haha. Had 1.2 billion in bonus on one ball.