Batman 66 Rulesheet


Wow! Impressive. Thanks for all that info, and the formatting is slick, too.

However, one relatively significant suggestion: I noticed at least one element where rules content was removed (on Mr. Freeze). Could you reinsert it, and also check the edit history to see if you unintentionally removed any other rules? Or did the rules to Mr Freeze change? Even if it did change, I’d recommend that prior content not be deleted until the revised content can take its place.

Used to be in the wiki:
"Complete 6 blue shots to defeat Mr. Freeze. Certain shots will be lit red at first, and shooting them again will cause them to become blue. The shots score 500,000 each.

Successfully defeating Mr. Freeze freezes all timers for the remainder of the ball . This includes other minor villain modes, Atomic Pile Playfield Multipliers, and Bat Turn."

Thanks again. This is now a amazingly detailed rulesheet.


For sure, I was planning on getting to that today, I had used @Pascal’s list of minor villains as a place holder until I get them filled out. I’m just going through the wiki now looking for errors and then I’ll get through the minor villains. I’m glad you like it! :slight_smile:

Edit: I want to add numbered “waves” to the minor villains as they all seem to have a similar format of completing 2 or 3 shots, then 2 or 3 more, ect. ect.


any idea what the stand up target behind the spinner does?


It increases pop bumper value, it’s the “POW” target mention under pop bumpers section.


Alright, I went ahead and edited him with current rules, I’ll probably add the number of mode shots needed to complete him as well but otherwise he’s done. :slight_smile:

Edit: Also, I didn’t mean to mess up the wiki history so bad, sorry about that. I’ll try to at least address some of the obsolete things I cut. There was just so much to edit that I got a little cut-happy about it. There is at least a strong base now for future code edits.


Hey @YeOldPinPlayer, I had the editor open working on the wiki and saw that you made an edit while I was doing so. It looks like you formatted the wiki for it to line up better with the past edit and I was wondering what the issue(s) were that put it out of sync in the first place. I copied my edit to save it and would like to paste it but also add whatever fix you made.


I changed a ‘greater than’ sign > to a 'less than sign < in the Shame multi-ball section.

I didn’t intentionally reformat, but I can’t say for certain it wasn’t inadvertently reformatted.


ah, cool. I guess I didn’t see such a small change highlighted so I figured it was an invisible sort of edit.


1.02 is basically done, but could use some rule testing here and there. I’ve also added a spot for easter eggs as I noticed a couple on the instant info screen. I’m sure there’s loads more so please add any that you’re aware of.


How Fellow Bat Persons!
I tried to make an edit, but got hit with the “64k characters max,” with my edit containing some 65-66k total. Anyhow, I spent a day playing my local Batman 66 v1.02, specifically playing around with TV Villains and gadgets, and came up with the following rules/clarifications. I do not have access to the service menu, so I can’t say if my operator has changed any “Feature Adjustments” but generally he just goes for factory settings.

Joker 1: Stage 1
The stage begins with the center turntable shot lit, hitting this will light both orbits and ramps. Completing these will light all major shots along with the SJP, complete as many as you like before collecting the SJP. When paired with multiball, the SJP will be disabled. After all six major shots are completed, all six relight again.

  • There are 6-unlimited mode shots available in this stage.

Riddler 2: Stage 1
The mode starts with the left and right orbits lit, hitting either will light all shots except the center shot. Complete all lit shots to light the SJP.

  • There are 6 mode shots available in this stage.

Clarifications for Shame mode & award:

  • This mode does not end with the capture of Shame, it only ends when down to one ball in play. The “Jail” animation will not appear on the screen, however the TV Season # light will go on upon completion.
  • This award gives +1 ball to <6 ball multiballs and extends ball save time for all MBs. This award is cumulative and lasts the entire game regardless of having Bookworm’s award. Thus after beating Shame 4 times, all MBs will be 6-ball. As there are only six balls physically installed in the game, beating Shame additional times will not add anymore balls, but will however continue increase the ball-save duration. (is there a limit to the amount of ball-save time you can accrue from repeatedly defeating Shame?) (is the amount of ball-save time added per each award proportional the operator-adjusted ball-save time or a fixed amount, eg 10 seconds?)
  • Only the first attempt of either Season’s Shame mode will be multiball, subsequent plays of the same Season will be single ball only and on a timer. (A previous Shame completion will not make it a multiball again, nor does having the other Shame’s +1 MB award make it into a multiball again. However, having the other Season Shame award will add +1 ball to the Shame if it hasn’t been played yet)

The Ogg Couple (added additional wave 3)
Wave 1: Thee mode begins with the left orbit lit yellow, shoot to advance.
Wave 2: Now all shots are lit, lit shots will un-light when hit and re-light others. Shoot the left orbit to advance.
Wave 3: Same as Wave 2.
Wave 4: The turntable will be lit, complete to capture Egghead

King Tut (Spell of Tut, King Tut’s Coup, & Unkindest Tut)
Wave 1: Three random shots will be lit light blue, complete them to advance.
Wave 2: The three shots that were not lit previously are now lit, complete to advance.
Wave 3: All shots are persistently lit, hit any 4 to capture King Tut.

Notes on Mad Hatter Double-Team
After defeating both Mad Hatters, the following applies:
Any TV Villain will be selectable, regardless of completion progress
TV Villains with cumulative awards may be re-played to accrue additional awards(such as Shame being replayed to add additional ball-save time; or replaying the same season King Tut for additional Main Channel Multipliers)
Otherwise, the TV Villain Award will be displayed “Batman Stands Pat” indicating no further awards are available, however the TV Villain may be selected for additional points or Season # progress.
Note that each Shame may only be played as multiball once per season per player per game, regardless of fail/win/replay status.

Villain Escape will not stack with TV Wizard Mode Multiball
After completing all four major villain modes, villain escape is lit at the bat-signal saucer. If both Villain Escape and Minor Villain Wizard Multiball are lit, only the Minor Villain Wizard Multiball will begin.

Gadget Deployment Rules
Current gadget logic will finish the lit shot furthest to the left in the current main channel mode. An exception being when the Penguin crane is active, a gadget will then count as a crane hit in its current position (this also applies to Villain Escape crane). Gadgets only finish lit shots from the current main channel, so it may be advantageous to change your main channel before deploying gadgets.

  • Gadgets cannot be used to collect SJPs or Hurry-ups
  • Certain center shots are exempt from the gadget “bomb” effect
  • TV Villains have their own unique rules for Gadgets, including full immunity, partial immunity, & full susceptibility
  • No limit to the number of gadgets you can store in the Utility Belt (I’ve had up to 30 on my location… is this a Feature Adjustment?)

Finally I collected as much information as I could regarding Gadgets vs TV Minor Villains. A villain that is “fully susceptible” can be defeated entirely by Gadgets, if enough are available. Thus it’s useful to monitor your gadget count and (especially if King Tut has been completed) your current Villain progress, and deploy Gadgets accordingly.
Villians that are “partially immune” to gadgets contain certain Waves or shots that will disable the gadget, or certain Waves where gadgets ADD shots, either for additional points (Freeze Wave 1) or for alternative collect options (Any final Egghead Wave)
Villians that are “fully immune” to gadgets will need all objectives to be completed naturally, although certain Waves will accept gadgets for non-essential shots, and higher score (Mad hatter 2).

–Season 1–

Mad Hatter
Fully susceptible (6 Gadgets)

King Tut
Partial immunity
Wave 1 - Immune
Wave 2 - 4 gadgets
Wave 3 - immune
Wave 4 - 4 gadgets

Partial immunity
Wave 1 - immune
Wave 2 - 5 gadgets + turntable needs to be hit naturally
Wave 3 - 2 gadgets + turntable needs to be hit naturally
Wave 4 - immune

–Season 2–

King Tut
Fully susceptible (10 gadgets)

Partial immunity as follows: Additional gadgets add more “capture” shots, however only the first of these gives the award. However, it might be useful to add shots until a “capture” coincides with a Shot Multiplier.

Partial immunity
Wave 1 - Gadgets will prioritize Red Shots, turning them Blue (thus adding length to your mode)
Wave 2 & 3 - Fully susceptible
So, either 2 natural shots in wave 1 + 5 gadgets, or 15 total gadgets

Fully susceptible (9 gadgets)

Mad Hatter
Full immunity
However, during Wave 1 & 2, gadgets will strike the “ice” colored shots, awarding higher scores.

King Tut
Fully susceptible (10 gadgets)

–Season 3–

King Tut
Fully susceptible (10 gadgets)

Egghead (Ogg & I)
Total immunity
Wave 1 - gadgets add shots (making the mode longer & thus more valuable)
Wave 2 - immune

Egghead (Ogg Couple)
Partial immunity as follows:
Wave 1 - immune
Wave 2, 3 - ?? (? Gadgets seem to deploy, but no points are displayed on the screen, nor is progress awarded ?)
Wave 4, Additional gadgets add more “capture” shots, however only the first of these gives the award. However, it might be useful to add shots until a “capture” coincides with a Shot Multiplier.

Fully susceptible (15 gadgets)

King Tut
Partial immunity
Wave 1 - immune
Wave 2 - 6 Gadgets
Wave 3 - immune

Cheers! - Andy

p.s. there’s potential for a one-time attempt at Shame All Day
Begin with Mad Hatter 1 & 2. Then defeat Shame Season 2 as many times as you can, noting that the second and subsequent battles will be single-ball, timed. However, the +1 ball is cumulative still. Finally, battle Shame Season 3.


Good lord I think this game has surpassed TSPP in rules complexity


Wow. With great complexity comes great responsibility


I’m glad the game is so thoughtfully developed, but I wish it happened with a more common title. I can barely get access to one of these. Locals ops sold them before the code got interesting.


I know it won’t happen, but releasing a pro would be great. Drop the turntable to make it more reliable. Just have the Batcave side, and block it with a motorized 3 bank or something for the phone / TV.

I know ops that just struggled too much with ball hangups and issues with the turntable.


Oh yeah, I just realized you can revive Shame-All-Day to pretty much his former stature.
I forgot to mention to collect Freeze for 3x playfield and All the Tuts for 5x main channel, but you already knew that.
After a failed attempt at Shame-All-Day
Lock two balls, and light your third lock.
Light TV mode.
Start Shame-3 in single-ball play.
Start Multiball.


Echoing @jdelz comment again. Sure wish we still had a BM66 to play on route to try all this.


Some great details there! This game is the reason the post limit was doubled to 64k characters in the first place, funny that it will probably need even more room.

I do want to say that the joker 1 edit is a bit redundant as it’s mentioned (maybe a few times?) that any MB disables SJPs at the scoop. Also, Riddle 1 stage 1 seems to act differently depending on the first shots made, I seem to remember being able to hit the left orbit repeatedly and keeping all shots lit, even the center shot. I kind of gave up on the logic of what’s lit how and why after I realized that.


“Holy Details, Batman”! Thanks for documenting this!


The Joker 1 : Stage 1 edit indicates that it’s a potentially unlimited mode; previous rule (incorrectly) hard capped it at 6. Most players never see the shots re-light (since they won’t until after you’re in a MB). It’s unique that it’s the only Stage 1 mode with UNLIMITED shots, indeed even better that there’s an immediate hurry-up to follow.
Feel free to look into Riddle 1 : Stage 1 rules (or I will next time I’m on location); But Riddle 2 : Stage 1 has a hard cap for sure.


Good catch on joker stage 1 having unlimited shots! I tried it out today and built up the second stage hurry up to ~50 million.