Batman 66 Rulesheet


Wow! Impressive. Thanks for all that info, and the formatting is slick, too.

However, one relatively significant suggestion: I noticed at least one element where rules content was removed (on Mr. Freeze). Could you reinsert it, and also check the edit history to see if you unintentionally removed any other rules? Or did the rules to Mr Freeze change? Even if it did change, I’d recommend that prior content not be deleted until the revised content can take its place.

Used to be in the wiki:
"Complete 6 blue shots to defeat Mr. Freeze. Certain shots will be lit red at first, and shooting them again will cause them to become blue. The shots score 500,000 each.

Successfully defeating Mr. Freeze freezes all timers for the remainder of the ball . This includes other minor villain modes, Atomic Pile Playfield Multipliers, and Bat Turn."

Thanks again. This is now a amazingly detailed rulesheet.


For sure, I was planning on getting to that today, I had used @Pascal’s list of minor villains as a place holder until I get them filled out. I’m just going through the wiki now looking for errors and then I’ll get through the minor villains. I’m glad you like it! :slight_smile:

Edit: I want to add numbered “waves” to the minor villains as they all seem to have a similar format of completing 2 or 3 shots, then 2 or 3 more, ect. ect.


any idea what the stand up target behind the spinner does?


It increases pop bumper value, it’s the “POW” target mention under pop bumpers section.


Alright, I went ahead and edited him with current rules, I’ll probably add the number of mode shots needed to complete him as well but otherwise he’s done. :slight_smile:

Edit: Also, I didn’t mean to mess up the wiki history so bad, sorry about that. I’ll try to at least address some of the obsolete things I cut. There was just so much to edit that I got a little cut-happy about it. There is at least a strong base now for future code edits.


Hey @YeOldPinPlayer, I had the editor open working on the wiki and saw that you made an edit while I was doing so. It looks like you formatted the wiki for it to line up better with the past edit and I was wondering what the issue(s) were that put it out of sync in the first place. I copied my edit to save it and would like to paste it but also add whatever fix you made.


I changed a ‘greater than’ sign > to a 'less than sign < in the Shame multi-ball section.

I didn’t intentionally reformat, but I can’t say for certain it wasn’t inadvertently reformatted.


ah, cool. I guess I didn’t see such a small change highlighted so I figured it was an invisible sort of edit.