Batman 66 Rulesheet


Turns out that you can stack villain escape with a TV wizard mode. With both WMs qualified it will start villain escape first, then hit the saucer again to start the TV WM. I managed to do it with Mr Freeze’s power running so that the villain escape timer was frozen the whole time and built up ~12M villain value by the time I left holy multiball. All said and done I scored 1.2B in villain escape without even reaching the SJP. Kinda sad I didn’t hit that super at least once. :frowning:


I pulled this off the other day and was very confused as to what was going on until it was all over. Had Mister Freeze going and came out if it with 25bil. Been trying to stack it up again with the knowledge I have now, but, have failed utterly.




That was 25bil and change for the whole game. The majority of the score did come from the stacked wizard modes.

After I had all the shots multiplied the mystery award kept giving me playfield multipliers. Not sure what my playfield X got up to (I was too busy scoring points) but, it was probably around 7X.


Gas Attack:
Hurry-up starts at 5 million and increases 250k for every collection. Mr. Freeze’s award prevents this value from counting down. The SJP value is the sum of all Hurry-ups collected (before shot/playfield/channel multipliers).


just a tip on how to use the gadget button when launching a ball in order to get a lock: after you plunge, hit the button as soon as it turns yellow.

haven’t figured out the timing for the mystery saucer.


I hate to say it, but this rulesheet needs an even bigger post limit. :frowning: I tried to make just a few of hamdrewburglar’s edits and couldn’t even do that.


I had a draft with all the new info and went ahead and updated the wiki after gdd upped the post limit for us (again) This is quite the detailed rulesheet!


Investigated Villain Escape stacking rules.
Villain Escape and TV Mode may both be lit.
Lighting TV Wizard Multiball BEFORE lighting Villain Escape, only TV Wizard MB will start; Villain Escape will remain lit and may only be started after returning to single ball play.
Shooting the saucer first prompts you to select your TV Villain. If you select Shame (and it is a MB) you will play the Shame MB but Villain Escape will not start. It will stay lit and may be started once you return to single ball play.
If you select a TV Villain whose completion might light a TV Villain Wizard Mode Multiball, and then complete the TV Villain while still in Phase 1 (Mr Freeze’s award is very helpful here, but not technically required), then the saucer will light for TV Wizard MB, and one may be selected, and this will run concurrently with Villain Escape. After playing TVWMB and returning to one ball, Villain Escape will continue to be running in phase 1.
However, after all that, this isn’t as lucrative as it sounds, regarding Villain Escape scores.
Stacking a TV Wizard Multiball with Villain Escape phase 1 “confuses” the turntable and it will be permanently turned to the Atomic Pile even if Gas Attack is selected.


Thanks for your edit work! great to have others digging deep in this game!

I do have to disagree with your edit to Mr Freeze though."(Gadgets will always complete a red shot if any are lit, before advancing any blue shots)" I’ve tested this before and did just now to make sure. Gadget behavior (see section 10. under gadget logic) is the same as always in this mode, being that gadgets hit the shot furthest to the left. In the case of Mr Freeze it will turn the left orbit from red to blue then a second gadget will ‘hit’ the blue shot, then the same with the left ramp. So 6 gadgets can immediately take down wave 1 of Mr. Freeze. So he actually is fully susceptible to gadgets but it takes at least 11 of them.


my bad :-/ good catch!


What is the easiest season 3 villain to complete?

If I’m playing well and have Bookworm and Mr. Freeze out of the way I’m looking for a season 3 villain to closeout for TV wizard mode but haven’t come up with a good one yet. Probably because I go with season 3 Shame a lot for the multiball, but usually fail to close it out.


I usually do the first S3 Tut, (The Unkindest Tut Of All) sometimes egghead (The Ogg Couple) Either one isn’t too hard to complete, much easier than the 15 shots for Shame.