Batman 66 Rulesheet


I think that’s the case but i haven’t verified it. I’m also curious if beating both Mad Hatters would have the same effect.


Confirmed that it is NOT the case (i.e. still single ball) with beating Mad Hatter (rematch) NOR with beating both Mad Hatters (completion followed by new battle).


Confirmed: Shame is a multiball again after playing all the villains from the same season.
Long live Shame All Day!


Thanks for doing the legwork!


The wiki says that all points in major villain’s limited final stages get built in to the super jackpot, but this doesn’t seem like the case… I had a catwoman total of 1.6 bil but the super was only a hundred mil or so. It seems like shots made after the super is lit do not add to the super


If you start Multiball before the super is it, can’t you just keep hitting mode shots as long as MB is active and it will keep building the value and never light the SJP?


Out of curiosity, did you have Tut multipliers going? Just asking as i never see his points added ti the SJP decision screen.


In most major villains yes, both catwoman modes seem to be the exception in that the mode shots don’t re-light after completion.


“Dressed to kill” catwoman does go on forever (hence the 1.6 bil total). What I’m saying is when I collected the super i definitely did not get 800 mil, so I believe all those extra shots do not go into your super but rather are just bonus shots that you can hit to get increasing points


Ah yes, that catwoman does go on, my bad. I’m guessing that I was assuming that multipliers added to the sjp, I’m thinking that shot multipliers might but not playfield or main channel? Needs research i guess.
I’m still very confused to why dressed to kill stage 2 only has one shot.


Alright, what’s the deal with egghead + bookworm not carrying over as it should? Is it on extra balls that it won’t do if? Do you lose that ability when you play all of season 1? Is it a bug? I have video evidence of multiple games where I complete bookworm and egghead and my extra balls not giving me egghead points…


I haven’t done any glass off testing but i did see that in Joker 1 stage 1 (shots reset after completion like most final stages) I had a decent MB and built the sjp up to ~36m.
I’ll check to see if final stages make any difference at some point but at least in this case mode shots did add to the sjp after it was lit. Maybe the MB overrules it as it technically un-lights it? I’ll try and do some testing soon.


Pretty sure the Egghead Bookworm bonus is just a bug.