Spider-Man Rulesheet WIP

It took us this long to get a proper rule sheet for this table y’all… for years I’ve been using the Pinball News article and some other pages to try and figure out this table’s rules. Turns out that, while they’re mostly complete, there are a few details that weren’t quite fleshed out or described properly. This rule sheet was created to try and fix some of those errors up while going more in-depth on some of the challenges further within the game.

Arguably one of Steve Ritchie’s best games, Spider-Man puts players in the role of the friendly neighborhood superhero as he battles four of his biggest and baddest villains. The game has a fast and aggressive layout that encourages combos, with rules that allow novice players to gain just as much enjoyment as more advanced players.

Any mode names referenced in this rulesheet refer to the original 2007 “movie-based” edition. The Vault Edition based on the comic book series uses alternate names for all the villain modes and two of the timed Spider-Man modes.


  • Inlanes & outlanes - Nothing special here; they’re fairly evenly spaced, which means a ball can easily be saved through nudging on default settings. These lanes spell out “HERO”, which is one of the methods towards increasing your bonus multiplier. When “Battle Royale” is ready, both outlane inserts will be flashing; if a ball drains, it’ll be immediately replunged as a “Last Chance” - a nice callback to Black Knight 2000 and a feature designed to prevent frustration.
  • Green Goblin targets - A bank of five green standup targets to the very left of the playfield, facing horizontally. Completing the five targets will qualify a Green Goblin battle upon the next hit to any of the targets. During battles, hits to the flashing green targets will cause the Green Goblin figure above the targets to shake a little.
  • Left orbit - A typical orbit, which loops around the back of the game. It normally feeds the “WEB” lanes, but if combos are active, the ball will be sent directly to the upper flipper. This is one place where timed modes can be started and locks towards Black Suit Multiball can be collected.
  • Spinner - This spinner is located in front of the left orbit. It scores some small points but, more importantly, raises the Venom Value.
  • Light Lock target - A solitary white standup target located at the corner between the left orbit and the side ramp. Hitting the target 1+N times (N is equal to how many Black Suit Multiballs have been played) will qualify the lock at either orbit. This target is also where the Special is collected after defeating all four villains three times in a single game.
  • Side ramp - This ramp can only be hit from the upper right flipper - more often than not, you won’t be able to make it fully from either lower flipper. Shots to the side ramp are registered by a black target in front of a Venom figure. This shot counts down towards qualifying a Venom battle and can be used to make progress during the battles.
  • Left ramp - Believe it or not, this ramp can be made with any flipper - a backhand from the left, a normal shot from the right, or even a lucky bounce from the upper right. During early Venom battles, this shot can be used to make progress; however, it doesn’t count down towards qualifying the battles like the side ramp does.
  • The Sandman - An intentional homage to toys like the Attack from Mars saucer or the Pin*Bot visor, this center shot consists of three components: a raising & lowering 3-bank, two standup targets behind them, and a hole that can be blocked by a Sandman figure (which can also be hit with the ball). Either hitting the single strobing target or completing all three targets will lower the 3-bank and open up the inner targets for hits, with the Sandman figure scoring double the normal values. The hole in between the two inner standup targets is also where locked balls are kicked out into the bumpers.
  • Right ramp - A shallow ramp that makes a U-turn near the top and returns to the right inlane. This is where the Royale Jackpot is collected during Battle Royale.
  • Doc Ock - A saucer shot similar to Mode Start from Indiana Jones, only it’s a lot easier to make and it’s on the other side of the playfield. The saucer kicks the ball out onto the right ramp exit. After enough shots to the saucer, a figure of Doc Ock will lower that can be hit with the ball and capture the ball on a magnet located in front of the figure.
  • Right orbit - The opposite of the left orbit and generally easier to make than the left orbit. Like the left orbit, it can start timed modes or lock balls when certain inserts are flashing. Try backhanding the shot with the right flipper for a bonus - it’s possible!
  • WEB lanes - Three rollover lanes at the top of the playfield. Spelling out WEB increases the bonus multiplier.
  • Pop bumpers - Three fairly active pop bumpers are located underneath the WEB lanes. Hitting the pop bumpers increases the Jackpot value for Black Suit Multiball and scores small points after certain thresholds.
  • Spider Sense targets - Three standup targets (two red, one blue) to the right of the playfield. Completing the targets when any mode is active will qualify the lane behind the targets for a Spider Sense bonus dependent on what modes are currently running.
  • Spider Sense lane - Lane behind the upper right flipper that can only be made if the flipper is raised. Collects the Spider Sense bonus when lit through the targets, otherwise scores some small points. On unlevel machines, this shot has a tendency to send the ball to the right outlane :frowning:
  • Plunger - A standard plunger combined with an automatic plunger, typical for Stern machines of this time. Typically the plunger sends the ball to the WEB lanes, although at the start of Bank Bust, it sends the ball directly to the left flipper.

Skill Shot:

  • Plunging the ball into the flashing WEB lane will score a Skill Shot, which scores 250k (+25k per Skill Shot), increases the bonus multiplier by 5x and doubles the jet bumper values for the remainder of the ball. If this Skill Shot is collected on the 3rd ball, the end of ball bonus will be doubled (one time only).
  • Weakly plunging the ball so it reaches the upper right flipper and then shooting the side ramp will score a Super Skill Shot, which scores 500k (+50k per Super Skill Shot), increases the Venom Value by 100k, and advances towards starting a Venom battle. However, the ball save after collecting this Skill Shot is very short. Collecting this Skill Shot on the third ball will TRIPLE the end of ball bonus.

Battles :

Throughout the game, the player is encouraged to shoot certain areas of the playfield in order to start a battle against one of the four villains. All battles can be stacked and played together (although progress towards the next Doc Ock battle can only be made after the current battle ends). Awards are given after completing waves of battles: completing the first wave lights Extra Ball at the left orbit, completing the second wave lights both orbits for Battle Royale, and completing the third wave lights the light lock target for a Special. Below is a description of all four of the battle types, going clockwise from the inserts above the flippers.

  • Sandman: Sandman can be battled by completing the raising and lowering 3-bank target, either by hitting each target individually or hitting the moving target as a one-time shot. Once the target is lowered, shots can be made to the two yellow standup targets and Sandman himself. The value for these shots starts at 300k, increasing by 50k each time a Sandman battle is started. Hitting Sandman himself scores double (as in, both the actual target value and progress towards defeating Sandman is doubled). A shot to the center hole after enough shots are made will complete the battle, score some decent points, and qualify the white spider arrows if they aren’t already lit.

    • Slammer Time (VE: Out of the Slammer): Hit six targets, then shoot the hole to defeat Sandman for 2 million.
    • Subway Storm (VE: Time is Money): Hit eight targets, then shoot the hole to defeat Sandman for 4 million.
    • Dune of Doom (VE: Concrete Ending): Hit twelve targets, then shoot the hole to defeat Sandman for 6 million.
  • Doc Ock: Shots to the saucer on the right side of the playfield will count down towards lowering the Doc Ock figure, which acts as a target and has a magnet in front of it. Unlike the other types of battles, Doc Ock battles are Multiball rounds, which can be stacked with Black Suit Multiball for big scores. Starting a Doc Ock round early on can be a good strategy, as you can aim for dangerous shots like the Light Lock target and the Sandman targets with minimal risk.

    • Fusion Malfunction (VE: Lend Me a Hand): Shoot the saucer one time to lower the target. A Jackpot will be awarded for free at the start of the mode as the target throws the ball directly towards Doc Ock and a 2-ball multiball will begin. Each Jackpot during this round is worth 250k. After five Jackpots have been collected, the saucer will light for a Super Jackpot worth 5x the normal Jackpot value. Collecting the Super Jackpot will restart the process, with 25k being added to the base Jackpot value. (Fun fact: if the Doc Ock target is the last shot made to light the Super, the magnet will throw the ball into the saucer for you! A really cool effect that harkens back to the Sanctum from the Shadow).
    • Bank Bust (VE: Ock’s Oscorp Outing): Shoot the saucer three times to lower the target. Upon starting the round, the magnet will hold onto the ball and another ball will be plunged directly towards the left flipper. Knocking the ball off of the magnet will set the value of the Jackpot, which starts at 750k and stops at 400k, and add a third ball into play. Shoot all of the lit Jackpots to light the saucer for a Super Jackpot worth the sum total of every Jackpot collected.
    • Armed at the Dock (VE: Battle on the Bridge): This is a lucrative 4-ball Multiball round similar to the Fear Fest challenge from No Fear. Like at the start of Fusion Malfunction, the magnet will make the captured ball hit Doc Ock for an instant Jackpot worth 400k, and then the Super Jackpot will automatically light at the saucer, worth the base value of every Jackpot collected up to that point. Collecting the Super Jackpot increases the base Jackpot value by 50k, but also increases the number of shots required to light the next Super Jackpot by one. This process continues until either you return to single-ball play or the arcade operator kicks you out.
  • Green Goblin: Complete the bank of green standup targets with a shot to each target, then hit any of the targets again to begin a Green Goblin battle. Hit the flashing targets to damage the Green Goblin and score some points after enough hits. (Great music during these modes!)

    • Unity Day Festival (VE: Green With Envy): Hit any of the green targets six times for 3 million and 750k per target hit.
    • Suffer The Children (VE: Fire Fighting): Hit eight of the flashing green targets for 4 million. Direct hits to a lit target score 1.250k, while hits to an indirect target score 1.125k.
    • Godspeed Spider-Man (VE: Spidey Falls for MJ): Hit twelve of the flashing green targets for 6 million. Direct hits to a lit target score 1.375k, while hits to an indirect target score 1.125k.
  • Venom : Venom battles can be qualified and started with shots to the side ramp. Two of these battles utilize a base value called the “Venom Value” that can be increased with shots to the spinner (+1,250), successful Venom battles (+25k), or successful Super Skill Shots (+100k). This value is maintained from ball to ball, but it starts at 250k and maxes out at 750k. The Venom Value is also collected when a normal shot to the side ramp is made.

    • Goo on You: Make one side ramp shot to start the mode. This is the only timed battle in the game and the only Venom battle not to utilize the Venom Value. The left ramp and side ramp will be lit to score a hurry-up value starting at 1 million and decreasing to 500k. Making either shot will reset the value and add 250k to it. The mode ends upon making 4 shots (which will increase the Venom Value by 25k) or if the hurry-up times out.
    • Brock’s New Suit (VE: Symbiote Stalker): Make four side ramp shots to start the mode. Shoot the left ramp or side ramp six times to score the Venom Value for each hit and defeat Venom.
    • You Ooze, You Lose (VE: Venom Strikes Twice): Make four side ramp shots to start the mode. Shoot the side ramp eight times to score the Venom Value for each hit and defeat Venom.

White Arrows & Shot Multipliers:

At any time during play, six major shots (both orbits, the three ramps, and Doc Ock) will have their white spider arrows lit. Shooting any shot with a white arrow scores 150k + 12.5k per shot, with the last of the six shots being worth 350k. After shooting all the white arrows, all of the arrows will begin strobing; the next shot made will award a 2x multiplier for all values until the ball ends (which can be increased to a 3x multiplier if the ensuing timed mode is completed).

Timed Modes:

The other benefit of completing sets of white arrows is that they will light both orbits to start one of five timed modes, listed above the flippers between the villain inserts. All five modes are 40 seconds, although time can be added through the lit Spider Sense lane. Completing any of the timed modes will boost the previously multiplied shot to 3x; this can be big if you decided to multiply a shot like the right ramp or side ramp! Starting all five of the timed modes is a requirement in order to qualify Super Hero.

  • New Goblin (VE: Jack O’Lantern): A ramp shooting round. Make six shots to either the left or right ramp to score a base value of 600k for each shot. Alternating the left and right ramps increases the base value by 200k for each shot made.
  • Daily Bugle: Alternate shots between the Spider Sense targets (for 600k + 400k increment) and one of the six major shots on the playfield (for 800k + 400k increment). Complete the sequence three times to finish the mode.
  • The Amazing Spider-Man: Complete all six major shots to score 600k + 200k per shot. Not a very inspired round but the quotes are pretty good at least.
  • Bonesaw (VE: Electro): Make 100 switch hits. Each switch hit is worth 100k (200k or 300k if the shot has a multiplier attached). Great audio in this mode!
  • Rescue MJ: Make eight lit shots, which change places across the playfield either after enough time has passed or the shot is made. Each shot scores 750k + 50k per shot.

Black Suit Multiball:
The traditional multiball in the game.
Virtually lock three balls by hitting the Lite Lock target (# of hits varies based on difficulty settings and how many BSMB you’ve already played that game) until locks are lit at the orbits. Shoot either green-lit orbit three times to immediately begin BSMB.

Two jackpots are lit at each major shot. Jackpot value starts at 250K at the beginning of ball 1, and increases throughout the entire game by 500 points per pop hit, up to a max of ??? 750K? After shooting all 12 jackpots, there are 2 sets of Super Jackpot pairs lit at the left ramp and the side ramp. The left ramp SJP are each worth 4x the jackpot value, and the side ramp SJP are each worth 8x the jackpot value. After completing all 4 SJP, you begin the regular jackpot sequence again.


  • You can bring a mode into BSMB by starting the mode before or concurrently with your 3rd lock shot.
  • You can stack BSMB with a Doc Ock MB, in either order, and make progress toward either multiball during the other.
  • You can qualify, make progress, and complete any of the other non-Doc Ock Battles during BSMB.
  • BSMB does not stack with Battle Royale.

Spider Sense:

Completing the 3-bank of Spider Sense targets lights the Spider Sense lane for an award based on an active mode, villain, or multi-ball. Spider Sense awards can stack, and will stay lit until collected or until the end of ball. Shoot the Spider Sense lane to collect all lit awards.

Notably, Spider Sense can award an Add-A-Ball during multi-ball modes, once per multi-ball. Each completion of the Spider Sense targets will add one award for an active mode/villain to the Spider Sense lane. The awards are added in order from the earliest-started-mode to the latest. If all awards are already lit, “Big Points” is added instead.

This means you need to complete the Spider Sense targets at least once during a multi-ball to earn Add-A-Ball from Spider Sense, and sometimes multiple times. For example, if you start Green Goblin, and then Doc Ock multi-ball, completing the Spider Sense targets once will light it for a Green Goblin award, and completing a second time before collecting will light it for a Doc Ock Award + Add-A-Ball.

It’s possible to earn two separate Add-A-Balls if you’ve stacked Doc Ock and Black Suit mutli-balls.

Collecting the Spider Sense award for a timed mode will add more time to the mode. For most modes, earning points in a mode while Spider Sense is lit for that award will add value to the award.

Unfortunately, the currently lit awards are not listed in the status report. The awards are only briefly displayed on the screen when you complete the targets.

Battle Royale:

Completing the second level of the four villains will light the orbits to start Battle Royale. Battle Royale is a multi-ball mode where all shots are lit, and you must shoot the four villain shots to light the Royale Jackpot on the right ramp for a cumulative value. Collecting the Royale Jackpot jackpot will continue to the next round and award an add-a-ball for the first two rounds.

Every shot has a base value of 250,000. This increases by 25,000 each round and can be multiplied by web arrows. Whenever you make a shot, this value is added to the Royale Jackpot value (after multiplication).

Villains are worth 750,000 for the first shot. This increases by 50,000 each round. After the first shot, they score the normal shot value (250,000 +25,000 per round.) This value is also added to the Royale Jackpot.

Venom may be shot via either the left ramp or side ramp for the first two rounds, but must be hit via the side ramp for the following rounds. (The left ramp will still score the normal shot value.)

Once you hit all villains, the Royale Jackpot lights on the right ramp and all villains except Venom will stop scoring points. You can still score the 250,000+ shot value on all other shots. Shooting the left orbit repeatedly is a good way to grind out points and bonus X.

When the Royale Jackpot is lit, shooting the right ramp scores the normal shot value of 250,000+, adds it to the Royale Jackpot, and then scores the Royale Jackpot (all of which can be multiplied). This will reset the Royale Jackpot, advance to the next round, and add-a-ball (for the first two rounds). This means the Royale Jackpot is a minimum of 3,250,000 for the first round (750k × 4 + 250k).

Additionally, completing every red spider shot will add an additional 1,500,000 to your Royale Jackpot. This value increases by 250,000 per round (whether you hit all of the shots or not).

The villain shots max out at 1,250,000, and the other shots max out at 500,000.

One additional add-a-ball and 500,000 points are available by completing the Spider Sense targets and rolling over Spider Sense.


Copied Battle Royale rules I had typed in a previous post, and added Spider Sense rules (This always confused me, I was figuring this out for the deep cuts thread!) I recently learned it’s possible to get two Add-A-Balls from Spider Sense if you stack Black Suit and Doc Ock.


Added the alternate battle/mode names from the VE.

added Black Suit Multiball

How do you increase the spinner value?

I saw on old post mention the light lock target adds 10k but I’m sure the 10k part is wrong as I saw the value increase by 2k at one point.

Light lock target? Does it have to be lit? Any other ways to increase the value?

Just the light lock target. Increases by some small amount each time you hit it. Maxes at some point

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Starts at 10K each ball; grows by 2500 for every target hit; maxes at 75K or 100K, not sure.