Creating a Rulesheet for Sharkey's Shootout

So I’ve been playing this game more and more, and I noticed that unlike many modern Sterns, there isn’t a Rulesheet or any discussion of rules in general for this title. I guess I’d start it off. If anyone wants to add anything you can edit this thread. (Actually how do I allow a thread to be edited by anyone?)

The skill shot is the center top lane. The initial skill shot score is 5,000,000 then increases by 5,000,000 each additional time.

Shooting certain shots increases the Prize Money value. You collect prize money (“winnings”) by beating opponents, spelling PAYOFF, and smaller unrelated amounts from jackpots and super jackpots. Winnings are awarded during Bonus (x multiplier). The under-ramp lane usually spots 2 PAYOFF letters. It may also build the Prize Money value.

Advance Bonus X by completing CUE. Bonus X starts at 5x and increases by 3x every time the lanes are completed.

Spelling CUE also begins Bumper Pool. All bumpers are worth 25k for as long as they are hit often (a la Dance Contest in Party Zone). Shots to the hole near the bumpers reset the timer and increase the value. The value continues to increase up to at least 1,000,000 per bump, but is reset on the next ball or when bumper pool officially ends by timing out. The middle blue target will reset the bumper pool timer.

At the start of each ball Mystery is lit at the ramp. Shoot ramp to collect a reward chosen by the Mystery Ball. Rewards I’ve seen include Light Extra Ball, Multiball, Multiple Millions, Light Post Saves, HurryUp and Jackpot. Relight mystery by spelling POOL at the Inlanes and outlanes.

An unlit ramp lights the Combos at several major shots. Apparently each shot has a different reward but I’m not sure what each of these are.

The game utilizes virtual locks. You can shoot the far right loop shot with the green “lock” insert to virtually lock a ball or the inner loop shot to the left of it that says "Collect Combination. Once you have 3 virtual locks multiball will begin. All 4 major shots light to score Jackpots worth 5m. There is a Super Jackpot worth 5x jackpot accesses at least through the multiball play, by getting enough Jackpots (5 the first time then goes up by 1 up to 10) and then sending a ball through the inner right lane. After each super, the jackpot value goes up by 1M to 10M.

If your current opponent is Tex (bottom guy), your jackpots will be augmented to 10M for that multiball (called Stampede Multiball).

For pool games, you can be in 8 ball or 9 ball. You always start the game in 8 ball. 8 ball rules: Complete all 7 drop targets then shoot the 8-ball scoop. 9 ball rules: Complete the drop targets in order and then shoot the left orbit to score the 9-ball. NOTE: Starting on drop target 3 or 4, the 9-ball shot will light as a combo shot to prematurely end the round. I suggest you shoot this ASAP. Regardless of which way you complete the games you still score a completion bonus and begin the Trick Shot round.

Trick Shot is a single ball mode. I forgot how scoring goes but I believe shots to the drop targets increase the value and a shot to any shot with a red arrow collects the value and begins the next pool game. The most important thing about Trick Shot is this is where you change your pool game, usually from the sling shots. You really really want to be playing 9 ball most of the time as it’s far far easier to win, so try not to finish Trick Shot with 8 ball flashing.

Black Widow is lit by getting 25 spinner spins. The next shot up the left orbit will stop the ball and serve it to the upper flipper for a shot at the drop target blocking the right lanes. Completing the hurryup will light 1 (or more) locks if not lit.

Sharkey’s also has user activated post saves, controlled by an additional set of buttons behind the flipper buttons. Each button works for the corresponding outlane and you can push both for a center post. You can relight the post save by spelling PAYOFF behind the drop targets or via mystery award.

Complete 5 Pool Games (beat 5 characters) to take on Jeanette Lee. You have to beat her at both 8 ball and 9 ball. After you beat her, you begin The Web. This is a 4-ball multiball mode but I’m not sure how scoring works. My memory of this mode is that every shot is lit for your current Winnings value. If you’re having a good game, this should be around 1M or so by the time you get here. It’s a long ball saver and shots never unlight. If you get here a 2nd or even 3rd time… Well your winnings will be absolutely gigantic and this is how you score amazingly well on this game (2B+).

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I don’t see the dots anywhere…

Roll over to the left of the Reply button on your original post, you should see them. They are pretty light.

All I see is an icon that looks like a square with the bottom cut off. I see the other three features but not the dots.

Hmm, interesting. I’ll look into that. In the meantime I’ve made your post a wiki for you.

Hi, added to your Sharkey;s Shootout Rules. I hope I did it correctly. At any rate we got this machine about 2 months ago and I am still learning its “ins and outs” If I added these additions correctly I will update as continue to play and learn.

My local league bar has a Sharkey’s that I’ve played a ton. I’ve done a few small edits, but I’ll have to take some notes to get more details on exact scoring, etc. Sharkey’s is a pretty interesting game and a bit underrated.

IIRC - there are two different types of multiballs you can start outside of the wizard mode multi and that’s Multiball and Stampede Multiball. I think that the only difference between them is that Stampede is worth more (base value 10m on shots with 50m super vs. 5m / 25m super in regular) but I could be wrong. Stampede also has different dots.

I just added a bunch, though it’s been along time since I’ve played it seriously. My Web memory is particularly bad.

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I edited notes in regards to locking balls.