Led Zeppelin Rulesheet

Official rule sheet from Stern:

Code Rev: 0.95
Feel free to contribute. Update the Code Rev, if applicable.


  • Left slingshot: Standard.Can be lit for Super Slings 100k/hit

  • Left inlane: Can be lit for “O” in ROLL. Lane inserts changed from flipper button lane-change. Note: After a few consecutive center ramp shots, lane change will be disabled until you hit another shot.

  • Left outlane: Can be lit for “R” in ROLL. Lane inserts changed from flipper button lane-change. Can be lit for Ball Save from one completion of the BALL SAVE targets.

  • Ball Save / Jimmy Page / ZOSO targets: Terminate a combo into these targets to build the Jimmy Page multiplier. Complete both targets to relight ball save, and turn on the Jimmy Page / ZOSO insert solid.

  • Left eject: Scoop shot on the left used to start tours, start tour multiballs, collect extra balls, and is one of the main arrow shots used in songs and multiballs.

  • Left orbit/spinner: Has a spinner and feeds all the way around to the upper flipper, except during Usa 1977 Tour mode if “pops” is on the checklist. One of the main arrow shots used in song modes and multiballs. Spinner value starts at 1k and is raised by 1k anytime ROLL lanes are completed, carries ball to ball. When super spinner is activated, the super value is added on top of this (usually 100k/spin). Shows your spinner points on the display via the spinning record in the lower left corner. Center spinner on LE/PREM scores left spinner points in addition to anything else.

  • Left Ramp: Can be lit for Zeppelin locks and is one of the main arrow shots used in songs and multiballs

  • ZEP / John Paul Jones / Triquetra targets: Terminating a combo at these targets build John Paul Jones / Triquetra multiplier. Lit targets cycle with flipper lane change. Completing bank turns John Paul Jones / Triquetra light solid On PREM/LE spell LED in LEDZEP which brings up Electric Magic device.

  • Side ramp / Hermit target: Adds 5 seconds to your next Icarus playfield multiplier time. If Icarus multiplier is running it will extend the timer by 15 seconds (both adjustable in feature adjustments). Gives you a Zeppelin Award, which starts a Super Feature in this order: spinner, pops, slings, ramps. Any time there is a song award on this shot it will score double. Any time there is a jackpot in a multiball on this shot it’s usually a multiplied super jackpot.

  • Center ramp: Featured shot in guitar solo sections in some songs. Main arrow shot used in songs and multiballs

  • Icarus target: Used to start playfield multiplier once all 4 band member symbols are on (Jimmy Page/ZOSO, John Paul Jones/Triquetra, John Bonham/Circles, Robert Plant/Feather). Hitting Icarus target during Icarus multiplier will recalculate playfield multiplier if the band member multipliers had increased at all since the playfield x started. Icarus target used in most multiballs to add a ball by hitting it 3 times.

  • ZEP / John Bonham / Circles drop targets: Terminating a combo at these targets build John Bonham / Circles multiplier. Completing bank turns John Bonham / Circles light solid On PREM/LE spell ZEP in LEDZEP which brings up Electric Magic device.

  • Top eject: A scoop at the top of the playfield above the pop bumpers accessible from the right orbit. Used to change your song in single ball play, start certain wizard modes, lock balls in certain multiballs. The control gate will usually open up in single ball play after a top eject is made and the ball is ejected with full force to feed to your upper flippers. Exceptions to this occur during multiball or if the pops are being featured in a currently running super mode or tour.

  • Pop bumpers: Score 5k/pop at game start and raise 2.5k every right orbit shot, carries through the game. When super pops are active, the super value is added to this (usually 250k/pop)

  • Right ramp: Used to light tours, is a main arrow shot in songs and multiballs. Can backhand on most machines, but not all.

  • Right orbit: Advances pop values, leads to top eject. Song award and multiball shot.

  • ROCK / Robert Plant / Feather targets: Terminating a combo at these targets build Robert Plant / Feather multiplier. Completing bank turns Robert Plant / feather light solid and lights Zeppelin locks at the left ramp.

  • Right slingshot: Standard. Can be lit for Super Slings 100k/hit

  • Right inlane: Can be lit for “L” in ROLL. Lane inserts changed from flipper button lane-change.

  • Right outlane: Can be lit for “L” in ROLL. Lane inserts changed from flipper button lane-change.

Skill Shot

Plunge into the lit LED target. Change lit LED target with lane change.

Song Modes

Good Times Bad Times
Shots alternate between “easy” and “hard” shots.

Communication Breakdown
During verses, all shots are lit.
During chorus, shots “break down” and only half of the shots are lit.
During the solo, only the center ramp is lit

Whole Lotta Love
Pairs of shots are lit, the pair changes depending on the section of the song

  • Left orbit and side shot
  • Left ramp and right ramp
  • Center ramp and right ramp
  • Drum solo will have pairs of shots that rove around
  • Guitar solo is only center ramp

Immigrant Song
Outer shots start lit, as the song goes on more shots get added towards the middle


  • Left eject and right orbit start lit. Hitting a left shot will move that shot to the
    right, hitting a right shot will move it to the left.
  • Once the shots converge on each other, that last shot will stay lit.
  • Different sections in the song may reset the arrows.

Black Dog
Shots alternate between left, right, and center. Hitting a shot replenishes the arrows and disables the most recently hit shot.

  • Left eject, left orbit, left ramp, side shot
  • Side shot, center ramp, right ramp, right orbit
  • Left ramp, side shot, center ramp

Ramble On

  • During verses, shots slowly move around playfield
  • During chorus, all shots lit

Rock And Roll
Some sections have only 2 shots lit, but they are always lit

  • Left ramp and right ramp
  • Left orbit and right orbit
  • Other sections have more shots lit, but the most recently hit shot will not be
    available until you hit another shot
  • Guitar solo at center ramp

Trampled Under Foot
Orbit section

  • Left orbit and right orbit, must alternate

Ramp section

  • Left, center, right. Most recently hit ramp turns off.

All shots section (piano solo), most recently hit shot turns off.

The Song Remains the Same
Left eject and left orbit starts lit
Slowly, more shots fan out and get added to the right. Most recently hit shot disables until you hit a different one.

Zeppelin Multiball

Tours and Tour Multiballs

Mothership Multiball

World Tour Multiball

Top of the Charts Multiball

? Multiball

Other Features

Extra Balls
There are 5 EB’s available on default settings:

  • 5 gold records
  • 4 complete songs (5 gold records per song)
  • Start 2 Tour Multiballs
  • 10 Zeppelin Awards
  • 5 City Jackpots in World Tour


Icarus X:

Zeppelin Awards / Super Features:

Calculated from the combos you made that ball, plus gold and platinum records you’ve collected during the game.
Bonus X:
Increased by completing ROLL inlanes. Maxes at 50x.


Captain Bizarro is MIA!


Yup. Hey, I figured why not let someone else do it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Should @neilmcrae make this post a wiki so people can edit it? Or are you gonna do yours


oops sorry done.

Excited to see people get their games so the flood of questions can begin :smiley:


I haven’t played the latest .93 code yet. How many (or how long) consecutive center ramps does it take before the lanes will no longer shift for bonus X? That’s a very creative way out of a potential scoring exploit. :+1:t2:
Another related question: Is there any cap on Bonus X currently?

It’s like three ramps in a row I think, and like 50x bonus cap at the moment


Is there a rule that dims the lights and flutters the flippers if you do poorly at the song? Just played LZ for the first time on location and had that happen a few times in the first couple games. It never happened again once I started playing better and on the fly, not trapping so much. After a half dozen games I managed 140M (with the game having a suspiciously non-functional “O” rollover, so not much bonus).

I thought the game shot well, fast and smooth, and I liked chasing the lights in this ruleset more than the last few SR games. Look forward to playing more as the code matures.

The only rule that dims the lights is when you shoot the top lock to change your song (available in .93 code). No idea what would cause the flippers to flutter.

The O inlane should always work but as mentioned in the update if you loop the center ramp three times in a row it disables lane change until a different shot is made


Thanks for the reply. I suspect the eject switch was falsely triggering while the ball was still on the playfield, and the flippers died briefly while song select was active. Me hitting the flippers must have selected something and got them going again. A shot to the eject probably fixed the flakyness for the later games.

The lanes never stopped changing and the “O” switch never scored. I think the op might have disabled it to prevent looping on older code :smile:

I couldn’t find a description for the changes on code 0.93. Interested to see what they are, especially since there is a song change option now? And help is Appreciated

PRO V0.93 - January 18, 2021


  • Fixed an issue that could prevent the cabinet lights from showing in test
    or gameplay.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent the tournament screens from appearing in
    attract mode while a tournament was running. Tournaments started and still
    in progress from previous code revisions should now display in attract mode.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause the light show to continue running for
    super features after super scoring had been exhausted.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause the light show to continue running for
    tour objectives after they had been achieved.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented the Icarus X multiplier from being applied
    during grace period.
  • Fixed instances where the Icarus X multiplier would not apply to certain
    game scores.
  • Fixed an issue where song mode shots could become re-lit during grace
  • Fixed an issue where Instant Info would not show show the player’s Icarus X
  • Fixed an issue which could sometimes cause certain devices to award points
    twice when they only should have been awarded once.
  • Fixed an issue which could show the incorrect mode totals for tour multiball
  • Fixed an issue which could cause certain high score names to overrun the
  • Fixed an issue which could prevent the Zeppelin Multiball super jackpot
    from lighting.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented the drop targets from resetting, even when
    all of them were down.
  • Fixed an issue which could prevent a player from completing World Tour
  • Fixed an issue which could freeze the expression lights if different players
    had selected the same song.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented the skill shot from being awarded when it
    was also the last target hit to complete the LED target bank.
  • Fixed an issue which allowed the player to advance to the next tour mode
    during World Tour multiball.


  • Adjustments:

    • Changed the trough eject power minimum to 64.
    • Removed the “Song Repeats After Ending” adjustment.
  • Lights:

    • Greatly improved the Expression Light effects for all 10 songs.
    • Tweaked the RGB colors on the band member inserts to better represent
      the player’s multiplier values.
    • Tweaked the light show on the Zeppelin 1-2-3 lights to more easily show
      the number of locks qualified and earned.
    • Removed the Song Mode arrows from game award light shows.
    • Reduced the intensity of the Band Member symbol flahers by 50%.
  • Display:

    • Improved the Icarus X overlay display effect.
    • Tweaked the record scoring overlay display effect to only show the record
      award when the display is not busy showing other awards.
    • Extended the duration of the Tilt animation.
    • Improved the spinner effect overlay behavior.
    • Improved the instruction text during UK 1971 tour.
  • Sounds:

    • Delayed the knocker sound effect until the REPLAY text appears in the
      REPLAY display effect.
    • Reduced the delay of the game start speech.
  • Rules:

    • Reduced the maximum number of right ramp shots to light a tour from 6 to
    • Hold up the left eject kickout if the Extra Ball is Lit display effect is
    • Changed the multiball total screens to hold up endball.
    • Increased the values of super features each time you start them.
    • Tweaked combo scoring. Combo scores increase each time you successfully
      terminate a combo.
  • Tweaked Bonus:

    • Bonus now counts all gold records earned, then all platinum records
    • Bonus awards 25,000 per gold record. 500,000 per platinum record.
    • Added a combo bonus.
    • Improved sound effects.
    • Improved timing.
  • Tweaked Song Mode Behavior:

    • Increased song mode scoring.
    • Various scoring tweaks related to balancing song modes.
    • Implement a fixed base value for the number of sales earned per song
      shot in addition to the dynamic value based on the song length.
  • Tweaked Kashmir Mode:

    • Kashmir verse sections will now remember the player’s shot progress.
  • Tweaked Good Times Bad Times Mode:

    • Added a guitar solo section in which the center ramp is always lit.
  • Tweaked Rock and Roll Mode:

    • Added a guitar solo section in which the center ramp is always lit.
  • Tweaked Multiballs:

    • Score balancing for every multiball.
    • Decreased the number of Icarus target hits for add-a-ball to 3 (was 4.)
  • Tweaked Earl’s Court Multiball:

    • Reworked the multiball to encourage shooting diverse target banks for
      super jackpots.
  • Tweaked USA 1975 Tour Multiball:

    • Made the different ramp shots become available more often.
  • Tweaked USA 1977 Tour Multiball:

    • Gate will close unless a higher priority shot is
      available at the hermit target.
  • Tweaked World Tour Multiball:

    • Add-a-ball can be earned after every 2nd city jackpot.
    • Added points-per-mile scoring.
  • Tweaked Super Pops:

    • Gate will close during super pops unless a higher priority shot is
      available at the hermit target.
  • Additional score balancing.


  • Audits:

    • Added audits for all multiballs.
  • Adjustments:

    • Default the sound filter to use the 10-band equalizer with the recommended
      settings for each EQ band.
    • Added an adjustment to disable the flipper lane change on the LED targets.
  • Sounds:

    • Added a sound effect for the hermit target switch.
  • Display:

    • Added Zeppelin Award status to instant info.
    • Added the Icarus X timer to instant info.
    • Added additional high score entries.
    • Added display text to show the number of song sales awarded each shot when
      the record is not spinning.
  • Lights:

    • Added a lamp effect to show that the Icarus target was hit.
    • Added a lamp effect to show that World Tour Multiball is ready.
    • Added Expression Light effects to DJ Mixer.
  • Rules:

    • Added a 4th difficulty level to tours. Tours get harder each time they are
      completed until the 4th level is reached. A tour difficulty setting of
      HARD starts at level 3.
    • Added a rule to increase pop bumper base values by shooting the right
    • Added a rule to increase spinner base values by scoring the inlanes.
    • Added ball save on a skill shot award.
    • Added a hidden ball save for rebounds off of the Hermit target that travel
      directly into the right outlane.
    • Added a rule to disable the bottom lane change if a player is repeatedly
      shooting the center ramp. The lane change will enable again once a player
      shoots a different major shot.
  • Added the change song feature:

    • Lights by earning enough gold records (default 5) or by earning a
      platinum record if not already lit.
      the song change is lit feature at the top eject.
    • Choosing a song you have already played will reset the scoring bonus
      applied for the number of shots made during that song.
  • Added Top of the Charts Multiball:

    • Lit by completing all 10 song modes.
    • Allows a player to progress through the 10 song modes and earn more record
      sales. Songs which a player has already gone platinum are skipped and the
      player is awarded bonus points.
    • When a player earns a platinum record during Top of the Charts multiball,
      the song ends and the player moves to the next song.
  • Added Top of the Charts Challenge Mode:

    • Display the game mode menu by holding in both flippers.
    • Choosing Top of the Charts challenge mode starts a challenge mode game.
    • Top of the Charts Challenge is plays through all 10 songs starting from
      a fixed number of sales. Shooting lit shots and hitting switches advances
      the number of sales.
    • When a player earns 999,999 sales, shooting the left eject will award a
      platinum record, advance the player to the next song, and add an
      additional ball into play.
    • When the song ends, Top of the Charts challenge ends, all balls in play
      will drain, and the game will end.
    • Player starts with 4 balls in play.
    • Shooting the ejects during a song increases the song shots and sales
      earned at each shot to 2x and 3x.
    • When a player drains all balls in play, the song sales they have earned
      are reduced and a ball is returned to play.
    • Added a leaderboard to show the top 3 Top of the Charts challenge scores
      and Top of the Charts challenge times.
    • Added a high score entry for Top of the Charts multi-album master.
  • Set the gameplay backbox brightness to 50% by default to improve visibility
    on the playfield.

  • Added additional shaker motor effects.

  • Added additional game light shows.


Perfect. Thank you for the post.

I did some glass off testing of the colors for the individual band members. Yes, you can check these in your instant info, but I wanted to get a visual representation at a glance. Keep in mind, this is not your total Icarus X, just one of the four band members that get multiplied together.

Dark Orange 1.0-1.1
Lighter Orange 1.2-1.3
Shades of Yellow 1.4-1.9
Light Green 2.0-2.2
Darker Green 2.3-2.5
Blue/Green 2.6-2.7
Shades of Aqua 2.8-3.6
Light Blue 3.7-3.9
Dark Blue 4.0-4.3
Shades of Purple 4.4-4.9
Shades of Pink 5.0-5.6
Magenta 5.6-5.9
Dark Orange starts over at 6.0

Of course, most of us will never see most of these colors. It’s hard enough to get past any shade of green. But at least this gives some reference.


Would’ve killed to see some sweet 1296x action.

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I mean, you CAN, all the lights will just be dark orange lol


As someone who is red/green colorblind I really hate the increasing dependence on multi-color LEDs in game inserts. Like I can barely tell blue and purple apart, now I have to tell shades of blue and purple?

Only if you really want to calculate your exact Icarus x to the precise decimal point. There is enough contrast between the important numbers (dark orange -> bright green -> blue -> hot pink) that I don’t think it will be a problem. Plus there is always instant info!

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LE V0.95 - February 16, 2021


  • Lights:

  • Fixed an issue which would sometimes prevent the chase light effect from
    appearing during Top of the Charts.

  • Display:

  • Fix an issue which hid the 1st line of instructions during Top of the
    Charts Challenge.

  • Certain display effects with video backgrounds would not play and instead
    show black screens in the background. This has been fixed.

  • Sounds:

  • Fixed an issue which could cause a song to repeat if it ended during

  • Rules:

  • Fixed an issue which could cause players to have different tour objective
    requirements during a multiplayer game.

  • Fixed an issue which allowed you to continue playing Top of the Charts
    challenge after tilting.

  • Fixed an issue that could award the records high score to the incorrect

  • Top of the Charts Challenge could get into a state where players could
    have their games skipped. This has been fixed.

  • Fixed issues with Top of the Charts locking behavior.

  • Fixed an issue which sometimes prevented Combo and Icarus X high scores
    from recording properly.


  • Devices:

  • Improved the logic for the orbit control gate.

  • Improved the Electric Magic motor to move to the desired switch sooner
    when the motor was killed or the switch was not found.

  • Changed the ball search logic so the Electric Magic motor will move on
    every pass of ball search.

  • Adjustments:

  • Added a new adjustment “Top Eject Power - Gate Closed” with a default
    value of 85.

  • Removed the “Song Select Every Ball” adjustment.

  • Lights:

  • Improved the expression light shows for several songs.

  • Add green Hermit arrow for the Tour Advance shot on the right ramp.

  • Added lock lights to Top of the Charts.

  • Display:

  • Added the remaining number of tilt warnings to instant info.

  • Hid the sales per shot text on the UI during Top of the Charts.

  • Updated instant info to show all extra balls that can be achieved.

  • Replay animation no longer interrupts the Platinum bonus award during
    the Top of the Charts intro.

  • Added instructions to World Tour Multiball victory phase.

  • Added background videos to instant info.

  • Top of the Charts Challenge now shows your total score.

  • Sounds:

  • Removed the “Choose your song” speech call when Song Change is qualified.

  • Extended the Tilt sound effect to match the display sequence.

  • Rules:

  • Modified the USA 1975 Multiball rules to only refresh the shots after all
    three ramps were made.

  • Added a 2x multiplied super jackpot to Zeppelin Multiball.

  • Increased the number of record sales earned every shot in all song modes.

  • Changed Trampled Under Foot mode shots to replenish after every shot
    during the piano solo section.

  • Changed the Electric Magic Multiball’s hurryup phase to award the jackpot
    values when the hurryup is locked in.

  • Changed the Electric Magic Multiball Hurryup to reset the timer when the
    second ball is locked in an eject.

  • The spinner value no longer resets every ball.

  • Top of the Charts tweaks:

  • Top of the Charts Multiball (not challenge mode) will now enter a last
    chance countdown when there is only 1 ball left in play. If the time runs
    out during the last chance portion and a ball is not added, the mode ends.

  • Changed award order in Top of the Charts multiball so the eject shot
    that lights 2x scoring no longer gives itself a double award.

  • Increased the value of the Platnium Bonus in Top of the Charts multiball
    start to 10M + (20M + 30M + …) for each song.

  • World Tour Tweaks:

  • Victory jackpots will now be equal to your tour jackpot value.

  • Victory jackpots will bump tour awards for future tour multiballs.

  • Zeppelin Award shot scores a super jackpot and relights shots.

  • Tweaked Super Modes:

  • Super Spinner changed to 100k/spin for 100 spins.

  • Super Slings changed to 100k/sling for 100 sling hits.

  • Super Pops changed to 250k/pop for 40 pop hits.

  • Completing a super mode increases the value for the next
    super mode that starts from the Zeppelin Award.


  • Added Led Zeppelin gameplay tutorial videos in attract mode.

  • Added an extra ball at 10 Zeppelin Shots (can be adjusted.)

  • Added an extra ball at 5 cities in World Tour Multiball (can be adjusted.)

  • New mini-wizard mode Mothership Multiball!

  • Qualified after 5 songs are completed (on default settings, this is at
    5 gold records) and started at the upper eject shot.

  • Song mode continues to run during this mode and is used to determine
    jackpot shots:

  • Any shot that does not have a song award lit is lit for Jackpot

  • Any shot that has a song award will get a sales boost that starts at
    +10,000 sales, in addition to normal sales for the song award.

  • Scoring 5 jackpots will light super jackpots at any shot that is a
    current song award.

  • Once the first Super Jackpot is awarded, a timer starts. When timer
    expires, super jackpots go away and sales boost is increased by +10,000.

  • Super Jackpot values are equal to current jackpot value, plus the
    current song award value.

  • Shoot 5 more regular jackpots while super jackpots are lit to
    multiply super jackpots up to 3x!

  • New final wizard mode ? Multiball!

  • First phase is a 6 ball multiball with jackpots lit at all shots:

  • Left ramp scores Zeppelin Jackpots which start at your current Zeppelin
    Multiball Jackpot value and each jackpot increases this by 25% of this

  • Right ramp scores Tour Jackpots which start at your current Tour
    Multiball Jackpot value and each jackpot increases this by 25% of this

  • All other shots score your current song award value built up throughout
    the game.

  • 10% of all scores (including multipliers and including super jackpots!)
    in phase 1 get added to Super Jackpot, available at upper flipper side

  • Once you drain down to 1 ball, phase 2 starts:

  • 10 super jackpots based on the value built up in phase 1 are lit at the
    7 main shots + LED, ZEP, and ROCK target banks.

  • Timed phase that ends the mode once time has run out.

  • Starts at 30 seconds

  • Each super jackpot adds 5 seconds

  • Left eject resets timer to 25 seconds, then 20 seconds, then 15
    seconds, then 10 seconds from then on.

  • Scoring a super jackpot increases the super jackpot multiplier.

  • Shooting left eject relights all super jackpots, adds some time, and
    resets multiplier to 1.

  • Moved to System 2.70:

  • Update to nodeboard firmware v0.67.0